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His Secret, Her New Passion

Cathy discovers her husband's dirty little secret ... a tries it out for herself
Cathy sat and stared at her wedding picture. A tear ran slowly down her left cheek. In the photo, she and Bryce had their arms around each other and were staring into each other’s eyes. He had rather cheekily put a hand on her ass and given it a light squeeze.

During a break between the pictures and the reception, they’d snuck off into the back of a limo and had quick but sensational sex. They’d had another quickie when they went to change clothes after dinner. And when they finally got to bed that night, they closed out the day with some slower, more sensual sex. Of course, they had still been young and horny back then. It was almost twenty-five years now since that wonderful weekend when they got married. There had also been no Lisa back then.

Cathy didn’t really know much about Lisa other than the basic facts. She’d visited the woman’s website and knew that she was an escort who did both massages and “full service”, which apparently meant actual sex. Based on pictures, Lisa was pretty with wavy blonde hair and a compact but curvy body. Cathy could see the appeal. What she wasn’t sure of was why her husband had gone looking for sex for hire. While their sex life had cooled off considerably in recent years, surely he could have talked to her or tried to initiate some changes rather than going outside for satisfaction.

Picking up her smartphone, Cathy stared at it. She knew what she wanted to do, but was struggling with that. Finally, she sent the text message. The answer came back and she smiled.

The apartment building was quiet and clean; one of several clustered around a large parking lot. Cathy swallowed hard and texted the number she’d been given. A cheerful response gave her the buzzer and apartment numbers. Her body tense with both fear and anticipation, she went in.

Cathy wasn’t sure why she’d gone and set up an appointment with Lisa. Perhaps she wanted to meet the woman who had apparently been giving her husband something he missed at home. But there was also a sense of anticipation; a sense of meeting some need of her own.

It wouldn’t be her first time with a woman. Prior to meeting Bryce, Cathy had actually fooled around with her college roommate Vicky quite a bit. They had started out masturbating together and gradually moved to helping each other masturbate with some making out thrown in. Full on lesbian sex had eventually and inevitably followed.

She and Vicky had never really been “in love” but had come to deeply enjoy their intimate time together. It ended when Vicky had to move home after their first year due to family problems. They had never seen each other again nor had Cathy had any other lesbian relationships. Indeed, she had met and started dating Bryce only a couple months after Vicky’s departure.

This was something rather different, however. Cathy was going out and explicitly seeking, even paying for, sex with another woman. It was something that she’d never thought about doing before. Even as she had sent the text to Lisa to book the appointment, Cathy had been feeling rather disgusted with herself for doing it. Now, as she approached the moment, she felt aroused and strangely elated.

When the door opened, Cathy’s heart skipped a beat. She found herself face to face with Lisa, who was even prettier than she’d appeared in her pictures. She was short and very curvy, with big soft tits and an ass to match. The escort was dressed simply but attractively in a short, tight sheath dress that flattered her full curves. Wearing jeans and a sweater, Cathy felt rather dowdy by comparison.

“Come in, please. You look so lovely, Cathy,” Lisa said in a soft, accented voice.

As the door closed behind Cathy, Lisa’s arms closed around her body. Their lips brushed briefly. Cathy felt a wonderful rush of excitement as she returned both embrace and kiss.

“I’m so nervous, Lisa,” Cathy said, “I haven’t been with a woman in ages.”

“Ah, I am not your first?”

“I had a female lover in college.”

As they talked, Lisa was undoing Cathy’s pants. Cathy lifted her sweater off over her head. Underneath, she’d worn a lacy white bra, which she began to undo. She felt a little embarrassed as she removed it, leaving her small breasts bare to Lisa’s eyes. Then Lisa was kissing her again while caressing one of her breasts with her fingers. Cathy was quickly getting very excited.

“Come with me. I will give you a massage,” Lisa said, taking Cathy’s hand.

She led Cathy to a large, nicely appointed bed that was already turned down. Cathy slipped off the remainder of her clothing and lay down on her stomach. She turned her head to watch as Lisa undressed. Her pussy was bare, obviously recently shaved or waxed. That was another thing Cathy hadn’t done since college.

Lisa’s fingers went to work. She started with Cathy’s neck and shoulders, slowly and firmly kneading them. From there, Lisa worked her down Cathy’s body. Her careful fingers touched, stroked, and kneaded as she went. Cathy closed her eyes and just enjoyed the touching. It aroused her but in a gentle, gradual way. Lisa reached Cathy’s ass, giving her cheeks a light squeeze before continuing down to her thighs and calves.

