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Trick or Treat!

Two teen girls go wild on Halloween
Megan was full of anticipation for the night ahead. October 31 was the one night of the year that she and her friend, Molly let their hair down – and some. Every year was a little bit different; a new adventure, and each year they just got naughtier and naughtier.

Her district really made an effort and she passed house after house, all with an orange glow and pumpkins in the windows. Little parties of fifth and sixth graders, all with their parents were going a-spooking. This was what Halloween was all about; if you were eleven. Megan and Molly were nineteen. For them, and for the last few years, their Halloween had a rather more adult theme. Sure, they dressed up, but not like that. To them, the night was their main opportunity to wreak havoc and to step outside their normal, day to day routine. The girls knew how to party, but on this night, they took things to a whole new level.

After going through college together, the girls had then gone their separate ways, professionally. Megan worked behind the perfume counter at Sephora; Molly was an actuary for a big insurance company. As usual Megan had all her stuff in a little overnight bag, so she could get changed at Molly’s. Molly was getting ready, as she opened the door and greeted her friend. Her blonde hair was in bunches and she wore black knee high socks and skimpy black panties. She gave Megan a huge hug and a friendly kiss on the lips.

“Wait till you see what I’m wearing tonight!” said Molly, with enthusiasm.

“Can’t wait!” said Megan. “I’ll just nip up and change.”

It was tradition for the visiting girl to change at the other’s place. Last year it had been at hers. That way they each left fresh and looking their best. Megan ran the shower as she rolled down her pantyhose and removed her top. Molly peeped through the door and it was a moment or two before Megan noticed.

“Hey you! Naughty. Can’t a girl shower in secrecy,” said Megan, giggling.

“Someone needs a little gardening,” said Molly, looking at Megan’s black bush.

It matched her long dark hair and Molly felt a shiver of excitement as she watched the suds and hot water sprinkle over her friend’s body.

“I was just going to do it.”

“Why don’t you let me?” offered Molly.

“Hmmm… OK. I don’t know…”

“Oh don’t be like that, I’ll do a neat job, promise!”

“Be careful then,” said Megan, uncertainly.

“Of course I’ll be careful. Turn the shower off a minute.”

Megan swizzled the shower knob and as she turned gave Molly a lovely view of her amazing, peachy butt. Molly stepped up to the edge of the shower and slapped her squarely on the left cheek.

“Owww! That hurt!”

“Oh don’t be a baby! Megan, you have such a great ass, you know.”

“So you always say.”

Molly wanted to sink her teeth into her meaty buttocks. They had the cutest little dimples she ever saw. One day Molly would take their friendship the next step, but she wasn’t sure if Megan was ready yet. Now she needed to concentrate on the matter in hand. She picked up the razor in one hand and pumped some foam into the other. Megan looked down, a finger held to her lips, shivering slightly with excitement. No one had ever done her pubes before. It was one of those things that other people, including Molly didn’t do. Somehow at that moment and in the spirit of the evening, she let go of her inhibitions.

Molly rubbed the foam into Megan’s pubic hair until it was a thick soapy lather. It looked like a little carpet of white soap with the odd dark bristle peeping out. Molly began at the top and then paused.

“Do you want a Brazilian or a landing strip?”

“Oh ummm… yeah not bald, just leave a little square… no a triangle!”

“OK, triangle it is.”

Molly continued, scraping gently, removing the thicker bits, working round the corners, until she had the makings of the right shape.

“Open your legs a bit wider babe.”

Megan did as requested, allowing Molly access to her labia, which had a wispy covering of dark, fluffy hair. Molly lifted Megan’s pussy lips, pushing upwards with one hand against her pubic mound. This had the effect of revealing her clitoris and her glistening, inner lips.

“You have a cute little love button, honey.”

Megan giggled nervously as she looked down.

“OK, get on with it.”

Molly smiled and ran the blade, carefully across her labia, her face deep with concentration as she removed the hairs bit by bit. Stretching the delicate skin, eliminating any little folds, she had a perfect view of Megan’s pussy. It was such a deep pink and the inner lips looked so sweet and inviting. Megan rinsed the excess foam from the razor and she continued with the other lip, until her friend’s pussy was perfectly trimmed. Molly ran her index finger from top to bottom, feeling her silky smooth opening.

“Hey cheeky!”

“I couldn’t resist it baby, your pussy is fantastic.”

“Well thank you. Mirror?”

Molly handed her friend a little round mirror off the bathroom window sill and Megan admired the other girl’s handiwork.

“Hmmm… not bad.”

“Thank you,” said Megan.

Having Molly de-fuzz her had felt weird and yet strangely she enjoyed it. On another day, she might have explored her sexuality. For now though, she would save it for another time. There was a different kind of fun to be had.

