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Something For Everyone

Something For Everyone

Arnoldo’s Restaurant - Wednesday 23rd, 9.30p.m

There was something so intensely erotic about that night. In all my years in the restaurant business I’d never felt anything like it. It was surprising, not only that it was a Wednesday and the restaurant was half full, but also because of the palpable sexual desire that permeated the atmosphere in the room. I watched from my place behind the bar, with one eye on my staff, the other closely observed my diners.

When I was a young man making my way into the business, I had worked for my Uncle in his restaurant. I always remember him telling me in his strong Italian accent that if I ever wanted to make it, I had to know my customers. He taught me the art of discreetly paying attention, reading them and picking up their stories from passing clips of overheard conversations. I had learned a lot that night and it seemed all my patrons had been using one particular web site.

I could tell you all about my passionate customers, but I think you should go back and find out their stories for yourself.

Park bench - Friday 18th, 12.30p.m

Pam tugged her cardigan tight around her body from her position on the park bench. Her immaculately turned out friend, Lidia, gingerly sat on the edge of the grubby looking metal seat in her designer gear. It had been over a year since Pam had become a widow and found out about her late husband’s prostitute and gambling habits.

It had forced her to leave her old way of life and she had ended up working all hours in the distribution centre, packing orders for an erotic online store. She fiddled with her clothes from the awkwardness of having Lidia see her in her factory uniform, but it only lasted a moment. Her friend invariably put her at ease by treating her no differently than she ever had.

After the usual amount of pleasantries, Lidia removed the expensive looking pre-packed sushi from her bag. Pam raised her eyebrows, “What do you want?” Lidia could fool a lot of people with her sophisticated demeanour, but Pam knew her well enough to know that she only ever bought her posh treats when she was trying to butter her up.

“What?! Can’t I buy my close friend a treat without being up to something?”

“No, so spill it. What do you want?” Lidia passed her the treat that she knew would soften her up, and then waited until Pam had placed the food in her mouth before speaking.

“Well, I’ve been thinking…” Pam face signaled her feelings of that being dangerous, while she shovelled the delicious sushi into her mouth. “…It’s been over a year since your disgusting pig of a husband popped his clogs.” Lidia refused to call him by his name since the night Pam had confessed to her about the circumstance in which her husband had died. He’d had a heart attack mid-fuck with a prostitute and been found naked and restrained to a bed, ball-gag still in place. The hooker had robbed him and left him for housekeeping to find the next day.

“Don’t you think it’s time you started dating again?” Lidia asked her friend in a hopeful voice.

“We’ve had this conversation before. I don’t think I could trust another man again. Plus, I hardly feel sexy enough to attract the attention of anyone.”

“Well, I know someone that would be perfect for you. He’s trustworthy and reliable, not to mention really sexy. I’ve told you before how I’ve been spicing things up with Michael by using that web site. Get online and order yourself some sexy underwear. There’s so much choice and it’s all at a reasonable cost, so you don’t have to worry about money. You’ll feel so much sexier with some new panties. I’ll send you a link to the site. And it’s only one date. If you don’t like him then you’ll never have to see him again.”

Lidia was using all her powers of persuasion and Pam could feel herself crumbling in the face of her friend’s eagerness. She had been lonely of an evening, so maybe a dinner out wouldn’t be so bad. Before she had time to respond, Lidia stood up and kissed her friend on the cheek.

“That’s brilliant! I’ll get it all arranged. Let’s say Wednesday night, Arnoldo’s Restaurant at 8 O’clock. You can finish the lunch. I need to get back to the office. I’ve promised Michael a post-lunch fuck before our meeting.” She gave her friend a wink, before she walked back towards her building.

Pam finished the lunch quickly, and then rushed back to her shift at the factory. This left her no time to think about what she’d agreed to.

Pam’s house - Friday 18th, 9p.m.

Pam scrolled through the pages of the website from the link that Lidia had sent. She had glimpsed a lot of the items before, whilst packing them at work. Somehow her mind had always switched off to it. It was disconnected and they just became different shapes in boxes. When she was faced with the items for her to own and use, she found she was a little overwhelmed.

