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Helping a friend make a baby

Couple asks another couple to borrow a husband to impregnate the wife.
The following is not a true story, it is a fantasy that my husband Sam told. We often discuss our fantasies after sex while his cum drips out of my pussy. I found this one very erotic and added some of my own touches to it. Hope you enjoy.

I will start the story with introductions; I’m Sam, 35 years old 6’ 2” 210 and fit married to Taylor 5’ 4”, 33, slim and fit. We have been married for eight years now. We have close friends Kim, 28 years old, 5’ 2” and Larry 5’ 8”, 30 years old. Kim and Larry have been married for five years. Taylor and Kim had known each other from an accounting firm where they had both worked, and had stayed in touch after they each left. The girls would often meet for lunch and on occasion the four of us would go to a movie or dinner.

On a Thursday evening I came home from work to find Taylor fixing dinner but with a rather strange look on her face. As we sat down for dinner, I asked her if something was up.

Taylor gave me a look and said that she had lunch with Kim today. Taylor told me that Kim and Larry had been trying to have a family but have had no luck. They went to see a fertility specialist to see if either had a problem. Kim was fine and fertile but Larry’s sperm count was very low. Kim had told Taylor that neither wanted to adopt so they looked into artificial insemination. Kim was a good candidate but they were shocked at the cost with no guarantee of success.

I told Taylor that I was surprised that Kim had confided in her such intimate details. She had always seemed so shy and reserved.

Taylor told me that I hadn’t heard anything yet. She said that Kim explained that there was no way they could afford the artificial insemination and that Kim really didn’t want her baby to come from a test-tube. Kim told Taylor that the two of them had discussed other options and were thinking of asking for a donor.

I looked at Taylor funny and asked the dumb question, “Isn’t a donor, artificial insemination?”

Taylor corrected me that their plan did not involve any artificial means of the donor delivering the sperm. They would have the donor deliver the sperm personally by no artificial means.

The light went on in my head, “So they intend to have the donor fuck Kim to save money? Wow I can’t believe that shy Kim would even consider fucking another man.” Again the next dumb question came out of my mouth. “Do they have a donor in mind?”

Taylor smiled reaching over putting her hand on half hard cock. “Yes, Kim asked me if they could borrow you.” Taylor said that she was about to tell her that it wasn’t a good idea when Kim’s eyes welled up and tears ran down her cheeks. Kim told her that she was feeling desperate and she really wanted a good man to give her a baby. She was afraid that Larry might leave her feeling the guilt of not be able to give her a baby. Taylor said she just couldn’t say no but told Kim that it would be up to me.

I looked at Taylor with disbelief but at the same time my cock was hardening thinking about it. I asked Taylor if this was something she wanted me to do, knowing that we didn’t have children. Taylor had said that she didn’t really want kids, “Or are you just wanting me to be the bad guys to say no,” I said.

Taylor said that she was conflicted about that part of me giving Kim a baby, but the idea of me fucking Kim didn’t bother her. She really wanted to help her friend. Taylor went on to tell me that it wouldn’t be much different than me being a sperm donor just that I would be doing it in person several times.

I looked at her and said, “Several times”?

“Oh yeah.” Taylor said. “You would have to fuck her several times to be sure she got pregnant and it may even take several months.”

I laughed and told Taylor that if she wanted me to fuck her friend over and over I would make that sacrifice. I told her that if she really wanted to I would, but she and Kim should get straight how things will go.

Taylor did tell me that they had talked some about how things would go. Kim had told her that the sex would be very mechanical in nature, so it would not be an intimate thing. Kim thought that she and I should remain mostly clothed with the lights out. No kissing or excess rubbing, we would just, in her words, “do the thing” till I put my stuff in her and be done. Taylor said that she told Kim that she was taking all the fun of fucking but it that was how she wanted it then, OK.

I told Taylor that would be fine; however everyone agreed to do it. Taylor kissed me and said she would call Kim to tell her the good news.

I was still in a little bit of shock that my wife was kissing me thanking me for agreeing to put my dick in her friend’s pussy. As Taylor went for the phone to call Kim my semi hard cock had gone fully hard.

Taylor came back and said that we were going to Larry and Kim’s tomorrow night for dinner to discuss the details. I was surprised by how quick this was all happening.

Friday came quickly; after work we drove to Larry and Kim’s. During the drive Taylor told me that she had talked to Kim during the day and Kim told her that her ovulation cycle was starting. Seeing the slight shock on my face, Taylor said, “Yes she may want to start tonight.”

I asked Taylor if she and Kim had come up with a plan? Taylor said that she and Larry would go out to a movie or something like that to give us privacy. Kim might be less nervous than if they weren’t in the house while the baby making was taking place. Taylor said that she was a little excited that Kim was going to get feel what she gets all the time, Kim has told her a little about Larry not being real big and they are somewhat conservative about sex.

Kim and Larry met us at the door, they both were visibly nervous. Larry asked if I wanted a drink and led me off to the kitchen while the girls talked. Larry took my hand and thanked me for agreeing to do this. He said that this would save his marriage and he would always be in my debt.

I asked Larry if he was sure this was what he wanted to do and I told him that I really didn’t want things to be different between us.

