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Neighbor's Son Spies Part 4

Tim's parents invite us over for a BBQ and Hot Tub
Several weeks had passed since I took Tim’s virginity. Often I would see Tim in the yard and he would run over so we could chat. Tim’s dad, Greg, had become friendlier too. Greg had started coming over to talk whenever he saw me or Sam out in the Yard. On a day that I was tanning as usual, I could have sworn I saw Tim’s dad looking out Tim’s window at me. Greg was a nice man about 5’ 11” in good shape in he early 40’s. His wife Judy was about the same age; a cute short woman about 5’, also very nice.

Sam came in from the yard and told me that Judy had invited us over for a BBQ and a dip in their hot tub on Saturday. Sam said accepted and hoped that was ok. I told him that was fine. I thought it a little odd that we had not been invited to dinner by our neighbors in the three years that we had lived there. But several weeks after I fucked their son, they invited us to dinner.

I went over to chat with Judy to see if there was anything I could bring and to test the water to see if I had anything to worry about. Judy invited me in to her kitchen. She told me that I didn’t need to bring anything other than my swimsuit and my husband, she would supply the rest. Judy went on to tell me what a cute couple we were and that Sam was really handsome. Judy asked me if he worked out because he is in such great shape, that I was a very lucky girl.

I packed a little bag for Sam and me that contained our swimsuits and couple of towels. We didn’t want to go empty handed, so Sam had picked up bottle of wine. We arrived and were greeted by Greg at the door. He shook Sam’s hand and gave me a hug. Greg led us to Judy who was in the Kitchen. Judy gave me a hug and then gave Sam a hug. I was relieved to find out that Tim was at a camp for the weekend.

Greg opened the bottle of wine and poured glasses for everyone. In no time we had finished the bottle and opened a 2nd . We sat down to a very nice steak and baked potato dinner with a 3rd bottle of wine. Judy was obviously starting to feel the effects of the wine. She said she usually didn’t drink this much, but was having such a good time she wasn’t going to stop. We cleared the table and headed out on the deck with another glass of wine. Judy was getting friendly with Sam on our way out to the deck, telling how good he looked and how shape he was. I watched as she grabbed his ass as they walked through the door. Greg walked up to me and apologized, but I told him that I was sure that Sam was enjoying it, and I didn’t mind.

Judy jumped up and grabbed my hand, saying it was time for the hot tub. I grabbed my suit out of the bag and Judy insisted that I change with her in her bedroom. As we got in the bedroom she started pulling her clothes off and was very quickly naked in front of me. Judy told me to go ahead so I took my clothes off. She looked over at me and said, “Oh. You shave yours, too,” pointing to her shaved pussy. I quickly put my suit on and we headed to the tub. The guys were still sitting on the deck when we returned.

We plopped in the tub and Judy tells the guys to get their cloths off and get in the tub. “You don’t have to put on your suits if you don’t want to,” she says. The guys go ahead and put their suits on and jump into the hot tub. Greg turns on the jets and the water feels great. I’m on one side of the tub and Judy is across from me with guys on each side of us.

Sam started asking about the tub and how it worked. Judy slid over close to him telling him about the jets and that if had a big blower. She looked at Sam and asked him if he liked big blowers. She told that she would love to show him how the blower works. Judy slid over him to the blower button and stated the big jets. With a big whoosh the blower started up and the tub erupted in bubbles. Judy seemed to fall as she reached back from turning on the blower. She somehow landed in Sam’s lap. I was sure it wasn’t an accident. Greg leaned over and said he was sorry that Judy was drunk.

I told him it was ok, and reached my hand over to find his leg. Judy was still sitting on Sam but I couldn’t hear them over the blower or see them well through the steam. But I could see that Sam had his hands on Judy's tits and I had a good idea where her hands were. I slid my hand up Greg’s leg, to find his cock hard under his trunks. I slipped my hand in his suit and grabbed his dick. About that time I saw Judy take her top off and throw it on the deck. I leaned into Greg with my hand wrapped around his cock and asked him if they did this often.

He said no, that this was their first time. He said they like to watch porn and had talked about maybe trying to play with others, but never figured it would happen. I stroked his cock gave him a little kiss.

For their first time, Judy was very enthusiastic. Just then, Judy pulled Sam’s trunks off, throwing them on the deck.

I untied my top and looked at Greg asking, “Should we play too?”

He rose up and let me pull his suit off and then I slipped my bottoms off, too. We looked back and Judy was straddling Sam. It appeared that they were fucking, by the way she was bouncing up and down. The moaning also seemed to give it away. I told Greg to sit on the side of the tub. He pulled himself up, right to my head level. I grabbed his dick, putting it up to my mouth giving it a kiss. I took him into my mouth, and could help but notice how similar his dick was to his son’s. Greg was really enjoying my sucking, and moaning deeply when he pulled me up to him. He kissed me on the lips and said that it was his turn to taste me. He spread out a towel and laid me back. After spreading my legs, he put his tongue to work. Greg was a good licker; his tongue felt great probing my pussy. I looked over to the tub and saw Judy leaning against the side with Sam fucking her from behind. Greg pulled his head up and looked toward Sam and Judy. I could tell he wanted his dick in me now. As he slid up to me, I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my pussy. He plunged his dick into me. Greg started pumping his cock into my very wet pussy.

Greg was telling how great it felt to have his dick in me. I again couldn’t help but think that his dick felt so similar to his son’s. Greg started to buck faster. I could tell he was about to cum. He grunted and shot his load into my pussy. Sam looked over and smiled. He then turned back to Judy and shot his load into her.

They got out of the water and lay next to us on the deck. Judy put her head back, and appeared to pass out. I told them we should take her to bed. Sam picked her up and we all headed into the house, naked. Greg lead the way and showed Sam to their bedroom. Greg pulled back the covers and Judy was gently laid down on the bed. Both guys turned toward me, and I couldn’t help but notice their dicks were hanging down in front of me. I reached out with both hands, grabbing a cock in each hand and said to the guys, “I don’t think we are done yet.” I bent down and took Sam’s dick into my mouth while I stroked Greg’s dick. They both got hard quickly and I stated trading off sucking one then switching to the other.

I moved to the floor and got on my hands and knees. I pulled Greg in front of me to suck his dick. Sam didn’t need any instruction; he moved around behind me and slid his cock in. As I sucked Greg, Sam was pounding me from behind. I was sure that Greg could feel each time Sam slammed his cock into my pussy, as I would lunge forward onto his dick. I pulled Greg’s cock out of my mouth and said “Switch.” I turned around and took Sam’s dick in my mouth while Greg fucked me from behind. I could tell Greg was getting close from his loud moaning. It didn’t talk long till he grunted that he was cumming. He shot his second load into my pussy as I held Sam’s dick in my mouth. I yelled “switch” again and spun around. Sam pushed his dick into my cum-filled pussy and I took Greg’s softening cock into my mouth. I could taste my pussy juice mixed with his cum. Sam was now about to cum. I was surprised to feel Greg getting hard again; he had already cum twice in my pussy. Sam couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load inside me. Greg was hard again so I said “switch” one more time. Greg happily put his cock back inside my pussy that now had both guys’ cum oozing out. I grabbed Sam’s dick eagerly to taste Greg's cum mixed together with my juice. As Greg pounded me, I could feel my orgasm building. My body started to shake as I came hard with Greg in my pussy and Sam in my mouth. We all collapsed on the floor, all very satisfied.

I looked over at Greg and said, "Too bad Judy missed out on this."

He just smiled and said there is always next time.

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