She took a large gulp from her second glass of red wine and lingered over the vibrators section. She recalled all of the dirty accounts Lidia had shared about her and Michael’s sexual exploits, like the time when he’d used a dildo in her pussy and fucked her arse, or even the time he used a vibrator on her clit, while he flogged her breasts. Lidia said she had screamed so hard in pleasure that her voice had been lost for two days afterwards. Pam shook off thoughts of what it would be like to own such a thing and moved onto the lingerie section.

Some of the outfits, or lack thereof, shocked her. They were no more than tiny bits of string that barely covered the fabulous toned bodies of the models on her screen. She soon found something that was more fitting to her middle-aged idea of what was appropriate. It was more classy and covered the most intimate areas, leaving something to the imagination, but were still very sexy. After another glass she’d settled on an emerald green three piece set. With her nerves all but gone and her hand no longer shaking she clicked the mouse and placed the order on next day delivery.

Pam was about to log off when her curiosity got the better of her. She scrolled through page after page of peculiar looking devices, each made from all manner of materials. Alien looking tools created for sexual pleasure. It was a drunken and exciting adventure of discovery reading all the items description and outcomes. She wasn’t sure how many glasses of wine she had downed, or even when she fell into a drunken sleep, but the next thing she was aware of was the sun streaming through her window and the doorbell ringing.

She stumbled, tripping over the coffee table, as she made her way to answer the door. She rubbed her eyes at the flood of light that entered the house when she opened the front door, which unbeknownst to her caused her to inadvertently smudged her already panda-like eyes. Also unaware that she was sporting a very large red wine moustache above her top lip, she smiled and greeted the slightly amused, older, good looking, courier delivery man on her doorstep.

On noticing how attractive he was she unconsciously adjusted her hair and tried to make herself more presentable, suddenly aware of her appearance and undress in her threadbare cotton nightwear. She was embarrassed and her cheeks flushed with heat at being so attracted to the man that was unwittingly delivering her sexy underwear, which was carefully concealed in its brown paper covering. Even in her flustered state she still took pleasure in the flirty exchange of eye contact and smiles. Her body tingled as his hand touched hers when he handed her the package.

When he’d gone she hurriedly climbed the steps two at a time, as she carried the package up to her bedroom. Her excitement was that of a drunk during happy hour. The underwear was gorgeous. Her fingers glided across the silky material when she gently removed the sexy lingerie from the box. She actually found herself looking forward to her date.

Michael’s office - Monday 21st 8a.m.

Michael watched the stocking clad legs of his wife walk towards him from his seated position behind his large, expensive, executive desk. He knew what she was after; the insatiable whore was always after the same thing. They’d always had a passionate sex life and it was one of the things that accounted for them working so effectively as a husband and wife team in the corporate world. Any tension of working together was released by fucking hard.

Lidia was brilliant with the clients, keeping them happy and winning them over. Michael was the money man and knew how to strike a deal. Together they were unstoppable and had successfully brought a failing courier company from the brink, which they ran for a disheartened friend and business owner, Brian.

“You know we’ve got a meeting with Brian this morning. I don’t have time to give you another good fucking. I’m surprised your cunt can take anymore after the pounding I gave you over the weekend.”

Lidia pouted at her husband, as she sat her behind on the desk in front of him. She spread her long legs, revealing her bare shaved pussy to him. His hands came to her stocking clad thighs. He delighted in the soft fabric giving way to her warm skin under his touch. His fingers trailed a path up the inside of her twitching toned legs towards her needy pussy.

He pulled her forward, so only a fraction of her ass was left perched on the edge of the desk. He took a deep breathe of his wife’s aroused scent. Growling, his fingers pushed past her swollen lips and straight into her soaked tunnel. She moaned and ground against the delightful intrusion, which increased the sensation of his digits pushing deeper into her sensitive and well fucked sex.

