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My Wife’s Pregnant Friend

"A rejected wife becomes my lover"

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I had just gotten home from work and my wife Ann was already complaining. She was upset about her best friend’s husband, Jack. His wife, Jill, was four months pregnant and horny. She was apparently seeking some affection when Jack called her ‘a fat fucking whale.’

I replied, “What? I can’t believe he’s thinking, much less talking that way.”

My wife, still fuming, said, “She is gorgeous and I know you think she’s gorgeous, but her husband’s an asshole. She needs some loving, and he’s borderline abusive.”

“I don’t know what to say, but let me know what I can do to help. I’m sorry Jack is being a dick.”

About a week later, I came home ready to take a few days off from work. When I walked into the house, my wife had a devious look on her face. She quickly got to the point.

“Hi honey. You remember you said you would do anything to help Jill?”

I said, not knowing what I was walking into, “I remember.”

My wife, never one to mince words, said, “Well, I want you to fuck her. Actually, you need to pamper her and be loving to her. Then you need to fuck her. Her asshole husband is going out of town on a hunting trip for ten days. I’ve been talking up what a great lover you are, and I told her I’m happy to share you with her. She’s horny as fuck.”

We had shared fantasy scenarios of me with another woman reverse-cucking my wife, but never expecting anything would happen. I was shocked. And excited.

My wife told me that Jill was feeling sad and rejected and that she needed someone to touch her. My wife suggested that it be me. They talked it over for a while, then Jill said, “Fuck it! Yes, yes! Why not?”

My wife continued, “She’s coming over tonight. I’m going to my sister’s house. You had already planned to take a few days off from work so you and Jill can have a few days together to see how this works out. I already packed and I’m leaving in a few minutes. I want you to have fun and take good care of Jill. But, you need to plan on sharing everything that happens between you two. Oh, one more thing. I’ve set up a camera in our bedroom. I want you to know I’ll be watching.”

I was, needless to say, speechless.

After kissing my wife goodbye and watching her drive away, I jumped into the shower to get ready for my ‘date’ with Jill. I was still incredulous. This was happening to me. And I was amazed my wife had used Jill’s situation with her husband to make our fantasy of me having sex with another woman a reality. On top of that, l had always been turned on by the idea of fucking a pregnant woman, and now that was going to happen! It took all the self control I could muster to not masturbate. Because I wanted my next orgasm to take place with Jill, I held off.

At precisely 6:00 p.m. the doorbell rang. I opened the door and Jill was standing there looking incredible. And uncomfortable. She was dressed in a white loose fitting sundress that was low cut and enhanced her soon to be milk producing breasts.

“Come in, come in. You look beautiful.”

“Hi Terry. You must think I’m terrible. But here I am.”

“You’re not terrible. Let’s get you inside and we’ll relax and take this one step at a time.”

As soon as the door had closed behind her, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I had expected that she might be reserved and hold back until she was comfortable with our plans. I was wrong. She leaned into me and hungrily kissed me as I pulled her pregnant body into mine. We stood there kissing as I felt up her body and she stroked my hardened erection through my pants.

We finally broke apart, and I ushered her into my house and got her settled. We regained our composure and as we talked, I started a light dinner of salad and salmon steak. I wanted to take her straight to my bedroom, but decided to ease my way there. I would have opened a bottle of wine except for the fact she was pregnant, so I made up virgin margaritas.

My eyes were constantly drawn to Jill’s dress that highlighted her breasts and the bump of her stomach and, surprisingly, the four inch CFM, open-toed, heels she was also wearing. Her breasts looked like they had plumped up. I guessed they were now at least size 34 DD. I suddenly realized she was wearing no bra as I could see her nipples protruding against the material of the dress. On top of being beautiful, she had played into one of my weaknesses on a woman. She had expertly manicured hands and toes painted blood red.

As we finished dinner, I quickly cleaned up the kitchen as we continued talking.

“Jill, what’s going on with you and Jack? If you don’t want to talk, I understand. But what’s happening?”

“I don’t know. Once I started showing it’s like I’m repulsive to him. I’m not even being touched by him, at the same time, sex is all I think of.”

By now, she was crying.

“I don’t know what to do or how to please him. I need to get past this pregnancy. Once the baby’s here, I’ll figure out what to do. But right now I’m just trying to hang on. I think we’re over.”

I pulled Jill into my arms and kissed her. I could again feel my cock pushing into her growing tummy. I had always been intrigued by pregnant women and now I was going to take one to bed.

Jill eagerly kissed back and took my hand and moved it to a swollen tit. I pinched her nipple as a moan escaped her lips. Simultaneously, she pushed her tongue into my mouth as we shared sloppy, wet kisses. There was no doubt that she had been starved for affection and I was going to end that.

Jill suddenly started talking like a sex starved slut. “Take me to bed! I need to suck your cock! I want you to eat my bald pussy! I need your cock buried in me!”

We pulled apart, and I led her to the marital bed where I sleep with and fuck my wife. Just the thought of fucking Jill there made me feel like a sexed up Superman and I wasn’t going to let Jill or my observant wife down.

I pulled off my golf shirt and shorts and underwear until I was naked before Jill.

“Look at me,” Jill ordered. She reached up, crossing her arms. Taking the straps of her dress in each hand. She slowly pulled down her dress, exposing her luscious breasts. Her nipples were dark brown against her olive skin. They were surrounded by areola two inches around the same shade of brown. Her breasts were perfectly matched and swollen to perfection. As her dress pooled around her feet, she stepped away from it, but her heels stayed on. My dream of a naked, pregnant woman in CFM stilettos was even better than what I had imagined.

She now commanded me to approach her. She turned as I walked towards her with my six inches of dick sticking straight out, and told me, “Lick my pussy.”

