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Two lovers

Two lovers

A story of stepsiblings, and their complicated relationship
He awoke in his bed, naked, and restless, on a Sunday morning. He looked over, and saw Lucy sleeping naked, with her arms around him. Thoughts came to his head of how great the previous night was, but how morally wrong it was too. Step siblings are not supposed to have sex, even as they were both eighteen.

Their parents left them for the weekend, and resistance against her was useless. He looked at her five foot eight body, with her b-cup boobs, and brown hair. She was a loving, but seductive she devil. Tears were frequently used. Eventually, she woke up too, and leaned up.

"We can't keep doing this, Lucy," he told her.

"Well, we're not going to tell anyone. We agreed the first time we both woke up in the same bed we would keep it on the down low," she reminded him.

"I know, but this is wrong. We're stepbrother, and sister. I think we're officially out of the fling category, and into relationship territory. We can't do that, our parents will find out," he explained.

"We've been careful to make sure they don't find out. It's been six months now, and they don't have a clue," she replied.

She brought her lips to his, and said something for the first time.

"I love you, Paul," she told him.

What he thought was just confirmed. He couldn't say it back, but she knew he loved her too. In a matter of speaking, he was delaying the inevitable. As they were both in too far deep already. She wasn't going to press her luck, so she slowly got out of the bed, and got her clothes.

Before she left, she glanced at his six foot tall body, with brown hair, and he felt horrible. Over those six months, there were many sexual encounters. In the shower, both of their bedrooms, and even their parents bedroom a couple times. Ironically enough, the shower was where it all started.

On day one, Paul was in a relationship with someone else. The shower ran, as he stood there, and let the water hit him. He also had a sleepover with his girlfriend, and she was sleeping his room.

Lucy had caught them a few times having sex in the shower, and had even watched them a few times before. So Lucy knew there was a grand opportunity on the horizon, for really anyone that a had thing for him.

The first time she watched, it was a foreign, but pleasurable feeling. She just viewed it as porn, because they weren't actually related. A smeared look of his girlfriend sucking his cock was viewed by her, and her fingers went right between her pussy lips.

She could hear them over the water. The moans, and slurping sounds entered her ears, and just made her get hot. Some slightly heavy breathing happened, as her fingers, and panties became very wet.

She honestly was just curious to see the act, but it appeared to be much hotter than she ever imagined. She quickly, but quietly escaped, and a crush came upon her. After watching them a few more times, it became clear to her that she had to have him, whether he had a girlfriend, or not.

As their parents frequently left them alone, and his girlfriend was asleep, she took advantage of that opportunity. Lucy came to her door, as she naked, and her hand pushed it open. Quiet as a mouse, her feet move their way slowly to the bathroom.

As she knew he would assume it was his girlfriend, her hand landed on, and twisted the knob. She pulled the door towards her, and slowly went in. The door quietly shut, and she wanted to just stand there for a minute, and masturbate. Although, he still noticed movement.

When he knew someone was there, her feet moved right in front of the shower. With that clear shower door, you could still see movement, but smeared, so she knew he was about to open it.

"I thought you'd never get up," he mentioned just before he opened the door.

To his surprise, he found his stepsister standing there naked, glaring at him. Speechless for the first ten seconds, he looked at her from head to toe.

"Lucy, what are you doing?" he quickly pondered.

As her only thought of having him plagued her mind, she invited herself right in, and put her lips right onto his. Her arms went right around him, and made out with him. No fighting came at first, but after thirty seconds, he slowly pushed her away.

"Lucy, no," he said.

The words entered her ears, but the ones that entered her brain were, 'Yes, give me more.'. She came right back to him, and super glued their lips together. His sexual juices began to flow quickly, and he already had trouble resisting her.

From her sexy body to how she flaunted herself when the parents were out, she really always had him on a silver platter. His hands landed on her butt and brought her closer to him. Her boobs pressed on his chest and from one minute to another, he was hers.

After another five minutes of passionate making out, she lowered herself to her knees. She put her right hand onto his nine-inch cock, as his eyes stayed on her. She just did what she had to do to get him and it paid off as she took his cock in her mouth.

