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Breaking the rules

breaking the rules can have a heavy price
This is a fantasy story.

     My name is John and I was in the military.  I was off duty and needed some pussy, so I went to a whore house I heard alot about, the best some would say.  When I got there I was greeted by a nice older woman who explained the only rule, not to hurt the girls.  And I went and made my wonderful pick.  She was short, and blond and had very nice tits..she was wearing a sexy thong, and had a very natural tan.  Her name was Mary and she led me to a nice room, all in red, silk red pillows, I threw on the bed, and said to her "Bitch...bend over so I can get this done" as I was really hard. I loved my big dick, and so did the woman.  So much pleasure in putting my large dick in nice wet pussy.  As I was fucking her hard and fast, she asked me to slow down....I slapped her of coarse...and kept going..she screamed, I just slapped her again..and finished.....then I laid there......she was crying, but she gets paid for this type of thing......then I fell a sleep....
        When I awoke, by head was pounding.  Panic hit me when I realized I was chained to the wall in what look like a cell.  I must of been drugged as everything was blury.  I was wearing something silky, and a beautiful lady in black thong panties came in and forced fed me then I fell a sleep again...this seem to happen for weeks.....until one day I realized I had lumps growing on my chests, if I didnt know better I would say they were breasts......

          Then I woke up in a nice red room, in a nice chair with my arms cuffed to the arm rest.  They released, I woke up to find Marry standing in front of me.  She said "I am really horny this morning, how are you?" and my only response was "I can fix that for you honey" and she replied "oh no you cant.....I like dick" and then the panic.  I looked down, and saw my huge tan breasts and my short silk skirt. More panic as I slowly reached between my legs......there I had a shaved tanned pussy.....the horror....and she laughed and said "dont worry we will have a nice dick for you soon....sorry I only like dick myself" and I replied "no way will I ever touch a man" and she said "with those potions, you will become very horny, and crave dick and only dick" and she left......

               Then I got up....walked kinda of funny, my breasts gently bouncing.  I was horrified....then a man entered.  He had only a   skimpy swimsuit with a huge bulge.  "I am here to give you your first fucking before you go to work" and I replied no way.....but I couldnt help staring at his bulge......I sat down on the chair.  My new felt funny, was on fire and wet at the same nipples were hard....I just wanted to suck it...but have to resist.....I reached and undid his swim wear,  no harm in that.  A huge 8" tan dick with a purple head greeted me.  no I cant....I cant....I started to suck, and it was heaven.  My pussy wanted dick, but I had to resist..I kept sucking, yum....and my pussy is so wet.....his balls were getting firm...I told em "fuck me please" and he laid me on my back....I spread my legs and this strong man got on top of me..his dick just slapping my pussy......oh enter me......and his big dick entered my wet pussy, and I screamed for pleasure...

                   Then I had an orgasm...I felt his dick head expode inside of me....and he left....said only one thing "your ready to work" and I laid there on the bed.....I got up and went to the I walked, I still felt horny, I still wanted dick, and I felt that strong in my the bathroom I looked at the mirror...I was still 6'2, blond with a perfect body, tanned....long legs.....I put on some pink thong panties......and a short tight mini skirt and a tight little pink shirt...I had to think of what to do next...

   - to be continued - California 

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