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The Alliance (Part One of Two)

Wife helps out Husband

Nerves, worry? Not quite worry, but nerves, yes. This meant a great deal to me. I needed this opportunity, this chance. A chance I had been waiting for, a chance that came across only once in a while. The first couple of years had been hard, long hours, plenty of shoe leather, leaflet drops, business cards, meeting, and telephones. Yes, two years of hard work, long hours. Sure, I had you full and total support, for which I was and always will be grateful.

Tonight, we were hosting a dinner, a dinner for a potential partnership alliance in the City. Yes, this guy was a big fish, a big fish in a little pool, I needed this alliance.

I often wondered that if, during the course of the week, you had become a little fed up, maybe even pissed, at the times that I had mentioned the fact that I needed this alliance, this partnership. The times I must have said to you ‘Don’t forget this, don’t forget that’. You smiled, that smile, the smile that told me ‘Not to worry so much, I have it all under control, relax, and be happy’.

I left you that morning, the sex yet again tremendous, vibrant and fulfilling, as usual. I liked the way you woke me. Your nails raked my balls, so lightly. My eyes opened, I sighed as I felt my cock being taken into your warm mouth. As if by memory, my hands grasped your head as I grew in your mouth. Holding onto your long black hair, fingers wrapping, clutching. My hips thrust my cock deeper into you. As if by ESP, you maneuvered your body around, your pussy mere inches from my face, your naked breasts caressing my skin as you leant down, taking me deeper in to your mouth. Your thighs parted, you lowered yourself onto my mouth. My fingers parting your pussy lips, my tongue darting out, tasting your early morning juices.

Taking your clit into my mouth, sucking hard on it, teeth nibbling upon it, fingers stroking your lips, slipping inside as my tongue licked at you. Your mouth, so warm, sliding up and down my cock, my tongue sliding in and out of your pussy, fingers, wet from your juices moving to your tight ass, probing the hole. You moaned, groaned as a finger slipped inside, how you loved the feeling of my finger in your ass. My tongue licked and lapped at your pussy, as your mouth moved up and down on my cock. I groaned as I felt your fingers massaging my balls, cupping them as your mouth took my full length, deep and hard. Just like my finger in your ass, deep and hard, pumping in and out of you. I loved the way you grind your pussy down onto my mouth, forcing my tongue deep into your pussy, as deep as it would go, licking deep, tasting your juices as they start to flow.

I love the way you cum into my mouth, letting me drink your warm juices, just as I love the way you work my cock, taking my explosion into your mouth, taking every drop, swallowing every drop. I love the way your body shudders as you cum, the way your voice screams, growls. ‘Yesss, nowww baby, cumming nowww’ how I love to hear those words from you, the way your hand grips my cock, the pain it inflicts upon me, I love it, I love you. I love the way your finger slips inside my ass as I get close to cumming, the way your throat sucks harder. The way you moan as I explode into your mouth.

I love the way we cuddle in to each other afterwards, the way your long black hair falls over your face, over your shoulders, the way your nipples stand proud, enjoying my fingers has I stroke each one in turn, fascinated by the way they react to my touch, to my tweaking, to my tugging.

My cock stiffened yet again. My fingers moved down your body, over your nipples, down your stomach, tracing and inching downwards, down to the sweet spot, the spot that would make you shiver once again, the spot that would be the cause for another orgasm. My finger found your clitoris, rubbing around the sensitive tip, sliding inside your already wet pussy. I need to fuck you, you want me to fuck you. ‘Fuck me baby’ is all you say as you kneel on the edge of the bed. You place your feet on the floor, spreading your legs wide, opening your pussy lips. I take hold of my cock, brushing it against your pussy. You growl at me. ‘Fuck my pussy so hard, I want to feel the pain in my pussy’.

With that, you slam back onto my cock, taking it deep into your pussy. I raise my hand, bringing it crashing down onto your ass, the imprints of my fingers evident as I bring it down over and over again. Your squeals are match by my grunts as my cock slams deep and hard into you. The pace is fast and furious, hand slaps your ass, hand grasps your hair, pulling your head back as my cock slams harder into you, as the slaps rain down on your ass.

