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My Best Friend's Wife's Daughter 3

The daughters best friend joined us...
I have been with Becky (mom) only once since my last story. She told me that Ashley (daughter) must have been having a passing fad. She said Ashley had seemed to forget about her vow to have sex with me when she turned eighteen. I agreed, told her I hadn’t heard otherwise, and thanked her for the good times.

Ashley is a different story, she has called me quite a few times asking me if she could come over. I told her that my wife doesn't work and could show up at any time. I told her to call me the next time her parents went away. A few days later my dick jumped to attention when my phone ID showed Ashley’s call. She said she had just returned from shopping at the mall with a friend. She said there was a note from her parents that they would be back late tonight after dinner, and asked if I could come over.

I quickly showered and rushed over to see my new young sex slave. Ashley opened the door wearing a short spaghetti strapped party dress. It was tight fitting and covered about a third of her long beautiful thighs. She had on high red high heels. She pulled me into the house and immediately stuck her tongue down my throat.

I asked Ashley why she was so dressed up. She said her and her best friend Beth went shopping for prom dresses today. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and turned. A girl in a similar dress walked into the room and Ashley introduced her as Beth. I tried to hide my disappointment. I had hoped Ashley had called me over to do a repeat, but with her friend being there, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

Beth was a very plain, petite blonde girl. She looked to be no taller than five feet and probably weighed under 100 pounds. Beth appeared to have small breast but definitely had a nice butt for her size. Ashley asked me how I liked her prom dress as she started to turn. I told her it was very pretty, still trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.

Ashley asked me to sit and told Beth to grab us something to drink. Ashley sat on my lap and started to kiss me passionately. Beth giggled as she walked into the room and sat in the recliner across from us. I was surprised that Ashley let her friend see her kissing such an older man. Maybe they had talked about me. I wondered if Ashley told her friend about us having sex.

Ashley jumped up and said they had bought some other stuff today. She asked if I would like to see it. Of course I said yes but I was thinking of other things I could be doing and flipped on some music. I should have realized this kind of behavior should be expected from such a young girl and just went with it. At least she was fun to look at.

Ashley and Beth walked back into the room with full length terry robes on. Both girls had on high heels. Ashley lowered her robe and showed me her new bikini. It was yellow and looked great against her tan skin. The top barely covered her breast and I could see her puffy nipples pressing against the thin material. She turned showing me her full round ass and long legs.

Next Beth removed her robe. She had on a very small red bikini. I took a closer look at Beth. I could see she was actually very pretty with creamy colored skin. My dick woke back up. They both did a little dance to the music, giggled, and ran into the bedroom.

The next time they came back they had the same robes on. Each girl lowered their robes and they had on lacey underwear and small bras. They both turned and danced. I noticed that the panties were boy shorts and covered only half of their butt cheeks. It was getting hard to hide my rising erection.

Ashley came over and sat on my lap smiling and pressed her thigh against my dick. She told Beth to go put on the special outfit, and hurry back. I asked if she knew what this little fashion show was doing to me. She said they both had seen my bulge. Ashley started to stroke my hard dick through my shorts and kissing my neck.

This time when Beth came back into the room she did not have the robe on. She had a pink lace push-up bra, a thong, and the heels. She stumbled on the rug and we all giggled. Ashley told Beth to give me a show. The small girl started to dance seductively, much as Ashley had done before. Ashley was now not hiding the fact that she was stroking my thick cock.

Ashley broke the silence by saying she had a proposition for me. Ashley said that Beth had a boyfriend who wanted her to suck his penis, but she was afraid. Ashley said she tried to teach Beth by using a lollipop and a banana but neither worked. She asked me if I could teach Beth, like I taught her. I told Ashley I didn’t mind helping out but she should teach Beth. I did not want her to get jealous.

Ashley told Beth to take off her bra. Beth had the prettiest little tits I had ever seen. There was barely any extra skin, just mostly areola and nipple. Ashley told Beth to kneel in front of me and pull down my shorts. This caused my dick to spring out at Beth. She screamed and jumped back. Ashley told Beth not to worry it looked big but we could make it all fit. Ashley then told Beth to do to me precisely what I had told her to do only days before. She remembered every lick and suck to perfection. Beth was much smaller than Ashley but tried hard to keep up.

Seeing my best friend's daughter direct her friend how to suck my dick was almost more than I could bare. I reached over and started to finger Ashley's young pussy trying to distract myself. She removed her bra and pressed her firm tits into my mouth. Ashley told Beth to take more of my dick into her mouth. Beth tried but she began to gag and spit.

I told Beth to relax and look up at me. She did and she was beautiful. Her green eyes were watering with my dick sticking halfway out of her mouth. I got her to take about two thirds more before she gagged again and let out a moan. Ashley got off the couch and tried to show her by demonstrating herself but Beth was too small. Ashley asked Beth if she would like me to return the favor by eating her.

Beth turned red and said that she had never done that before. Ashley told Beth to lie on the ground on her back and spread her legs. Beth told Ashley that she didn’t want me to hurt her. She said she wanted to wait until prom night and let her boyfriend be her first. I told Beth we will only do what she wants us too. Ashley asked if Beth wanted me to eat her pussy and she nodded slowly removing her pink thong panties.

