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A Very Drunk Wife (Part 3)

Wife gets it on with my best friend at last
This is the third part of the story of me and my wife Jackie's adventures. Links to the first two parts are at the bottom of the page. They describe my wife's penchant for flashing our best friend when she's had a few drinks, and also becoming a bit of an exhibitionist.

We lived in a village where we were well known, so we had to be fairly careful what we did locally, but this didn't stop Jackie occasionally going to the pub wearing nothing but a skirt and top and hold up stockings or suspenders. Needless to say she didn't wear any underwear on those occasions. Although she never flashed anyone in our local, it was a massive turn on for us both, and it's fair to say sex was amazing afterwards.

It was obvious right from the outset that she fancied my best friend Tim. Indeed we talked about it in bed, and often when we were making love I'd ask her if she wished this was Tim giving her a good seeing to instead of me, she usually replied along the lines of "Yes if that's what you want". Always putting the onus back on me to make the decision! Sometimes she never replied but instead became more vigorous - she clearly enjoyed the idea and to be honest so did I.

Tim and I had served together in the same Regiment though I'd left and he was still serving, he was also still single for some reason - not for the lack of girls I hasten to add - it just seems he hasn't found the right one yet. The Regiment was based in barracks on the eastern edge of Salisbury Plain and that summer we were invited by Tim to the annual Sergeants Mess Summer Ball. These were usually massively lavish affairs as is only befitting a cavalry regiment (tanks these days not horses in case you were wondering).

We'd booked into a travel lodge type hotel near Amesbury and arrived there at about 3 p.m. Mess Dress and ball gowns were the order of the day and Jackie's dress for the evening was a stunning black creation which reached down to just below her knees, and revealed an awful lot of cleavage at the top! She was wearing a shelf bra which showed off her magnificent boobs to really good effect by pushing them up and making them look much bigger than they really are. Jackie's tits aren't particular big (36C) and they obviously sag a bit, but she does have a pair of gorgeous nipples which really stand out when she's excited (or cold)! She rarely sun-bathes so they were a delicious milky white, which was set off perfectly by the black dress. She'd had her hair done the day before and it was piled high on her head somehow and held together with pins and things. She looked absolutely fantastic. Tim called to collect us at about 7 p.m. and straight away you could sense the electricity between them. We had a brilliant dinner followed by lots of dancing and drinking. Jackie was thoroughly enjoying herself and spent most of the evening dancing, which gave me the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with a lot of my old mates.

It's fair to say that Jackie's low cut dress was extremely popular with the younger (and older) members of the Mess, and as the evening wore on it was apparent that some of them had noticed that if you looked carefully (and in the right light), you could see the outline of her nipples through the cloth. Needless to say she was a popular dance partner, especially during the slow numbers, when she would usually turn her back on her dance partner and grind her voluptuous bum into his crotch, whilst he would have his arms around her waist. This was her favourite dance position and it was extremely erotic. I think quite a few of the single guys had to disappear into the toilets to relieve themselves - if you get my drift.

The ball was scheduled to go on until breakfast time but at about 2 a.m. we both decided we'd had more than enough and ordered a taxi. Tim walked with us down to the main gate where the taxi would meet us and he and Jackie were holding hands (not the first time!). When we got to the main gate Tim went into the guardroom to use the loo and I took this opportunity to ask Jackie if she'd mind if Tim came back to the hotel with us. It was obvious what was on my mind and she grinned and replied that it would be fine with her "if that's what I wanted"! When Tim came back out I told him that we had some booze back at the hotel and would he like to join us to polish it off. The taxi arrived and we all piled in with me and Jackie in the back and Tim up front with the driver.

We arrived at the hotel and found the reception desk was unmanned which suited us down to the ground, and we went up to the room. It was a typical travel lodge type room with large double bed, sofa, chair, TV and en-suite bathroom. Tim and I soon lost our dinner jackets and started in on the cans of beer. Jackie had rum and coke - she'd been taking it fairly easy all evening so had a bit of catching up to do. We talked, we told jokes, we laughed - there were various trips to the toilet, and we found a music channel on the TV. We were making a special effort to be quiet because it was now gone 3 a.m. and we weren't too sure how thick the walls were.

Some slow romantic songs came on and Jackie got Tim up to dance. I turned all the lights off except for the table lamp by the TV and this created a more intimate atmosphere. Jackie and Tim danced (smooched) for about 15-20 minutes when she suddenly announced that she had to go to the loo. Before going in to the ensuite she rummaged around in the wardrobe and took some clothes in with her. Whilst she was in there Tim and I chatted for a few moments when I jokingly asked him when was the last time he'd had a shag. Surprisingly it was about 6 months previously - I say surprisingly because I think he's a good looking bloke and shouldn't have any problem with the ladies. Nevertheless that's what he said and I told him that the way Jackie felt about him, tonight might just be his lucky night. He laughed the suggestion off, but I told him that if she gave him the chance then he should go for it as long as I remain there to watch.

At that moment she came back out of the bathroom and both Tim and I couldn't believe the transformation. She had changed out of her evening attire into a short loose skirt which came to just above the knee, and a button down white blouse with the top three or so buttons undone. She'd obviously "lost" her black tights and the shelf bra because her tits were back down to normal size! And her hair was back over her shoulders. This was a girl dressed for action if ever I saw one, and the sight of her looking like that made my cock twitch in anticipation. God along knows what it did to Tim's cock!