Since they had taken on the account for the local distribution centre, his wife had become aware of the web site connected to it. He found she fervently purchased more and more items to spice things up in the bedroom.

The weekend just passed had seen the delivery of a sex swing. He had enjoyed setting it up and seeing the anticipation build in his wife. She had prowled around their bedroom wearing a sexy lacy bodysuit that clung her every inch of her curvy body, also newly purchased from the site. Knowing the indecorous scene that would unfolded that evening caused her anticipation to reach sky high. By the time he’d threaded the last of the leather supports through the lewd apparatus her juice streamed down the inside of her thighs. The weekend had passed in a blur of ripped lace, sweating bodies, screams of pleasure and multiple orgasms.

Back in his office, he used one hand to finger fuck his wife, while his other rubbed her swollen clit. His expert fingers knew just the pace to delve and which spots to manipulate to cause the greatest effect. He could tell from her rapid breathes and low moans, which drove him crazy, she was close to her peak. He was elated to have his fingers gripped by her chusy walls. He probed her soft centre, reaching for the place he knew would take her over the edge.

Her trembling body and the warm gush of fluid across his hand signalled the arrival of his wife’s climax. He had her cumming all over his fingers. He knew she’d have liked to pay him back for the pleasure that he’d given her, but their meeting was due to start. She licked his fingers clean like a good little slutty wife, adjusted her skirt and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to suck you dry at lunch.”

Their boss entered Michael’s office. The switch from intensely passionate couple, to consummate professionals was instant. They discussed how well the figures were doing since the opening of the distribution centre for the erotic toy’s web site in the area. Brian was happy with how things were being run and told them to keep up the good work. Lidia excused herself to take a call, but told Michael, “I’ll see you at lunch.”

When she had gone, Michael poured them both another coffee and asked his friend, “Brian, why don’t you come back to work in the office? You don’t really need Lidia and me to run things for you.”

“You know I’m happier doing what I’m doing. You and Lidia run things ten times better than I ever did. Plus, I don’t think I could handle the stress anymore. You know it wasn’t easy for me after my wife left and took the kids. I’m happier doing this.”

“I’m glad you brought that up. I need to ask a favour. I know you’re happier on your own and with everything that your ex put you through, I don’t blame you. But, well… the thing is Lidia might have set you up on a blind date with someone.”

“What?! No, I’m not doing it, Michael.”

“Brian, please. Just think about it. Call it a thank you for all the hard work I’ve been putting in for you. It’s one date. You don’t have to see her again. Lidia tells me she’s a looker and by all accounts has been buying sexy underwear for the date. Just treat it as a bit of fun.” He gave him time to mull over the idea, and then continued his persuasion.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll book Lidi and me a table as well, so if its’ really bad I’ll rescue you and we can just get drunk instead. Wednesday night, Arnoldo’s at eight o’clock? What do you say?”

Brian conceded, “Just this once!”

“Good, Lidia will be pleased.”

“But, about this sexy underwear business… I just don’t think I’m going to sleep with anyone on a first date, so I hope she hasn’t got that expectation.”

“Of course not. I know your morals have always stood a lot higher than mine. I just thought what with it being single for the length of time that you have, you might enjoy a bit of time with a lady.”

“It would only be a small amount of time if I did. It’s been that long that I doubt I would last a minute, let alone enough time to satisfy someone,” Brian confessed.

“Get yourself online and order yourself a cockring. They’ve been a godsend to me in the past, what with Lidia’s insatiable appetite. In fact…” Michael routed about in his office drawer.

“Here,” he said, as he threw an unopened pack of cock rings at his friend. “I got them with a set we bought, but I prefer the adjustable ones.”

Brian knew he was referring to the fact that he had a much larger cock than him. They’d been on several sports teams when growing up together and after years of sharing a changing room, there was nothing they hadn’t seen.

“Try those on for size and get yourself to the website and check out the others if they’re no good. I’ll let Lidia know that you’re on for Wednesday night.”

