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Ron's Surprise Touch

Syl Invites Ron's Surprise Public Touch
I live in west Michigan near the Lake Michigan shore. My husband Ron, like all of his family, is a recreational sailor. In the summers, he participates in the weekly Wednesday evening sailboat races on Lake Michigan. I had invited my special girlfriend Erin to have a mid-evening dinner with me, one of those evenings, at the restaurant which overlooks the marina. There we would wait to meet Ron after the races had finished. Because parking is sparse there, I had asked that she meet me at my home and we would drive there together in my car.

I was home from work only a short while, and was still changing my clothes, when Erin arrived. So, I greeted her at the front door wearing only my robe and my wedding ring. I ushered her in, closed and locked the door, hugged and kissed her. She was nicely dressed, and I smiled and told her, "You look lovely!”

Laughingly, she replied, "So do you, Syl. Just the way I like to see you!"

"And I love to see you naked too!" I replied, as I playfully hugged her again but also reached behind and unzipped her dress. She let it fall from her shoulders to the floor and stepped free of it. I helped her step out of her panty too. She pushed my robe off my shoulders and it too fell to the floor.

I continued, "We have a little time. We won't be meeting Ron until dusk. Shall we?"

She smiled and nodded her head. Both naked, we took each other's hand and walked to the sofa; where we laid down side-by-side cuddling, kissing, and caressing. After several minutes, when I was beginning to feel quite aroused, Erin twisted around and laid her head on my inner thigh. I did the same onto her, and we leisurely licked each other to an orgasm. I so enjoyed pleasuring her and tasting her affection for me. After cleaning up, we dressed.

I had earlier suggested to Erin that she dress stylishly, but comfortably, because this is a fancy restaurant, although in a resort area. Erin is a tiny (30A) very fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde, who often wears a no bra. She had chosen a powder-blue, fit-and-flared, cap-sleeved, boat-necked dress and black low heeled shoes. She looked wonderful; the blue color of the dress enhanced her eyes. Under the dress she wore only bold royal blue bikini panty. I put on a beige mid-thigh pleated skirt with black bikini panty and a sleeveless cranberry pullover blouse. This blouse is loose fitting, and falls across my breasts like drapes. Since Erin was braless, I choose to go braless too, even though I am a little larger (32B) than her. I put on dark brown low heeled shoes.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated at a table next to large picture windows overlooking the marina. We were relaxed and looking forward to a good evening of dinner and chit-chat, but I had also set myself up for an adventure by what I had told Ron earlier and then explained to Erin over dinner. It was a surprisingly bold ploy for me. It bordered on exhibitionism. I was anxious and excited to see how it might play out. I hoped it would be playful and not too frightening or embarrassing.

During dinner I casually told Erin, "Ron is feeling insecure in our marriage because of my loving friendship with you. So I invited him, when he comes to meet us tonight, to touch me publicly in front of you, in whatever way he wishes to reassure himself that I am his. I told him that I would not reject his touch. I don’t know what he will do. I want you to understand why this is happening. It’s not about you. It’s about him, about him testing me, and about me reassuring him." His insecurity was a fib, but plausible to Erin.

She inquired, “What kind of touch?"

"I don't know. It will be a surprise. It's up to him. It's whatever he needs to do to be assured."

"Oh my god, you set no boundaries, he might do anything."

"Yes, I know, but it’s about me showing trust and reassuring him that I belong to him, even in your presence."

"I wonder what will happen."

“I don't know, and I am getting a little frightened as the time gets nearer."

Erin reassured me, "Oh, he will probably only subtly caress you, in a way that I can see it."

"Maybe, but I really don't know; and I have been imagining and starting to worry."

Earlier that day, I had told Ron something similar but a little different: "Tonight when you greet us at the restaurant, in front of Erin, I ask you to touch me in such a way to make it clear to her that I am primarily your wife, and only secondarily her lover. It’s you that I want to raise children with. Touch me and claim me, so she can see that. Touch me however you think is appropriate. I trust you. Whatever you do, I will not reject your touch. Think about it as your race. I will be waiting for you, with her, in the restaurant."

