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Daughter Stories


Penelope's Pendant - Chapter One

Sam's daughter comes across a pendant that will give her whatever she wants - including Sam

Deep within all of us exist dark, unspeakable desires. Often, these desires are ignored, hidden away, or outright denied. Unbeknownst to Sam as he drove home from work on a pleasant Friday afternoon, today was to be a day where he would come face-to-face...

Erika - Chapter 4

Erika is locked into a chastity belt and denied.

Slowly, time passed. Inexorably, the semester inched onward, and bit by bit like the last remaining glow of the fading summer heat and the rustic color of the leaves, it was as if her life had settled into a new routine as Erika slowly grew accustomed. Al...

Erika - Chapter 3

Edged and denied for bad grades at school

The rest of the month passed rather quickly for Erika after that. Not counting the usual boredom of school that is, and the tedium of actually having to pay attention in class. In 1815 Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo, and in 1920 the League of Nation...

Erika - Chapter 2

Erika is edged and given an enema.

Standing in the middle of the bathroom, Erika shivered at the sound of running water. And not just because she was fully naked again, although she couldn’t really say she liked that part too much either. Rather, the reason for her apprehension had more to...

Erika - Chapter 1

Erika isn't allowed to touch herself or masturbate

It had been a long day at school. Two tests, three quizzes, and more homework than Erika had ever laid her eyes upon. Closing her bedroom door, she flopped onto her bed to bury her face into the pillow as she groaned. This time though, it wasn’t because s...

My Summer With Aunt Janet: The Party

Aunt Janet and Britney bring Mom to her first sex party

With only three days left at Aunt Janet's house, I aimed to make the most of it. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for laying out. I walked along the deserted beach, the soft sand warm beneath my feet, looking for the ideal place to tan. I glanced aro...

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My Summer With Aunt Janet: Mom Cuts

Britney and Aunt Janet help Mom reconnect with her wild side.

The month at Aunt Janet's house went quicker than I had hoped. I had spent the month as my Aunt's lover, and I worried about what would become of our relationship when Mom came to pick me up. Aunt Janet opened my eyes to a world I never even knew existed....

Massage Tool Mishap: Beach House Adventure

Mel's mom join in on Amy's incestuous family fun

The hot summer sun was blaring down, but the humidity was bearable for the first time in weeks. Mel and I decided to take the opportunity to sun ourselves without sweating our butts off. Lying by the pool and enjoying Mel's company was just what I needed....

Getting Sweaty With Daddy

A father and daughter’s marathon training takes a wild turn.

A cool summer breeze hit my warm skin, welcoming me to Central Park. By the time I reached the park, it was already full of people trying to take in a beautiful Friday evening. For me, the park always equated to running. I felt at home there; it was my pl...

Massage Tool Mishap: The Hotel Stay

Amy's best friend joins in on they fun with Mom.

It had been several weeks since my parents and I first slept together. Despite the shift in our relationship, little else about my summer plans had changed. Mornings were spent working out, while I spent the afternoon with friends or by the pool. I was de...

Massage Tool Mishap

Amy's discovery leads to a threesome with her parents.

Sweat dripped down my body as I ran home. Despite the early hour, the brutal summer heat made my morning run more difficult than usual. I had only been home from college a week, but I was determined to be in the best shape of my life when I returned to sc...