“Roll over,” Lisa said softly when she reached Cathy’s feet.

Cathy obeyed. Lisa crawled up on the bed with her arms and legs straddling Cathy. She slowly caressed Cathy’s skin with her nipples as she crawled along Cathy’s body. Cathy watched with fascination, becoming more aroused at the sight and touch. When Lisa’s breasts were touching Cathy’s, Lisa lay down on Cathy and their mouths came together. Cathy spread her legs, allowing Lisa to press her mound against Cathy’s.

“Oh God, Lisa. This feels so good,” Cathy moaned as their bodies moved against each other.

Lisa said nothing. She kissed her way down to Cathy’s pussy. Slowly, she ran her tongue up and down Cathy’s wet slit. Cathy closed her eyes and sighed at the touch of the escort’s practiced tongue. Then Lisa’s tongue probed inside Cathy as a finger gently massaged her swollen clitoris.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum,” Cathy gasped, surprised at a sudden rush of pleasure in her loins.

Her orgasm hit as Lisa continued to work her pussy with tongue and finger. As Cathy calmed, Lisa crawled up and lay on top of her again.

“How was that?” she asked softly.

“Very good. Very very good,” Cathy answered dreamily.

They lay together for a while, kissing and stroking each other. Then Cathy wrapped Lisa in her arms and rolled her over, placing herself on top. Her mouth came down hard on Lisa’s and she slid her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Then she kissed Lisa’s neck and collarbone on her way down to the woman’s full, soft tits.

Grabbing one fleshy mountain in her hand, Cathy brought the nipple to her lips. First she kissed it, then she licked it, then she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking hard. Lisa moaned as Cathy suckled each breast in turn. As she enjoyed the escort’s tits, Cathy slid a hand between the woman’s legs and massaged her slit. Lisa was already wet and Cathy easily entered her with a finger.

“Do you like that, Lisa?” she hissed, “Do like my finger in your dripping snatch?”

She hadn’t talked dirty in a long time and it felt good.

“Oh, yes, Cathy. Give me more. You’re so good at this,” Lisa moaned back.

Sliding her finger out, Cathy replaced it with her tongue. The taste of the aroused woman excited her. It was a taste that she hadn’t really experienced, save an occasional taste of herself, since losing Vicky. As she explored Lisa with her tongue, she rubbed the woman’s swollen clit with a finger. Her own pussy was crying out for more attention as her juices ran out and her clit ached to be touched.

Crawling up Lisa’s body, Cathy pressed her aroused cunt against Lisa’s and began rubbing against her, her eyes locked on the escort’s. Lisa pushed back, her body undulating underneath Cathy until the escort’s eyes closed and a piercing cry was torn from her lips.

“Oh my fucking God,” she screamed in an orgasm that was anything but fake.

Cathy kept moving against the other woman, eager for another climax of her own. It came in a gentle wave; not as strong as her first or Lisa’s but still enough to elicit a soft cry of delight at the sensation.

“Holy shit,” she gasped when she finally rolled off of Lisa.

“That was amazing,” Lisa said between breaths, “I don’t usually cum like that with a guest.”

Cathy composed herself and rolled on to her side. Propping herself up over Lisa, she smiled down at the woman.

“How about with my husband?”

Bryce came home late that evening. Cathy was waiting for him in bed. She wore only a thin cotton shift that did little to conceal her body. She was still reeling from the pleasures of the afternoon and the joy of being with a woman again. The sound of her husband coming up the stairs had her tense with anticipation. There was one thing that Lisa couldn’t give her but Bryce could: a nice, hard cock filling her aroused cunt.

When he entered the room, Cathy had her shift pulled up to expose her freshly waxed mound and moist slit. She was spreading the lips with one hand and rubbing her swollen clit with the other. The look on Bryce’s face when he saw her said it all. As he undressed, his eyes fixated on her fingers.

When he was naked, Cathy slid to the end of the bed and sat there stroking his cock with her fingers. It was already hard, aroused by the sight of her arousal.

“What’s come over you?” Bryce asked, “You haven’t been like this in a long time.”

“I know. I’ve rediscovered something about myself and it’s made me so … hungry,” Cathy hissed at him.

Then she licked his cock all over until it glistened with her saliva.

“Do you want me to suck your cock first, baby, or do you just want to fuck my wet pussy now?” she cooed after planting a kiss on the tip.

