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Fantasy Box 3

Part 3 of our fantasy box experiences
My wife and I have a fantasy box, we both write out sex fantasies on a piece of paper, put them in our boxes and the other takes one out and makes the fantasy come true.

This is my wife’s second fantasy, after she made mine come true, I picked one out for her, she had written “I would like to experience a sensual massage“ as before, she had added that she wanted me to be present.

I searched the web and found 3 ads for sensual massage services for women in our area, I contacted all 3 and awaited their replies, 2 offered home services only which I didn’t really feel comfortable with, the third had his own premises, he was a young good looking guy so I booked him for New Years Eve.

When the day came, I took my wife shopping, then onto the massage studio, I didn’t tell her until we were on our way, she asked me lots of questions and seemed to get quite excited although I didn’t tell her too much about what I had arranged.

We arrived a little early and were met by the guy, he was dressed in jogging trousers and a white t-shirt, he sat with my wife for a few minutes taking notes, it was all very professional, when he had all the details, he took us to a room which had a comfy chair in the corner and a massage table in the centre. He asked my wife to take a shower while he got ready, she did so and I took the opportunity to pay him and check that he was ok with what I had requested, I then sat in the chair and he pulled a curtain around me but positioned it so that I had a good view.

My wife returned to the room wrapped in a big white towel and sat on the end of the massage table, the guy came back in, asked her to remove the towel and lay face down on the table, she turned away from him as she removed the towel and climbed onto the massage table, he placed a small towel over her bottom and asked if she preferred oil or talc, she said she like the feel of oil and asked where I was, she said I was waiting through there and pointed towards the curtain, from where I had a really good view.

He oiled his hands and started at her neck, working his fingers her shoulders and working his way slowly down her back, when he reached the towel, he moved it down just far enough to be able to work on her bottom but preserve her decency. He then went to her feet, slowly working his way up her legs, as he got higher, his firm massaging changed to more gentle as he caressed her thighs and lower buttocks with his finger tips . I was getting quite excited as I watched him gently stroke her inner thighs, especially when she opened her legs and I could see her shaved pussy, he couldn’t have missed it but it didn’t appear to distract him. I could see his fingers now touching her pussy as he rubbed her upper thighs and bottom, she gave a little moan and opened her legs further.

“Would you like to turn over?” he asked.

Without answering she rolled over, revealing her lovely firm breasts and letting her towel fall to one side, he again oiled his hands, then starting with her shoulders, drew his hands gently over her breasts, lingering for a while and then down her tummy, he stopped at her pussy mound and worked his way back up again, he did this for several minutes. My wife had her eyes shut and mouth open slightly, I was as horny as hell and I knew by the look on her face that she was as well, she was holding onto the side of the table and raised her hips slightly when ever he got near to her pussy as if inviting him to touch her but each time he stopped short, until finally he again worked his was down her now oily body but didn’t stop at her mound, he carried on down between her legs and gently rubbed around her pussy lips, at this point she gasped, opened her eyes and looked down to watch his hand working on her while his other hand caressed her breast, this went on for a few minutes until he slid a finger between her wet lips and into her pussy.

She looked up at him, lifted one hand and slid it up his white top, he smiled down at her and took it off, he was well toned, and fit, he went back to stroking her pussy, rubbing his finger its full length and each time he slipped into her, using her juices as lubrication.

“And the rest?” she whispered.

He stopped stroking her, dropped his trousers to reveal a nice big hard on, she reached out and stroked the length of it several times, then leaned over, licked it and took the end into her mouth, then smiled up at him again, he moved to the bottom of the table, pulled her down gently and started to lick her pussy, within a couple of minutes, she was writhing on the table having a huge orgasm, he stood up, pulled on a condom and rubbed her pussy with the end of his penis then eased it in, she looked a little shocked but soon relaxed and started pushing her hips towards him, he started to finger her clit again.

She whispered “Oh, I’m cumming again”

He increased his thrusts faster and harder until she arched her back and moaned as she had another orgasm, he pulled out, removed the condom and went to her head where he placed the tip of his penis on her lips, she took it in eagerly and sucked hard until he came in her mouth and on her face, she then took him in her mouth again where sucked and licked him clean.

This all done, she laid back, rubbing her pussy gently, at this point I came out from behind the curtain, she looked at me.

“Wow, that was wonderful, thank you babe” she said as she sat up and swung her legs off the table, reaching out she hugged me, “I wont kiss I’m covered in cum.”

“Would you both like to use the shower?” the guy asked us with a smile, we took the offer up, and had sex in the shower, my wife came again really quickly, she was really hot.

She would never let me cum in her mouth till her first fantasy, now she wants it all the time, no complaints here, I filled her mouth and she sucked my dry before getting out of the shower and drying each other off.

Before leaving, I thanked the guy and my wife gave him a big kiss, he said he had a lady he worked with who did sensual massage for men, now there is an idea for a future fantasy.

My wife was still really excited and talked about it all the way home, I was so turned on watching that I might book again for her birthday.

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