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Ms Marca When Tim Is Gone

I hadn't cum like that in months.



'It's crazy, I know it is, but I can't explain just how much it excites me. It's my sexual needs, loving it so much that turns me on as well; I’m not wanting to have an affair or long-term relationship with another man, but just desiring a man for sex. I think many women wouldn't say no to another man if there was no chance of their husband ever finding out. But like all willing cuckolds' wives, being honest about my love of sex, my sensuality, being turned on by knowing other men want to fuck me, it is so exciting. I love thinking about lying naked on a bed, my legs open, offering myself to another man and him approaching me, erect, finding me so wet for him.'




Ms Marca        When Tim Is Gone



Since becoming a married woman a few months ago I discovered that I had an almost insatiable sexual appetite, since I was not getting it every night. My husband is always having to travel and can be gone 3 or 4 days at a time. I did try a one night stand, but I get that guilt trip and so I stay home and try and to be good. But I masturbated some times twice a day at least and I sometimes used whatever sex toy that I pick up out of my toy box. I have 7 sex toys, my big 10 inch dildo is the best, oh me is it. Before I was married I had a ton of boyfriends and had plenty of sex with them, and that is not counting my clients that paid me to do the nasty.


I was one of those girls that had a date every night and never stayed home, so don’t ask me what is good on the TV, unless you slipped a porn DVD in on me. Than came married life and I’m bored, nothing to do when he is out of town. It was always when Tim was gone and I was home late at night, I would feel that urge come over me and I would play with myself until I fell asleep staining my sheets.

Well at age 29 it seems I’m getting to the point I got to screw something every night and I’m trying to be a good wife and hold off until my hubby gets home from his business trips. On the other hand Tim with his 4 inch pee-pee, is not doing me any good so I might as will use a toy? Late at night, after I had checked my mail and chat with a few friends, I had begun feeling that need to get off starts to course through my loins and abdomen.  

I go off to the guest bedroom down the hall where I started keeping under the bed, my toy chest as I like to call it, by this time I had stripped off all of my clothes, my nipples are rock hard and exposed to the cool air. By now I started to feel a slight trickle of warmth start to creep down my inner thigh, I was already wet, my smooth shaved slit felt as slick as I crouched near the box and opened it.

I have quite a few things I had accumulated in there over the period of time I had been living on my own, mostly dildos of all sizes, a few vibrators. I just got a new one since I was married; poor Tim has no clue that I have these.

As of late a few of my favorite ones were a couple dildos, very large ones that I had added to my growing collection just a few days ago. One is a mulatto colored dildo, it is two inches thick and ten inches long with a nice suction cup bottom. The other is white in color, is a bit smaller in thickness and is just a little longer at eleven inches with the same suction cup at the base.

I grabbed my mulatto dildo first and a big tube of KY jelly that I always keep in stock, and I stuck that big sucker to the thin bench I had at the foot of the queen size bed. I had bought the bench just because it was the perfect height and easy to straddle. I stared at the big length of that dark rubberized cock, the thought crossed my mind and I was pretty amazed that I was able to take a good deal of that thing into me the last time I got this horny.

I got up and grabbed the tube of KY and squeezed a quarter sized drop onto my hand, then started to lubricate the small length of my already aching slit, as well as working some of the cold stuff into my hot hole. I let out a soft moan as I rubbed my now very slick mound and slit for a minute, I was really very horny now and decided to stop as I didn't want to take the steam out of myself, as I wanted to feel that big thing split me like the last time.

Squeezing out a drop the size of a fifty cent piece into my hand and rubbing it along the thick shaft of the ten inch monster, making sure to coat the entire thing from the suction cup base to the big head, and it was ready for me.

I pull the bench away from the bed and I straddled the bench over the big lube up cock, grabbed the shaft and started to rub it along between the soft folds of my hot slit, then lined up the big head to my already tingling entrance. With my free hand I hold on to the bed post and I slowly start to push down then relive the pressure, and try again, each time I feel my tight young hole begin to give a bit more.  

