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In The Spirit

Jackson soaked in the energy of the party, smiling, sitting quietly on a stool by the bar in the dining room. She watched birthday girl Vanessa, surrounded by friends and family, open gifts in her living room. She watched Vanessa beam as her hands tore through gold wrapping paper, then squeal once she revealed a model of a blue British police box. Something from a TV show she loved. Vanessa thanked her boyfriend Jeff sitting beside her on a large, crowded sectional with a long kiss, and her guests, all holding drinks, cooed at the display. Someone noted aloud Jeff might be getting some action later that night, the guests responding with laughter.

“Vanessa really goes all out for her birthdays, huh?” said a woman near Jackson, one of the handful of folks still by the bar.

“It's Mabon,” Jackson said.

“Mah-what now?” said the woman.

“It's a pagan celebration the autumnal equinox,” Jackson replied. “Irish folk used to celebrate during this time of year and give thanks to their gods. Lots and lots of drinking. Debauchery ensues.”

The woman sighed, then said, “I was born in the wrong century.”

Jackson smiled at that. “Ever since I told 'Nessa her birthday was on Mabon she's made a point to party like it's 300 AD.” Jackson shifted her eyes to the woman, who was nodding as she observed the festive décor of Vanessa's home, as if the gold and browns and greens started making sense. Jackson noticed the woman's green dress that flaunted her modest cleavage through a not-so-modest neckline.

“Fascinating,” said the woman.

Jackson didn't detect a hint of sarcasm. The woman offered a hand and said, “I'm Regina.”

“Wikipedia Brown, Goddess of useless information,” Jackson said, taking Regina's hand for a quick, relaxed shake. “You can call me Jackson, though.”

Regina giggled, then said, “Are you here alone?”

“Mhm,” Jackson said. “I had a date, but he bailed on me at the last minute. How about you?”

“I'm here with my husband... Why'd your date bail? Is it because you're black?”

Jackson laughed. She liked this lady. “Probably. But I'm not sure if he was comfy accompanying me to my ex's party.”

“Really now?” Regina said. “Pretty insecure if you ask me. You're better off, hun.”

“I agree.”

“I love your look, by the way,” Regina said.

“Thanks.” Jackson went for androgynous tonight. A pompadour do, black short-sleeve button-down—undone enough to show off her bra a bit—black slacks, and Chuck Taylors. Her sneakers, bra and suspenders matched her violet lipstick. “You look great yourself.”

“Thanks. I try,” Regina said, then sipped champagne from the flute glass she was holding. Jackson thought she looked incredibly regal.

“So...what do you do?”

“I'm a professional dominatrix,” Regina said.

“That,” Jackson said, “is pretty awesome.”

“I like to think so,” said Regina. “Funny, the normal response is an uncomfortable look while slowly backing away.”

Jackson giggled. “Being a trans, it's hard for me to get surprised by different lifestyles.”

“Trans?” Regina lifted a brow, and stared at Jackson for a long moment before saying, “You're kidding. I can't tell one bit.”

“I owe it to my parents, I guess,” Jackson said.

“Any surgeries?”

“Aside from my boobs I'm all natural.”

“You are very lovely,” Regina said. Jackson smiled, fidgeting in her seat. “So, Vanessa's your ex and your would-be date was a boy. So, bisexual?”

“It's easier to just call me queer, really.”

“Fascinating,” Regina said. “'ve kept”

“I have,” Jackson replied. “I'm quite fond of it.”

Jackson and Regina shared a laugh. Then Regina said, “I won't lie to you, Miss Jackson, you make me...curious.”

Jackson had a feeling what Regina meant. “Really?”

“Mhm. I assume you're an open-minded woman?”


“Excellent,” Regina said, then leaned closer. “I hope you won't think me too forward by my asking if you'd like to play with me and my husband later tonight.”

The crowd in the living room erupted in an “oh!” after Vanessa had unwrapped another gift, a lacy pink camisole.

Jackson was fidgeting again, heat flushing her cheeks. She'd considered herself to be a pretty sexual person, adventurous even, but she'd never done anything with a couple. The prospect tended to raise her anxiety. But this woman... Sex oozed from her pores and hung around her like morning mist. “I...would love to, actually,” Jackson heard herself say.

