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Fantasy Vacation Chapter 12

Chapter XII



Mike's cock was still cozy inside his wife's very cum filled pussy they both toppled over on the bed exhausted. Terri, her ass still hard-pressed against Mike’s stomach, raised her leg, reached down, and ran her fingers through the mass of sticky brown hair that sheltered her pussy. Feeling the two loads of fresh warm cum oozing out from around her husbands' member, Terri spread the lips of her cunt and began teasing her sensitive clit. Mike eased his worn-out cock from his wife's pussy with thick globs of warm sperm oozing out and running down Terri's inner thigh. Feeling the warm juice, she smeared the gooey broth around, rubbing it into her skin then she brought her sticky fingers up to her lips and licked the remaining concoction from her fingers.


“Oh man that taste good!” she said looking at Carol next to her.


“Can I have a taste too, Carol asked with a look of desire in her eyes.


Terri looked at Carol, spread her legs wide open and told her to help herself and that’s just what she did. Reaching over to Terri’s cum leaking pussy, she scooped up a large blob of fresh sperm, open her mouth and licked to mixture of cum into her mouth. “Your right about the taste, honey. Maybe the next time we can have the guys each fill us up and we can lick each other clean.”


“Oh that sound like fun, I can’t wait!” Terri replied. “But I think for now we could all use a little rest.”


“I think your right about that.” Carol said as she looked at the guys who were sleeping. “I could use a little nap myself, how about you?


“Yep, me too.” Terri replied as she snuggled up against Mike and dozed off.


Waking up Mike looked over at the couple laying next to them on the bed. There he saw Don's face concealed in the dense growth of red curls that covered Carol's pussy and he was running his tongue up and down her savory crack. He was licking Carol's pussy lips and they were wet with a mixture of his saliva and her own juice. He then covered her pussy with his mouth, stabbed her slick hole, pushing his tongue in as far as it would go. Then he would tongue-fuck her rapidly. Carol's body began jerking urgently as Don worked his tongue magic. Carol cried out, her hips jerking spasmodically as she tried to close her thighs, an impulsive reflex to the sensations flowing from her cunt. Don put his palms on the inside of her well-shaped thighs holding them apart continuing to lick all around her snatch. He used the tip of his tongue to tease the thinner covering of hair between her thighs and the edge of her pussy then he returned to her cunt. He licked her slit from bottom to top with the upper side of his tongue sending shivers all through Carol’s body. He went from her clit to her asshole with the underside of his tongue licking as he went. At the bottom, he paused to tongue-fuck her swiftly. At the top, he paused to flog her clit tenderly.


"Oh, God, Don!" she wailed. "Your tongue feels so fucking good! I love it!"


"You love what?" he asked, pausing between licks. "Say it. Tell me."


"I love the way you lick my cunt!" she hissed.


"Then play with your tits," Mike heard him instruct her.


Don waited until she started pulling and pinching her bloated nipples, then returned to the pleasurable pursuit of devouring her succulent honey pot. Carol's cunt was flowing like a fountain now and Don paused now and then to lap up the juice so it wouldn't run down the crack of her ass. Occasionally, his tongue would slither into the deep valley of her ass in search of her fluid and touch her sensitive asshole.


Carol's head was flopped back and forth on the bed. She was moaning and squirming from the salacious contact. Don stuck one finger into Carol's pussy and coated it with her vaginal lubricates, and then he worked his finger into her tight little anus. Carol's body writhed furiously, trying to get more of the alien intruder but Don held her down and put his tongue back on her hard love button.


Quivering, Carol shoved her cunt at Don's mouth. "Oh, baby, that's it!" she wailed. "Lick my clit, harder!"


With his finger in her asshole, he jiggled his finger while his tongue buffeted her erect clit. While all this was happening Carol mauled her tits and humped her cunt harder against his mouth. Her head was rolling from side to side on the bed and a look of sheer lust covered her beautiful face. She much-admired the exquisite way Don was making love to her pussy while she held him by his ears and hung on for dear life. His lips were now sealed around her hard nubbin and he applied a light suction while increasing the speed of his tongue.