"Ohhh...ahhh, yesss, oh fuck yes, so good, big cock, oh fuck yes!"

Suddenly the fat head and about 2 inches of the shaft slips inside me, I love the feeling of being stretched wide like this, and I had ten potential inches of this monster to work with. I had been able to take a little over eight inches inside me last time, and nearly blacked out from the intense orgasms I was overtaken by; just thinking about it spurred me on. As soon as I had adjusted I started to settle downward again, slowly and steadily wedged more into me. Stopping to allow myself to again to the huge thickness stretching me open, so far I had taken seven inches and I felt a strong orgasm starting to surge through me.


I yelled out as my muscles tensed and my body shudder, I could feel my pussy clamp and squeezing around that thick hunk of latex. After I regained a bit of my senses I drew myself back up to the head, then lowered myself back down to the point where I just came from and back up. As I lowered myself again I let my weight fall on it steadily, I felt it going so deep spreading my canal wide until I felt it hit the back of my pussy, the head nudging against the head of my cervix making me groan loudly.  

I looked down and felt a rush of fresh excitement, I had gotten an inch deeper than last time, and I had worked nine inches of that huge dildo inside me. I had never felt anything like it; I felt so full and stretched very tight around that big thing. I started to ride it, at first slowly sliding up and down the mulatto pylon, moving up to the head and then thrusting it back deep inside me. Again I cry out how good it is.



I road that big thing like this for about ten minutes, having several huge orgasms as I fucked it gyrating my hips reaming my now frothy slit, the head banging against the back of my womanhood on my deepest lunges down onto that log I was now ramming into me. By now I was near euphoria as I road that big dildo like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco, as my last orgasm was subsiding I suddenly felt the base of that huge thing as I slid my slippery pussy up and down the stiff length.  

I had without knowing, lost in my near hysteria I had unknowingly, gradually forced it in until my vaginal canal stretched enough to finally envelope the last inch. I stopped to look down at my battered hole, it was gooey looking, and beautifully impaled on that huge cock. I started working myself all along the entire length yet again, a few minutes later I felt what was going to be the most massive orgasm of my life starting to build in my gut as I glided up and down the thing.

As it hit me full force I weakly groaned something unintelligible barely hearing myself, I felt it explode in me every muscle tensing and rippling as it tore through me. I was riding that big bastard hard and felt my ass cheeks hitting the bench each time I slammed myself down on it, again I started babbling, some strange things that sounded like some language I don't know! I started to black out, I regained my senses my ass fully sat on the bench; it felt a bit painful now that my orgasm had subsided.

"Uhhhh, oh damn. What a fucking ride, shit no way my little dick hubby can match that!”

I groaned out of breath, I started to rise up slowly. The long fat rubber cock slowly coming out of me, finally coming free with a rather loud pop. I lay on the queen size bed for a while trying to catch my breath, my pussy slick, gooey and totally spent and buzzing like a bee hive. I had never felt anything like what I had just felt in my life, I still felt like I was still experiencing mini orgasms, my slit drooling hot liquefied lube and my juices down my thigh onto the bed sheets.

A few minutes later I sat up and took a deep breath, then looked over at the glistening mulatto spear sticking strait up into the air, it looked so beautiful.

"No wonder I haven't been pushing Tim to fuck me in the past few weeks. I had something I was content with for right now, and god it is something!” I got up and walked into the guest bathroom to pee and just as I finished doing my thing I heard the door bell ring. Shit, who can that be this time of night. I got up off the pot and went down the hall toward my bedroom, I had to slip something on to answer the door. The bell rang again. Hold your horses, damn it. Where did I put my robe.


I found my heels I had on today so I slipped them on and picked up one of Tim’s white dress shirts and put it on as I ran down the stairs in heels to the front door. I peeked out the little peeper and in the dark I saw two cops. Shit what is this?   I didn’t open the door, who knows they may not be the real thing and here it is after 12 midnight .


