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Helping a Friend Make a Baby Part 2

Part 2 of a Couple asking another couple jto borrow a husband to impregnate wife.
It wasn’t long before Taylor and Larry got back to the house. I had put my clothes back on and was waiting downstairs. I told them that Kim was up in bed trying to keep my seed in her as long as possible. Larry shook my hand and thanked me again. Again, I couldn’t help but think how strange this was that my friend was thanking me for fucking his wife and cumming in her pussy. Taylor gave Larry a kiss on the cheek as we left. As we got the car Taylor asked me how it was and told me to tell her all about it. I gave her the details telling her that Kim had cum a couple of times.

Taylor didn’t seem to be shocked at all that Kim had loosened up and enjoyed me fucking her. Taylor said she thought even though Kim wanted me to just plant my sperm and be done with no enjoyment, my size and might be something new and exciting for her. Kim had confided in her that Larry was very conservative in bed and while Larry’s was the only cock she had seen or had, Kim had told Taylor that he was not big in the dick area.

I told her that it seemed that way. Kim tried to make it mechanical but her hips began to pump with me and then she came hard during our first secession. I told her that once my cock got hard again inside her she seemed to enjoy the second fuck, cumming at least once more before I came in her again. I told Taylor that we broke one of the rules by kissing some and at the end Kim asked to be naked with the lights on when we fucked tomorrow. I asked Taylor is she was still okay with me continuing, as I thought Kim beginning to really enjoy our fucking.

Taylor laughed grabbing my cock in my pants saying that she was happy that Kim was enjoying my cock and she thought she should enjoy making a baby, it should be mechanical. Taylor then said that it was too bad that I had to save my sperm for Kim because she was very horny and wanted to fuck me right then. I assured her that my tongue would be all hers and I would make her cum.

The next evening we got ready to head back to Kim and Larry’s for round two. Taylor told me that she had talked to Kim. She said that Kim was as nervous as before but seemed excited for tonight. Kim had told her that we kissed and she hoped that Taylor was okay with it. Taylor told me that she said to Kim that it was fucking and she should enjoy it as just fucking not love. I also noticed that Taylor was wearing a sexy outfit, a short skirt and lower cut blouse with a push up bra. When I asked her about it, she said that she felt a little sorry for Larry and wanted to give him something to look at while I was fucking his wife. I was wondering if she was giving him something more.

As soon as we arrived Taylor scooped up Larry and said they were going out for dinner while we made a baby. Kim laughed but didn’t protest or try to stop them. She just waived to her husband as he walked arm and arm with my wife out to the car.

Kim walked over to me taking me by the hand and said to me that she wasn’t hungry right now and wanted to see if it would be alright if we went to the bedroom first. At that point I wasn’t able to tell if she wanted to just get in and get it over with or she was too excited to wait.

When we got to the bedroom I asked Kim if she wanted me to turn off the lights and wait outside while she got in bed.

Kim sheepishly said that she thought it would be okay for us to leave a light on and she thought we could both get undressed together again if it was okay with me.

I walked over to Kim hugging her tight, I put my lips against hers and first time her tongue met mine. As we kissing I grabbed her hand moved it down to my crotch. She didn’t need any more encouragement as she was beginning to rub my cock. I broke our kiss to tell her that I wanted to undress her.

She nodded still holding my dick over my pants. I unbuttoned her blouse exposing a lacy bra. This was not an everyday bra, I asked her if she wore this for me?

She smiled and asked me if I liked it?

I told her I loved it but I really thought it would look better on the floor. Kim reached around behind slipping the clasp undone. Her bra fell to the floor exposing her pale breasts. They weren’t huge but they were full and the nipples appeared to be very hard. I moved in to kiss and suck on them. Kim moaned her approval as I fondled and sucked her nipples.

I removed my shirt and asked her if I should keep the undershirt on. She quietly said no that wouldn’t be necessary. As my undershirt hit the floor Kim moved in first with her hands, then her mouth kissing my chest. She commented that I was hairier than Larry and that my muscles felt great.

I looked at her pants and asked her if she was ready for those to come off. Kim nodded and raised her hands to allow me access. I reached down unbuttoning then sliding her pants down her to her ankles. She had lacy panties on that matched her bra. I commented how pretty they were but like the bra would look better on the floor. Again she raised her hands to allow me access. As I pulled her panties down I could see the wetness. Her panties exposed little red bush of hair. I told that if her fair skin and freckles hadn’t told me she was a natural redhead her bush would have. After her panties were off, I ran my finger over her pussy lips finding them warm and very wet. Kim let out a heavy sigh as I ran my finger over her pussy.