She walked over to me and reached out her hand to get me up to dance. Tim excused himself and dashed into the bathroom (either to pee or adjust his cock so it wasn't so obviously bulging out). It was a lovely slow Rod Stewart ballad and Jackie held me very close whilst we slowly moved against each other. I whispered in her ear that Tim might just be up for some fun tonight if she wanted. She squeezed me a little harder and looked up and we kissed deeply. This was her way of saying "yes". My cock was suddenly rock hard! Jackie giggled and wondered out loud whether she would have to take care of two men tonight.

Tim came out of the bathroom and Jackie immediately let go of me and started dancing with him. The slow music was still on and she turned around into her favourite position and ground her ass into his crotch. She then lifted her arms up and grabbed him around the neck and pulled his face down to hers to kiss him. Tims hands were holding her tummy so he could maintain the pressure of his dick on her bum, but whilst they were kissing he moved them up so they were cupping her tits. She stopped kissing him and lowered her arms and simply snuggled up to him. She was still gyrating her bum into his crotch, and she took hold of his hands and moved them away from her tits which was a bit disappointing to say the least. Then, without further ado she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and opened it up to give Tim full access to her gorgeous tits. He looked over to me and I gave him the thumbs up. His hands immediately grabbed them and his fingers were soon playing with her enormous nipples.

Jackie turned in towards Tim and she moved his hands onto her bum, and reached up and kissed him full on the lips. I could see Tim's hands stroking her bottom and he slowly lifted the material and revealed her bare bum which he gently caressed . This was absolute magic as far as I was concerned. Jackie suddenly stepped back and started to unbutton his shirt and then undid his trousers. They dropped to his ankles and he kicked them off. She turned to me and said that Tim had seen her naked often enough and now it was her turn to see him. She then knelt down in front of him and slowly pulled down his underwear and allowed his cock to spring free right into her face. She looked at it for a moment or two and then slowly took it in her right hand and lovingly stroked it.

With her other hand she made Tim open his legs so she could have access to his balls. The look on his face was exquisite when she took the end of his cock into her mouth and starting sucking it whilst her hand enthusiastically worked his shaft. Tim's cock was a bit longer than mine (about 7" to my 6") but wasn't as thick. Jackie obvously loved the longer cock because it meant she could get a fair bit of it into her mouth and still have some left over to wank. She was in her element. At this stage I'd got my cock out and was stroking like mad!

I think Jackie sensed that Tim was getting close because she suddenly stopped sucking him and started wanking him with both hands (something she'd never done with me - obviously that extra inch making the difference). She then looked up at him and told him to get on the bed, which he did. His cock was standing up like a flag pole. Jackie then turned to me a told me to strip off and get on the bed also because she wanted to look after both of her men. I did as I was told and both Tim and I lay there watching Jackie take off her blouse and skirt. She stood at the foot of the bed completely naked with her black untrimmed pubic hair glistening with her juices. Jackie never trimmed her pubes, her only concession in that department was to shave them to the bikini line. I just loved her black hairy pussy which always stood out in amazing contrast to her lily white body.

She climbed onto the bed and knelt in between us and started to wank off both of us at the same time . It was obvious we weren't going to last very long so she let go of our cocks and then straddled me and reached her hand down and guided my throbbing cock into her extremely soaking wet pussy. She rode me for a minute or so and then climbed off me and climbed onto Tim. She leant forward and kissed him and then took hold of his cock and teased her engorged pussy lips with it before settling down on it and adjusting to its length. She then rode him like someone possessed until, after about a minute or so, Tim shuddered in what was a violent orgasm and he spurted what must have been string after string of cum into her willing pussy. When he'd finished she climbed off him and leant down and kissed his cock and said thank you!

She then climbed on me, eased my cock into her overflowing pussy and lay down on top of me to kiss me whilst I fucked her for all I was worth. I suddenly came in what was for me a fantastic orgasm. Jackie had had two or three minor orgasms but still obviously wanted more. Tim's cock was starting to show some interest and she turned her attention to him. She soon had it hard enough and then got on her hands and knees so he could do her doggy style. She was insatiable that night and must have climaxed a good dozen or so times before her big one. When Jackie has a big orgasm she is very vocal, and tonight was no exception. She was riding Tim at the time and I was kneeling beside her with my finger playing around her bum hole when she suddenly started howling like a dog whilst she had what must have been an earth shattering orgasm. She collapsed onto Tim whilst her orgasm continued for a good five minutes before it started to subside. All this time she was howling so God knows what the neighbours thought.

I really didn't give a toss. I'd just had the best night of my entire life. Tim eventually got up and showered and dressed and went on his merry way. Jackie and I snuggled up and slept like babies. When we awoke we had showers, dressed and walked over to the adjacent Little Chef for a late breakfast.

We didn't really talk about our escapade until we were driving home, when Jackie looked over to me and squeezed my thigh and said that her pussy was really really sore, and to thank me for letting her experience her very first threesome! Needless to say we had many adventures after that, and not just with Tim!

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