Lidia’s office - Monday 21st, 11.35a.m.

She watched as Michael came in her office. He locked the door, shut her blinds, and put down the files he was holding. She was on the phone, but that didn’t stop him. He walked towards her, unzipped his trousers and started stroking his hard cock. It was difficult for her to concentrate on her call with her husband’s solid dick so tantalisingly close.

“I didn’t realize the numbers were down. We’ve been short shaft… staff!.. short staffed,” she corrected, as her husband’s far from short, fat length came ever closer to her. From her seated position at her desk, his cock was level with her lips.

“Uhuh, okay.” A bead of pre-cum oozed out his slit and dribbled it’s tempting path over his head. Her tongue drew a line across her glossy painted lips.

The call needed ending and quick. He started rubbing the head of his cock against her lips and cheek. His prick was a sturdy, meaty pen, drawing it’s silky ink across her skin, as it trailed across her face.

She ended the call, saying, “Yes, okay. We’ll see you there.”

She wasn’t quick enough to close her mouth and he took his opportunity, stuffing his cock into her opening. She allowed the intrusion and sucked him for a delicious several long seconds, enjoying her husband’s dick against her tongue, but then she pulled off and reluctantly told him, “It’s going to have to wait. The phone call was from a client that wants a lunch meeting now.”

Michael complained that he had all the files to review for next day’s meeting and didn’t have time. “Pass the files to Beth, that young girl in accounts. She can read them and fill you in on the details when we get back.”

“I’ll finish sucking your cock later,” she promised, as she struggled to get his cock back in his trousers.

Beth’s Desk – Monday 21st, 1 p.m.

Beth had just finalized all her invoices and was ready to send them out. She felt pleased that yet again she’d managed to reach the target she’d set herself, and she’d made it just in time for lunch. She was looking forward to going down to the coffee shop to flirt with the new boy behind the counter. Her plan was to see how crimson she could get his cute cheeks to turn with her ever increasing outlandish flirting.

All her plans went out the window when the heels of Michael’s P.A clicked their way to her desk, “Michael has requested that you read through these files and report back to him this afternoon with your findings.”

“Oh, but I’m only in accounts. I don’t think I’m qualified. Are you sure he wants me to do it?”

“It’s not my job to question him, I just carry out orders. I suggest if you want to get out of accounts and make it in this business then you stop with the questions and just get on with it.”

She unloaded the files onto Beth’s desk and made her way out the office.

Beth was surprised, but also really happy that the boss had picked her out for this special task. If it meant sitting in a meeting with her super sexy employer, then she’d happily miss lunch. Her thoughts momentarily wandered back to the time she had stayed late to finish her work before month end. She was about the only one left in the building by the time she came to leave. She pressed the lift button. The doors had parted and she had been shocked to find Michael and Lidia practically fucking inside.

They had stopped as she stepped in the lift. They remained professional all the way down to the parking level, but Beth could feel the tension in the small metal enclosure. She could smell the arousal and could acutely feel their strong sexual presence. She hadn’t dared turn around to look, she was sure she’d find both pairs of her superior’s eyes roaming her young body.

Remembering the event brought an aroused shiver. She had spent many a night alone with her toys, thinking about what could’ve happened in the lift. She’d used her favourite vibrator, pushing it hard and deep into her young snatch, fantasizing about her boss’s cock fucking her, while she sucked on her other boss’s tities. The thoughts brought a fresh damp patch to her panties. She decided that getting the extra work meant she was allowed to treat herself.

She pulled out her phone and clicked on a link she’d saved. The link took her to a favourite sex toy web site. After her run of bad luck with men, she’d sworn to stay single. Her visits to the online sex shop had increased. She’d eyed the best-selling vibrator for some time and decided that it would make the perfect treat for completing the job for the boss. She clicked order.

The distribution centre - Monday 21st, 1 p.m.

Michael and Lidia arrived at the distribution centre for their meeting, only to be told that a conference call was over-running and they had to wait. Lidia’s jaw tensed with annoyance, but her husband didn’t have such a problem.

