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Room Mate Dominates

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Angry girl finds her room mate getting busy

He closed the door to his room. He had the apartment to himself, but didn't like to take chances.

He set his iPad on the floor at an angle with the stand. Taking off his clothes he put a towel down on the floor. Reaching under the bed he found his shoe box. Taking it out, he opened it up revealing his toys. A bottle of lube and a large fleshy pink dildo.

He took the dildo out, feeling its texture. It was squeezable with a little give to it. The head wasn't too big and it got thicker as it got to the base. He smiled at the feel of it knowing what was to happen. He found his favourite porn site, browsing through the categories until finding the right video. He hit play and maximized the video.

On the screen was a woman dressed in latex, with her huge boobs cut out and a large black strap on attached to a harness at the waist. The scene moved to a naked masked man in stocks. He saw the latex clad woman applying lube to the rubber cock at her waist, stroking it like it was real. She moved around behind the man in the stocks, lining up the head of her cock to his asshole.

He paused the movie. Taking the lube out, he put some on his fingers. Coming up onto his knees he applied the lube to his rosebud. Smearing it around, inserting one finger inside. He loved that feeling of something penetrating his ass. He added a second finger as he continued to lube up. He began finger fucking himself. Getting himself ready. His cock was rock hard, pulsating at the sensation of his ass and what he knew was coming.

He removed his fingers, squeezing out some more lube and applied it to the dildo. He stroked it as he would his own cock, getting it well lubed and ready. When it was ready he turned the video back on. The woman inserted the huge fake cock into the man’s asshole. Ever so slowly she sank it all the way into his ass, until her hips were grinding against him. That's what he'd been waiting for. He put the dildo on the floor pointed up, holding it in place with one hand. He squatted above it aiming the head for his rosebud.

He felt it touch his rosebud; carefully he pushed down, just the head going in. He groaned a little as his ass stretched. Slowly he sank further down, more of it going inside him. He took his hand away and sank to both knees, fully astride. The 6 of the 10 inches of cock in his ass. He knelt there still, his ass getting used to the cock. He looked at the screen. The mistress was fucking the man in earnest now. Calling him an ass slut and slapping his ass as she drove her cock viciously into him.

He watched for a little then began bouncing a little up and down on the cock. His motion had two more inches going in and getting thicker as he got closer to the base. His own cock throbbing as he fucked himself on the cock in his ass.

He felt himself wanting more, so moving his legs he sat all the way down on the cock. All ten inches inside him now, he groaned at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Putting a hand on the base to keep it inside him, he moved onto his hands and knees, moving back up against his bed base. He backed the base of the cock against the frame of the bed and leaned forward onto his hands and knees. The cock stuck to frame as he rocked forward. Allowing almost all of the cock out of his ass before pushing back to take it all in again

He loved this feeling. He felt like he was a slut being fucked by someone. He looked to the video, the mistress pounding the man’s ass as hard as she could. He heard the man crying "fuck me fuck me" over and over.

He closed his eyes imagining it was him in the stocks being used and fucked by the mistress.

"Fuck me mistress, fuck your slut hard,” he cried to his imaginary mistress.

A few minutes before he'd really gotten into his fantasy, John's roommate Jennifer, had come home from work early. She'd supposed to have worked for four more hours, but the manager had sent her home because the store was slow.

She was pissed at losing the money. Also knowing John was home. Due to their work hours they didn't see each other much. This suited Jennifer as she didn't like John much. They had little in common and John was a skinny guy so she couldn't even look at his hunky body. When she'd advertised for a roommate she'd hoped to get a football player from the college not far or fireman. She fantasied fucking one of these big well-muscled men constantly; instead she got a 160lb boy/man who looked like he should still be at high school.

Being frustrated, she decided to go to her room and play with her pussy for some release. That is until she heard John cry out.

"What was the little perv doing?" she wondered.

She tip toed to his door and listened, hearing moans. His door was a full inch off the floor, so she knelt down and peaked under the door. She did not expect what she saw.

She watched him fuck himself against the bed; she saw the big dildo sliding in and out of his ass as he rocked his body back and forth.

She checked out his body. He wasn’t muscled, but he was lean without much fat. She saw his cock swinging between his legs. He was bigger than most she'd seen. She watched his cock swing with his movements. She felt herself getting wet as she watched. She felt between her legs. Her pussy was swollen and staring to drip.