After we finished dinner, we continued to sit at the table overlooking the marina and sipped wine. As the sky began to darken, we could begin to see the reflection of ourselves and the rest of the restaurant behind us in the large picture windows. I knew Ron would be arriving soon.

What in the world had I done? Why had I done this? What would he do? Would I be able to keep my word and accept his surprise touch? Somehow, I had felt compelled to set up this show in front of Erin, and others. I was anxious and nervous; my tummy was churning. But, I was also excited with anticipation. My panty was getting moist.

Then he arrived.

He stealthily came up from behind me and without saying a word, bent down and kissed me on the back of my neck. As he did, his hands reached around me and cupped my breasts and his thumbs flicked across my nipples. I gasped in surprise and caught my breath. Erin’s eyes widened, and she smiled at me.

He whispered in my ear, "I love you, Syl. You are mine and I am yours. Stay still and enjoy my loving touch." In a moment, it was through.

He released my breasts and spoke a greeting to Erin. But as he did so, he slipped his hands along the front of my shoulders, in through the arm-openings of my blouse and down onto my breasts inside my blouse. As he started a conversation with Erin, he rolled my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, while caressing the underside of my breasts with his remaining fingers.

Speaking to Erin, but not to me, he said, "Isn't my wife pretty and sexy? It’s no wonder you love her too. Her perky breasts are so nicely shaped, and her nipples so very sensitive. But then, you know that. They have swelled at my touch. Listen to her soft moans. My touch is arousing her. Her pussy is preparing for me. Can you smell her scent of arousal yet?”

I was surprised and aroused and enjoyed his attention, but fearful of who might be noticing. I could see our reflection in the windows so knew others could too. I saw some people starting to look our way and whisper among themselves. Was Ron noticing that too? When would he stop? I was glad Erin's position blocked the direct view of some.

As he continued, I got more excited. I slid my tush forward bringing my pussy just off the front edge of the chair. Taking on a life of their own, my hands slipped under the table. The left hoisted my skirt. The right slipped inside my panty. The heel of my palm pressed on my mound. My fingers curved onto my pussy. My middle finger parted my lips and moistened itself. Then it curled up under my hood and diddled my clit in rhythm to Ron playing my nipples. I no longer cared who saw.

Ron continued to casually converse with Erin. “Shall I continue until she orgasms? I am sure you realize that she is getting close.”

She was staring at me, and was struggling to speak in reply to him. This continued for what seemed to be an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes. “But, I chose to not embarrass her like that.” And with a final pinch and tug of my nipples, Ron stopped. I hadn’t yet come. He pulled his hands out and placed them on my shoulders.

Again he kissed the back of my neck, and whispered into my ear, "Syl, I love you and know you love me. Thanks for letting Erin see your trusting love. Now go to the ladies' room and clean up. Please throw your panty away and come back to me panty-less." Then he took me by the elbow and helped me to my feet. My legs were quivering as I stood. My face was warm and flushed. My heart and mind were filled with a confusing jumble of feelings.

Erin accompanied me as I unsteadily walked from the table. Silently, we walked back through the restaurant, out past the hostess and across the lobby to the ladies' room. As we passed others, some looked at me and smiled, others frowned; fortunately, many were obliviously indifferent to me. Seeing their looks, knowing what they might have seen, I blushed and felt embarrassed, but not to the point of shame.

Arriving at the ladies' room, I was initially speechless. Erin began muttering, "Oh my god, oh my god..." As I calmed, we began to discuss what had just happened, which helped me sort out my confused emotions. We were both amazed at the boldness of what Ron had done. I said that I was pleased that I had been able to keep my word and didn’t reject him. I was surprised that I had nearly let myself orgasm right there in public. If he had continued much longer, I probably would have. My hubby had knowingly played me right up to the edge, and I had let him, even encouraged him, and had enjoyed him doing it.