Larry assured me that they had discussed this completely and both really wanted this. Larry then told me that his wife had never been with other men so he asked me to be understanding and help her through this. He actually asked me to help her to enjoy it; he said she was so nervous about it that she might be too uptight to get pregnant. He said that he wanted it to be special.

As we sat down for dinner things were very quiet, almost painfully quiet. I saw that Kim had already downed the wine she had poured for dinner and had not looked up since we sat down. Taylor in her usual way took control getting the conversation started. Taylor said that she and Larry were going to a movie while Kim and I went to her bedroom and fucked. Kim seemed a little shocked by her directness but seemed relieved that we were finally talking about. Kim reminded everyone that we would keep most of our cloths on when we “did the thing” and it would not be intimate. She thanked us again for helping them make a baby. Kim poured herself another glass of wine and took a big drink still not looking anyone in the eye.

Taylor winked and Larry and said that, “She and Larry would be getting caught up on the all the new movies with their dates over the next few days while Sam and Kim ‘did the thing.’” Everyone laughed but Kim.

We finished dinner and Kim was clearly getting more nervous as the time approached for Taylor and Larry to leave. Taylor gave Kim another glass of wine and pulled her to the side. Seconds later Kim had downed the wine and Taylor was grabbing Larry heading for the door. Larry gave Kim a passionate kiss and whispered something in her ear.

Kim turned to me as the door shut clearly not knowing what to do. I grabbed her hugging her tight telling her that it would be alright and we wouldn’t do anything till she was ready. I told her that we should grab another glass of wine and go upstairs.

When we got to the bedroom Kim told me that she want to go first put on a night shirt and get into bed to wait for me. She asked me if I leave my under shirt on and my boxers on till we were in bed and then take the boxers off before we “did the thing."

Kim is a pretty woman but a little self-conscious of her body. She is shorter than Taylor but a little heaver. Not fat but to say she is a little chunky is about right. Her red hair goes right with her fair skin and many freckles. Kim has always worn baggy cloths and nothing that ever showed off her tits or other assets.

I entered the bedroom with the lights out and could see that Kim was in bed with the sheet up over her. I unbuttoned my shirt leaving on my under shirt and slipped my shoes and socks off and then my pants. My cock was getting nice and hard inside my boxers thinking about fucking my wife’s shy friend.

I crawled in next to Kim and asked her if she was ready. She nervously said that she was. I asked her what position and she told me that she would just spread her legs and I would “put my thing in her.” She thought my “stuff” would stay in her better that way.

I slipped my boxers off and asked her if she thought we would need any lube on my dick.

She told me that she thought she was wet enough but if we need some there was some in the night stand.

Kim spread her legs and closed her eyes. I crawled over the top of her and found her pussy with my hand. I told her to relax that I was going to check to see if I need any lube. My fingers found pussy to be very wet and ready. I slipped between her legs and put my cock head against her pussy. I felt her body tense up as my cock head touched her pussy lips. As I started to push my dick in Kim grunted slightly. I asked her if she was okay.

Kim said that she was fine but she said that “my thing” felt big to her. She told me to continue. Kim’s pussy felt very tight, her wetness told me that she was trying to hide her excitement. Kim was still tense but was motionless as I pushed my cock further in her. Kim moaned or sighed a little as my cock went deeper inside her. Once I got most of the way in her I started pumping my dick in and out of her. I could feel Kim’s body relaxing as I continued to pump her. She exhaled as if she had been holding her breath and then her breathing got quicker. I let out a little moan as I shoved my cock all the way into her pussy. I told her “sorry for that, but you feel really good.”

Kim responded that it was okay, as she was biting her lip.

I asked her if she was oayk, and Kim told me that she was fine, it’s just that my dick was bigger that her Larry’s. This was the first time she called it something other that a “thing.” I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She quickly said back, “No no please keep going.”

Kim was no longer laying still. Her hips were moving with each stoke of my cock in her. I moved my head down to her ear and whispered to her that it felt so good to be inside her and that it was okay to enjoy it.

Kim let out a big moan as I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and her hands reached out to my ass pulling me into her. Kim’s breathing was very heavy. It was obvious to me that Kim was cumming which sent me over the edge. I grunted and shot my load into her. As I started to pull out Kim held me tight and asked me to stay in her so my sperm wouldn’t leak out. Kim pulled her mouth over to mine and kissed me and said, "Thank you."

As we lay there with my softened dick in her, Kim started to move her hips a little. Her movement was making my cock to recover, and it began to grow back to size still in Kim’s pussy. Kim kept moving her hips till my cock was fully hard inside her.

Kim looked up to me and said, “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put a little more in me if you want.”

I responded with kiss and a shoving of my hardening cock deeper into her pussy. Kim was clearly letting herself enjoy the fucking this time. I asked Kim if it was okay if I kissed her while we fucked. She said that we probably shouldn’t but it felt so good she guessed it would be oayk.

We kissed as my cock was ramming back and forth into her. We fucked for another 20 minutes with Kim cumming at least one more time before I shot my second load into her.

Kim kissed me again as my cock stayed inside her to give my sperm a chance to find her egg. Kim thanked me again but this time told me how much she enjoyed the sex. Kim looked up and me and again like before she quietly asked if “when we have sex tomorrow maybe we could be naked and maybe leave a light on when we do it?”

I just smiled at her in the dark and told her, how ever she wanted to.
Part 2 next.

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