Suddenly Carol squealed, "I'm going to cum!" She started bucking, twitching and writhing frantically. Her orgasm came on like thundering hooves to hold her in an overwhelming grip of passion. Her emotions soared. She lost her breath, caught it again and resumed her loud wails of passionate pleasure.


Don continued licking and sucking on her clit and finger-fucking her tight asshole, driving her to the outer reaches of passion. He kept after her for several long minutes, until her orgasms began to decline. Then he licked the full length of her slit several times lapping up the delectable juices from her cunt. Carol's legs trembled and her body quivering, her chest heaved with the effort to breathe and her knees felt as if they were made of worn-out rubber.


The girls' laid side-by-side in the center of the King size bed facing each other, Don and Mike laid behind them their cocks totally spent. With the combination of cum and pussy juice still oozing from the two pussies they all took a well-deserved rest.


"I could sure use a cool dip in the lake?" Carol suggested. "Anyone else interested?"


"That sounds like a excellent idea." Terri replied. "How about you guys, you want to cool off a little too?" Before Don or Mike could give them an answer both girls scooted off the bed and walked to the door.


Looking over at Don, Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Think we should join them?"


"Sounds good to me," he said rolling off the king-size bed. "I need to wash some of this sweat off. I’m starting to smell a little too ripe if you know what I mean?"


"I know exactly what you mean." Mike said following his lead. “I’m right behind you.”


“Not too close I hope?” Don replied with a chuckle.


Arriving on deck the guys' found the girls already in the water swimming. Don jumped in the cool water making a big splash then swam to catch up with the two naked females. He was like a fish in water and before long he was swimming next to Carol. Mike spotted Terri floating on her back a few feet away her large breasts suspended like two balloons as she floated on top of the water. Deciding to join the group, he made his leap and landed next to Terri almost causing her to lose control and sink.


"Boy this feels good," he said swimming up next to her.


"It sure does. I could spend the whole day out here just floating around," she said.


Looking around for Don and Carol who had disappeared Mike figured they were on the other side of the pontoon when suddenly he felt something engulf his cock. Startled at first he paddled back. Then he recognized the familiar lip action coming from beneath the water. Looking down he made out Carol's long red hair underwater. Her soft lips were wrapped around his member and her hands were now holding onto his ass while she sucked his swelling cock into her hot mouth. When she had his cock completely stiff she released it from her mouth and surfaced to catch her breath. Catching her wind she looked at Mike and smiled. "Did I scare you?"


"You sure the hell did. I thought for a minute some big bass was going to make a meal out of my worm," he replied laughing.


"Don't fret about that lover. I wouldn't let anything happen to your bait," she said as her hand stroked his cock up and down under the water.


Back on the houseboat, Don was standing by the rail watching the trio. Terri had floated up next to Carol and Mike they were talking when Don yelled down at them. "You people going to spend all day out there or what?"


Looking toward the boat, they saw Don. "What's your hurry?" Carol yelled back at him.


"You all been out there almost an hour now and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting a little hungry." Don yelled back.


"Well ladies, what do you say we adjourn this meeting and join the cook?" Mike said to the two girls.


"I am getting a little hungry myself," Terri said. "The last one on board is a rotten egg." Then she swam toward the boat like a fish.


Before Mike knew it both girls were in full stride heading for the pontoon. Not wanting to be left behind he quickly fell in behind. Terri was the first to reach the ladder with Carol right behind her. Mike watched as the two naked beauties scramble up the chrome-plated ladder, water dripping from their bodies.


"I guess this makes me the rotten egg," Mike said trailing behind Carol as she climbed the ladder.


"Don't worry lover I still love you," Carol replied over her shoulder.


