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Retirement 3

Maureen promised me anything...
Thank you to all the editors who helped with the story!!

It was about 4:30 when Chris left. Maureen and I took a shower. I told her, ‘Remember, you promised me anything.’

She replied, ‘I know.’

I told her to go home and put on something sexy. We were going to dinner. I told her to wear a revealing blouse, a short skirt but not slutty. I wanted her to wear garters with no underwear. I told her I wanted it short enough that when she bent over she flashed someone.

She returned about two hours later. She had on a white low cut blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. You could see her nipples through the material. She had a short black skirt with stockings and a garter belt. I told her to turn around and bend over. She spread her legs a little and bent at her waist. Her pussy was available for anyone to see. I ran my finger down her ass and into her pussy. She pushed back against my hand and when I removed my finger it was wet with her juices. I stuck it in her mouth and she sucked my finger clean.

We got into the car and went to the restaurant. The waiter was a boy about 21, tall and well-built. He had brown hair and green eyes. I saw him checking out Maureen as we entered. After seating us he handed us our menus. He couldn’t take his eyes from Maureen’s tits. While we were looking at the menu I asked her what she thought of our waiter. She said he was cute and his slacks were tight around his crotch. I told her I was going to go to the bathroom and I wanted her to have his phone number when I got back.

As I left the waiter approached our table. He asked Maureen if we had decided on anything yet. Maureen leaned in a little letting her blouse fall away and show her tits. He tried not to be too obvious looking down her blouse. Her nipples stuck out like erasers. The waiter began shifting on his feet trying to hide his growing erection.

Maureen shifted position in her seat and accidentally knocked her silver wear onto the floor. She spread her legs and leaned over to pick it up. At the same time the waiter bent down on one knee. He got a full view of her tits; she then sat upright and he had a perfect view of her wet pussy. He stayed in that position while picking up the silverware and never took his eyes from her dripping cunt. She whispered to him, ‘Do you like the view?’

He stammered a little and she asked again. He replied, ‘Yes, it looks great’. He stood up and placed his hand towel in front of his crotch. She looked at his crotch then asked him if that was for her. He apologized. She just smiled at him. She asked if he wanted her to take care of that for him. She told him to write his number down and she would call him sometime.

When I returned she showed me the number. I put it in my pocket. The waiter was attentive to her all evening. He filled her water glass several times. Each time she would flash her tits to him. As we left the restaurant she brushed her hand in front of him and gave his cock a squeeze. She told me he felt large.

We went to the bar in my hotel for a few drinks. Maureen was the center of attention. There were a few couples and a handful of men, probably salespeople. We sat at the bar for a while and after flashing some of the patrons we went back to my room.

I told Maureen while she went home to get ready I went shopping for her. I showed her several spreader bars, a dog collar and a blindfold. ‘Oh my god,’ she said, ‘No one has ever tied me up before, I’m so excited.’ I told her to strip but leave on the garter and heels. I attached one bar to her ankles, spreading her feet wide. I told her to spread her knees as far apart as she could, and secured a bar to them. I had her sit on the bed and attached the other to her wrists.

Her legs were so far apart her pussy was gaping and her wetness was beginning to leak out of her. I had her kneel on the floor and attached another from each of her knees to her wrists. She was on the floor on all fours and could hardly move. I put the collar around her neck and attached a small chain to the clasp and pulled her head down to the bar separating her wrists. Her head was on the floor and her ass was high in the air. Her pussy was wide open and her juices were flowing and dripping from her clit.

She told me she was shaking she was so horny. I put the blindfold on her and reminded her she said she would do anything. She said, ‘I know, fuck me already.’

I knelt behind her and licked her gaping hole. She started to moan as I put two fingers in and began to finger fuck her. I put my fingers into her mouth and she greedily sucked them clean. I told her I forgot something and would be right back. She pleaded with me not to leave her like that. I smacked her ass and told her I shouldn’t be long.

I returned to the bar. I sat down and ordered a drink. There were only a handful of people left, mostly salespeople telling stories. An older black man about 60 approached the bar and sat down. He was about 6’ and had a small gut from too much time on the road. He nodded hello and said, ‘My name is Stan.’

I said, ‘Hello, I’m James.’

He said, ‘Where is your wife?’

I told him, 'I have her tied up upstairs.'

