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My Very Drunk Wife (Part 2)

More of my wife Jackie and my best friend Tim
The first part of this story was posted a day or so ago.

For a while after that last adventure Jackie was very reluctant to talk about it or to be reminded of it. However, she eventually mellowed and soon it became normal practice for me to mention Tim's name whilst we were making love, and she would get extremely excited! Particularly if she'd had a few drinks beforehand (which I often made sure she did).

We regularly went to our local for a meal and a few drinks with friends on Saturday nights, and she often had a few too many! On such occasions I would tease her when we got into bed about what it would have been like that evening if she was naked underneath her dress. The thought always made her squirm and our lovemaking would then be immensely energetic to say the least!

A few months after our Christmas escapade with Tim, he phoned to say he'd got some leave and was coming home for a couple of weeks. He'd be staying with his parents this time who also live in the village, and he asked if it be ok to come and visit? Tim was still a bit wary of what Jackie's reaction would be when she saw him. I mentioned his visit to Jackie and she was quite nonchalant, however later in bed when we were getting cosy and she'd had a couple of drinks she said she was looking forward to seeing him again. I said something about him also probably looking forward to seeing her as well! She giggled, which I thought was a pretty good sign that everything was ok.

Tim arrived at our house late afternoon, it was a bit awkward at first but we had a couple or three drinks and things mellowed enormously. We were going down the pub to meet some mutual friends and have a meal, so Jackie and I went to shower and change leaving Tim watching the box. After we'd showered I held Jackie in my arms and groped her gorgeous bum and said wouldn't it be brilliant if she didn't wear any underwear tonight. She pretended to be shocked at the very idea - but the alcohol we'd consumed earlier was having the desired effect!

We arrived at the pub at the same time as our friends and grabbed a table. Jackie (naturally) was seated between me and Tim. They seemed to be getting on famously, which was a bit of a relief.

After a while I needed a pee and excused myself to go to the gents. Tim followed me in and said that Jackie had told him she wasn't wearing any knickers and did he think anyone had noticed! This was a bit of dramatic turn of events - I certainly didn't expect her to say anything to anyone let alone Tim.

The evening wore on predictably with everyone drinking far too much and getting noisy. The landlord rang the bell and we said our goodnights and wound our way home. Tim had to walk past our house to get to his parents place, so he walked with us. Jackie walked in between us and was holding both mine and Tim’s hands. When we got to our gate Jackie kissed Tim on the cheek and bade him goodnight, and Tim said something about not getting invited in for a dance! Oh God I thought - you've just blown it!

But astonishingly that was not to be. She said of course he can come in so she can dance the night away with two handsome chaps! Game on!

Smoochy music on the CD player. Lights turned down. Fire stoked up (log fire). I fixed some drinks and Jackie and Tim danced. All very innocent - hardly touching each other so I decided to interrupt and dance with my wife. It was almost a re-run of the other occasion. We danced close and I stroked her bum whilst Tim sat in an armchair watching. I tried to lift her dress up and expose her bum but she was having nothing of it - bugger!

She let go of me and grabbed Tim out of the chair and started dancing with her back to him and thrusting her bum into his crotch. He looked at me and I signalled him to go with it. This he did, he put his arms around her and held her to him whilst she slowly gyrated in front of him. His dick must have been rock solid because Jackie is an immensely sexy dancer when she gets going. I cupped my hands as a sign to him to try cupping her boobs which he did, but Jackie grabbed his hands and moved them back down to her waist. Shame!

They stopped dancing and came and sat down on the sofa, Jackie in the middle of us. We had another drink (Jackie at this stage was on rum and coke so was well oiled). I got her up to dance and whispered that I was sure Tim would love a bit of a show - she just laughed and asked why he would want to see a frumpy woman’s bum? I said he'd like to see everything, not just her bum, and with that she stopped dancing, turned towards him, undid the shoulder straps and let her dress fall to the floor.

She stood there for a moment only wearing her hold up stockings and facing Tim, allowing him to admire her naked body. My heart stopped. Tim nearly choked. We were like frozen statues for a moment or two and then she walked unsteadily over to him, took his hand and dragged him up to dance. She snuggled up to him and kissed him on the lips and his hands shot down to her bum and caressed her. She moved her hand between them and seemed to stroke Tim's cock through the material of his trousers. I was stunned.

The music stopped. They continued dancing for a minute or two and then Jackie simply turned away from him and slowly walked out of the room and upstairs to bed. Wow what a turn up for the books. Tim was extremely embarrassed and his cock made his trousers look as if there was a tent pole in there. We tidied up the room as best and as quickly as we could and Tim went home.

I went upstairs and found Jackie, still naked, flaked out face down on the bed. No sex for me that night, or for Tim!

Happily this was the start of many an adventure for me and Jackie because she got such a kick out of being in public without any underwear.

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