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My Very Drunk Wife (Part 1)

My wife loses some of her inhibitions after a few too many drinks
A feature of our love making was talking about her allowing another man to play with her tits and pussy. This sort of talk got her immensely wet and usually resulted in her having a massive earth shattering climax which would last for nearly five minutes with what I called her "after shocks".

Outside of the bedroom, I often brought up the subject of her experimenting in this way, but she always said there would be no way she would do it. It was fun talking about it in bed, but it just was not going to happen.

One Christmas we had an ex-army buddy stay with us and we went to a big do at the local pub on Christmas Eve. We all got pretty drunk and eventually staggered home in the early hours. Jackie announced that she wanted to dance. She put some music on and dragged me up to dance with her. She was pretty well gone at this stage and buddy seemed fairly wrecked. He sat on the sofa with a beer and watched us gyrate across the floor. Jackie whispered that she wanted me to make love to her and so I said goodnight to my mate and left him to watch a video.

We were all in our thirties but Jackie was still immensely attractive. She was not a small, slim girl by any means. She had a bit of a tum and a nice pair of tits. Anyway, we got in the bedroom and she announced that she still wanted to dance. I said that we could, but only if she took off her bra and panties so I could feel her body underneath her skirt and blouse whilst we danced. She readily agreed, and once she was sorted we clung on to each other and danced in the bedroom and I copped a feel of her gorgeous bum.

After a few minutes of this she said she wanted music, so we went back into the living room where Tim was still watching a film. She immediately turned it off and put some slow smoochy music back on and we carried on dancing. Tim leant back watching us, but I think Jackie was totally oblivious to his presence. We were smooching and kissing and I was rubbing her ass through the material of her skirt. She loved me doing this and did not even flinch when I lifted her skirt and stroked her bare cheeks. Oh, boy, was he getting an eyeful and was my cock hard.

Suddenly, Jackie let go of me and grabbed Tim and made him dance with her, which meant that she was aware they all along that he was watching. And, what is more important she did not mind him seeing her ass - this was life changing. She was holding Tim very closely and he had his arms around her. I was feeling mischievous. I moved up behind them and took hold of Tim’s hands and moved them down on to her bum.

She did not realise I had done this and obviously thought Tim had done it off his own bat. She looked up at him and kissed him on the lips and then carried on dancing. This was a cue for Tim to get more adventurous. He slid her skirt up so he could caress her bum - to say she loved this would be an understatement. She moved her ass wildly from side to side and thrust her hips into him like someone possessed.

Tim was obviously a bit wary and I could sense his discomfort. I therefore went up and said to her that it was my turn again to dance. She immediately turned to me and flung her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply. Tim sat down with his beer to watch. Jackie was well into the music at this stage, and the alcohol we had earlier was beginning to effect.

I turned her around and ground my hard cock into her ass and kissed the back of her neck which she absolutely loves. She raised her arms and held me around the neck so I had to keep kissing her there. We were now facing Tim, so I naturally took advantage of this and started undoing the buttons on her blouse so her tits would be exposed. Tim’s eyes were popping out of his head, and Jackie kept hold of my neck and kept grinding her ass into me. I was in heaven. I opened her blouse and cupped her tits in my hands. Then, after a few minutes of this, I slid my hands down over her tummy and slowly lifted the front of her skirt.

In those days Jackie did not shave, so there was a tangled mass of black hair covering her pussy and Tim got an eyeful of it in all its glory. Jackie suddenly realised what was happening and immediately let go of me, turned away from Tim and buttoned up her blouse. She was not angry but she was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing. We said our goodnights and went to bed.

I would love to say that we had the wildest sex ever that night, but sadly it was not to be. She passed out and left me to my own devices.

There is more if folk are interested.

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