Once on board Terri and Carol walked over to Don who was standing next to the small gas grill and each one gave him a kiss then headed inside. Don looked over at Mike as he headed toward the cabin door and smiled. "Watch out for those two," he said. "I think there still a little horny."


Waving at him Mike walked to the sliding glass door and went inside. Both girls were in the bedroom now with their hair wrapped in towels as they dried the water from the rest of their bodies. Together they looked over at Mike when he entered the bedroom each of them had a broad smile on their faces.


"Don't get any funny ideas," he said walking past them on his way to the bathroom to get a fresh towel. "I need to get some food in me to regain my strength first."


"You better eat plenty then," Terri shouted out as Mike disappeared into the bathroom. "Because Carol and I want more cock from both of you before we head back."


As soon as Mike came back into the bedroom the girls had gone so he slipped on a pair of his dry trunks and proceeded to join the rest of the group outside. Terri and Carol were sitting naked at the stern each drinking a cold beer while Don labored over the smoking grill. The smell of cooking hamburgers filling the warm summer air.


"Need any help?" Mike asked watching Don flip the burgers over to cook on the other side.


"Yea, I could go for another cold beer," he said. "It's getting a little warm cooking these burgers over this hot grill."


"No problem, I'll go and grab a couple from the refrigerator." Mike replied turning around and heading back inside.


The kitchen area was small but contained everything one needed to survive on a houseboat for a short time. It consisted of a small microwave oven sat on the counter next to the sink and the refrigerator, which was built into the cabinet under the kitchen counter. The kitchen was small but was designed to serve its purpose. Grabbing a couple of cold brews from the shelf, Mike headed back outside to re-join the troupe. Don had the first batch of burgers fully cooked and the girls were sitting around the small table eating as Mike approached.


"How the hamburgers taste?" Don asked when they were all sitting around the small table that was mounted on the deck.


"They hit the spot," Carol said taking another bite.


When everyone had finished, Don and Mike decided to try their luck with a fishing while the two girls sunbathed naked on the upper deck. After two hours of drowning worms and not catching a thing, the guys decided to call it a day and join the ladies on the upper deck. It was already three o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was getting hotter when the guys joined them. Both girls were lying nude face down on a large blanket soaking up the hot rays when Don and Mike approached. It didn't take long for Mike's cock to stir inside his swimsuit as he inspected the two flawless asses in front of him. With the head of his prick now visible over the top of his trunks, Terri turned over and spotted her husbands' predicament.



"Well look what I found," she said, reaching up and stroking Mike's growing tool. His cock unleashed a gob of precum as Terri stroked his shaft harder.


When Carol heard Terri verbalize her find, she turned over to and sat up. Don was now setting Indian fashion next to her and they both looked on as Terri's hand moved over her husbands’ stiff cock.


"Looks like he's ready for more action?" Carol muttered her eyes never leaving Mike's firm prick.


Terri didn't confine her attention to her husbands’ hard prick alone. She was also fondled his balls at the same time causing Mike's cock to stiffen even more. "Damn!" he thought to himself. This is too good to be true. It usually took more time for his cock to recover especially after cumming three times today already; he couldn’t believe he was ready for more.


"Feel good on your balls, honey?" Terri asked continuing to stimulate his cock and balls.


"Fantastic!" He replied. With that answer she pulled down his suit, worked both of his nuts into her mouth and started humming. The sensation was mind-boggling and knee weakening. Mike knew he would cum right here in his wives pretty mouth if she didn't stop soon. Terri gives his dick a couple more licks before he stopped her by pulled her up then kissing her hard on the lips. As they tangled tongues, Mike fondled her naked body then carefully pushed her back down onto the blanket.


He knew her pussy was wet and ready and he wanted a taste it. Forcing her onto her back he spread his wives' smooth thighs apart, licked his lips when he saw his succulent target. His wife had one of the prettiest pussies he'd ever seen. It was covered with a light brown fleece that pointed the way toward her sweet slit below and his mouth watered as he touched her cunt lips with his fingertips pulling them slightly apart.