With a deep dark look of lust in his eyes, he pulled his wife from her seat. “Follow me.” She did so, not knowing what his plan was, but knowing him well enough to have some idea. It was of no surprise to her then when he pulled her into the cleaner’s closest and pushed her up against the door. “I’ve got a way to loosen that jaw of yours.” He kissed her deeply. His tongue forced past her lips and swirled with hers in a lavaious powerful dance. It wasn’t so much the actions of his tongue, more the passion of the man behind it. Even after eight years of marriage when he kissed her in such a way it made her legs turn to jelly.

He knew it as well and it was all in his plan to get his wife to sink to her knees. The surroundings weren’t important to them; they’d fucked in much worse places. It didn’t really matter where they were because they were only ever consumed with each other’s bodies and never really noticed the location.

Lidia delighted in finishing the job she had started earlier. She sucked her husband’s cock like someone who had been given an ice lolly, after being stranded in a desert for days. She relaxed her jaw, allowing him to push his erect cock further down her throat. Looking up into her husband’s eyes she begged him with her gaze. Swallowing hard, her throat muscles gripped him tightly.

Her tongue worked its magic, finding the spots that she knew drove him wild. His hold on her hair was tight, but he’d learned in the past not to get too carried away and ruin his wife’s hair, especially when they were about to go into a meeting. Glad to be wearing waterproof make-up the tears streamed down her cheeks, as she focused on breathing through her nose. The man she loved was fucking her face hard and she couldn’t get enough.

His thrust increased in force and pace and soon he was groaning in ecstasy. She sucked his seed out from within him, milking him with her mouth. In his pleasure he lost his footing and tripped over a wet floor sign. His hand came out to break his fall, which broke the glass, setting off the fire alarm at the same time. The alarm was blaring out around the building.

The packing line at Pam’s Work - Monday 21st, 12.59 p.m.

The monotonous drone of the machine rung in her ears as the boxes came down the line. It was Pam’s job to place the delivery notes in the boxes, seal them up and attach the address label. She was usually one of the fastest and most accurate on the line. That day, however, her mind wasn’t on the job and her thoughts kept wandering to how her upcoming date.

Soon, she had got so far behind that she was labelling two boxes at a time. But still her thoughts would not shift from pondering what he might look like, what might they say, how far things might go? The heat in her cheeks rose when the thought of having another man see her in the lingerie she had purchased popped into her head.

Suddenly, the fire-alarm rang out. She dropped the boxes she was holding when she momentarily panicked. Quickly, she picked them up and attached the labels, before making her way out the building to the fire assembly point.

As her colleagues all gathered out in the fresh air, Pam noticed a flushed Lidia come out of one of the fire exits. She was closely followed by Michael, who was wearing a sheepish expression. Pam waved to her friends. Lidia came over and explained they were there for a meeting, but it looked like it was going to be cancelled.

“Are you still alright for Wednesday?” Lidia asked. Pam just nodded, before her friend gave her a reassuring hug. “I’ll see you there. We’ve got to run and get back to the office. You know how it is, no rest for the wicked.”

Beth’s Front door – Tuesday 22nd, 7.30 a.m.

Beth excitedly signed for her parcel and smiled at the older, sexy courier delivery man. He wished her a good day and she closed the door. No sooner than the door clicked shut, she dropped to the floor and opened the discreet brown box.

She knew she’d have to wait all day until she could play with her new vibrator, but she wanted to feel it in her hands, so she could imagine the weight as it pushed into her pussy. Her excitement turned into disappointment when she opened the box to find not her long, pulsing, substitute cock. In its place was, well, she wasn’t sure what it was, but she figured it was some kind of male sex toy.

She picked up the silicone device, looking it over and poking her finger in the hole, before realizing what she was replicating. She carefully placed it back in the box. She found the delivery note and saw the details of the order. It dawned on her that he must have her item.

She tried phoning the company, but was left with an automated voice machine and couldn’t get to speak to a person. After some struggled thought she decided to ring the number on the delivery note.

