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Rene Makes a Confession

Rene confesses to her online playmate about her real life affair
Part 1: He wants me

Trevor, I have to tell you a story.

(Those are the first words I read in my email from my cyber friend Rene. She and I have never met, but we have great cyber and phone sex and have become each other’s confidante, sharing nearly every thing with each other, all the way from our innermost fantasies to the birth of our sons, her first and my third, who were born on the same day, about seven months ago. Rene never holds back, and from her first sentence, I knew I was in for a great story.) 

I work with a guy, Jeff, who wants me. He knows what nights I work and what hours, so every night that I am there he calls or comes in to see me. Tuesday night he called and said, “Your voice makes my cock hard, Rene,” which made me quiver all over. So here I am, sitting at my desk with my boss in the very next room and I am wet beyond belief at the thought of Jeff in his car with his cell phone in one hand and his hard throbbing cock in his pants. 

Then he tells me he wants to kiss me and asks me if he can the next time he sees me. He chuckles before giving me time to reply, which is good because I didn’t really know how to answer. 

About fifteen minutes later, he pops into work and the first thing he says is, “God, Rene, you look hot tonight.”

“Thanks,” I say shyly, but also with great confidence. Kind of cocky of me, I guess.

“Have you done something different with your hair?”

“Nope,” I said, although I have brushed it a bit in hopes that he would be coming to see me.

“Nice sweater,” he says. It’s a little green woolen Structure sweater that stops just above the waist of my pants and when I move it rises so you can see my bellybutton and the ring in it.

“Thanks,” I say, “I’m glad you like it.”

“It makes your breasts look fuller and more enticing than usual.”

I can’t help but wonder where is this going.

He says, “Where is your husband tonight?”

“Billy’s at home,” I say, “With our son.”

He says, “So you don’t really like Billy all that much, do you?” and smiles while he is saying it.

“Oh yes, I do, sometimes I think I even love the man.” Of course I do.

“Oh, too bad,” and then he says, “Well good seeing you, Rene. Hope to see you soon.”

He had me so turned on from our phone conversation that if he would have made a move I would have gone right along. Too bad for him that he wimped out. He is older than me, probably five years or so, maybe 35-ish and fairly good looking, not “Trevor in a black tie” good looking, but nevertheless he is quite fuckable.

(Reading that makes me smile. She is talking about a picture I sent her of my wife and me at a black tie affair and how aroused it made her seeing me. In fact, she built a whole phone sex story around that picture and my cock twitches every time I look at the picture on my wife’s dresser. I have to wait two days to hear what happened next.)

Part 2: We have snow this morning.

Yuck. Actually, though, it’s the pretty kind, white and fluffy, but still, yuck.

Jeff has a huge cock. (Again, she jumped right in and I knew this would be worth the wait.)

He came to see me again last night after talking with me on the phone. As usual he had me describe to him what I was wearing. He told me his cock was hard before he even dialed my number, but when I told him I wasn’t wearing panties under my black pants, he told me his cock jumped. I laughed and said, “Good.”

He asked, "Why that was good?"

“Because I like making you hard, Jeff. I love knowing what I do to you and I like picturing you behind the wheel of your car all uncomfortable and with a big hard on.”

“You got that right,” he said.

“Got what right?”

“The big part,” he said.

“Oh yeah? How big?” I asked.

“Wanna see just how big you make me, devil woman?”

Before I could stop myself, the words were out of my mouth, “I’d love too.”

“Be there in less than five minutes.”

Five minutes seemed like five hours. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I was so fucking nervous, but much too excited to worry. While I waited for him, I put on some lipstick and fixed my hair, then I straightened my clothes. I was actually dying to take my clothes off, but, well you know, I didn’t.

I heard the elevator ding and then heard him walking towards my desk. I didn’t look up, me playing hard to get.

He said, “Stand up, Rene.” And I did.

“Prove you're not wearing any panties,” moving closer and closer as he talked.


“Show me,” he commanded.

“Uh no, you have something to show me, remember?” I answered with both quivering voice and body.

“Stop teasing and show me, you little devil woman,” grinning as he spoke.