No protesting came, but joy did. A soft moan exited his mouth, as his hands arrived at the back of her head. The shower kept going, but her slit added to the wetness. She seemed to move from 'Dreamer' to being cocky.

She began thrusting her mouth, as she had seen it done on him many times before. She was more than willing to add her own mix to making the pleasure quite great. Her tongue quickly began to massage his cock as it rubbed on the bottom.

Not another word was spoken, but his movements and moans proved that he might have had a thing for her, too. His hands slowly pushed her head just a little bit further and she officially began to deep throat him.

That very well could be what won him overall, considering what happened next.

As it was a foreign concept for him too, and not ready for a sex session with his stepsister, he was ready to shoot his load. She felt him clench, and took his cock out, and let him squirt her boobs.

After a quick, but life fulfilling blow job, she stood up. They both wanted to look at each other, but couldn't. Before a word was said, the door opened.

"Hey you," his girlfriend said.

Lucy quickly went down, so she couldn't see her.

"I'm just about to get out, I'll see you back in my room," he told her.

"Okay, see you soon," she replied disappointingly.

She left, and shut the door. Lucy stood back, and put her lips back on his. After one more minute, she set the bait.

"Come to my room when she is gone if you want more," she whispered.

She grabbed a towel, and ran back to her room dripping wet. It wasn't her intention to invite him for more, but she wanted it, so she did it. As she was back in her room, she lost the towel and put herself on the bed.

After two hours and several masturbation sessions, her door opened at six in the evening. She found Paul standing there naked with a condom on, and holding his phone. There was a text on it that read 'We're gonna be back tomorrow. Love, mom.'.

"Jenna is gone, and we're all alone," he let her know, as he put the phone down, and walked towards her.

His body moved onto the bed with her, and became positioned right over her. No time was wasted, he just stuck his cock right into her slit.

"Oh," they both moaned.

His cock began thrusting slowly, and love was made. Even though she really could have baited him at any time, her appreciation meter sky rocketed.

"Yes, make love to me, Paul," she moaned.

His mouth opened, but no words made their way out. Curiosity made her wonder what happened with Jenna, but a special sex session was happening, and she didn't wanna spoil it. He was on his elbows, and his hands came to her head.

He felt it, and took her hair out of her eyes. They had been stepsiblings for two years by then and always been close, but her love struck first. As they made love, love was in their eyes. Except for her single line, no words were spoken.

For seconds at a time their lips were busy kissing too. She caressed his butt and he did the same to her boobs as well, pleasuring one another with their fingers too. Still with other body parts moving and being pleasured, both of them managed to keep their eyes right on each other.

Lucy wanted to tell him she loved him then, but feared it would be too much. Just feeling his long, thick cock in her slit was a very close second place prize. The closer he came to cumming, the closer every part of his body to hers,to where even his feet were on hers and all of his that touched the bed were his balls. His head came to her right shoulder and she felt his heart zooming. She gathered that he was about to cum and she wanted it.

His body got up off her and his cock aimed to the floor. Although at the last second her right hand came to his cockand had it cum right onto her tits. They both collapsed on the bed but they still didn't speak. They only made love again a few minutes later.

In fact, they had sex numerous times with very limited speaking. They went until about midnight, before any real talking took place.

"May I sleep with you tonight?" she pondered.

He nodded, and kissed her. The next morning for the first time, they awoke in the same bed. There were no regrets, but their minds were spinning. Not because of the act, but how morally wrong it was.

Their new sexual relationship was decided to be kept out of everyone's knowledge. After that, they began to see each other when they could, frequently sleeping with each other as their parents were always away.

One month into it, she found out that he never ended it with Jenna. They were having sex in the slide position, when Jenna just let herself in his room.

"What the fuck?" Jenna wondered.

There was no real explanation for it, he just wanted both women. Once he lost Jenna, he found himself feeling how wrong it was to be with Lucy. Luckily, she never told their parents about them.He became very reluctant to continue the sexual relationship.

Later that day, she found herself back at his door. She just let herself in and went to the bed he was already laying on.