“Hello. Is that Luke?” Her voice remained steady, even though she knew the awkwardness that was about to ensue.

A quiet, soft voice responded. “Yes, this is Luke. Who’s this please?”

“Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m called Beth Hindley…”

“Oh.” His response confirmed her feeling that he had probably received her package.

“I think there may have been a mix up with an order we’ve placed.”

Luke had tried to speak, but all that came out was some throat clearing and uncertain noises.

“I know we could return the items to the company and get them to resend them, but I noticed that you don’t live that far away. I thought it might be easier for me to just come round and exchange the packages?”

“…Err, umm, yeah sure.”

“Okay, I’ll come by on my way home from work. Say six-thirty.”

Luke’s house - Tuesday 22nd, 6.34p.m.

Luke was trying not to panic about the impending embarrassment of swapping the miss-labelled parcels. He was pacing about in his living room, thinking the same thing over and over again, “She’s seen what I ordered!”

It had taken him ages to pluck up the courage to go online and order something. It was his first time and it was typical that something like a one in a million mistake would happen to him. He was just about to call her to tell her not to come, when there was a knock at the door.

He answered and his cheeks went red, not only from the situation, but because she was really pretty. He invited her in. As she passed her sweet scent filled his nose; it was the first time his flat was subject to a feminine fragrance.

She walked in looking around and taking in her surroundings, before turning and handing him the parcel. Her eyes seemed to watch him closely, as his shaking hands reached for the opened box. He quickly put the box down; like the cardboard was burning his hands and he couldn’t bear to hold on to something like that with her in the room.

She smiled at his innocence. It had been a long time since she’d been around someone like that. It was rather endearing. “I had a look at the reviews for that Head Honcho and it’s supposed to be really good.” She didn’t say it to be cruel; it was more to help bring him from his shell. His face flushed and he looked down at the floor. “It’s a great web site. I use it all the time,” she continued.

At her confession of being a regular customer he raised his head in interest. She smiled reassuringly as she said, “I’m really glad you agreed to let me come pick it up. I’ve had my eye on that toy for a while. I have to admit I was really looking forward to getting home tonight and ‘treating myself’ with it.”

Luke was obviously still embarrassed slightly, but her openness with the situation had started to put him at ease. He finally found his voice. “I’d never used the web site before. It’s my first purchase. I’m a single guy, so…” he trailed off, unable to actually say what he was thinking, but she finished it off for him.

“Yeah, we all have needs and desires. There’s nothing wrong with that.” They both smiled. “Listen, I know this is a little forward of me, but after how we’ve met, well… I was wondering if maybe as a thank you for allowing me to get my toy sooner… Would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow night? Just two young, single people keeping each other company.”

He couldn’t quite believe it, but she’d asked him out on a date. He was capable of being shy, but he wasn’t at all stupid and he knew not to let the chance pass him by. “Of course. I’d love to.”

“Great. Keep hold of the delivery note, so you have my address. Pick me up at mine, at seven-thirty? I’ll take you somewhere nice to eat. There’s an Italian restaurant that I’ve wanted to go to for ages.”


“Yes, that’s the place.”

Arnoldo’s Restaurant - Wednesday 23rd, 8.00p.m

The first couple to arrive that night was a young one that I hadn’t seen in my restaurant before. I would say from looking at them that they were on a first date. They both seemed really nervous, but by the time I’d brought them the olive oil and bread they had settled into an amused conversation about an unfortunate mix up of some parcels.

Next to arrive was a couple that frequented my establishment a lot. Michael and Lidia were good customers and I liked them because they always showed the same amount of passion as my Italian people. Lidia and Michael took their usual position at the bar. I noticed Lidia’s attention went to the young girl on her first date, but she was distracted when someone else walked into the restaurant.

It was someone that I hadn’t seen for a long time, not since her husband had passed away. I greeted Pam. She came to the bar and stood with Michael and Lidia. I had always felt somewhat sorry for Pam. She wasn’t aware that her late husband frequented my restaurant a lot more with his high class escorts than he ever did with his lovely wife.