“Who is it?”


“Miss it’s the security patrol, can you open up?” I turned on the outside porch light and looked again; yap he looked like the real thing. I open the door but still had the chain on.


“Yes officer can I help you?”


“Miss you all right?”


“Yes, is something wrong?”


“Miss I need to come in, can you unlock the door for me to make sure you are in no harm.”


“Harm, officer I’m not dressed and I’m ok I can assure you of that.”


“Miss you have a problem with me looking around, it is for your own safety!”


I close the door take the chain off and open it up for him. He stepped in as I stood behind the door and than closed it as soon as he was in the hall entrance. After closing the door, I realized I might have invited the fox into the hen house. His eyes glanced down to my top that was showing an ample amount of my DD cleavage and then he looked up and made eye contact and smiled.


“Miss my name is Calvin I’m on the evening patrol shift.”


The top of my shirt opens up as I extend my hand to him. “I’m Marca Jones.” The way his uniform fit his athletic body and the confidence in his walk made my kitty purr. He was way over six-foot in height, and his body looked as if some famous sculptor had chiseled him out of huge chunk of black onyx. Fuck I wanted to lick his smooth dark skin from top to bottom.

"Yes I have your full name here on my resident list, we know everyone how should be behind the gate. You okay Miss; I was on patrol and saw that you might be in trouble up stairs, you alone? It looks like you just ran a marathon your breathing very hard."

"I'm fine."

"Yes, you are." I give him a smile and pull my husband’s shirt tighter around my neck trying to hide my boobs.

Calvin's eyes surveyed my body as though he had X-ray vision. I wasn't aware that he was at three-quarter salute behind his zipper. Is that his dick? I wondered as I glanced down at the front of his pants. It looked more like he had a flashlight in his pants. My eyes bugged out and I did a quick intake of air, making a mmmmm sound before I realized he was looking at me make a fool of myself, my horny self.

The silence between us was awkward. The hum of the AC could have easily been mistaken for the energy that flowed between me and Calvin.

"Miss I need to check the house just to make sure no one is here, so your husband is gone for a few days?”


“Yes, how did you know?”


“At the gate he lets the guard when is going to be out of town so we can keep an eye on you, just what I was doing tonight, orders from your husband!”


He walked slowly to the stairs and started up them, like he knew where he was going. .

"Excuse me?" I was coming up after him, god he can’t go into my guest bedroom; I got my toys all over the place... Calvin stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to look back at me. I found my face about a foot away from the bulge in Calvin's pants.

"What do you think you're doing? Where are you going?" I spoke directly to his crotch while I was just a step or two below him.

As I slowly looked up into his eyes, I got dizzy and started to black out. Calvin reached out and took hold of me, getting me to my feet, he took another step toward me, backing my lovely ass against the up stairs railing, and I had nowhere to go.

"Calvin..." That was all I could say before I found his lips against my lips and his tongue attempting to part my painted lips. I was amazed at how quickly I accepted it. His tongue seemed to do somersaults in my mouth. My hands had a vice-like grip on the edge of stair railing as I sucked his tongue. When he pressed against me and I felt the hardness of his cock rub against my leg, I broke the kiss.

"What's wrong, Mrs. Jones?" Calvin continued to kiss the side of my neck.

"You know... what's... wrong. You... Me.. .Us... This." I found just a tiny bit of strength and pushed him away.

"Tell me you don't want this." Calvin took my hand and placed it on his beating chest as he looked deep into my conflicted dark eyes. In unison we moved our hands together down to his throbbing beast in his pants...

"I'm married." I closed my eyes and squeezed his hard dick as I spoke those words. Calvin nibbled on my ear as I held his thick meat. Mental snapshots of Calvin fucking my neglected pussy from behind, Tim snoring after another night of disappointing sex, and Calvin's head buried between my thighs played behind my closed eyelids.