"Please don't break up me, Paul. I love you, and you love me, even if you won't say it. Even if we had to pick between each other, and our parents, I would pick you. If they want to kick us out, it would worth it to me, because of how I feel about you," she pleaded.

A strong look came upon his face, and he looked at her.

"I think should at least slow it down. We're just having sex, and your backup plan is what exactly when they find out? We just get a studio apartment? Let's slow down, and eventually stop before we get too far down," he explained.

"We love each other, we're already too far down," she said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not saying that should end it soon, but eventually," he replied.

She was not going to let him just begin to put nails in the coffin. She had to fight fire with fire. She left crying. He remained strong and didn't cave.

A week later, a plan was formulated in her head and she sprung it into action. She arrived at his door and walked in there, as he was playing with his phone.

"Hey you," she said, as she walked towards the bed.

"Hey," he replied, not moving his eyes.

"Our parents left again, and said they wouldn't be back until tomorrow," she mentioned, as there was a few feet in between her, and the bed.

"Okay," he replied.

She removed her shorts and got on the bed with him.

"We're trying to cut down that, remember?" he pondered.

"I know, but making love to me one extra time won't hurt," she told him.

He was still uninterested, so she pulled out the big guns. Her shirt came off, and she wasn't wearing a bra.

"I know you want me, and love me. No matter how much you fight me on this, it won't do any good," she let him know.

She took his hand, and put it right on her right tit. As history repeated itself, he gave in. He let her kiss him and then his face went to her tits. His tongue landed on her right nipple and her hands made the trip to his head.

A grin appeared, as she had him in the palm of her hand again. The sweet pleasure was enjoyed and he even took off her panties as his tongue remained busy.

"I told you. I know you think this is too much, but you still want it," she mentioned.

A minute later, he pulled her on top of him, and she leaned up so her tits were right above his face. His tongue went on a nipple licking workout, as it went to both of her nipples multiple times. Pussy juice was slowly oozing out, and she was felt anxious again to get his clothes off too. She always took pride in knowing how she could get his cock so hard, just by being his sexy stepsister. He laid down on his back and she turned her body. Her tits were still over his face, but her head was towards his stomach.

Her hands reached over towards his crotch, and made sure his cock would come out to play. Her hand stroked it slowly and made it rock hard. As his cock was locked and loaded, he forced her onto her back.

"Oh, feisty," she said.

He bolted right down to her wet pussy and dove in face first. A deep breath was taken in for preparation for the ride she was about to take. His fingers entered her slit and spread out those wet lips.

His tongue entered as her body tingled and he removed his fingers. It went in shallow at first, but just to get her started. Her motor was running, but he was cocky. He frequently got it going into overdrive before he would make love to her.

It went in a little deeper and her entire body went down. His tongue seemed to suck in her energy and any movement from her just made her less pleasure. All she could do was lie there holding still and take all the pleasure she could take.

"Yes, my wonderful lover," she moaned.

His fingers began to thrust in her slit, as he looked at her, with lusty, and loving eyes. He looked at her naked body and realized that she was his life. There was no turning back. A kiss was blown her way and one came right back at him.

Then his face went right back to her slit, only this time he was out to make her cum. His tongue went in very deep and her voice box got quite a workout.

"Fuck!!" she screamed.

With two fingers and his tongue pleasuring her, the tables had turned. He had her just where he wanted her: screaming, and moaning his name. Still just laying there frozen, except for her head.

"Paul, Paul, I love you, Paul!" she screamed.

His tongue acted his weapon for her to have an explosive orgasm. The love was her weakness to hold out, because of that she splattered him like a waterfall before she knew it.

"Oh, Paul!" she screamed.

Even as his face was covered in cum, he was not done with his step sister. His feet got up off the bed and his hand came out. Her hand came to his and she came up with him.

"You are trouble, Lucy, but I love you that way," he let her know.

His lips kissed her's once, and he his hands pushed her back onto the bed. His eyes went to her legs and he grabbed them. She was pulled closer and his cock entered her slit. Then her legs went north with her knees on his shoulders and bent behind him.