She thought of bursting in there and riding his cock till she came, but Jennifer had other ideas, she liked control during sex. Now she knew what the little perv was into she conceived a plan to make him into her toy.

She continued to watch John fucking the dildo, his eyes closed moaning. He'd started stroking his cock as he moved, in perfect time with the cock fucking his ass. Jennifer had her hand in her panties, rubbing her clit. She'd soaked her panties already. She began rubbing her clit furiously, bitting her lip as her orgasm hit. She looked at John, heard him groan as he stroked his cock and fucked his ass faster. Finally he came, shooting all over the towel and his hand. Jennifer was amazed as spurt after sport erupted from his cock.

John groaned loudly as he came, unknown that he was being watched. He took some of the cum from his hand, smearing it all over his face, licking it from his hand.

“I’m a dirty asswhore with a cock in his ass and cum on his face," he cried.

"Yes you are," thought Jennifer. “Soon, my asswhore."

He pushed his ass back onto the dildo until all ten inches and the think base was inside him.

He began pumping his cock again furiously. In thirty seconds he grunted loudly, a look of fury across his face, coming again in think ropey spurts. Grunting with every gush.

Jennifer wanted to cum again, but didn't want to risk being caught. She quietly backed away from the door and went to the door of the apartment. She jingled her keys a little before opening and closing the door loudly. She then stomped over to her room opening and slamming the door. She often came home in bad moods, so this would be normal for John.

John recovered slowly from his second orgasm. He heard the apartment door open and close. Heard Jennifer do her normal angry stomp and slam entry.

"What an angry bitch," he thought.

They didn't get on very well. They managed to be civil mostly and thankfully they had different schedules, so didn't need to interact much. Bills and rent were paid into separate accounts and they were both clean enough in the apartment that they rarely had any issues.

John had tried to make friends with her, but she seemed to look down at him. She was the same height and with John's slender frame of similar build. Although Jennifer did do kickboxing classes and had good muscle tone.

"She probably needs a good fuck,” he laughed at himself, knowing it was not going to be him.

Once Jennifer got into her room, she turned on her iPod for some background noise. She went into her bed side drawer, pulling out her vibrator. Normally she would relax and tease her clit, slowly sliding it inside her pussy. This time she was too worked up. She put it straight into her pussy, all the way into the base. Still wet from earlier it slid in easily. She pulled it in and out a few times, but this was more to coat it in her juices than anything else, she needed it to be wet. She got onto her hands and knees, her face in the bed and eased the vibrator into her ass.

She moaned as she pushed it in, deeper and deeper. When it was all the way in, she turned it to its fastest setting and began working it in and out of her ass. With her free hand she rubbed her clit. She wanted to cum hard and fast.

At her most sexual she loved to ass fuck. It made her feel so sluttish. With a cock in her ass she'd always cum at least twice. It would drive her wild. She'd scream to be fucked her ass to be pounded. This had scared one lover away. She'd gotten so nasty with taking his cock in her ass, he'd gone soft.

To say she'd been mad was an understatement.

She didn't last long, the dual feeling of rubbing her clit and fucking her ass with the vibrator had her coming in a few minutes. She pushed her face in the pillow, muffling her scream as she came hard.

She laid there, with her ass in the air, the vibrator having fallen from her ass without her hand.

"John, you little perv," she thought, "I'm going to fuck you till you squeal!"

That was her final thought as she drifted off to sleep.

She began to make her plan come together. First she needed the right toy. She looked online for a good strap on to use. It wasn't hard to find what she needed. Restraining herself from buying the larger ones was. She decided on one. The size and width looked perfect. It also came with a vibrating bullet that would rest against her clit. She put it in for two day shipping.

That was phase one off her plan.

She knew John's work hours. That was easy. She organized with her boss to switch one of her shifts so it coincided with John’s day off. It was also the day; John normally had the apartment to himself. His 'playtime'.

The week passed fairly quickly. Her package came. She took it to her room and unwrapped it, taking out the contents. The dildo was a good ten inches long with a good thickness to it. She stroked it getting the feel of it. Taking off her clothes, she slipped into the harness and put the cock into position. She looked at herself on the mirror.

"Yes mistress," she thought to herself.

She stroked the cock with her hands. The bullet bumped her clit as she stroked. She turned it on swooning at the vibrations.

