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Surprise Ending

Written By Justlookin4fun99

December 12.2011


I was well aware of her striking features from the first day I saw her. They moved in next door to me in a quiet urban neighborhood not far from the largest lake in the area.

I introduced myself to them and helped move some of the larger items in place in their new home. After we finished we sat and got acquainted over cold beers. His name was Adam and hers was Sheila, I introduced myself as Tom and welcomed them to the neighborhood.

I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help but notice the way she smiled and flirted with me as we moved things into place. I put it aside figuring it was merely my own lack of companionship making me think that way. She was about 5 foot 9 dark hair and what looked to be a c cup. Her smile was the kind that make men tremble inside, oozing sensuality and yet aloof.

Returning home I began to take care of the chores that we all need to attend to when I noticed her looking out the window and smiling. She had changed clothes and was wearing a Tank Top and clearly nothing under it as her nipples showed easily thru the thin cloth and were very erect. I smiled and went back to the tree trimming I was doing at the time.

I had a very hard time concentrating on the job in front of me. Her standing in the window that way and her incredible way of smiling at me was causing me to think things I knew I should not be. I had barely met her and her husband; they both seem like the type of neighbors everyone wants to keep on good terms with.

The next day was a Saturday; I was taking it easy relaxing when my door bell rang. When I answered, it was Adam. I invited him in and offered him a cold beer which he accepted. We sat and drank for a bit and talked. He was a businessman and as such worked long hours and sometimes had to be out of town over night.

He asked that since they knew very little about the area and no other people but me so far, if I would mind keeping an eye on Sheila and his place while he was gone for a couple nights this next week. I told him I did not see a problem with anyone bothering their home and if Sheila needed a hand to feel free to call me. Thanking me he left. After he went I found myself thinking it seemed a bit odd that, having just met me, he would ask that of me, and that he would leave his wife alone so quickly. Well, not my business for sure and so I thought no more about it.

Late the next afternoon my phone rang it was Sheila, she had gone shopping and locked herself out of her car and Adam had already left for his trip out of town She asked if I could come get her and take her to her house where she had another set of keys, I agreed and got directions to her and told her I would be there shortly. As I got in my car I started thinking about Sheila standing in the window and what an incredible turn on that had been, but yet still not sure if it was anything more than an accident. I knew one thing for sure, accident or not, it certainly was the best part of the day for me.

I drove to where she had said she was at and, sitting on the hood looking a little forlorn but incredibly hot in a white body suit and incredibly short shorts, was Sheila. She jumped down and greeted me with a huge hug telling me how much she appreciated this and how upset Adam would have been at her. It seems she had done this a few times and he did not like having to rescue her while he was at work, I assured her it was no problem and it would be our secret. I watched her slide into the seat beside me; I also noticed that again she was not wearing a bra as her nipples now stood out thru her outfit like two rail road spikes.

Trying not to stare I started the car and we headed to her house to get her spare keys. We had not gone far when she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. Then she whispered to me that to show much she appreciated this she would cook me dinner tonight and was not taking no for an answer. I accepted her offer and she smiled and snuggled closer as we drove.

When we arrived I expected her to run in and grab the keys but instead she invited me in for a beer saying finding the box her keys was still packed in may take a few minutes. I followed her, lost in the view of an incredibly firm butt. She did not seem to be in much of a hurry and her hips swayed just a bit more than before. When we got inside she handed me a beer and excused herself to look for the keys. When she returned she had changed into a very sexy bikini, light blue in color accenting her blonde hair as well as revealing nearly all of her charms. I nearly choked on the beer I was drinking as she walked in, she merely giggled.

“What’s wrong, don’t you like my Bikini? “ she asked.

I could only nod my head yes as my eyes took in the luscious beauty of her.

“I thought maybe we could go for a swim after we get my car, I saw the beach area of the lake and it looked very relaxing” she said.

Trying hard to cover my growing problem I told her that sounded like fun, but that we had better hurry if we were going to get her car and still have time to swim before dark.

Once we retrieved her car she followed me to the parking area of the beach I decided to see just what she was up to, so I reached out and took her hand as we walked toward the water. I was surprised when she instead wrapped her arm around my waist as we walked

“ This is so nice of you to bring me here” she whispered.

I stopped to say something but instead found her turning to me and putting her arms around my neck as we met in a slow soft kiss. That kiss lasted only a few moments before it became incredibly intense, our tongues doing battle with each other.

I reached for her and pulled her even closer as my hands began to roam freely over her incredible firm body, then taking my hand and running my fingers softly under her hair behind her ear. She moaned softly and resumed kissing me losing herself in the passion of the moment. I reached around behind her cupping her tight butt as we kissed. She pushed hard against my now aching man hood as I snuck a hand inside her bikini bottom.

I broke our kiss looking around to see if we were still alone, fortunately no-one was around. I then proceeded to take our towels and move her to an area close by under some trees and somewhat hidden from view. Once we got there I pulled her down next to me on a blanket and again began kissing her, this time starting just under her ear on her neck, soft barely discernible butterfly kisses.

My hands moving upward to free her bikini top. Sheila’s hands now roaming lower and exploring my hardness with soft moans escaping from us both as our passion built like an inferno unchecked. I continued kissing her along the nape of her neck, moving slowly to behind her ear, then across her jaw to her cheek, then moving to kiss ever so lightly her eye brows, then her nose before returning to those incredible lips of fire breathing passion. Her hands were exploring my manhood and had now freed it from my shorts.

Moving to take her hands to slow things down, I then started slowly circling those incredible mounds of flesh, topped with perfectly round nipples. So hard, yet so soft and sensitive, causing intense moans of pleasure each time my tongue moved across them.

I started my tongues journey south till I reached her belly button, stopping long enough to place my fingers at the entrance to her woman hood. Tracing slow circles around the hood of her love canal, making her cry out.

”Please, please for God’s sake take me take me now!”

I placed the tip of my manhood against her now throbbing clit, rubbing slowly up and down against it, Sheila started grabbing at my hips ,begging me to give it all to her. I slowly, tantalizingly entered her, Feeling the white hot inferno surrounding my hard thick manhood. I began long slow thrusts. The first one causing her to arch her back, thrusting her hips to meet me as I hit bottom.

I increased my speed driving as deep as possible with each thrust, leaning down to take first one then the other nipple in my mouth. Teasing them with my teeth, sometimes just barely touching them as we both worked toward what I knew was to be an amazing explosion of passion.

Feeling Sheila start to quiver and shake beneath me I knew she was close. Sensing this I slowed down .Sheila grabbed my hips trying to force me to speed up. I held back, sucking on her nipples as I held myself above her aching hot pussy, giving one slow deep thrust, one fast hard one and again stopping. Teasing her, wanting her to erupt like a volcano all over my hard cock. Driving both of us to the very edge before stopping to prolong our climax as long as possible

I gave one final deep hard thrust as I exploded deep inside her, filling her full of my seed. She gasped and kissed me hard as our bodies became one in an incredible explosion of light as we came together.

While holding each other in the afterglow Sheila looked at me.

“I can’t wait to tell Adam what an incredible lover you are!” she told me.

Startled, I looked at her and said “What are you talking about, he would kill us both?"

“Don’t be silly, he is waiting for me at home right now. He knows exactly what I am doing and loves hearing all the details after I return home" she said, as she laughed at me.

I could not believe what I was hearing but as Sheila kissed me and put her clothes on I could do nothing but smile and appreciate my new neighbors.

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