"Mmmmmmmm," Terri moaned. "That feels so good!"


Don and Carol sat by watching closely as Mike flicked out his tongue and lapped the insides of his wife's thighs licking any droplets of nectar that leaked from her hot pussy. Mike felt Terri's hands on his shoulders that signaled him to move in for the kill, licking her cunt lips until she was moaning with ecstasy.


"That's it baby," she mumbled, her voice laden with lust. Her ass shifting a little on the blanket as she opened her legs wider for him. "Do me more!" Pulling those succulent pussy petals wide apart and plunging his tongue between them, Mike began thrusting his tongue like it was a dick as he worked it deeper and deeper inside her. At the same time Terri pushed forward and quickly stretched her short, sleek legs over his shoulders pulling Mike's face deeper into her crotch.


"Eat me, baby! Eat mommas’ pussy," she cried out, her voice sounding like it belonged to someone else, not his shy respectable wife and mother of his two children. "Eat my pussy!" She screamed again working her ass around the blanket forcing more of her pussy up for her husbands’ attention.


Plugging his tongue as deep into her as possible, Mike worked it in a circular motion and soon had her moaning begging him for mercy. That was his cue to move in on her clit! He diddled that sweet little love button and stirred it awake before lashing it with his tongue. It was like a slippery little thimble, rising in response to his voracious licking and lapping, and with each tongue thrust it got harder and harder.


Terri was going crazy, humping his face and muttering all sorts of wild and smutty things at him. The more she moaned the crazier for a gun Mike got. "Lick my hot pussy, Mike. That's the way. Shove your tongue all the way inside me. I want every inch of it! That's it lick my clit! Oooh! More! Oooooooooh Yessssssssss!"


While Mike licked his wife’s’ cunt, Carol shifted positions and was now kneeling next to Mike and Terri, her hand wrapped around his stiff rod fisting his dick as he fantasized about shoving it deep into his wife's succulent slit when he suddenly heard her yell out. "I want to suck some hard cock!" she exclaimed. "Somebody give me a dick to suck!"


Hearing her ask for a cock to suck, Don knelt next to her head; put his dick to her mouth. Terri's red lips were now wrapped around his throb penis and she began sucking him hard. Her tight mouth felt every bit as good as a snug twat, especially the way she was using her tongue. Don's huge cock stretched her lips while Terri sucked more of the thick crown deeper into her mouth. It was as if some kind of suction device was locked onto his thrusting meat, and soon it had coaxed out Don's thick, creamy load. Terri swallowed his payload eagerly and humped Mike's face until she unleashed juice of her own. She bathed Mike's face with her cunt juice, causing him to smack his lips until he had lapped up every glorious drop.


Afterward, Mike rose up on shaky legs, leaving his wife laying on the floor cleaning the remains of cum from Don’s cock and pulled Carol up beside him. She was still pumping his cock when he told her to turn around he wanted to fuck her from behind. Twirling around, Carol bent over and bracing herself on the arm of a chair reached between her legs grabbing Mike’s sensitive cock and placed it at the entrance of her wet pussy. With one hard thrust, Mike's buried his cock deep inside her cock hungry cunt.


"That's the stuff baby. Give it to me!" Carol howled, moving back against the column of flesh moving in and out of her pussy.


Mike filled with animal lust and completely out of control now, humped Carol’s pussy like a mad man. Withdrawing his cock until only the swollen head remained between her cunt lips he then shoved the full length of his cock deep inside her again and again, enough to make both of them grunt. Carol continued to thrust her pussy back at Mike’s 7-inch cock taking everything he gave her and begging for more.


The wet sound of their bodies banging together made it clear to Carol that Mike was losing control, not only because of his puffing but by the way he was cursing the way his dick was swelling inside her vagina. As badly as she wanted to feel him squirting inside of her, she wanted to see it, too.


