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Shawna Seduces

Wife enjoys oppurtunity to play with two young guys
After discussing our lifestyle activities and changes over the past several years, we had grown to a new level of communication and trust. 

One night after work, Shawna was going through her usual taxi cab routine, taking Scott and Keith home from work. She all of a sudden realized that she had the only key to the house that we had at the time, and wanted to get home to at least let me in before taking her 'boys' home. They were fine with it, as they had nowhere to really be, so they all headed back to the house.

Once there, Shawna invited them in so Keith could use the bathroom and Scott could check out our pet snake. I had called Shawna, letting her know I was gonna be a couple hours late, as we were having some issues at work. She told me she was at the house with Keith and Scott, and I jokingly told her, "Try not to wear em out too bad."She just laughed it off and we hung up. This little comment made her turn around and look at the two young guys there and wonder. She started feeling a moisture building between her legs, and decided to see if this could even be a possibility.

She told the other two that she didn't need to rush home after all, as I wasn't gonna be home for at least three hours, and asked if they wanted something to eat or drink. They both asked if she had any beer, or something a little stronger.

She led them into the kitchen, and showed them where the liquor was. She said for them to make her a drink, she was going to run upstairs and get out of her work clothes. She changed into her tight little shorts, and zip up sweatshirt, and began to head downstairs.

Once down there, Keith handed her a shot glass of something and a glass filled with something fruity. He had a surprised look on his face, seeing her in the shorts. "Wow, I've never seen you in anything but work wear. Those shorts are NICE!!"

She downed the shot, surprised at how smoothly it went down, and how smoothly Keith delivered his compliment, then took a sip of her drink.

Scott looked out and saw the hot tub and asked if it was on. Shawna said, "Yeah", and offered to open it up if they wanted to sit in it for a bit. They both said they were in no hurry and had nothing to go home to and it just sounded like a damn good idea. Then they stammered about not having bathing suits. She said that it was dark enough in there that they could sit in the buff and no parts would be exposed. She would get in first, just for comfort's sake and then they could strip down and get in.

Shawna walked out to the cabana, dropped her shorts, which were damn near soaked from the thoughts running through her head. Still not really realizing that it might be possible, she took off her sweatshirt, brought her towel to the far side of the tub and climbed in.

The water was high and the darkness pretty much covered her completely, except for just the tops of her boobs. She called out for Keith and Scott to come on in and before she got the sentence completely out, they were walking in. Now, there was enough light to make out that these two were already a little excited. Ahhhh, youth.

They climbed in and picked spots on either side of her. Both of their legs grazed hers as they got in and it sent shivers up her spine. It seemed to spark a fire in both of them too, as they both stopped and looked at Shawna, seeing if it was okay. She looked at them and said, "Relax, it's a leg. We're all adults, it's not a big deal, unless that wasn't your legs?" Everyone laughed and they sat down next to her. They kept their legs there though, letting the jets sort of move them back and forth, caressing her legs.

Shawna was now realizing that this could be a real possibility and her nipples got even harder. Sort of mildly drifting in erotic thought, semi engaging in their conversation, she let her hands fall down by her sides. Without even realizing where they were floating down to, her hands landed on each of their legs.

One hand was on Keith's and she could tell it was probably a bit higher than expected, but was distracted by her other hand that seemed to land in the same area of Scott's leg, but something was just a little different. It only took a second before she realized it was was his cock. Not wanting to make a big deal out of it, she just left it there for a second and kept talking like normal.

It jerked almost immediately and she began to stammer a little, trying to keep a normal conversation. She felt both of their hands slide onto her leg, but Scott being a little more forward, and brave, (due to her hand actually laying on his cock) began rubbing her inner thigh, getting close to her pussy then moving away again.

She tried to then close her hand around his cock and started sliding it up and down, slowly taking in its size. "DAMN THATS BIG!!" she accidently blurted out.

They both looked at her, and she decided to stop trying to be subtle about it. "So, this seems to be a particularly delicate situation. Can we all be mature and discrete?"

They both said that they respected and liked her enough that they would never repeat a thing, but wanted to know what I was going to do and if she was going to tell me. She said of course and that I was fine with it, but assured them that if it ever left the house, I would commit unspeakable atrocities upon them.

They both nodded as her hand then reached for Keith's cock as well. They leaned into her, with Keith leaning in to kiss her and Scott taking a nipple between his lips. The thought of the whole situation had her beginning to flow and the lips upon her just made her shutter.

Shawna decided to sit up on the edge of the tub, as the water was not allowing her juices to remain on her pussy. This was much to the delight of both the guys, because Keith stood up, cock standing up tall, and brought it closer to her face. This was the first time she got a good look at it, and it made her pussy even wetter. Which was just in time, because as soon as her pussy made that tiny gush, Scott applied his tongue to the bottom of her lips and ran it straight up.