She continued stroking her cock, the strokes bumping the bullet into her clit. She stroked faster, pumping her hips in time. She felt a fury as she stroked her cock. The orgasm coming hard and powerful. She felt her knees go week as her orgasm hit. She loved it.

She wondered how much better it would be when she fucked John, next week.

The week went by and the day arrived.

Jennifer made her way out the door at her normal work time. She heard John in the shower. Smiling to herself she closed the door noisily and made her way out.

She'd give him thirty minutes then sneak in.

As a precaution, she installed a small spy camera in John’s room. It came to her phone. When he seemed to be getting ready, she'd sneak back and put her plan in to action.

She sat at the park across the street, logging into her spy cam. She didn't have to wait long. She saw him walk back into his room naked. His cock was semi-hard.

She guessed he'd been looking forward to this.

She crept back into the apartment. Going to her room, she undressed and began climbed into her harness. She was getting wet already. She decided to stay naked. She laid the phone on the bed, watching John working himself up. She pinched and twisted her nipples, making them ache. She slipped two fingers into her pussy, taking them out and sucking her juice from her fingers.

She could barely believe how turned on she was.

Tying her hair into a braid. She walked out of her room.

She saw John squatting over the dildo, talking it into his ass. She waited while he began to bounce on it. Saw his face turn to pure lust, watching the video. She saw him begin to move. To get himself ready to fuck himself against the bed.

This was the moment.

She pushed open the door, standing in the doorway stroking her cock.

John's surprise was immediate. He looked at the open door, with Jennifer standing there, stroking a huge strap on dildo.

He didn't have time to ponder what was going on. Jennifer rushed in, grabbing him by the hair and pulled him over, bending him over the bed. Pushing his head into the bed she pulled out the dildo he'd been using and pushed her new strap on straight into his ass. He gasped in surprise and pain as he felt his ass filled with Jennifer's dildo.

The thrust had rubbed the harness against her clit almost making her cum.

She kept his body pinned with hers. Her breasts pressed against his back. Pulling his head to the side she whispered in his ear, "Ready to be fucked my little asswhore?"

She moved back grabbing his hips and began to thrust her cock into his ass. She was not gentle. She pounded his ass unmercifully. Thrusting in and out of him. After a dozen hard thrusts she stopped and pulled his head back again.

"Do you like that little slut? Do you like finally being fucked for real?"

John was a mixture of emotions. He felt invaded by Jennifer, embarrassed as well. But the feeling of her fucking him so hard was incredible. Her pounding cock felt so much better than his dildo. She was dominating him as well; his mind was going into overdrive. His cock had softened when she'd burst in, but the force she used on him to bend him over, and the speed in which she shoved her cock in his ass was intoxicating.

He had an answer for her, one he'd dreamed of saying.

"Yes mistress, I love it."

"And do you like how I'm fucking you?

"Yes Mistress."

"What do you want me to do ass slut?"

"Fuck me Mistress, fuck my ass."

She leaned back grabbing his hips and began to pound, long strokes till her cock was almost out, then slamming it back into him. Over and over she did this. She'd turned the bullet on when she began her assault, her clit was on fire and she could feel her orgasm coming hard. She fucked him harder, grunting as she thrust. He was moaning in pleasure as she fucked, screaming "fuck me" over and over.

"I'm going to cum mistress," he cried.

She was waiting for this. She pulled him up off his knees, flung him onto his back, lifting his legs over her shoulders and pounded his ass as hard as he could.

Her orgasm hit and she screamed as it tore through her body. She shoved her cock into him one last time and he came.

Jennifer hadn't seen some one cum so much outside of a porn movie. It shot from his cock landing on his face and chest. Some past the length of his body. She grabbed his still coming cock, milking the last drops of cum from him.

He lay there. His mistress still inside him, covered in his own cum, the result of her fucking, not his hand.

"Rub it all over you face slut!" she commanded.

He did as ordered. Rubbing it into his face and licking it from his hands.

"What are you?" she asked.

"An ass slut mistress."

"Who's ass slut?"

"Your's mistress."

She smiled. She'd got him. And what fun she was going to have with her new pet.

John lay there in utter submission. The surprise of her assault had kept him submissive. For just a second the fury flared in him, which usually took him to his next orgasm. He opened his eyes for a moment, locking his gaze on the evilly grinning woman on top of him.

"For now," he thought, and his fury quieted.




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