Her arms stayed on the bed and his cock began thrusting once again as his hands supported her being on her butt. Their eyes glared towards each other. A starring contest began and as they were both being pleasured, it was anyone's game.

"Don't ever leave me, Paul. I don't know what I'd do without you," she let him know.

"I won't," he told her.

"Please cum inside me, and knock me up," she pleaded.

They both knew he wanted to say no, but that wasn't an option. For the first time in their sexual relationship, tears were shed by Paul. He knew deep down he was willing to sacrifice his plans for her, to do what he had to keep her around with him.

"I love you, Lucy," he made sure she knew.

His cock began thrusting as hard as it could in that position. The bed shook and his pulsing cock made her slit leak. It acted as a perfect lube and, considering how big his cock was, it was just what her pussy ordered.

"Go faster, Paul. Make my pussy sore," she ordered.

The desire to pound her just became a little more than he could chew. An overdose of pleasure just came his way and he shot his load right into her. He went down and she had that same grin. As he was breathing heavily and out of it, she came down with him.

Their bodies stayed close and his arms went around her. Nothing was said for over thirty minutes, but nothing needed to be said. They remained on the floor the whole time and then her plan was complete.

Their parents' voices were heard in the hallway. He was scared, and rushed to get dressed, as did she. They were dressed just as their parents walked in. They did not see them nude at all, but knew what was going on

"What's going on here?" her dad, Jake snapped.

She looked right her dad's face, and knew exactly what he thought.

"Daddy, we love each other, please don't be mad," she said as tears came over her face.

They both glared at them, as they were sitting on the bed, but to Paul's surprise, Lucy told him about her plan.

"They told me they would only be gone an hour and I wanted them to find out about us. So, are you gonna kick us out?" she inquired.

Their parents looked at each other, and grinned.

"So, you two have been having sex for a while now?" his mom, Jill pondered.

His arms went around her, and his lips landed on her head.

"I love her, mom," he declared.

"How long has this been going on?" Jake wanted to know.

"Six months," she let him know.

They both nodded, and appeared not to be mad. Then one more important question came.

"Are you pregnant?" Jill needed to know.

The thought of what he did not too long before came to his mind. He was about to tell them that he wanted to get her pregnant, but she stopped him with a confession.

"Paul, I'm already pregnant," she confessed.

"What?" the other three asked.

Her arms went around him, and her lips kissed

"I love you, I love you, I love you, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, Paul," she cried.

She hid the pregnancy from him and waited to confess until their parents found out about them. Paul, Jake, and Jill were put on the spot. What could any of them say?

"You are pregnant?" he asked her.

"Yes, I just wanted you to cum inside me, and find out if you would actually do it. You know you want a baby with me, so please be happy," she pleaded.

Many tears were shed and their parents said something.

"Well, you are keeping it, and getting married. We're not about to have you abort it, and my daughter is not having a baby with no husband. Just warn us when you together from on," Jake made clear.

She grabbed her shirt, and panties, and put them on. Her arms went around her dad, and cried a little more.

"I love you, daddy," she said.

"I love you too, but we're not done talking about this. Come out when you two are done. Obviously you have a lot to talk about," Jake replied.

The both of them left, and the two lovers had things to discuss. Before he even had time to formulate an actual thought, her wrapped around him and dished out the tears.

"We have a baby coming now, and our parents seem to be okay with us. Will you please be my boyfriend, and marry me too?" she asked.

"As if I can say no," he replied.

Cheesing began on her face, her lips hit every single part of his face.

"Please make love to me again, and we don't need condoms," she told him.

They made love a few more times, and went to talk to their parents. They couldn't be too mad, considering they left them alone so often. The truth came out about Lucy's little trip into the shower that first time. Their parents thought it was cute, and even decided to pay for a small wedding.

As she found out she was pregnant, she truly realized how much she loved him and wanted to be with him too. Maybe her plan didn't play by the rules, but she never cared.

Now a year later, they have wonderful newborn son, and two supportive parents that have helped them every step of the way. Jake was just happy his daughter got knocked up by Paul, rather than one of her other moron boyfriends.
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