I saw Michael hand his wife something in a small black velvet bag and shortly afterward the ladies excused themselves to use the restroom. While they were gone, Brian the local business owner and courier delivery man entered the restaurant.

He came and spoke with Michael, who informed him the ladies had just gone to freshen up. I noticed a dirty smirk spread across Michael’s face and wondered what naughtiness they were going to get up to in my establishment tonight. Perhaps whatever was in the black bag? I’d caught them on more than one occasion fucking in the bathrooms, alley way, or even sometimes having some fun at the table. Due to the amount of money they spent, I’d always turned a blind eye.

As I poured out some drinks Michael explained to Brian that they would be sat at the table across the room and if there was any problem to signal him. Brian went to his table to wait for the girls to come out. While waiting, I noticed him watching two young people sat chatting away over appetizers. He probably recognised them as people he’d delivered parcels to.

When Pam came out the ladies, Lidia pointed her to the table with Brian and then went to her table at the other side of the restaurant, where Michael waited with a bottle and two glasses.

I watched the exchange, as Brian stood to greet his guest. There was a moment of recognition between them. It was an, “It’s you,” moment. It only took him the time it took me to walk over with a menu for him to have her giggling like a school girl. I caught the last part of his sentence, “…I thought the drunken panda look made you look cute.”

Michael and Lidia’s table – Starters

“Do you think it’s going okay?” Lidia asked her husband.

Michael turned from his position in their usual secluded booth at the back of the restaurant, looking towards their friends. “She’s giggling like a schoolgirl and he’s got a grin the size of a Cheshire cat, so I’d say it’s great.”

“Good. Does that mean we can focus on our evening now?” Her hand slid up his shirt. Her fingers found their way through the gaps in between his buttons and scratched across his hairy chest beneath.

He chuckled at his wife’s eagerness, knowing that the gift he’d given her even though not yet active was having an effect on his salacious spouse.

“You’re such a dirty slut. You’re desperate for me to get you off with that vibrator that’s nestled in your cunt, aren’t you? You want me to make you cum in front of all these diners don’t you?”

After her recent purchases from the web site, he’d decided to take a leaf from her book. He’d been online and selected a remote controlled vibrator. Taking the controls out of his suit jacket, he held it with his thumb hovering over the button. He waited.

“Yes, you sexy fucking bastard. You know I want it… need it. Please Michael, switch it on.”

He’d never been able to resist her needy ways. The desire she emitted was contagious and as much as he liked to tease her, his need to see her cum in a public place was greater.

He used the remote to start the vibrator. Her body flinched as the discreet toy that was concealed in her most intimate area pulsed into action. With his lips kissing her neck he could actually feel her pulses quicken as the blood rushing through her veins reacted to her ever increasing heart-rate.

He turned up the speed of the toy, while his lips pressed hard against hers, muffling her moans he kissed her passionately. Her body trembled in his arms and he was sure she was about to cum. That was until the sound of someone clearing their throat broke them from their moment.

“Your Starters,” Arnoldo informed, placing the food on the table.

“Thank you,” Lidia breathlessly responded. Michael took the opportunity to increase the vibrator to its maximum. He erupted into deep laughter when his wife let out an involuntarily squeal of surprise.

Ever the professional, Arnoldo simply smiled and left them to enjoy their food.

“If you can eat your entire starter without cumming from the vibrator, then I’ll take you out to the alley and fuck your slutty cunt. You think you can do it?” he challenged.

Lidia looked down at the plate of bruschetta and then back at her husband. A dirty grin spread across her face. “Game on. You dirty fucking bastard.” She picked up the tomato topped delight and took a large bite.

Pam and Brian’s table – Main Course

He had been the perfect gentleman and Pam was delighted with how things had been going. There had been no awkwardness, even when they had glossed over their tragic and depressing previous relationships. By the time Arnoldo had set down the plates of delicious looking pasta, they were happily discussing their shared love of driving in the countryside.

