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wife tries another on for size

My wife and I had been married for 15 years. As most others will tell you the time before marriage is the hottest time and then kids and routine tend to dull the old sex life.

After completing a good but routine bout of sex I asked her if she thought our sex life needed some spicing up. Her reply was expected, "are you bored with me?- am I no longer attractive to you?". I explained as fast as I  could that although neither of these were true we no longer generated the type of excitement we had when we first got together. She reluctantly admitted that although this was true for her also she had no idea how to change it. With great trepidation I asked her if she would entertain another man as that might help her as well as me infuse a spark to our romance. She said " I wouldn't know how to do that and would probable feel quilty afterwards. I am also not sure you would be able to handle it". I said "how about a compromise?  You can tease someone and go as far as you want with no pressure to do anything?"

Her reply was "I need time to think about it." Not wanting to push any harder I let it go at that for now. A few days later she came back to me with "alright I might be able to tease someone but I am nervous about who and when and how the word would get around to those we know". I already had a plan but I decided to tell her that I would think about her answer.

A few days later I told her that a friend of mine was out in our area for business and I asked him if he wanted he could stay in our extra bedroom. There would be no pressure on her to do anything but I told her he seemed handsome to me and he was recently divorced and I knew from conversations with him that he had been without any sex for a long time. My wife stated that she wasn't sure she would have the guts to do anything but she didn't veto anything.

As the time of the visit grew near I asked my wife if we could shop together (I never go shopping) for some sexy clothes for her to wear. I explained that she didn't have to wear what we selected but the shopping would be a turn on for me. She laughed, called me a pervert, but agreed. We went to the mall the next day and I said how about Fredricks. She said I think that is a little overboard but she agreed to look. we arrived at the mall and started at some of the higher class stores and chose some short skirts and plunging necklined blouses. Each time I would whistle and make comments about how sexy she looked as she modeled the outfits. At Fredricks I chose a see through negligee and she said "there is absolutely no way I could wear this in front of another man". I said, "you can just wear it for me then, but I have to see it on you to be sure we should buy it". After more prodding she agreed that I could peek into the changing room when she got it on. I waited a few minutes until another guy with his girlfriend was walking by and pulled the curtain back slowly pretending not to notice that she could be seen. She turned to me with her large breasts and shaved pussy obvious behind the sheer outfit and saw the other guy looking right at her from 10 feet away. Her first impulse was to try to cover up but the low whistle emitted from the guy embolded her to remain uncovered. I thought this was a good step for what I hoped would be a loosening of her morals on the upcoming weekend.

As the weekend approached and her jangled nerves were evident I told he that he was arriving at 6PM tonite at the airport. She hit me with multiple questions, "what should I do, what should I say, what should I wear, does he know what we have talked about?". I told her wear something sexy but casual and send out for some food and I'll rent a movie. There is no pressure for anything to happen but if it does great.

I picked him up at airport and on the 30 minute drive I described my wife and decided to tell him what my desires were regarding him and my wife. His questions were "are you sure you want something to happen,  are you sure your wife will go along with it?". I explained that she had never done anything like this and we both had to take her along slowly for it to be succesful.

When we got to the door she was wearing a low cut white sweater and a short black skirt. Given the nervousness of my wife I thought this was daring. My friend drank in her beauty and commented that she was the pretties woman he had ever seen. My wife blushed and it then became obvious to me that she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples popped into view unerneath the thin white sweater. As she always wears a bra to contain her 38 DD breasts and even more hard to hide large eraser sized nipplesm, I was in seventh heaven. As the night wore on and the dinner and multiple glasses of wine had done their magic, I said lets go to the living room and watch a movie. I told my friend to put the dvd in the player and I would get more drinks from the kitchen. My wife followed me in and slurred "how do you think its going?". I stated that I was doing fine but I was more interested in her thoughts. She said " I think I could do some serious teasing, he is hot!". This was more than I had hoped for and I said well the movie I selected is Showgirls and one of the hottest scenes is the lap dance. I could tell him that you are the champ of lap dances and could show him. She blushed and said " I don't know if I could do that and there is a huge problem." I asked what the problem was and she said " to challenge myself to be more sexy for you I didn't wear panties tonite". My jaw dropped and as I couldn't believe this I ran my finger up between her legs and the only thing I felt was a very wet shaved slit". "Oh my God, I can't believe this, I am so horny now I want to jump you right here". She laughed and said, "maybe after the lap dance, although I am not promising anything".

We returned to the movie and thankfully my friend had started the movie which would bring us to the lap dance scene earlier. At least that was my thought but time was moving way slower than I had thought possible. All of our coversations had sex or doouble entendres as the main theme and we all were extremely horny when the lap dance scene started. I tried to speak withought a catch in my voice but I don't know if I was succesful. "You know my wife has the best lap dance techniques I have ever seen". My friend jumped in as if we had rehearsed and said "I'd love to see that". I said maybe it could be arranged and I glanced over to my wife. She smiled and said "ok, but I'm not sure if I'm as good as you say, maybe your friend could judge my performance better". She slowly walked over to him and said the only problem since you are wearing shorts you may not get the full effect. To keep anything from happening maybe you should just leave your underwear on. My friend quickly agreed and pulled his shorts off. As he had boxers on with the large opening I knew what logistical problems were going to occur but my lips were sealed.

She slid on top of him and the short skirt went up enough for him to figure out that she didn't have any underwear on and that she was cleanly shaved. A quick peek at her pussy revealed a very large clit that had already poked its beautiful knob out and up. As she started rocking back and forth on him with her arms locked around her neck, they both looked at me to see how I was doing. My smile probably told them it was OK but the fact that I had already unzipped my pants and had my rock-hard cock in my hand definitely sealed the deal. It was abvious to me that his cock had poked out the front of his boxers and was probably rubbing against her clit. Her moans told me that I was right.  She said " I'm not sure I'm ready for sex can we just keep rubbing each other. My friend groaned that he would try his best to honor her reqeust. To make sure that this did not happen I said she is better with a fast song and I sprinted with my hard dick slapping from side to side to the entertainment center. I shut the dvd off and put on "train kept a rollin" on the stereo. As the music built up my wife tried to keep up with the speed of the music, I knew that a mistake was bouund to happen and I just waited. Just when I was about to give up hope that she could keep him from entering I heard her gasp. I knew that he had slipped by her pussy lips and was riding inside that beautiful cunt. He was grunting and she showed no signs of slowing down, On the contrary she appeared to speed up and that shouted "fuck me, give it all to me now please, please". My friend held on as long as he could and then told her "I'm cumming now!" To my delight she said "Me too, Me too, fuck this is good!" As they were both collapsing I said "Me too" and I shot multiple spurts into the air. We all giggled and they kissed and slowly untangled.

My friend said this was the best night of my life, and it turned out to be the beginning of a new and great sex life for me and my wife.





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