An hour later, both girls were ready. Molly had left little to the imagination. She was wearing nothing but a fishnet body stocking, black bra and panties. With the addition to her three inch heels she was simply stunning and sexually electrifying. Megan was a cheerleader gone bad. Her outfit was a see-through, black crop top. Being without a bra, her pink nipples and succulent young breasts would make a massive impression. Her skirt was modest by comparison though still short. Unlike Molly, she had not felt the need for any panties. Each girl looked fabulous in her own right, together they were outrageous.

As soon as they were outside, the cold night air made Megan’s nipples hard. The cool breeze reminded her that her pussy was bare.

“Halloween a go go?” said Molly.

“Let’s do it!” said Megan, holding out a pinky to her friend.

Molly extended her own little finger and the two girls affirmed their commitment to a no-holds-barred evening of Trick or Treat madness.

Their first call was at number seven. They always chose houses at random but it was Molly’s lucky number.

A young guy of about sixteen or seventeen answered the door. He had a goatee and glasses and looked like a geek.


“Oh…ummm…I don’t really go in for it,” he stammered.

Everyone does trick or treat!” said Molly.

“Ummm.. I have some cookies…”

“You gotta be kidding!” said Megan.

“Oh, what then?”

Do you have any liquor?”

“I think my Dad has some Bourbon. He’s out so…”

“OK, bring it out then!” Insisted Molly.

The guy disappeared for a few seconds and returned with a three-quarter full bottle of Kentucky and two glasses.

“We won’t need those,” said Molly, grasping the bottle.

She unscrewed the cap and took a couple of glugs.

“Aaahh! That hit’s the spot!”

Megan snatched it from her and had a gulp of her own as the lad looked on incredulously.

“Ooh yes! Warms the cockles,” said Megan, smacking her lips.

“So, what treat would you like?” Molly inquired.

“See, I’m not sure. Whatever, it’s cool really.”

“No, you gotta get a treat. Megan!”

Megan looked at the guy as she gripped the hem of her little black skirt, revealing her newly cropped pussy.

“Oh fuck! Oh MY…”

The girls giggled, as he shut the door to, swiftly.

“Awww he’s young!” said Molly.

“Do you think that was his first look at a snatch?!”

“Ha ha, I think it might be! said Molly, beside herself with giggles. “The look on his face!”

The two girlfriends continued on their way, buzzing after their first treat and feeling a warm glow from the Bourbon.

“OK, where next,” said Molly as they went along the road.

“How about there,” said Megan, pointing to a big house with iron gates and ornate lion heads on the posts. A spotlight came on as they approached and the girls got the impression the owner must have well-lined pockets.

A middle-aged woman with spectacles and dark hair opened the door. She had an apron on and her hands were white as if she had been mixing ingredients for a cake.

“Yes! What is it? I’m busy!”


“I might have known. Clear off, and you should be ashamed young lady, going about like that!” said the woman, indicating Megan’s see-through top.

“BITCH!” shouted Molly, after the door was slammed in their faces.

“Old twat!” said Megan, not so much as a chocolate bar!”

“Hey look,” said Molly, “She’s left her car unlocked.”

“Oh dear!”

Molly looked inside the car. It had a new smell inside and the instrument panel was all shiny, reflecting the light from above the driver’s mirror.

“I suddenly need a pee,” said Molly.

“Ah naughty!” exclaimed Megan, as Molly pulled her panties to one side, manoeuvring her fingers through the holes in her sexy body-stocking..

“Well, if she’s not going to enter into the spirit of things…”

Megan, looked round, making sure the coast was clear and lifted her skirt as Molly’s first dribbles began to leak from her urethra. At the same time, Megan put a couple of fingers under her little pink hood and stretched her pussy upwards, aiming her pee valve towards the side of the car. Molly sighed with relief as her piss began to flow and made a loud dribbling sound as it hit the car seat. Megan giggled as she sprayed the car with her own piss, forming a river, which started to flow down the driveway. Molly was now in full flow, her pee spraying out of her pussy and splashing off the seat and onto the foot well. For half a minute, the girls satisfied themselves, Molly drenching the car interior and Megan making a nice pool on the driveway.

“Ooh that feels better,” said Megan, finishing up in the cool night air; steam rising from her piss.

“It so does,” agreed Molly with a giggle, as she closed the car door.

“Someone’s going to have a nice surprise in the morning!” said Megan, with a broad grin across her face.

“OK, where next! I’m miffed now. The next house better be a bit more generous!” exclaimed Molly.

“Yeah, let’s try down there,” said Megan pointing to a little cul-de-sac.

“I guess so…”

They chose the second house on the left, which was actually a bungalow. The driveway was covered in pebbles and made a nice scrunching sound as they walked on it. The house was dimly lit but Megan could faintly see the TV through the front window.