“My father left me his old classic convertible and I just loved getting out on a summer’s day, away from the city and the noise. There’s no better way of blowing out the cobwebs than driving down a country road with the top down,” she reminisced fondly.

“You don’t get out anymore?”

“No. The car needs some work and I just haven’t had the money to fix her up.”

“Well, I’ve got a running convertible. How about I take you for a spin someday soon?”

Her cheeks flushed slightly. Perhaps it was the wine, or the feel of the sexy underwear hugging her body, maybe it was just being in his attractive, friendly company, but her mind had twisted his words into an innuendo. He registered her reaction and smiled when he realised what he’d said.

“I could take you for a drive out on the high roads. There are some great views from the top and some brilliantly winding roads on the way back to town.”

“Yes. Yes, I would love that. Thank you.”

“Good. I bet you’ll look even more beautiful with the wind blowing in your hair and the picturesque surroundings backing your gorgeous smile.”

It could have sounded incredibly cheesy, but Pam felt the sincerity behind his words. For the first time in a very long time, even from before her husband passed, she felt happy. Happy and sexy.

Beth and Luke – Dessert

Beth had managed to get Luke to open up a lot and was surprised at the confident, sexy young man that lurked beneath the surface. Through the course of the evening she found herself getting incredibly turned on by him. Her panties, had she been wearing any, would have been soaked by the amount of juice escaping her tingling pussy. She was taken by how different he was from her usual type. He’s was gentle and reserved, but she could tell by a glint in his eyes and the tone of his voice that the second she got him in the bedroom, he would show her a time she never thought imaginable.

There had not been a lot of deep conversation like the older couple sat close to them. Instead, they had shared silent looks across the table. They were the sort of looks that could easily be read and showed the building arousal growing between them.

Beth noticed her bosses across the other side of the restaurant when they both got up and slipped out the fire exit. It did nothing to dampen her burning need to be filled. She could imagine perfectly what Michael and Lidia were up to in that darkened alley. She didn’t need x-ray vision to be able to see clearly. It was all too easy to imagine her boss’s bodies tangled together. Her body pushed against the cold brick wall, while his cock thrust back and forth, taking what was his and fulfilling both their needs with a good hard fucking.

Making several advances towards Luke,she lead what little conversation they had towards the topic of sex. There was certainty growing in both their minds that they’d end up in bed together.

By the time Arnoldo had brought them ice-cream and two spoons, Luke was unable to stop his mind from stripping the clothes from her fabulous body and picturing her naked. When she picked up the spoon and started seductively eating the melting icy treat there was nothing that could be done to stop his cock swelling in his pants. Usually, his shyness would overcome the urge of his desires, but with this girl the power of his need to take her and do all the things he’d spent night after night stroking his cock and fantasying about was unstoppable.

She may have only just bought a new toy to play with, but it wouldn’t be getting its first use that night. Beth was going to feel a real cock filling her needy, tight, young cunt. And she couldn’t wait.

Arnoldo’s Restaurant. Wednesday 23rd, 10.30p.m

I locked up my restaurant after all the diners had gone home.

Luke and Beth had been the first to leave, youth not holding as much patience; they’d quickly left hand in hand, giggling and clearly about to get up to some naughty business.

When Michael and Lidia finally made their way back into the restaurant, both with flushed cheeks and dirty grins, they’d ordered a large takeaway portion of whipped cream for dessert. I had given them their order with a knowing smile.

Pam and Brian had lingered longer over dessert and even had coffee, neither pushing to end their first date, knowing they would be going home to their own beds that night. I watched them slowly getting closer to each other. The contact and small touches to each-other’s arms had become prolonged moments. I had no doubt that I’d see them in here again for another date soon. Especially after watching a tentative, but sweet goodnight kiss as she got into her taxi home.

I then got out my phone and logged onto the web site that had caused my up take in custom.

It seemed to work well for them, why not try it myself.

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