“Great,” Regina said, “Swing by our place when you've had your fill here, darling. We're Vanessa's next door neighbors, the blue house.” Jackson nodded. Regina's red-painted lips curved up into a predatory smile, whisked a few rebellious strands of hair from her face with a shake of her head, then sauntered off, her walk striking Jackson as remarkably feline.

The party continued well into the night, and Jackson had gotten herself involved in the festivities, which surprised Vanessa as well as some others. Jackson had built a reputation for being laid back, and while a bit sociable, she mostly kept to herself. She could have explained that she was engaging in the Die Hard drinking game—taking a shot of vodka every time Bruce Willis's character swore—to distract herself from the anxiety and excitement for the party she was going to after she'd left this one, but Jackson settled for just getting good and drunk. She bailed on shot number six, seeking refuge in the guest bathroom.

She spent her time staring at her reflection through the bathroom mirror, idly observing her mocha skin. Scenes of what might happen if she decided to take Regina up on her offer ran rampant through her mind, scenes that had her throbbing between her thighs. Would Regina try to dominate her? Would they enjoy her? Would Jackson enjoy it?

That was the fun, she told herself. The uncertainty of it all, thrilling and frightening—intoxicating. As the moments passed, she realized that a small part of her didn't mind being domineered by a hot little Asian woman and her husband. It was probably what she needed, a little excitement to dust the cobwebs off her sex life.

Years of practice helped her duck out of the party unnoticed, and had her treading across Vanessa's lawn to the big blue house next door. As she neared it, her fear began a slow disintegration. She was about to have some fun, damn it. The most fun she'd had in a long, long time. Jackson rang the doorbell and was greeted by a smiling Regina, wearing a black silk robe, shortly after.

“I almost thought you weren't coming,” Regina said.

“Me too, actually,” Jackson said, laughter in her voice.

“Come on in,” Regina said, stepping aside. “Would you like something to drink, darling? We've got beer in the fridge and vodka in the freezer.”

“Aw, no thanks, I've reached my limit for the night.” Jackson stepped inside, entering Regina's expansive living room plush with modern decor. She saw whom she assumed to be Regina's husband reclined on the sofa, his feet kicked up on an ottoman, a beer in his left hand. He stood upon seeing Jackson.

He was tall, very tall, with salt-and-pepper hair and light brown eyes. He had a little weight on him, but looked like he hadn't been that way for very long. Jackson figured there was an Adonis under that weight. His clothes, a golf tee and khakis, fit him well, and reminded her of a retired heart throb actor.

“This is my husband Vince,” said Regina.

“You are gorgeous,” Vince said.

Jackson beamed. “Thank you.”

“Vinnie,” Regina said, “you mind getting ready? I'd like to have a chat with Miss Jackson before the fun starts.”

Vince smiled, nodded to Jackson, then vanished upstairs.

“A couple things,” Regina said, closing the front door and locking it, “One: I know I said I was a dominatrix, but you don't have to worry about that. I tend to keep my private life and work life separate, but if you're into being dominated I'll be more than happy to oblige.”

“I do like dirty talk,” Jackson said, “and getting a little rough is exciting.”

“Good, you'll fit right in with us,” said Regina. “Two: are you allergic to any type of condoms?”

“Um, latex.”

“We have polyurethane on hand. Is that okay?”

“Mhm,” Jackson nodded, wondering how many different condoms they had tucked away.

“Excellent,” Regina said, taking Jackson by the hand and leading her upstairs. The butterflies in Jackson's tummy started again as they neared the top of the stairs, though they eased some as she picked up the aroma of sandalwood incense burning, one of her favorites. They entered the master bedroom, which was washed in amber light spilling from the ceiling fixtures. Jackson was impressed by the Hindi-themed décor, and even more impressed by the sex harness that hung near the high-sitting bed.

Vince entered, nude and gorgeous, from the master bathroom, and Jackson watched his cock hang beautifully between his thighs. Jackson licked her lips at the sight.

“Looks like Miss Jackson is hungry, dear,” Regina said, undoing her robe tie in a single, fluid motion, and letting the robe fall silently into a pile around her feet. Her body was pale and petite and remarkable. “How about you feed her?”

“You guys get right down to business, I see,” Jackson said.

“You have to understand, dear,” Regina said, now behind Jackson, “we've been fooling around since we walked into the door, so we're a little... I don't want to say anxious, but—”

“Eager sounds about right,” Vince said.