“I wish I had one of those universal remotes,” said Megan, just as Molly was about to knock on the door.

“What the fuck, do you want one of those for?!” asked Molly.

“I could zap their telly and put the volume up!”

“Oh yeah! Ha ha! Next year, maybe.

“OK, let’s see who’s in.”

Molly knocked but after a short while there was no reply, so she knocked a bit harder.

A light came on in the hall and an older gentleman answered. He was dressed in trousers, a beige cardigan and a dark red, striped tie. His hair was mainly grey, with some dark bits still and was combed back, giving him a kind, avuncular appearance. Megan thought the man must be about her Grandfather’s generation and she smiled broadly as Molly wrapped an arm round her waist.


“Hello, young ladies. Aren’t you a bit old for this kind of thing? I had some kiddies earlier. All my sweets have…

… gone.”

The man’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness and he realised Megan was braless, beneath her smoky, black top.

“It’s OK Sir,” said Megan. “Sorry to have troubled you.”

“Oh, well…. I might have a little something, wait here.”

He disappeared briefly and then came back with two crisp $20 notes.

“Wow! Are you sure!” exclaimed Megan, seeing the money.

“Yes, seeing you two has made my day. I don’t get any thrills at my age. It’s been a long time…”

Megan looked at Molly and made an ‘Awww’ gesture with her mouth.

“You got your needs, like any man,” said Molly.

“Well, I do. But my inclinations outweigh opportunity, I’m afraid.”

Megan smiled and looked at them man sympathetically.

“Well, it’s not trick or treat for nothing,” said Megan. “As the lady at number twenty will discover, in the morning. Can we step inside?”

“Of course… where are my manners,” said the old gentleman, kindly.

“It’s OK,” said Megan. “So you like the way we look?” she asked.

“You look delightful!”

“Is there anything you’d like us to do?”

“Well… I don’t know.”

“You can touch us, if you like,” said Molly, running her hands up and down her legs and hips.


“You just go ahead and help yourself,” said Molly.

The man seemed to be beside himself at Molly’s suggestion, his eyes lighting up and his hands trembling.


He began to run his hands over the girls’ bodies, squeezing their boobs and stroking their legs. His mouth opened wide as he discovered Megan’s warm treasure, slipping his fingers in. Molly unzipped the man’s fly and took out his cock, which was long and surprisingly hard for his age. She thought he had a lot of foreskin. The man continued to finger Megan’s pussy and fondled her ample ass cheeks as Molly gave him a slow hand job.

“Is that good Mister?” said Molly, stroking his hard cock a little faster.

“Yes… yes dear…it’s better than good!”

“See, I said we’d treat you. Megan’s pussy nice and wet is it?”

Megan looked at the old guy, giving him her best little slut face as he made the most of her tight, wet cunt. Molly tugged at his penis faster and faster.

“Oh…uh…oh… ungh! Keep going… I’m going to cum!”

The guy’s body began to tremble and his face went as red as a beetroot almost, as he exploded with a long rope of thick spunk over Molly’s hand and onto the carpet.

“There! Ooh… that’s a load and a half!” said Molly.

“Oh! I need to sit down.”

The man half sat, half stumbled onto his sofa.

“Are you OK?” asked Megan.

“Yes, yes, just a little dizzy. I’ll be fine. Oh dear…”

“We’ll leave you to it then,” said Megan, and the girls saw themselves out, giggling, making sure their money was safely tucked inside their bras.

The moon was up, when they got outside. It lit up Megan’s face, enough for Molly to see her gorgeous hazel eyes. Molly’s face bore a mischievous grin, as she recalled their last treat.

“That was fun!” said Molly.

“I know. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him!”

“Yeah didn’t see him complaining though. Go to sleep with a smile on his face, that one.”

“Yup! So shall we go down there or go back to the main street?” asked Megan.

“Let’s hit the main drag and look for a nice posh house,” suggested Molly.

The girls happened upon a house that stood back slightly. There was a little pumpkin on the gate post, a sign left by other ‘treaters’ that the resident was a generous one. Both girls were feeling, horny, hungry and thirsty. Molly knocked on the door with the big brass tapper and waited.

The door was opened by a smart-looking guy with short-cropped hair and a day’s worth of stubble. He was about 35 and a Gerald Butler look-alike


“Hey girls. Fuck me backwards!!! Well you’re the hottest ones tonight and that’s for sure!”

“We can be hotter,” said Megan, running her fingers through Molly’s hair.

“Oh. Can you indeed. What do I get a trick or a treat?”

The man had a confident tone, his eyes sparkling as his gaze darted from girl to girl. The cool air and her sense of excitement had made Megan’s nipples even harder and they were making it obviously so, illuminated from the man’s hallway.