“Suck me, baby,” he answered, excitement rising in his voice, “Suck me hard like you used to.”

And then Cathy took her husband’s cock between her lips and sucked it. Slowly, she slid it in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as she went, focussing all of her desire on his hard, swollen dick. One hand held his cock in place; the other was between her own legs, stroking her soft lips and her swollen, achingly sensitive clit.

“Oh baby, this is wonderful,” he moaned, his hands stroking and pulling Cathy’s hair.

Cathy sucked him until they were both on the brink of climax and then released him. She didn’t want to swallow his seed. She wanted him to fill her with it.

“Fuck me now, hubby. I want your thick, hard cock in my body now.”

She lay back on the bed with her legs spread and in the air. Bryce didn’t need a second invitation. In seconds he was between her legs guiding his cock to its destination. The head of his cock slid into her, opening her up for the shaft that followed. Cathy gasped with delight as his thick member stretched and filled her.

Her husband began to fuck her with fast, hard thrusts that drove his cock deep into her. Cathy’s body shook with each penetration. Bryce used a finger to rub her clitoris as he rammed into her again and again.

“Oh, Bryce, yes. Fuck me hard,” Cathy was practically shouting.

She let out an inarticulate cry as her orgasm hit. Stars danced in her eyes as her body quivered with wave after wave of pleasure. She barely heard Bryce’s loud groan; barely felt his cock pulsing inside her as he pumped her full of his sweet cream.

They collapsed on the bed together, expended by the brief, but intense sex. Cathy suddenly felt a deep sadness wash over her. Tears ran from her eyes and her body quaked as she held back sobs.

“Cath? You okay?” Bryce asked, his voice tense and worried.

“No… Yes… I don’t fucking know,” she stammered.

Then Cathy was out of the bed; fleeing to be alone in the little den across the hall. Yanking the door closed behind her, she curled up in a chair to cry.

“Baby? Can I come in? You’re scaring me,” Bryce said from outside the closed door.

Cathy sobbed and slowly uncurled her body. The house was cool and she started to shiver.

“Come in, Bryce,” she sobbed, “Come in and keep me warm.”

The door opened and they were soon cuddling under a blanket on the little love seat. Bryce’s big, hairy body was wrapped around Cathy’s smaller one, warming and comforting her. She buried her face in his chest and soaked him with her tears.

“What happened, Cathy? Something must have happened to upset you like this,” Bryce asked, clearly still confused by her behaviour.

“I saw Lisa today,” she answered, looking up into Bryce’s eyes.

His face turned pale.

“Lisa? How … how the hell did you know?”

“You left a message open on your phone the other day. I saw it and investigated. I didn’t fight with her or scream at her or anything, Bryce. Don’t worry.”

“What did you do, then?” he asked nervously.

Cathy raised her head and stared into his eyes. A smile slowly appeared on her lips even as tension rose in her.

“I had fantastic, mind-blowing sex.”

Bryce’s jaw dropped. Cathy started giggling.

* * * 

“She did what?” Elliott said. His eyes were wide with surprise.

Elliott had been Bryce’s best buddy and “wingman” since college. They worked for different employers in the same building and had met for lunch. It was Elliott who had introduced Bryce to Lisa.

Bryce wasn’t surprised by Elliott’s shock. He was still dealing with Cathy’s revelation himself.

“She called up Lisa, made an appointment, and had sex with her. Or so she told me,” Bryce answered.

“Your wife paid a professional escort to have sex with her?”


“And you’re cool with this?”

Bryce sighed. “I’m not sure yet,” he responded, “She’s told me in the past about her bisexuality but it’s never come into play in our relationship before.”

“So this isn’t her first time? With a chick, that is.”

“First since I met her. She apparently had a pretty hot thing with a female roomie the year before we met.”

“Wow. Bryce gets the Holy Grail. A hot bi wife.”

Shaking his head, Bryce chuckled. “Knew you’d understand,” he answered.

“So what next?” Elliott asked, either ignoring or missing Bryce’s sarcasm.

“She’s already booked a couples’ appointment,” Bryce said.

“Fuck, no. You with her and Lisa in a threesome?”


“So where’s the problem, amigo? Bi wife. Hot escort. You in the middle. I see orgasms in your future.”

“It’s just such a change from our relationship so far, Elliott,” Bryce said with a sigh, “Sexually, I’m totally with this. Emotionally, I’m not so sure.”