Ashley laid on the ground beside of Beth and asked me if I could fuck her while eating Beth. I laid sideways under one of Ashley's long legs putting my body perpendicular to hers. She grabbed my cock and guided it inside of her. I had forgotten how tight she was but her wetness allowed me to slide in.

I reached out and pulled Beth closer feeling her whole body tremble and I placed my mouth on her pussy. I licked and ate at it hungrily while pumping my cock in and out of Ashley. This position allowed me full access to Ashley's tight hole. I buried my dick as far as it would go as she let out a loud groan.

Beth started to moan loudly as her juices started to fill my mouth. I tried to stick my tongue further into her pink slit, but I could barely get it in. I ate all of her tart tangy juice without letting any escape. I could not take it any longer. I was fucking my best friend's daughter in the living room that I watched her grow up in. Not to mention I was also sucking her friend's pussy.

I shot my load into Ashley making her moan and sucked at Beth's pussy as hard as I could. They both came once more and we all laid there on the ground trembling. Ashley got up went to the bathroom and got towels to clean us all up. I got dressed and noticed it was getting dark outside. I knew her parents would be home soon told them I needed to go. They both thanked me and Ashley said she would call again soon. I could hardly wait.

A few nights later I’m getting ready to lock up the office, and hear a knock at the door. My secretary had just left, so I thought she had forgotten something. I opened the door and there stood Beth. I looked at her standing there in a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt highlighting her small tits. She asked me not to be mad for coming by my work but wanted to know if she could come in and talk.

I told her it was late and I had a dinner date with my wife tonight. Beth said it would not take long but she had a terrible experience and needed to talk to me about it. I let her in and we went into my office. She sat on the corner of my desk and told me after she left Ashley’s house the other day, she could not think of anything else but what I did to her. I told her I did that as a favor to Ashley and asked her if she had enjoyed it? She said yes that is what led up to her terrible experience.

I asked her what happened. She said what we had done the other day felt so good. She said she did not want to wait until prom to have sex with her boyfriend. She said she was babysitting and called him to come over. She said she told him she was ready to go all the way. Beth said they started to kiss and she took off her shirt. She said he pulled off his pants and she almost laughed at the size of his penis. She said he got on top of her and in about one minute he was finished, squirting all over her tummy. She said she was so disappointed and after he left she fingered herself while thinking of my big cock going inside her.

Well needless to say I now had a huge bulge rising in my pants but I needed to go. Beth looked at me with her big eyes and asked me if I would fuck her the way I fucked Ashley. I started to object, telling her I was flattered, but she slipped off the desk and onto my lap. She took my hand and placed it on her small breast. I could smell her moistness and remembered the sweet taste. I kissed her pulling to remove her shirt. She stood and wiggled out of her tight jeans.

I asked Beth if she remembered how to suck my cock, as I was lowering my pants. I sat back in my desk chair and she took her small hand and started to stoke me up and down. Beth took the head of my cock into her mouth not forgetting anything I taught her. I told her to look at me while she sucked. I asked her if she could fit it all in her mouth and she tried but kept gagging causing her eyes to water again.

I bent and picked her up and sat her on my desk. I told her to lay back and let me work on her for a while. She propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch me. I began licking her tender young pussy. I traced the lips with my tongue. I licked her clit, then sucked at it. She started to moan and collapsed on the desk. I licked the skin between her young soft pussy and her ass. I teased her as my tongue darted in and out of her wet hole.

I asked her if she was ready for me to fuck her. She nodded her head, almost unable to speak. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I laid down and told her to get on top of me. I told her to hold my dick and to guide it inside her. Beth put my swollen cock at the entrance of her small tight pussy. I told her to relax and sit slowly down onto it. As the head entered her she groaned but didn’t stop. With only the head in her she opened her eyes and told me how good I felt inside her. I told her there was much more to go but take it as slow as she needed to.

Remember Beth is only about 5’ and 100lbs, she is small boned. I let her try for a while but she was unable to get a little more than the head inside her. I told her to lay on the couch and I put my dick up to her mouth. I told her to make it as wet as she could while I licked at her pussy making it as wet as possible. I then held her legs straight up in the air as she laid on her back. I took my cock and gently worked it about three quarters in and started to pump slowly. As she relaxed and took more with each pump I spread her legs slightly.

After a while I was able to get most of my dick inside her while she held each leg up in the air with her hands. We fucked in this position for a while and then she asked to get on top again. This time Beth was able to take most of my cock inside of her. I watched as her small chest bounced with every thrust. She started to moan and said she was going to cum. I grabbed her waist and was now pounding deep inside her. She screamed aloud and fell backwards almost breaking my dick. I knew she was cumming and felt the warmth run over me.

I pulled her back up and she laid on top of me. I felt her small breast on top of my chest and my dick still inside of her. We laid like this for a few minutes. I looked at my watch and realized I was now late for my dinner reservations with my wife. We got up, cleaned up, and got dressed. Beth thanked me. She said she was going to try to teach her boyfriend to do that to her but may need some more lessons later.

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