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Inner Secrets

New Love passions

Part Two


The arrow on my watch on my left wrist ticked on midnight as I stood in the middle of summer in a short sleeveless red top and skin fitting jeans and wished I hadn't now. As my true self felt rather tight in the crotch area.

I'll have to go and buy new jeans, I thought to myself as I glanced down at my watch again-  five past midnight. I was standing behind the bike shed at school waiting for my lover Alexia Osborne to arrive.

Someone jumped on me from behind and I jumped as I turned around and it was Alexia.

Alexia laughed, "I'm sorry, did I scare you?" she asked with concern.

Ignoring my heart that was thumping hard against my chest, I grinned up at her confidently. My eyes lowered down to what she was wearing - a tight fitting black dress that made her look incredibly sexy and made me feel incredibly horny.

She laughed and kissed me on the lips "maybe I shouldn't have worn this dress," she said gently.

"Why' s that?" I asked. "You look fantastic!"

"I can see how happy its made you!" Alexia grinned.

I glanced down and my dick was as hard as a rock and standing out like a rocket. I felt my jeans were about to split any minute.

"So, what do you want to do with me?" she asked seductively fluttering her long eyelashes.

I felt the very horny animal inside raging through me. I shoved her up against the side of the bike shed and leaned over her kissing her with pure passion and she kissed hungrily back.

Alexia unbuttoned my jeans quickly and unzipped them then pulled them down over my small ass and pulled my knickers down. She slid down and took my large dick inside her mouth. I groaned loudly as she sucked harder and harder.

I pulled her back and told her to stand back up again and she did. My hands roamed lustfully every inch of her amazing slender but womanly body. Her breasts, her hips, her neck, her collarbone. My hands went down the curve of her body to her thighs and went underneath her dress and into her inner thighs to her dripping wet pussy. I pulled her panties aside and without any hesitation put my dick inside her wet pussy.

She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I fucked her hard up against the bike shed.  Alexia cried, moaned, groaned out loud as I fucked her even harder.

"Oh, Jessica," Alexia cried out.

"Yes, Alexia," I said, whilst breathing heavily. I was on the verge of exploding now as I thrust harder and harder into her sweet, wet pussy that felt so warm and comforting on me.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I told her and I let out a loud cry of excitement as my body went into spasms as I exploded inside her.

She stroked the back of my head as I rested my chin on her shoulder regaining my breath back.

"Wow, that was even better than in the showers earlier," she said.

I looked at her and Alexia had a sexy, fuck me expression on her gorgeous face.

"How about it then, Jess?" she began, running her left hand over my still erected penis after I'd taken it out.

My eyes grew wide with shock "you want more?" I said.

Alexia nodded then pouted, "you don't want me?"

My dick came back to life instantly inside her hand and she laughed as I slammed her against the bike shed and turned her over so her perfect white ass was in front of me. I tried to get my dick back into her wet pussy but it was hard.

"Alexia, can you get down on the ground on all fours for me?" I asked nicely.

She got down on the ground on all fours.

I got down on my knees and shoved my dick inside her dripping pussy and started to fuck her hard with passion again.

Suddenly we heard people gasp in shock.

Both Alexia and I looked up.

The people were a man and woman in their fifties. The man was getting excited at seeing two women getting it on and the woman started to walk away calling her husband who was reluctantly to leave.

Once they were gone, Alexia and I laughed then carried on fucking. Within a few minutes I came instantly and so did she.

Five minutes later we were dressed sensibly again.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck.

Alexia turned to me and kissed me full on the lips "next time we'll do it at your place," she told me grinning. Leaving me open mouthed, wanting more.

As I watched her go and disappear into the shadows, it dawned on me, how was I suppose to get my mum out the house so my lover and I could fuck like rabbits? I had to think of something.


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