Suddenly the inspiration struck her and she forced Mike to change positions. His dick slid out of her pussy with a wet pop. Forcing him to lay down on his back, Carol squatted between his legs, grabbed his slick cock and sucked him down to the scrotum. Then she sucked him some more and soon her lips were sliding up and down his thick cock shaft again and again.


Mike fucked her face, stroking her red hair and telling her what a wonderful cocksucker she was. Then placing his hands on either side of her head he yelled out. "It's time, honey. Here I come!" he breathed, his cock swelling then jerking inside her hot mouth. The next thing Carol experienced, her mouth was full of creamy hot spunk and she barely had time to swallow it before his hose fired off another mouthful. She lapped and lapped at it, as if a kitten under a cow's udder until the last drop was drained from Mike's tool.


After it was over and hearing Terri moaning next to them, the couple looked over to see what was going on. There was Terri up on her hands and knees frantically fingering her pussy while Don knelt behind her shoving his cock repeatedly into her cunt. Then he picked up the bottle of baby oil that lay beside her and smeared some onto his hand then poured some between the cheeks of her buttocks. He was so hot that he didn't waste a lot of time on foreplay. He zeroed right in on her little bunghole and gently probed it with his middle finger.


"How’s that feel?" Don asks Terri.


Terri nodded, frigging her pussy faster. Mike watched as he worked his middle finger in all the way up his wife's virgin ass to the third knuckle than he heard Don ask Terri again. "Are you ready for another one?" He asked while his finger slowly opened up her tight asshole.


When Terri nodded her head again in agreement, Don slowly inserted a second finger inside her, stretching her virgin asshole even more.


"Oh, yes! That feels soooo goooooood," she gasped. "But remember to take it easy. I've never had anything bigger than a finger in there before.


"Don't worry Baby, I'll be gentle but you have to relax and tell me if it hurts and I'll stop, OK?" He removed the two fingers from her ass and Terri nodded, breathless, her ass hungry for the first feel of a hard cock.


"Try and stay relaxed, and everything will be just fine, trust me," Don told her as removed his cock from her pussy and aligned the huge head with her brown virgin asshole.


That first point in time that Don's dickhead popped into her rear was one that Terri will never forget. There was a searing pain at first, quickly followed by ripples of pleasure that spread from her asshole to the tips of her fingers and toes. It was a total surrender to pleasure that sent her hurtling toward release. The combination of her fingers playing with her clit and Don's cock probing her ass was a potent one indeed!


"How does it feel, baby?" he asked as he rotated his butt, reaming out her insides slowly and gently.


"Fabulous!" she gasped. "Give me more. I want all of that hard cock inside my ass!"


“Are you sure?” Don asked as he probed her ass more and more until the hairs surrounding his cock were nestled up against her tight round butt.


“Trust me lover. It feels good, real good, fuck me, please!” Terri shouted pushing back against the male member inside her ass.


Things seamed to go black for her when Don at full blast pounding away, driving his dick deeper into her ass until his balls were bouncing off the lips of her pussy every time he hit bottom. Terri continued frigged her cunt more desperately than ever now, and before she could stop she lost control. "Cumming, Don!" she gasped. "I'm cumming, fuck my ass, fuck me, fuck me! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD, I’M CUMMING, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!"


"I'm right behind you!" Don yelled along with her, crashing over the top too.


Don held Terri firmly by the waist up against his stomach as he blasted a hot load of cum up her virgin asshole.


Terri shuddered when she felt those first hot jets of cum shooting up her virgin ass. It was felt like Don was shooting a fire hose deep inside her body. Terri fell forward on the deck like a rag doll, her breathing ragged, and her pussy and ass satisfied for the moment. Her first ass fuck was wonderful and she wanted it to happen again and again. This was something she would have never thought she would even consider let alone enjoy but to her surprise it was wonderful. This was something new that Mike and her were going to have to often when they got home.


To be continued ..........


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