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My Cuckold Life

My wife changes our living arrangements to bring her lover into our home.
My wife and I had embarked on a cuckold life style several years ago and have recently taken it a step further. She had worked as a loan officer at a bank for some time, but prior to that she had worked as a legal secretary for a large law firm that is active in civil litigation. After our son and daughter married and moved out she left the bank and went back to work at the law firm. She had quit originally because the hours were long and she was not spending the time she wanted to with the kids. She went back because the money is great, not unusual for her to make $150,000 or better annually with some of the big cases they handle.

While we have had a fairly open sex life (very privately) I had always been present when she had sex with other men; however, I was beginning to get the feeling she was enjoying herself without me, because on several occasions when she would come home and I would try to initiate sex I got the feeling the wetness in her pussy wasn’t just from her pussy but from something else that had been deposited there! I never felt my 5 inch cock satisfied her much, and now at age 60 it doesn’t get hard near as much as in my younger days.

One night we were watching television and, just out of the blue she said, “Why don’t you retire and just stay home and take care of the house and let me continue to work?”

I said, “Well let me check into that and see what it would look like.”

She went on to say that if I agreed we would change some other things. I asked like what, and she said, “I have been having sex on a regular basis with someone in the firm and I want to start bringing him home and having sex here.” She went on to say, “I know how much you enjoy wearing lingerie, so I would have you be here at mine and his beck and call to wait on us.”

I was so damn shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but at the same time my little cock was getting harder than it had been in years! I tentatively agreed. I did go ahead and retire, taking a partial lump sum and we used it to buy a lake house at a private lake an hour or so from our house, a nice two bedroom house with a huge fenced backyard and in ground pool. About a month after I retired, my wife Terri told me one night that she would have company over the weekend and I was to dress appropriately. I was to shave my body completely and have my toenails and fingernails painted bright red and wear heels, black seamed stockings with a garter belt, no panties and a short black dress. I had still not met the man she was going to be bringing home that weekend.

Friday before she left she said her and her friend would be going for drinks and dancing and would be home late Friday night and for me to be waiting for them. Around midnight I heard the garage door open and was waiting in the den. My wife and a black guy, about 6’3 who I recognized as an investigator for the law firm, walked in. Terri looked at me and said, “Fred this is my sissy boy husband Bobbi, can he get you anything?”

Fred said, “Yeah get me a beer.” When I came back Fred had his tongue down my wife’s throat and his hand under her dress, rubbing her pussy.

He took the beer and they went in the bedroom and closed the door. For the next couple of hours I heard my wife screaming things like, “OH GOD Fred fuck me harder, yeah baby let me have all of it" and so forth. After some time my wife came out and said, “Fred and I need you NOW!"

I went in the bedroom and Fred was on the bed with the biggest cock I have ever seen laying across his leg, Terri said, “Clean Fred up.”

As I walked to him he looked down at me and said, “You mean that is what you have been getting for cock? That might be the smallest cock I ever saw.”

I got down on my knees and proceeded to lick his cock clean. After a few minutes, Terri said, “Here is the rest of his cum; get it too," and spread her legs. I ate her pussy for several minutes and then she sent me off to bed, telling me to have breakfast ready in the morning.

This went on for some time. Finally one day she said, “Let’s go to the lake house this weekend and relax. You go on out there Friday morning, clean the place up and I will come out after I get off work.” She didn’t mention bringing Fred, so I assumed it would be me and her; however, she told me to take my maid outfit with me.

About 7:00 that evening I hadn’t heard from her so I called her cell and she got real dominant sounding with me saying, “You little sissy bitch I will be there when I get there you get your maid outfit on and be ready to take care of things.”

I said, “Are you alone?”

She answered, “Bitch I said get ready. I will be there when I get there and whether I am alone or not you will find out soon enough!”

About 9:00 that night her car turned in the driveway and I could see Fred was with her. They got out of the car and Fred already had her dress off; she was just wearing panties, a bra, and heels. His big cock was outside his pants and she was playing with it as they made their way to the door.

I noticed another car pull up behind hers and two black guys I had never seen got out and started toward the door. I was a little nervous and then I heard Fred call their names. They all four made their way past me, with the two guys I didn’t know looking at me and laughing as they walked by.

Once inside my wife said, “We are going for a swim. Get us all a beer.” At that point the four of them began to undress, stripping naked and heading for the pool. Up until this time the biggest cock I had ever seen belonged to Fred, but one of the other guys had him beat by several inches; it seemed his cock hung down to his knee.

When I got to the pool Fred had my wife bent over the lawn furniture fucking her while the other two guys looked on getting hard as they watched. One of them made his way over to where they were and started playing with her tits. Fred moved her around where she could get the other guy's cock in her mouth and she was sucking him while Fred was pumping her from behind. The guy with the big cock was watching. I sat the beers down and started and back toward the house and Fred hollered at me, “Hey sissy bitch, take care of my friend.”

I looked at the guy with the big cock and he turned toward me grinning. I made my way over there, got on my knees and started sucking him. In a few minutes I heard Fred grunt and say, "Hey man, it’s your turn.”

Mr. Big Cock took it out of my mouth and walked over toward my wife and started putting it in her pussy. I have never heard her scream like she was screaming, I thought there was no way she could take it all but she did. Fred came over to me and had me clean him up. The guy with the big one fucked Terri for about 30 minutes and she kept looking at me telling me how much she liked big cocks and how she can’t believe I ever thought I actually satisfied her. She started telling me about all the guys she had fucked during our married life and I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I have a friend who hasn’t fucked my wife. Our preacher has even fucked my wife.

Fred and the other guy were drinking beer while Big Cock finished fucking Terri. When he came in her, he turned toward me and I cleaned him off and Fred told me to clean Terri up. I ate cum out of her pussy for about 10 minutes. When I finished, Fred said “Cedric (the other guy that came with Big Dick) is the only one who hasn’t got some pussy, Terri is tired why don’t you take care of him bitch.”

Terri laughed and said “ I think that is a great idea I want to watch that.”

Cedric came over to me and reached and got some juice out of Terri’s pussy and began to rub it on my man pussy. He bent me over the furniture and started working it in. I thought he was going to split me in two. It didn’t take him long in that tight hole to cum. Fred came over and stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to get him hard for Terri, which I proceeded to do. We fucked and sucked all weekend and have had several additional meetings since then.

I am happily living as a cuckold!!

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