Calvin broke away from me and pointed down stairs to the front door. "You have company," he sighed. I stoked Calvin's cock though his pants then reluctantly let go of his manhood and walked back down stairs.

"Evening', folks," Bill said after opening the door. "Just checking to make sure everything' s okay. I saw the patrol car, Marca you OK honey?"

"Everything' s fine, my alarm went off and before I could turn it off. Calvin got here and was checking the place out, just to make sure, and was on his way out.” Yeah, I just have to finish checking the backdoor down here then I'm done for the night."

"Glad you are OK Marca, call honey if you feel lonely are you need anything.”

"You ready?" Bill asked the disappointed Calvin.

"Yeah, let's go."


Oh a few more minutes and I would have given in to that big bull, god he has a cock. But I could call him in a few minutes and ask that he stop by to check on some dumb thing.

"Fuck no! I said to myself as I watched Calvin walk toward the patrol car in my drive way. "Good thing he doesn't have a pass key to our place." That thought gave me a little comfort. Than my cell phone rang just as I got back to my bedroom.



"Let's finish what we started, Marca," Calvin was on his cell phone.

"It is finished, Calvin. I'm sorry but we can't... it's not right." My pussy had other nasty thoughts. It wanted to be fucked by that big black dick of his in the worst way.

"All right, but if you change your mind, you can have this anytime you like." He stood back and moved his cell to where the picture came on.

"What the hell is he doing?" I said to the phone as the camera on my phone came up; as he unzipped his pants.

"Oh no, he's not? Shit!” I intensified my stare at the screen. Calvin's hard, massive ebony cock hung out of his unbuckled pants.

Although I couldn't hear now bit I watched as he stroked his meat dick slowly from the bulbous head to his neatly trimmed base. "Damn! Even with his large hand around it, there are still several inches sticking out." It was fat and long, just how I liked a cock to be when I get one. That guy I had my one night stand with dick was big but nothing like the ebony beast Calvin was stroking. I pushed myself back on the bed and slid my hand inside my pants. I found my throbbing clit in a pool of pussy juice and rubbed it gently as I watched Calvin's show.

I imagined myself nude on our married bed with my ankles locked behind Calvin's neck. As my hands gripped his ass as his massive dick sinks slowly into my salivating cunt. Tip to root, and then tip again, feeding my hungry pussy exactly what I needed. I added a third finger inside my pussy and fucked myself deeper while my pinky finger teased my ass. Calvin jacked off faster. I could see how his hands might be gripping my sexy hips while working his dick in a slow and steady rhythm, in and out of my juicy peach. His balls had to be heavy with cream.

I put two fingers in my mouth and sucked on them like I desired to suck the cock on my cell phone screen. Four fingers massaged and fucked the inside of my wet pussy at the same time. The slick sounds of my sopping pussy echoed against the walls of the room causing me to fuck myself harder. I longed to have one of my "toys" hidden in the toy chest, down the hall under the bed.

I than saw Calvin leaned back against the patrol car seat for support, as he got ready to let his load flow. The first drops of pre-cum let me know it was time to let loose.

The bed room was completely filled with the sweet aroma of my sex. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt the warm wave moving inside me, signaling climax was approaching. "Oh fuck me, Calvin! Fuck this pussy. Oh... Please... fuck me... Calvin," I uttered at the screen as a violent orgasm shook my body just about off my bed.

Calvin's cock stiffened up and began pumping out a thick spray. He pushed back against the seat panting as the final drops of cum dripped out. He looked into the camera and grinned and licked his sexy thick lips. "I'll be back to let you clean up the next load I have." He turned off his cell and left.

I eased my hand out of my pussy and sucked my cum-coated fingers clean, as I desired to suck Calvin's cock clean. I hadn't cum like that in months. I knew right then it was going to be hell denying my pussy of that good dick. "Yes he was going to fuck this pussy one day, but not tonight..."



More to cum……


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