I stepped back and asked her if she wanted to do the honors pointing to my pants. When Kim hesitated I reached down and undid my belt then my pants letting them fall to the floor. My cock was hard inside my boxers and poking out.

Kim took a step and rubbed my cock over my boxers then slid the boxes down. Kim put her hand on my dick saying, “Oh my, that is bigger than Larry’s; it looks even bigger in the light than in felt inside me last night.” Kim kissed me very passionately pulling me down to the bed.

We kissed for a moment and then I whispered in her ear that wanted to taste where my cock was going. I was sensing that she liked a little dirty talk. Kim said nothing just spread her legs and sighed. I moved past her tits only kissing them briefly making my way to her red mound. I kissed her pussy lips which sent her body quaking. She was nothing like the tense woman I put my cock in for the first time last night. Her body was on fire responding with my every touch and moaning as I touched her. I spread her pussy lips and plunged my tongue in her soaked pussy. She moaned loudly, tell me how great my tongue felt. Her hips were moving up to my tongue as I found her clit. After I sucked and tongued her for a bit she called out that she was cumming grabbing my head holding it tight to her pussy.

As her orgasm subsided I moved to lie next to her. Kim put her hand on my cock and asked if it would be alright if she kissed my dick.

I could tell she was nervous, but seemed to want to try. I rolled to my back and told her that her luscious lips would feel great on my cock.

She tentatively moved the lips down to kiss the head of my cock. As she did so I let out a big moan to let her know I enjoyed it. I told it would be okay if she wanted to take my dick into her mouth.

She said that she wanted to but it seemed so big. Kim began to fondle and kiss my cock. I moaned and told her how good she made me feel. With that encouragement Kim opened her mouth and took the head of my dick into her mouth. Kim started to use her tongue as she sucked. She was giving me a tremendous blowjob and I told her so. She pulled off and told me that she doesn’t really ever do this but she said that liked the way my cock felt in her mouth. Her using the word cock almost made me cum on her. She slid my dick farther into my mouth and started to pump it some.

I told that she was doing a great job but if she kept on my seed would be in her mouth not in her pussy. I asked her if she was ready for me to “fuck her?”

She pulled her mouth off of my cock, looked me in the eye and said to “fuck me” as she rolled on her back.

I moved to my back and told her to she climb on and take a ride. Kim looked at me wide eyed and moved over top of me lining up her pussy with my dick. I reached up and fondled her pretty white tits as she slid on to my cock. As she slid all the way down Kim stopped moving and just sighed.

I asked her if she was okay, and she said that she “wanted to just enjoying the fullness of my cock in her pussy.”

Kim bent down and kissed me as she began to pump her hips over my cock. I reached up and started to kiss her tits and lightly bite her nipples. Kim moaned that the biting her nipples felt great. Kim ground her hips into my cock faster and faster till she cried out that she was cumming. Kim fell on top of me holding me tight. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten on my dick. After her orgasm subsided I moved her over on the stomach and slid in behind her.

Kim perked up and said, “You’re not going to put it in my ass?”

I told her “Oh no, can’t make a baby that way. Just your hips. Don’t you guys ever fuck doggie?” I asked her.

She said they had but I wasn’t sure I believed her. I slid my cock in and started pumping her from behind. Kim grunted, “Oh god that your cock feels great, fuck me please.”

It was really turning me on to her use the words fuck and cock. I could tell by her speech and the wetness of her pussy that she was really enjoying herself. Kim was telling me how much she wanted me to shoot my cum inside her pussy. I pulled my dick out of her, feeling my cum bubbling up. I rolled her over and shoved my dick inside her just in time to explode in her. I could feel I had shot a big load of sperm that went deep inside her. Kim held me tight inside her pussy putting her lips to mine kissing me hard. I pulled out and put a pillow under her ass up to prop her up so my sperm wouldn’t come out. I kissed and told her to stay there while and let my sperm go to work. I told her I would go get us something to eat while she kept her legs up.

Kim ate while keeping pussy propped in the air to keep the sperm in her. I texted Taylor that we were finished and they could come back if they wanted. Taylor texted something about them being finished too and they would be there soon.

When Taylor and Larry arrived they seemed little giggly and very touchy. I noticed that Taylor had a little stain on her shirt. I asked her if she had spilled something at dinner, she just smiled and said that she hadn’t but Larry had. She grabbed me by the hand and said our goodbyes. On our way to the car she said she would tell me all about what Larry spilled on my shirt. But that’s another story.

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