“Exactly,” Regina said. Her hands had gone to work, helping Jackson out of her top. A fox's grin formed on her lips as the chocolate woman shivered under her touch.

“ me, I don't mind,” said Jackson. Her legs grew weak with every kiss Regina planted against her neck, with every feel of her small, soft hands working against her clothing, one unsnapping buttons of her t-shirt, the other working on her belt and slacks. Jackson leaned back into Regina, melting. Soon, she was stepping out of her pants and shrugging off her top, matching bra and panties and sneakers still on.

Now Jackson was sandwiched between the couple, meeting Vince's lips as he leaned down to kiss her, eager tongues exploring. Regina's hands peeled Jackson's panties off her hips, making a pleased sound before saying, “What a beautiful, round ass.”

The panties fell, and Jackson was thankful she hadn't decided to tuck that morning.

“Nice cock, too,” Vince said looking down, his forehead resting against Jackson's.

Jackson watched Vince's cock grow long and rigid as he stared at her, then she felt her own cock twitch, its tip brushing against Vince's leg. Regina's soft lips had begun attacking Jackson's spine, and she inhaled sharply, legs trembling. She was so hard she ached, brows hammered into each other.

“Nuh-uh-uh, dear,” Regina said, peeking from behind Jackson's arm, “you still have to feed our hungry guest.”

“Ah, you're right,” Vince said. “Do you like sucking cock, Miss Jackson?”

“Especially ones that look like yours,” Jackson replied, and dropped to her knees.

She licked the head of his cock tentatively, garnering a throaty moan in response, then used her tongue to guide her lips, taking him into her mouth. She could feel the couple's eyes on her as she slid him deeper into her mouth, then deeper, moaning when the head of his cock pressed against her throat. Slowly, she pulled away, lifting her gaze to meet his light brown eyes, tongue flat against the underside of his shaft. Vince let out a soft, shuddering moan. The girl still had it.

“How does that cock taste?” Regina asked, kneeling beside Jackson.

“Delicious,” Jackson said. Her gaze on Vince never wavered, his body language made her cock throb.

Vince's large hand cupped Jackson's cheek as his cock slid back into her hot mouth, his other hand clenched at his side. Regina joined in the action now, her mouth catching her husband's shaved balls. The pleasure jolted Vince's head back, leg muscles tightening, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. His hips moved, matching the rhythm Jackson had developed, and when he looked back down he found Jackson still looking up to him with her hand stroking her fat, uncut cock, the other tugging at one of her dark nipples.

“Fuck...” Vince said. The two women were taking turns sucking him now, occasionally sharing his girthy shaft on either side. “That feels good, baby,” he said to Jackson taking her turn, “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”

Jackson peeled her lips from his cock, gasping, “God, please fuck me. I'm ready.”

Jackson hopped on the bed, lying back, legs spread and sneakered feet pointed, the tip of her cock laying against her navel. She watched Regina move to fetch a few condoms and a bottle of lubricant from the bed table.

“I'll get her ready,” Regina said, handing Vince his condom. Her husband effortlessly tore through the wrapper and was sliding the condom on before she could finish squeezing a dollop of lube on her fore and middle finger.

Jackson started, feeling the cool lubricant against her asshole, and barely a moment later, she felt Vince's cock ease inside of her. She'd clenched fistfuls of the couple's bed sheets before she realized it. Her cock twitched against her stomach, and her thighs trembled, silently praying his cock would never end.

“That's tight,” Vince said.

“Feel good, baby?” Regina asked. She had climbed the bed, and lay so that her face hovered above Jackson's belly.

“Really good,” Vince replied.

“Fuck her good. She says she likes it rough.”

“Don't hold back,” Jackson heard herself say. “Fuck me hard.”

Vince slowly pulled his hips away, then gave Jackson a quick, hard thrust. He said, “Like that?”

“Fuck!” Jackson replied, her spine curving. “Just like that.”

He snaked his arm around one of her legs, drawing it to his chest so that he could slither his tongue along her calf. He watched Jackson respond pleasantly, moaning sweetly, then watched her body lurch as Regina wrapped her lips around Jackson's cock. His wife could barely fit it in her mouth, but it didn't keep her from trying.