Then, I told Erin that I needed to remove my panty as Ron had asked. She knelt, reached up my skirt and pulled it down. I stepped free of it. She teased me by bringing it to her face and inhaling my aroused scent. When she lowered it, I took it from her, and went to hide it in the trash can. She intervened saying it was too nice to throw away and that I should put it in her purse. So, I gave it to her. I splashed cool water onto my face, washed my pussy, and washed my hands. Then I was ready to return. Erin said that if I was going to return panty-less, so would she. So, I reached up her dress and pulled her panty down. Again, I helped her step free of it. I put her panty into my purse. We hugged and kissed, then left the ladies' room.

Walking back, I was more confident, invigorated that I had persevered in my desire to offer myself to my hubby's public touch. We found Ron sitting at our table. He smiled and stood to greet us. He took me in his arms, hugged me tightly, and kissed me. Then, as he held me, he turned us around so that my back was to the picture windows and his body blocked the direct view of me from the others in the restaurant. He lifted the back of my skirt and caressed both of my bare tushy cheeks with his palms. Erin told me later that she could clearly see the reflection in the window of what he was doing.

Having confirmed my panty was off, Ron was then ready to leave. He had already paid our bill while we were in the ladies' room. We walked to the parking lot; I walked hand-in-hand between my two lovers, Ron on my left, Erin on my right. He insisted we girls were both too buzzed from the wine to drive my car home. So we all got into the front seat of his truck, with me in the middle. As we drove he slipped his right hand under my skirt, onto the inside of my left thigh, sliding high until his pinky finger was flicking my lips. This brought me into the bliss of low arousal. It felt so good that I did the same to Erin.

When we got to our home, Ron insisted that Erin shouldn't drive and that she should stay the night at our home, although she had never stayed overnight before. He wished her good night, encouraged me to come along to bed soon, and went into our bedroom. I set her up in the guest room next door. I offered her one of my sleep shirts but she declined saying she would sleep nude. So instead, I loaned her my robe in case she wanted to come out to the bathroom. I hugged and kissed her goodnight. Just before leaving her, I knelt before her, slipped my face up her dress, and symbolically kissed her bare mound.

Then I joined Ron in our bedroom. I found him waiting and preparing for me, lying back on our bed naked, and gently stroking his stiffness. Immediately, without even taking off either my skirt or my blouse, I climbed up on our bed and cowgirled with him until I was satiated. I didn’t care if Erin heard us. Then I fell asleep for a few hours until awoken by the moans of orgasm coming from the guest room. I smiled, pleased Erin was happy, and fell back asleep.

Thursday was a work day for Ron and me, but not for Erin. She slept in as we prepared for the day. Ron needed to be off early and departed first. I had another cup of coffee, wondering whether Erin would awaken before I needed to leave. She didn't. So, I took her panty from my purse and hung it on the knob of the guest room door where she could find it, and I departed out the front door.

Dang! I saw Erin's car parked there and realized mine was still at the marina. What should I do? Awaken Erin and ask her to drive me to work? Phone Ron to come back and bring me to work? Call another friend? Call a taxi? Call to work sick? I debated with myself for a moment, and then smiled when I decided.

I went back inside. Called my work and left a message that I had urgent personal business.

I got undressed. Naked. Crawled back into bed. The guest room bed.


This is my first story. Your helpful comments would be appreciated.

This story is a reminiscence of last summer. Some Lush chat friends had asked to hear more about it, so this was written primarily to them. My intent was to narrate what happened; and to describe my feelings about it. It is mostly true, but slightly embellished with just a little what-might-have-been fantasy.

When this happened, I was twenty-eight years old and had been married to Ron for just over three years. I am happily married and love my husband deeply. I look forward to raising a family with him. The year before, just a few weeks after our second wedding anniversary, I had been introduced to Erin. We became friends easily and then soon lovers. She is my first and only ladylove. It’s hard to explain in words, but I feel monogamous to Ron yet also monogamous to Erin. Ron likes Erin, as does almost everybody who knows her. He accepts my emergent bisexuality. I am blessed by that.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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