“Take a chance,” Elliott responded, “If it doesn’t pan out, surely it’s not going to bring things to an end with Cath. It’s her idea after all.”

“I hope you’re right.”

* * * 

Bryce and Cathy arrived at Lisa’s place together on the following Saturday afternoon. The complex was quiet and eerily still. Cathy had dressed up a bit, wearing a nice pink blouse over a rather short, tight black skirt. Bryce had gone with just a shirt and slacks. They were both nervous, chatting compulsively as they drove over. They were almost clinging to each other as they entered the building and went to Lisa’s apartment.

Lisa greeted them at the door in a short, red shift with spaghetti straps. Black lace trimmed the hem and bodice. It fit comfortably but revealingly over the escort’s plump, curvy body. After an effusive greeting, she took Cathy in her arms and kissed her.

Bryce slipped an envelope into Lisa’s “drop box”, and then watched with fascination as the two women kissed. It was a long, intimate kiss. Their hands roamed over each other’s body. He was nervous about the whole idea of the threesome but as he watched his wife enjoy their lover’s kiss, that nervousness started to give way to arousal. Bryce felt his cock stirring to life in his slacks.

Lisa slipped out of his wife’s arms and into his.

“This is going to be so much fun,” she said, “Thank you for sharing your wife with me.”

Then her mouth was on his and her tongue was sliding between his lips. Bryce put his arms around Lisa. He returned the kiss with equal ardour, becoming more aroused and less nervous by the second. Sliding his hands down to Lisa’s ass, he kneaded the soft cheeks through the thin satin.

“Come, let us get comfortable,” Lisa said after they finished.

She took Cathy’s hand and led her to the couch in the apartment’s living room. Bryce sat in a comfortable arm chair opposite. They chatted idly for a while, Lisa playing with Cathy’s hair as they did so. Then she leaned in to kiss Cathy again. The women slid their tongues against each other in the open for Bryce’s eyes.

“Your wife kisses very well, Bryce,” Lisa said when they stopped.

Her fingers went to work unbuttoning Cathy’s blouse and slipping it from his wife’s shoulders. Underneath, Cathy wore a simple pink camisole over her breasts with no bra underneath. Lisa cupped the small, perky mounds in her fingers and stroked them through the smooth satin. Bryce sat back to enjoy the view, a tent starting to form in his slacks as he watched.

Cathy took Lisa’s hands in hers and guided them around her body. She moved in closer to the escort. Slowly, she slid the spaghetti straps of Lisa’s shift down her arms, baring the big, soft mounds of Lisa’s tits. Cupping one breast in her hand, Cathy massaged it as she kissed Lisa again. Then she moved her mouth down, kissing the breast before licking the stiffening nipple. Finally, Cathy wrapped her lips around Lisa’s nipple and contentedly sucked it.

Bryce was getting uncomfortably hard so he undid his pants so he could pull his erect cock out through the fly of his briefs. Then he began unbuttoning his shirt, watching the women all the while.

“This feels so good, Cathy,” Lisa said softly.

Taking Cathy’s face in her hands, she raised it up from her breast. After another deep kiss, Lisa and Cathy lifted Cathy’s camisole off over her head, baring her little tits. Lisa kissed Cathy’s mouth again before laying a trail of soft kisses down Cathy’s face to her neck. As she nibbled Cathy’s neck, the escort’s hands massaged his wife’s tits, stroking them and gently squeezing the stiffening nipples.

“Oh Lisa, yes,” Cathy moaned, “Suck my tits, please.”

Lisa obeyed. Taking one of Cathy’s nips in her mouth, she suckled and lightly bit the stiff bud. The bite made Cathy cry out; not in pain but for more.

Bryce, who had now removed his shirt, was hard pressed to keep his hands off his cock. He didn’t want to play yet; didn’t want to cum too soon. However, the lovemaking of the women was a very arousing sight and his hand naturally strayed down to stroke his shaft lightly as he watched.

Lisa got up from the couch. Slowly, she let her shift drop to the floor around her feet, leaving her body naked save for a tiny pink thong that barely covered her pussy. Taking her lead, Cathy stood up as well and unzipped her skirt. As it dropped to the floor to reveal little black hipster briefs, Lisa pressed her body against his wife’s and kissed her again. Slowly, she rubbed her naked tits against Cathy. Cathy’s hands caressed her lover’s back and slid down to stroke the soft cheeks of Lisa’s ass.

