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An Anniversary to Remember

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Thirty years ago my wife and I were living in the Dallas area and I had taken a new job as a sales representative. I had to attend training at the home office on the East Coast and was flying in to Dallas on Friday afternoon. My wife was picking me up at the airport and we were going to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

She met me in the terminal and was wearing a strapless sundress and heels and I wanted to take her right there after two weeks of no sex. My wife is about 5’ and at the time weighed about 130 or so, with huge tits that had nipples that were always hard. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We got in the car and I noticed she had fixed both of us a drink and had them in the console, I said, “That’s a nice surprise.”

She said it wasn’t the only surprise she had for me. She said, "There is another one under here," as she spread her legs and pointed under her dress.

I reached under her dress to find she had shaved her pussy, it was smooth and already wet. I started working it with my finger as we left the parking lot and she informed me she had made reservations at an upscale hotel downtown to celebrate our anniversary. As we drove down the interstate toward downtown Dallas, I continued to work her smooth pussy and she raised her dress to her waist to give me plenty of access and to give any trucker who chose to look our way a nice view.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in and took the elevator to our room, which was a suite with a living area you entered from the hallway and a bedroom in the back with a great view of downtown Dallas.

We unpacked our bags and we mixed several more drinks with a bottle she had brought along. I continued to work her pussy and tried to get her on their bed, but she wanted to wait until later. She was teasing the hell out of me.

She said, "Let me shower and we can go out to dinner and maybe find a place to dance." She said she would shower first and then finish getting dressed in the bedroom while I showered.

I should mention I have always had a huge pantyhose fetish, which I shared with her after we were married, and she would sometimes wear pantyhose when we had sex to satisfy my fetish. On a few occasions she had allowed me to wear pantyhose as well, which really turned me on.

When I came out of the shower, she handed me a shopping bag and said, "Wear these tonight."

 I looked inside the bag and found a pair of black sheer to waist pantyhose. I immediately got a raging hard-on.

I was getting dressed in the bathroom and when I came out she met me wearing a short black dress with 4-inch heels, no bra, and a pair of black sheer to the waist pantyhose like the pair she had given me. I got even harder!

We took the elevator down to have a drink at the bar before going out to dinner. While at the bar I went to the restroom and when I got back there was a gentleman who had taken the seat where I was sitting. He was probably mid to late 40’s (we were both in our early 20’s at the time).

When I got there, he started to get up and I told him to keep his seat. I sat on the other side of my wife. We chatted with him for a while and had another drink before deciding to go out to dinner. As we left the bar, my wife stumbled a bit and I could tell she had already had too much to drink.

I said, "Why don’t we just have dinner here in the restaurant and go up to the room?" She agreed.

After dinner, I asked if she was ready to go up to the room because I was about to explode, I was so horny.

She said, "Let's go back to the bar and have a nightcap."

We went back into the bar where a band was now playing, and got a table. I noticed the older guy we had met previously was still at the bar and was alone; after a few minutes he looked our way and I motioned for him to join us.

We started drinking again and my wife wanted to dance, which I don’t enjoy, so she got up with our friend to dance. They danced several dances and as he held her tight her dress rode up in the back so you could see the crack of her ass covered with the black pantyhose.

After they sat down, I got up to go to the restroom and Dan (our friend) had to go as well. While we were at the urinal I glanced over and saw he was huge, at least 8 inches, and it was so hard he was having trouble holding it down to pee in the urinal.

The wife and I sometimes watched porn and the guys with huge cocks always fascinated her. Mine is about 5.5. I commented to him that my wife would be amazed if she saw a cock that big.

He said, "Well maybe we could arrange it where she can."

I just smiled and we went back to the table.

After a few more drinks I got up to go pee again and when I came back to the table I noticed Dan had his hand under my wife’s dress, obviously massaging her pussy. As soon as I got to the table, she got up to go to the restroom.

I said, "Okay, Dan, I’m going to suggest I go down the street to a liquor store and buy something for us all to have a nightcap in our room. You and Laura (my wife) give me about 5 minutes and just meet me in the room."

I told him I was really going to go and hide in the closet in the bedroom and for him to let her see his cock. I thought it would get her horny for me.

I go up to the room and strip down to just my black pantyhose and hide in the closet of the bedroom. In a few minutes I hear the door open and Dan and Laura are in the living area chatting.

I hear Dan say, "Let's go in the other room and wait on your husband."

They come to the bedroom, he makes sure she sits on the bed where she is facing the closet. They are talking and she has had so much to drink, her speech is slurred. I hear say something about watching porn and her being amazed by big cocks and I can’t make out what she says, but in the next moment he unzips his pants and pulls out that huge piece of meat of his.

Her eyes are like wide open with amazement as he walks toward her. I’m thinking she is going to just look at it and then ask him to put it away before I get there, but instead she leans over and I can’t believe it but takes as much as she can get in her mouth.

She starts slurping and sucking on it likes it’s a big popsicle and she is a little girl. I hear Dan moaning and he starts taking his clothes off. He pulls out of her mouth and reaches down and starts kissing her. He works one hand under her dress, the other pulls the top of the dress down exposing her huge tits and rock hard nips. He stops kissing and starts sucking her tits while still massaging her pussy.

My wife moves his hand from her pussy. I think she has come to her senses and is about to call it quits, but instead she reaches under her dress and rips a hole in the pantyhose exposing her shaved cunt. She pulls the dress over her head and is lying on the bed wearing just her pantyhose with a hole where her pussy is and her heels.

He lays down on her and in one quick move he is in her pussy making her moan and scream. I was surprised the front desk didn’t call. She probably came 2 or 3 times and he is still hard and fucking her.

At one point he gets on his back and she straddles his huge cock riding him like a wild animal. After about 30 minutes of steady fucking she appears to pass out and Dan pulls his still hard cock out of her pussy and stands up.

I walk out and he looks at me strange and says, "What's with the pantyhose?"

My wife raises up and says, "It turns him on." She hadn't passed out. She looked at me and said, "You nasty boy, you have been watching."

I walked over to the bed, pulled my hose down and entered her pussy as Dan got up on the bed and shoved his hard cock in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled him out of her mouth and said, "You two change places."

He got back in her pussy and fucked her for another 30 minutes or so, long after I had already shot my load. He finally grunted like an elephant and filled her pussy with his cum. He thanked us for a great evening, got dressed and left.

We got under the covers, cuddled and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke before she did and went down on her, eating her still wet and now swollen pussy. I turned her over on her back to take care of the hard-on I woke up with.

While we were fucking I told her that last night I was jealous at first, but after a few minutes, I enjoyed watching a man get some of her pussy.

She looked at me, grinned and said, "Dan got part of my pussy last night you will never get to!"

It was Saturday morning and Monday was Memorial Day so we had a long weekend ahead, I couldn't wait to see what else would happen.

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