“Suck that dick, baby,” Vince said, his thrusts growing in tempo.

Jackson dug the heels of her palms into her eyes, gritting her teeth, emitting a long groan. She could feel her breasts jounce toward her face with each thrust, and the combination of getting filled and sucked set fire to the nerves in her thighs and shaft.

“Oh, my, god, fuck, meee!” Jackson was going to explode, and while she wanted to hold back, a big part of her literally ached for an orgasm. Next thing she knew Regina's lips were on hers, quieting her moans, if only a little.

“Ah, that asshole feels fucking good,” Vince said. “I like the way you take cock, Miss Jackson.”

The sound of Vince slamming into Jackson reminded her of a slow applause.

Regina's hands were now a vice around Jackson's shaft. “No, no, dear. Don't cum for me just yet,” she said. “I still need you inside of me.”

Jackson looked up to the petite woman, her body jerking from Vince's thrusts, and told her, “I'm so close to losing it... I'm not sure I can handle it.”

“My dear husband's cock too much for you?”

“God,” Jackson managed to say, “he feels, so, good...”

“Mm, take a break, dear,” Regina told her husband through a sinful smile. “I want her coherent enough to enjoy my pussy.”

“Aw, already?” Vince said with a smile of his own. He pulled out of her though, and slipped off the condom so that he could slap it against Jackson's bare asshole, and he watched Jackson shiver. “I think she was just getting started.”

“You keep going,” Regina said, slipping the extra condom over Jackson's cock, “and the poor thing'll be catatonic.”

“I agree!” Jackson said. “I'd love to suck your cock while she fucks me, though.”

It was all Vince needed to hear. He climbed onto the bed near Jackson, resting on his laurels. She immediately took him into her mouth, wishing he'd gone bareback before so that she could taste herself, though the dirtiness of it all, she figured, would have sent her way over the edge. Caught up in her bobbing rhythm, she hadn't noticed that Regina was straddling her until a lithe hand gripped her shaft, guiding the tip of her cock into what might have been the tightest hole Jackson had ever been in. She let Vince's cock fall out of her mouth, moaning.

“Ooooh,” Regina said, easing down further, her pretty face twisting in pleasure and pain. “Jackson your cock is stretching me, baby.”

Jackson bit her lip as Regina's slick walls closed around her length, warm and impossibly snug. She watched her cock stretch Regina good, the visual affecting her as much as the feeling. Not to mention how Regina grunted, trying to stuff that dick inside her. Jackson grew thankful for the condom. Otherwise she'd have lost it then and there.

“Yesss,” said Regina.

It took a few moments, but Regina took Jackson all the way to the hilt, rose a bit, then fell back against the cock. She did it again, and again, the arms that held her up shaking some, but she started developing a nice rhythm. Regina muttered something through a moan, but Jackson couldn't make it out. Before long the small woman was bouncing on Jackson, her mouth locked with her husband's, and Jackson could barely concentrate, the cock she'd taken back in her mouth and the pussy wrapped around her making it difficult. Made it difficult to hold back.

Jackson pulled her mouth away from Vince and said, “I...I have to stop, I'm gonna cum.”

“Don't you dare stop,” Regina said. “You'd better cum for me.”

Jackson exploded into the condom, her body moving almost spasmodically beneath Regina's hips, that were bucking back and forth now. Sensitive wasn't the word that could describe Jackson at the moment... It was something beyond.

“That,” Vince said, “was nice.”

“I'm...I'm sorry, guys,” Jackson said.

“What for, darling?” Regina asked.

“None of you guys got to cum.”

“Yet,” Regina said. “Unless you're not up for the second act of this escapade.”

“I'd be lying if I said I wasn't,” Jackson said. “I just...need a short break. And a drink.”

Regina smiled then told her husband, “Fetch the bottle of vodka, dear?”

“Sure,” Vince said. He leaned down to kiss Jackson before hopping off the bed.

“Oh,” Regina said, “and the fucking machine, too. I left it in the den.”

Vince vanished from the room, leaving Jackson and Regina on the bed. Jackson stared up at the ceiling while her breasts rose and fell, then jerked up when the thing Regina just said finally registered in her clouded mind.

“Wait, fucking machine?”

“Keeping it within the spirit of Mabon,” Regina said. “Lots and lots of drink. Debauchery ensues.”

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