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Not Big Enough Part 2

Sarah's love of bigger cocks grows
Since the episode at the beach, Sarah kept in contact with Amy and Fiona. They would go drinking as a group to attract men without my knowledge. Amy and Fiona's awesome buoyant cleavages always attracted more men and Sarah became jealous and dissatisfied with her smaller chest.

She arranged for Fiona to come over and talk to me. I'd always been happy with Sarah's breasts and didn't think they needed enhancement. However, Fiona removed her tight t-shirt and bra, approached me as I sat in the armchair, and placed my hands on her pert orbs. She asked me to lower my trousers, allowing Sarah to see me become erect in seconds, before dribbling into my briefs. 'Sarah could make you this excited' she whispered in my ear, her fragrant warmth enchanting me. 'And maybe I'll give you benefits', she said placing my hands around her slender waist. But you need to help Sarah blossom. Fiona stripped fully and held her shaven vagina inches from my trembling, dribbling cock. 'I hope you want to please me too, make me happy baby'. She fingered herself, gently stroking, causing my briefs to receive a second soaking.

In a deluded state of ecstasy, Fiona held me captive while Sarah said a breast augmentation would give her confidence and she knew I had personal savings. I had been considering buying a new car, but Sarah was persistent. Fiona pressed her breasts into my face and I nuzzled my nose in between them as her soft brunette hair tumbled over her nipples. She then got dressed and I got changed, before she drove me to the bank to withdraw 10,000. When I got back, Fiona could sense my reluctance, so again stripped and stroked herself, straddling me, suddenly getting up as soon as I told Sarah where the money was. She got dressed and pocketed 2,000 dollars from Sarah. 'Oh, my 20% commission baby, Sarah knew you'd need persuasion' she smirked, as she got dressed. Nice money for an hour's work, thank you baby'.

Sarah and I visited the clinic and arranged for her breasts to be boosted to 36C. The clinic needed the bill to be paid by credit card, so I had to pay 8,000 dollars while Sarah would repay me the cash I had given her. When we got home she was willing and she gave her body to me as we had what I felt was amazing intercourse, if only scheming by her to take my mind off the money. Sarah became more nervous as the date of the operation grew closer and got too stressed whenever I mentioned the 8,000 cash from my savings. Fiona and Amy visited the house, both wearing sheer blouses to show off the ridiculously expensive underwear they had bought with Fiona's commission. Both girls always got topless at one point so they could get me erect and complain how disloyal I was to Sarah, but soon she'd have breasts like this.

Finally, Sarah went in for her operation. Fiona came around with Amy whilst Sarah was at the clinic and explained she'd be too sore and tender for several weeks, so I would have to go without sex. The girls said they'd offer themselves to me for 200 dollars each if I was interested. I said I didn't have the money and could last a few weeks without sex. 'We'll see' purred Amy as she stroked my cheek on the way out. Two days later, Sarah was out of the clinic but went home with Amy and Fiona. 'She's very tender, but her boobs look beautiful' said Amy on the 'phone. Several weeks went past, but Amy and Fiona said Sarah needed more time to recover. I was going spare with sexual desire.

Amy and Fiona came over to see how I was doing. We were only joking about you paying us, said Fiona, as again she straddled me and let my hqands roam her pert breasts and slender waist. She stripped me off and led me upstairs. I lay naked on the bed whilst Fiona sat on my stomach, topless but with panties on smiling as she sat astride me and holding my hands to her chest. I ejaculated my pent up cum and Fiona sat astride me until my penis went flaccid at last. Amy had been watching, and behind Fiona's back held my penis. All too late I realised what was happening. I struggled but Fiona's strong thighs clamped me while the chastity device was locked on my flaccid penis. 'It's only for Sarah's piece of mind' smiled Amy as she dropped the key down her cleavage. They both pecked me on the cheek and went out of the room.

After a week of agony, Amy came back to unlock me, this time with Sarah. She stripped topless and made me almost explode before asking for 200 to unlock me. Desperately I agreed. Sarah paid Amy from her 8,000 of my savings and Amy released me. Fully erect, Amy sniggered as I desperately jerked off. She waited until I was limp and locked me up again. Sarah said she was still too sore, but she wasn't wearing a bra under her sheer blouse and her breasts looked perfectly healthy.

A week later, Amy, Fiona and Sarah all visited, with Mark and Phil. Restrained in my chastity cage, I saw Mark rip off Sarah's clothes and witnessed her perfect orbs for the first time. But it was only a few seconds until Mark was licking them, then stroking and suckling as he entered her moist lips. Her moist body yielded to him and she cried withecstasy. I was mesmorised by the sight of his thick cock with throbbing veins, pumping long satisfying strokes into Sarah. I was aghast that he wasn't wearing a condom - Sarah had always insisted I did. Meanwhile, Fiona stripped and Phil mounted her roughly, mauling her breasts and ass cheeks with obvious pleasure. She yelled with pleasure. Amy strode over to me, releasing me from my chastity cage. She undressed and brushed her ass cheeks against my little hard cock. I trembled and dribbled.

Amy waited until Sarah had finished, then let Mark's 8 inch, tree trunk cock pleasure her. The same cock that had stretched my Sarah.Sarah quickly put on a bra t-shirt and a thong, then said ' my beautiful little back door boy'. She slid a condom on me and let me penetrate her ass, saying her vagina had a minimum demand of 7 inches. My hands moved up to her breasts, but she firmly pushed them back down. 'Only for the big boys' she whispered.'But I paid for them!' I cried. But you wanted me to be happy - I can have all the thick cocks with these to entice men' 'You don't need enticing, you're happy going up my botty' she laughed. You'll always enjoy that, let the real men own my vagina and my body, you love my ass don't you?'

The following months were fun for Amy, Fiona and Sarah. While they used my savings in weekly 200 instalments (my 'release fee' from my cage) to buy provocative lingerie and nights out to pull well hung males, I was still paying for a boob job that only other men were getting pleasure from....While I was restricted to anal with a condom, Sarah soon became pregnant. She loved the father, a well hung stud called David, but he insisted I pay for the baby. Locked up and owned by Amy and Fiona, I was forced to agree....

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