“Well, that depends on how you intend to treat us,” said Molly, sexily.

“I see. Come in and I’ll see what I can do.”

The man’s house was quite posh. He had several awards in the form of shields and little silver statues, on various shelves. They were all in the shape of little cats. Molly noticed her feet half disappeared in his deep, luxurious carpet. His plasma TV had to be the biggest she had seen.

“Drinks?” offered the man.

“Yeah and cookies.”

“So, what does a guy need to do to get a good treat these days?” said the man, as he went to fetch the girl’s refreshments.

The girls thought quickly and chatted between themselves, quietly.

“He’s minted!” said Megan.

“I know, I think we can sort a deal here,” agreed Molly.

The girls pretended to be waiting patiently, as he came back, rather than planning their strategy.

“There you go. And the goodies.”

Molly and Megan took a couple of bites of their peanut butter cookies and washed it down with the ice cool beer.

“So, let me see,” said the man. “I guess ten bucks doesn’t get me far?”

Megan half spurted her beer.

“Too right!”

“We seem to have established a scale, as the evening’s progressed,” said Molly, between gulps of beer.


“Yeah, I would say ten dollars will get you flash of ass if you’re lucky. Fifty for a hand job. After that, we’re open to negotiation.”

The man looked down and scratched his chin.

“Well, you see these trophies. They’re my wife’s. She’s in Memphis for the Airedale cup. Her cats are her life. “

The girls raised an eyebrow at the word ‘wife’ and looked at him, wondering how stable his marriage really was.

“A guy gets lonely quickly and when temptation crosses your path…”

“So what will it be?” asked Megan, raising her skirt and revealing her juicy little quim.

The man stepped back, as if dazed and he just gawped hopelessly at Megan’s cunt.

“If I give you a hundred each, can I lick you and get a double blow job?”

The man pointed at Megan specifically, as he uttered the words ‘lick you.’

“Call it one fifty and you have a deal,” said Megan.

“I’m not going to miss this for a ton,” said the man, bringing out his wallet. He counted out the notes and handed half each to the girls.

Megan lifted her skirt again and put a foot on the edge of the red leather settee. The man didn’t hesitate. He dropped to one knee and cupped her ass cheeks as he buried his face in her sweet pussy. He lapped and licked at Megan’s wet, pink slit like a hungry puppy. He rubbed his face, as if all he wanted to do was get her scent and her sweet, girly moisture on his face. Megan let out a deep sigh as Molly clasped her fingers into her friend’s. She watched, feeling more turned on than she could imagine. Seeing Megan have her pussy licked in a stranger’s house was so mad. They had had some wild Halloween’s but this was the furthest they had been. The man appeared to be enjoying himself, moaning and groaning. Finally, he stood up, his cock already making a sizeable tent through his flannel trousers.

Megan and Molly played with each other’s hair as the man unzipped his fly, his eyes gloating over their bodies. The girls sat side by side on the sofa as the man stood in front of them and aimed his cock between their lips. Almost immediately, his dick was sandwiched between lips and tongues. Molly tickled his balls with her finger tips, as her tongue tickled his sensitive little banjo string. She licked the end, drooling a little spit on it and then fed his cock into Megan’s mouth, wanking him gently at the same time. Then Molly sucked on his cock, taking him deeply as Megan stroked his balls.

The man’s face was etched with concentration, doing his best to hold back, drawing every last second of pleasure from the moment. The girls earned every last cent of their three hundred dollars, treating his dick with love and attention. Molly kissed the exposed head with her lips, while Megan licked the shaft like a lolly, her eyes fixed on the man’s urging him on. Then, they held out their tongues, as their host stroked his erection back and forth. He was circumcised and his cock was becoming wetter, coated with their saliva.

The girls retook the initiative, kissing, sucking and licking the man’s cock, until it began to ooze with pre-cum. He held his hands on his hips as they took turns to tug him. Megan and Molly smiled like Cheshire cats as the man’s breathing grew deeper. They looked up at him and Megan held her hand flat under his penis, ready to receive his cum. Molly jerked him faster, the tip of her tongue just catching the end as his legs were getting weaker and his breathing was reduced to shallow panting.

“Come! Come for us!” urged Molly, as the man’s stamina faded and with a loud groan he exploded a heavy wad of spunk over Megan’s hand. His next load shot out even further and coated her black top in messy squiggles of cum. She offered her hand to Molly, who licked the excess cum from her friend’s hand. The man gasped, his cock still twitching as the last of his cum spilt onto Molly's legs.

"Fuck! That was amazing!"

"Glad you liked our treat!" the girls said, in unison.

"I do hope you come back next year, if the wife's out that is."

"You never know," said Megan, and with that the girls rose and headed out, in search of their next trick or treat.

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