I did as I was told and knelt in front of her. She lifted a leg and rested it on my shoulder.. I wanted to fuck her so badly I was in agony, but I wanted to follow her lead and satisfy whatever she desired. I briefly wondered where my wife had placed the camera, but at this point I didn’t care. I leaned forward at the same time my hands were on her buttocks, pulling her toward me. She smelled musky and I buried my face in her crotch. I kissed her labia like the lips on her mouth and parted them, pushing my tongue inside her. She groaned, and I felt the release of liquid flowing from her depths.

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“Stand up! I need you to fuck me!”

I stood as Jill turned to me and we kissed as our naked bodies pressed into each other. I pushed her onto her back on my marital bed and she spread her legs and said, “Eat my cunt. Now, please! I’ve been so fucking horny I can’t stand it!”

I couldn’t believe the words coming from her mouth, but at the same time she was driving me wild. I did as I was told. I knelt in front of her, caressing my way up her legs. I felt the heat radiating from her womanhood.

I buried my face between her legs and sucked her labia, her pussy lips into my mouth, savoring the taste of her body for the second time. I quickly parted them and pushed my tongue as deep into her slit as I could as she clamped her thighs around my head. I found her marble sized clit and licked and sucked.

That was all it took to release her first orgasm.

“Oh FUCK!!!! Oh my gaudddd! I’m cumming!!!!”

I could feel waves ripping through her body as she screamed out. The words were unintelligible as her body was racked with pleasure she had been deprived of by her husband while she was pregnant. I wouldn’t make the same stupid mistake. I decided I would please her and make her want only me.

I lifted myself away from Jill, my face literally dripping from the love juices flowing out of her body. I leaned into her and we kissed and I felt the bump of the life growing inside her.

I rolled onto my back while pulling Jill on top of me. Without prompting, she grabbed my rigid cock and pointed it at the entrance of her cunt and then dropped. My cock slid into her sopping pussy and in one movement, I was buried in her body. The feeling tight and warm and wet and velvety and when she squeezed me with her pelvic muscles, I almost came. But Jill must have sensed my imminent eruption because she grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed tightly. She held on as she started riding me cowgirl and now her perfect tits were slapping me as we fucked.

Though Jill still had a steel-gripped hold on my cock she couldn’t stop me from cumming. The most intense orgasm of my life started at the tip of my toes and rolled like an explosive charge inside of me. At the same time, Jill released the hold she had on me and the same level of orgasm racked her body as we experienced the most totally sexual pleasure ever in our lifetimes. My sperm boiled up from me and pulsed inside of my pregnant lover.

We were both moaning. Nearly screaming, “Oh FUCK!!! Oh my god!!! Don’t stop!!”

I was thrusting upward as frantically and as hard as I could while I emptied myself inside her molten cunt. She collapsed on my chest and we both struggled to catch our breath. Her baby bump pressed into my stomach and the sensation was one I never wanted to lose. As we little by little gained our composure, my cock shrank inside Jill, but remained semi hard.

“Jack is an idiot. How he could not want you is beyond me. I might not let you go.”

“What about Ann? What’s she going to say about that?”

“Don’t forget; Ann set this up. And she probably just got an eyeful watching us.”

As we talked and held on to each other, Jill started flexing her pelvic muscles squeezing my cock. She kissed me and teased me by whispering to me.

“Did you like fucking me? Do you think Ann is jealous, watching me possess you? Tell me, is fucking me better than the sex you have with your wife?”

I groaned with pleasure as I felt my dick growing inside her steamy pussy. Her pregnant belly pushing into me felt incredibly sexy.

Jill was now talking loudly. “Tell me and tell Ann you like fucking me better than her! Tell us you love my pussy more than hers…Tell us!”

I groaned again with the pleasure of her body next to mine and my re-engorged dick buried to the hilt in her. Jill was talking like I never imagined and I loved it.

“Tell Ann what my cunt feels like.”

“I love Jill’s pussy. I love fucking her.”

Jil said, “How much? How much do you love me?”

I was completely under Jill’s spell. The only thing I wanted at this time was to please her.

“I love Jill. I love her body. I love her fucking body. I love her body!”

As I spoke, Jill had mounted me again and as I lay on my back, she flexed her hips rapidly, thrusting into me, fucking me. I could feel myself reaching for another orgasm and lifting up, I tried to meet her thrusts with my own as we fucked to another climax.

Jill screamed out, “Oh my god!!! FUCK!!! I’m cumming!”

At the same time, I released my seed into her already pregnant cunt for the second time and we rode together to another mind shattering orgasm.”

We collapsed again with Jill covering my body with hers and we fell asleep. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours, or years later when the phone rang next to the bed and woke me up.


“Hi honey, how are you feeling?”

I realized Ann was on the phone and had been watching .

“I feel great. Jill is incredible. You were right about her. What did you think? Did you watch?”

“Yes. I watched. And I heard what you said. Did you mean it?”

“Did I mean I loved her body? Did I love making love, love fucking her? Do I love her? Yes, yes, and yes. But I loved you first and still do. But I’m keeping Jill, or should I say, we’re keeping Jill. And the baby if she’ll stay.”

Ann was silent for a minute and said, “I’m good with that. I love you both.”

Jill had awoken and had been listening in. She said, “I want to stay.”

Then, as I’m assuming my wife watched, Jill kissed me and reached down and started stroking my cock. A few moments later, she started sucking my cock.

My wife said, “I’ll leave you two lovers for now. I’ll be home in a few days and we’ll figure this out. Enjoy yourselves.”

Jill and I kissed. Foreplay ensued before we would fuck some more. I knew Ann would be watching and hoped she recognized what she had started.

[End of Part 1]

Written by Kc1952
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