“I think your husband likes to watch,” Lisa said, nodding towards the chair where Bryce sat with his hand on his hard dick.

“I know he does. We’ve watched porn together,” Cathy answered.

“Perhaps we can help him enjoy.”

“Sure,” Cathy responded.

The next thing Bryce knew, Cathy was behind his chair with her arms dangling down in front of him. Her hands caressed his chest and played with his nipples as she kissed and nibbled his ear and neck.

Lisa, meanwhile, knelt before him. After pulling his pants and briefs down to his ankles, she began kissing her way up the inside of his left thigh. Reaching his crotch, she kissed and licked his aroused cock and his sack. She repeated this routine on the right thigh, ending by wrapping her lips around his cock head and sucking on it.

“Are you enjoying this, Bryce? Are you aroused?” Cathy whispered to him.

“God, yes, honey. This is amazing. But I’m going to cum if she keeps that up too long,” Bryce responded in a strained voice.

“Nothing wrong with that. I’ve booked us the whole afternoon with Lisa and I know you’re usually good for more than one shot.”

Then she kissed him again, her fingers lightly pinching his hard nipples as she did so. Lisa took his cock in deeper; deep throating was one of her specialties. Bryce loved the feeling and he knew he would burst soon.

“Do you want to cum on Lisa’s body or mine?” Cathy whispered in his ear.

“Hers. Keep playing with me while I cum on Lisa,” he moaned back.

Lisa released his cock from her mouth. She slowly stroked it with her fingers while holding the end over her tits. Cathy rolled his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers while sucking on his earlobe. His body stiffened as pleasure exploded from between his legs.

“Oh fuck,” Bryce gasped. His cock sprayed white cream on to Lisa’s tits in burst after burst as he climaxed.

Cathy slipped out from behind Bryce and joined Lisa on the floor. She kissed the escort, and then began licking Bryce’s cum off of Lisa’s tits, taking time to suck and bite Lisa’s nipples as she did so. Taking a blob of semen on her tongue, Cathy French kissed Lisa.

“Lie down, sweetie,” Lisa cooed to Cathy after a couple more kisses like that.

Cathy lay back on the carpet and Lisa helped her remove her briefs. Bryce, still a bit dazed from the orgasm, drank in the sight of his naked wife sprawled on the carpet. Pushing Cathy’s thighs apart, Lisa got down between them. First she licked Cathy’s slit, slowly running her tongue up and down it. Then she pushed two fingers into Cathy’s cunt and began to fuck her with them while lapping at Cathy’s engorged clit with her tongue.

Bryce joined the women on the floor, lying down alongside his wife. He kissed Cathy’s mouth repeatedly while massaging her tits with his fingers. Moving down her body, he began gently sucking and nibbling on one nipple while using his hand on the other. Cathy cradled his head with an arm and teased his hair with her fingers. She moaned softly, clearly aroused by the attention from both Bryce and Lisa. The moans escalated, finally building to a loud cry as Cathy climaxed.

“Oh God, Bryce,” she cried out, almost sobbing, “Oh God this is so good.”

Cathy lay on Lisa’s bed. She was alone. From the bathroom came the sounds of Bryce showering. Cathy had showered already, sharing hers with Lisa. Lisa was in the kitchen getting drinks.

Even after the first round in the living room, doubts about the threesome were dancing in Cathy’s head. There was no doubt about the physical side of it. Bryce and Lisa had given her a very intense, powerful orgasm. The memory of receiving sexual pleasure from two people at once would be a part of her for the rest of her life, much as her brief lesbian relationship with Vicky was.

The question dogging her mind was just how it was going to affect her relationship with Bryce. Could a shared extra-marital sexual experience really relight the passion that was missing from their bedroom in recent years?

Bryce emerged from the washroom naked and joined her on the bed. Cathy cuddled close to him, savouring the warmth of skin-to-skin contact with her husband. They kissed lightly at first and then deeply with growing passion. Bryce’s hand cupped her breast to squeeze and stroke it. His cock twitched to life, hardening against her thigh, which was resting against him.

Lisa entered with a tray of wine glasses. Cathy caught her eye with a quick wink just before she rolled Bryce on to his back and lay on top of him. Straddling her husband’s hips and leading over him on all fours, she slowly rubbed herself against his stiffening cock. Bryce’s hands were on her tits, kneading them roughly. Then his mouth latched on to a stiff nipple to lightly suck and nibble it.