“You started it, Jeff.”

(Her next line kills me: I’m sorry Trevor, but I need to get myself and my son ready to go see my parents in the morning. I will write more as soon as I can, I promise, but in the mean time, please wait for me. 

PS: No mail please, darling. XO, Rene

She thinks her husband is on to us and she is trying to behave.)

Part 3: Bad girl

Basically, my bad girl side gave in. I know, uh oh.

I let him put his hands down my pants to feel that I was wearing no panties. He felt my bare ass and I loved it. He moved his hands around to my front, feeling my smooth pussy and then he moaned, which only excited me more. At that point we kissed, hard and fast and with tongues, but not a long kiss. It was short and to the point.

He felt my wet cunt with the palm of his hands and then it was my turn to moan. I let him slide his finger inside me. All the time this is happening I kept thinking, “Okay, enough now, that’s far enough now," but God, it felt so good.

He fingered my pussy with one hand while I leaned against my desk and with his other hand he reached under my shirt, pushed up my bra up, and played with my boobies. Oh God, my nipples were extremely sensitive and I almost came. I hate to admit it, but at this point, I couldn’t stop, nor did I want to. I know, Trevor, very bad.

He pulled my pants down and I still cant believe I let him. He moved away and looked at me as I stood there with my back against my desk. My shirt pulled up, my boobies exposed and my nipples hard and pointing at him. My pants were around my ankles and he was fucking me with his eyes. I watched him and loved it as he did.

That’s when he unfastened his pants and pulled out his huge hard cock. Oh my God. All I could get out of my mouth at first was a gasp. I knew I was staring at it and couldn’t help it. “Oh my, Jeff, you were right, that is a big cock.”

(Screen fades to black. She is killing me with the suspense.

Continued later. My darling Trevor. Hubby just got home, sorry! You know I am trying so hard to get this all out, the longer I wait to tell someone, the crazier I get. XO)

Part 4: The climax

(Four days later, there is mail for me from Rene. At last.)

Trevor, I’m sorry for the delay. Am I driving you crazy? I have been dying to finish telling you about Jeff and me, but Billy has been around all week, what with the Christmas holidays upon us.

It seems so wrong to feel so good about it. I can’t help but think about it night and day. I don’t feel guilty. Well, actually, I think I feel guilty for not feeling guilty. Make sense, darling? I am sure it will hit me later, though and I will deal with it then, but for right now, I love thinking about Jeff and his cock. I can’t believe I fucked him. Oh, Trevor, it felt so good. It was infuckingcredible.

You understand why it happened, right? I mean if you saw the size of that cock you would see what came over me. I had to, that’s just all there is to it.

I feel like I have to make you understand just how caught up I was in the moment. I left my house that day for work, after talking with you and cumming for you again and again. I was not wearing panties and my cunt still wet and sticky from my own cum. I was feeling weak from the effects of being with you and my urge to fuck was still so strong. Trevor, I promise you that I did not leave for work looking for trouble. I truly did not think this would ever go so far. It was just a fantasy and things happened fast.

He stood and looked at me. I was half naked, breathing heavily, ready and wanting, no needing, to fuck. I wanted it to happen, so it happened, plain and simple.

I reached for his huge cock (Trevor, I actually reached for him, I can’t believe it.) It is long, so fucking long, and thick, more than I have ever seen before. I was barely able to wrap my fingers completely around him.

It made me grin from ear to ear and quiver from my head to my fucking toes.

"What the hell," I said to myself. I was almost naked anyway. My cunt was soaked, the insides of my thighs were wet and I leaned back slowly onto one elbow. I spread my legs apart while pulling him to me by his long hard cock and guided him to my desperately waiting pussy. His fat cock stretched my cunt wide apart. I have never felt so full in my life.

He whispered things like, “Oh, Rene, your pussy looks great wrapped around my cock. Look at my cock snake in and out of your tight pussy. God, you have a beautiful pussy, Rene. You feel incredible. I have wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

He made me cum twice before he pulled his beautiful cock out of my pussy and came all over my belly and my boobies, too.

I need to go. Bye for now, lover. XO,

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