He laughed and said, ‘Where is she?’

I told him again, ‘She tied up upstairs waiting for me.’

‘Bullshit,’ he said.

‘Do you want to see?’ I asked.

He said, 'Yeah, I would love to see.' We went upstairs but before we entered the room I told him to be quiet and don’t make any noise. We entered and he saw Maureen from behind. Her pussy and ass were wide open. Her head was resting on the floor and her ass high in the air. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping on the floor beneath her.

She said, 'I’m so horny just thinking about what you’re going to do to me. You took so long, please fuck me.'

I told her, ‘Oh you’re getting fucked all right.' I told her I invited a friend back with me.

She said, ‘No, please don’t tease me like that.' Meanwhile Stan was rubbing the front of his pants and I could see an enormous bulge. He couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy. It was so wet.

I told Stan to say hello. He said, ‘Hello.’

She gasped and said, ‘Noooo!’

I reminded her, "You said ‘anything'.’

‘I know,’ she said, 'but this?'

I told her Stan had a big black cock. She said, ‘Oh, my god, how big? Take off the blindfold I want to see.'

Stan told her it was 9 inches and fat. I released the chain holding her head on the floor as Stan stripped. His cock was huge! I placed a chair in front of her and Stan sat in it. He took his cock and placed the head near her mouth. She put the head into her mouth and pulled away. ‘It’s so big,’ she said.

Stan grabbed her hair and guided her head down on his cock. He put the first three inches into her mouth and she gagged. Stan didn’t let her up; the saliva began running down his cock onto his balls. She picked up her head and put half into her throat. Her saliva covered his cock. I massaged her soaking wet pussy and stuck my fingers into her ass trying to spread it wide.

Maureen told him she wanted to feel it in her pussy. I pulled the chain so her head was back on the floor. He kneeled behind her and placed the head to her opening. He rubbed his cock through her slit coating it with her juices. She moaned as he pushed the head in. She was biting her lower lip as he forced half of his cock in.

‘Oh my god,’ she cried, ‘it hurts.'

His cock stretched her pussy. He pulled it out and slammed it back into her pussy. She cried, ‘Oh, fuck me.’ He began driving his cock into her pussy. She started to moan loud. She screamed, ‘I’m cumming.’ She came for a full minute. Stan didn’t stop; he continued to pump her until she had several more orgasms.

He told her he was getting close. 'Do you want it in your pussy or your mouth?'

'In my pussy,' she told him. As he came she had another orgasm and you could see the combined mixture squeezing out from between them.

He pulled out of her and a mixture of cum poured onto the floor. Cum coated his cock. He moved in front of her. He released the chain holding her head to the floor and sat in front of her. She greedily started licking it. Cleaning all the cum from his cock. I got behind her and put my cock into her soaking pussy. I lubed up my cock and put the tip of it at her asshole. She moaned as she started sucking on Stan’s cock.

She pushed back as I pushed the head of my cock past her opening. She groaned as she swallowed Stan’s cock. Stan climbed under her and started to lick the cum leaking out of her cunt. Maureen was still sucking his cock as it started to get hard again. I told Stan to switch positions with me. Maureen cried, ‘No he’ll rip me apart.' I pulled my cock out of her ass and moved to the front of her. Stan put the head near the opening on her asshole and dribbled spit onto the head of his cock.

I removed the bar restraints from her arms and I removed the blindfold. She placed her head on the floor and reached behind her spreading her ass wider. She watched as Stan pushed the head in. She pushed back. A guttural moan escaped her as Stan continued pushing his cock in. I climbed in front of her and she grabbed my cock with two hands and shoved it into her throat. My cock was wet with her saliva as she sucked on the tip, jerking it off with one hand. She put her thumb into my ass as I held her head. My cock was in her throat. I started to cum. She choked on my cum but didn’t remove her head as my cum and her saliva dripped down my balls.

Stan told her he was going to cum in her ass as he was slamming her sore asshole. She was almost crying when he came. He left his cock in her ass until he went soft. He pulled out and his cum flowed down to her pussy. He leaned in and began licking and sucking her ass while he played with her clit. She began to cum again as she collapsed on the floor.

I asked her if she was all right. She told me she would have trouble walking. She said, 'Next time I’m in charge!'

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