She was enjoying the one in her mouth, running her tongue all over its hardness while a tongue was running a very skilled pattern on her pussy. She was moaning all around the cock in her mouth, doing her best to concentrate on it, but Scott's tongue was doing a number to her.

She swallowed down Keith's cock, trying to take as much as she could. It was just too thick, and was stretching her mouth, not quite to the point of pain, but definitely filling it up. Scott hit her clit with his tongue, and it cause her to swallow hard on Keith's cock. Feeling that, he started to slip in the tub, and had to catch himself from falling over. At that point, everyone decided to maybe take this in the house.

Not wanting to go all the way upstairs, Shawna went over to the couch, and sat down on the edge, leaning back onto the back of the couch. Keith took the lead, and dove right between Shawna's legs. Scott walked up to the other side of her, kneeled on the couch, and brought his cock to her mouth.

Now a 6'4", muscular 21 year old is bound to be swinging some meat, but Shawna was not prepared for what this kid brought to the table. It had to be 12 inches long, and almost as big as her wrist. Shawna's first thought was "Get that fucking thing away from me", but halfway through the thought Keith slid his fingers in her pussy, causing her to instinctively slide her mouth on that cock.

Damn that thing was huge. Trying to work on the huge cock, while her pussy was being fingered and her clit licked, she didn't notice the door open as I walked in. We had resolved our issue rather quickly, but I decided not to call, just in case she was getting lucky.

Hearing the moans as I approached the step, I knew something was actually going on. I came in quietly and was able to sneak through the kitchen, into the computer room where the camera was. I stripped all my clothes off except my underwear, grabbed the camera and walked in the other side of the living room.

I had a clear shot of all three of them, as they started to gyrate in unison. Shawna was moaning and was just getting ready to say something when she opened her eyes and noticed me standing there.

After a momentary look of shock, she smiled, leaned back and continued trying to work on Scott's monstrosity. I just stood back for a few minutes, watching the scene in front of me, as my cock was beginning to throb. I'm no slouch in the size department, but this kid was huge!! I was excited to see if she was going be able to take him in her pussy. She is rather small and very tight in that area. I just hope he had a little finesse.

The two guys practically had heart attacks when the camera went off behind them. They both just froze. Shawna pulled the cock out of her mouth and yelled at them, "Hey, over here. It's ME getting fucked right now, get back to it!"

After a few seconds of nervous laughter, Keith proceeded to slide his tongue in circles around Shawna's clit, and she engulfed Scott's cock another three or four inches. I started snapping pics. I've never seen her with a cock this big, and the job she was doing on it was majorly impressive.

I looked down, and my cock was just straining to be released. I reached in the little hidden drawer on the couch, and pulled out a couple packs of condoms. Tossing one to Keith, he quickly got the hint. Without removing his tongue from Shawna's pussy, which was looking just awesome by the way, he slid the condom on to his cock, which though was not as long as Scott's, definitely had girth.

Barely missing a beat, he removed his tongue, and replaced it with the tip of his cock. I saw her eyes pop open, as she realized it was a cock about to enter her extremely wet pussy. He began to push in, firmly but gently, and I could see the look on Shawna's face was that of pure heaven. She was sucking and pumping on Scott's cock so fast, I KNEW he wasn't gonna last much longer.

Sure enough, as soon as Keith got his cock about 3/4 of the way in, Shawna let out a really loud moan while she was coming, and that was all Scott could take. Hell, it was almost all I could take, and I hadn't even touched my cock yet. Scott started coming, and she pulled him in closer, taking his cum down her throat.

Scott pulled back out, and almost fell backwards on the couch, sitting down. Hmmm, I saw an opening, so I figured I'd see if by chance, another cock would be desirable. She looked up in my eyes, mouthed "I Love You", and engulfed my cock in one gulp, all the way down to the balls.

Had I been a lesser man, (my only chance to brag, since these two were sporting monster cocks in comparison), I would have come immediately. Her mouth felt so damn good, I could have stayed there for a LONG time. But as Keith slid the rest of his cock into her, slowly but firmly, she let out a gasp that forced my cock out of her mouth.

I sat back for a second, noticing Scott sitting in the other chair, watching and stroking his cock back to life. We watched Keith, as Shawna wrapped her legs around him, and begin to pump his cock in and out of her. Her eyes were wide as dinner plates, and I could see the juices running down his balls.

I'm not sure at this point if it was his tempo that increased, or her thrusting up to meet him that went up. Either way, Keith announced that at that pace, with the way she was squeezing his cock with her pussy, he was going to have no choice but to blow.

This was just like waving the red flag in front of the bull. Shawna started bucking her hips up, and meeting his thrusts, as I saw him tighten up, pull out, rip the condom off, and spray a huge load all over Shawna's tits, stomach and pussy. After a minute, I looked at em all, asked if they were having fun, and suggested that we take this upstairs to the bedroom, where we could give her some proper attention.

Shawna just smiled, and began running up the stairs.

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