She felt the bed shift as Lisa lay down beside them. Parting her thighs, the escort began to play with herself. One hand massaged and played with her tits; the other was between her thighs stroking her pussy.

“I think Lisa needs some attention,” Cathy said.

Bryce glanced at the woman lying beside him.

“Looks like it, my dear. Why don’t you let me help with that, Lisa?”

Smiling, Lisa straddled Bryce’s face, her pussy nicely positioned over his mouth. Grabbing her ass in his hands, Bryce buried his face between her thighs. From her position behind Lisa, Cathy could just see his tongue lapping at the escort’s moist, pink lips.

Taking his hard cock in her hand, Cathy guided it to the opening of her own pussy and lowered herself on to it. Cathy took it in slowly, enjoying the feeling of it filling her up as it penetrated deeper and deeper into her body. When he was all the way in, Cathy began slowly sliding up and down, moving her hips back and forth slightly as she rode him.

In front of Cathy, Bryce had two fingers in Lisa’s cunt and was fucking her furiously with them while sucking on her clit. The escort seemed lost in her ecstasy, barely moving and only making soft whining noises. As she watched the other two, Cathy continued to ride Bryce’s cock. Using her left index finger, she massaged her engorged clitoris while the thumb and forefinger of her other hand pinched her left nipple.

Cathy wasn’t sure who climaxed first. Her finger on her clit brought her to a loud, screaming climax that merged in her ears with similar cries from Lisa. As the noise of their orgasms faded, Bryce lay back on the pillow and began thrusting hard up into Cathy’s body. She matched his thrusts, taking him in deep and hard as their pelvises collided. Then Bryce was groaning and his cock was pulsing inside her, spewing his seed into her body.

Lisa turned around and sat on Bryce’s stomach. Embracing Cathy, the escort kissed her long and hard. Sliding off of her husband’s cock, Cathy lay down beside him on the bed. Lisa mounted Cathy’s face and then got her face down between Cathy’s legs. Her tongue lapped at Cathy’s snatch as it oozed a mixture of Cathy and Bryce’s cum. Cathy began doing the same to Lisa’s. She felt Lisa’s tongue on her still aroused clit, then felt Lisa’s lips sucking at it. Her mouth was doing the same to the escort.

As she climaxed again, Cathy found herself trying to remember how long it had been since she last had multiple orgasms. Then she was back eating Lisa until the escort’s sweet sap ran into her mouth as the woman cried out her ecstasy.

A fire blazed in the fireplace in Cathy and Bryce’s rec room. The lights were all out, leaving only the flickering yellow light from the fire to illuminate the room. Dressed in a warm nightie, Cathy was cuddling with Bryce under a blanket on the couch.

They had spent another half hour or so with Lisa after the final climaxes, and then headed out for dinner at a favorite restaurant. After dinner, they had gone home. Both rather exhausted from the afternoon’s activities, they had simply put on the fire and some music to enjoy some time together and debrief.

“This afternoon was something else, wasn’t it?” Cathy whispered.

“It was. I still regret seeing her the way I did but somehow it seems to have worked out. I think?”

Cathy smiled and gave her husband a squeeze.

“I think we have some work to do,” she answered, “But I also think this got some issues aired.”

“Agreed. I never thought I’d see you like … like you were with Lisa. It was so hot. So intense.”

After a sigh, Cathy nodded.

“It’s reawakened some feelings and desires of mine. I’m not sure I want to lose that again.”

“Your bisexuality, you mean?”

“That, of course. But also just my desire to explore and enjoy my sexuality with you.”

Cathy unbuttoned Bryce’s pyjama shirt. Sliding a hand inside, she began to caress his chest. Smiling down at her, Bryce kissed her lightly on the head. She felt a little tingle beginning to develop between her thighs. After their long, rather wild session at Lisa’s, Cathy was a little surprised to be aroused again. Lifting her nightie a little, she shifted her body so that her pussy was against Bryce’s thigh. Gently, she rubbed against him, dampening his pyjama leg.

“Wow,” he whispered, “You want more?”

“I want more,” Cathy confirmed in a sultry whisper.

Her hand moved down to massage the bulge that was swelling in his pyjama bottom. They shared a long, deep kiss as her hand pulled his cock out to caress it. Then Cathy tossed the blanket aside and straddled her husband’s lap. Raising her nightie, she began to rub his cock head against her slit. As she took him inside her once more, Cathy sighed with a mix of relief and arousal.

Lisa had changed their relationship. Now they just had to make that change be for the better.

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