The joint orgasm is tremendous, exciting and wonderful. My balls ache as I send my cum deep into you. I feel your juices flowing, covering me as you scream. ‘Oh yes baby, fill me, go on, fill my hot pussy baby’. Fill you I do, collapsing on top of you. Smiling, heavily breathing.

I kiss you goodbye as I go to work. The look in your eye tells me. ‘Yes, don’t worry about tonight darling, I will make sure all is okay’.

‘I love you’ I whisper as I leave the house and head to the car, briefcase and laptop in my hands. I look back at you, see you standing there in the door way, naked, free, sexy and beautiful. I look at you, stare at you, stare at your breasts, the nipples that protrude so well. I stare at the small strip of black hair above your pussy. I smile as I see the UPS van come slowly by. He his obviously looking for a house number. He finds more than the house number he is looking for, he finds a dark skinned, beautiful, totally naked lady standing in the doorway. A naked lady with erect nipples adorning her 34D breasts, her long black hair, falling over her shoulders, the smile, the smile that oozed sex.

You turned, your ass, still red my from my hands, so firm. The door closed. The UPS driver continued his slow drive up the road, back to looking for his house number. The car gunned into life as I drove off to my office, the start of yet another long day, but a day that could end, I hoped, in a joint venture with Alan Watson, the big fish in the small pool.

I am sure that with your culinary skills, sexual prowess and hostess skills, any fears that I may harbor, any doubts that I may have, will all be to no avail.

How right I was not to have any doubts, any fears that I harbored broken by you, your ways, your food, your skills and your sexuality.

The day, my day, drew to an end. Busy day, plenty of people seen, phone calls made, including so many to you, all ending with you saying ‘Darling, all will be fine, trust me’. I do and did trust you. You did so well.

I arrived home, tired, hot and hungry. The cocktail you had presented to me as I put down the briefcase and the laptop was a delight, a pure delight, but potent too. The bowl of cocktail already made, remaining cold in the refrigerator, ice cubes in the freezer. I smiled at your response to my question of ‘What the hell is in this?’. Your laugh was sweet as was your answer. ‘Oh, a bit of this and that’. What I didn’t know, until very much later and how much merriment it caused too. Unbeknown to me, at the time, the drink certainly had been “spiked” and not just with alcohol, the obvious ingredient, a mixture of vodka, sangria, brandy, orange and a few others, but unbeknown to me, until later, was the addition of juices from your orgasm, the results of your standing over the bowl as your fingers worked deep into your pussy, rubbing your clitoris. As you came, your juices flowed, dripping into the already mixed cocktail.

The shower regenerated my senses and my body muscles. The extra helping of the cocktail helped too. I wanted to fuck you again. I needed to explore your body. Standing in the towel, you came into the room. Your eyes, so deep and dark, looked down at my groin. As I towel dried my hair, you came up to me, your hand reached out, grasped my cock, soft cock that sprang to life at your touch. I looked at you, felt your fingers working on my balls, grasping my growing erection, smooth fingers moving up and down my shaft. Your nails scraping my balls as your fingers gripped me. I stood there, eyes closed until I felt your mouth, warm mouth swallowing my cock. My hands, either side of your head, my hips thrusting back and forth, my cock moving in and out of your mouth, your teeth scraping my shaft, your palms cupping my balls. You looked at me, shook your head. I wanted to fuck you, please you, and lick you. You said ‘No, just enjoy darling’ you whispered as your warm mouth took me deep again. Enjoy I did, enjoy as I always do. Your mouth and fingers working their magic, a magical touch. My thighs tightened, balls twitched. My eyes closed, I moaned as I felt my balls emptying, sending my cum deep into your throat. Hearing you gag as you swallowed, hearing you moan as you took all of it, not spilling anything, drinking greedily, tasting all of me. ‘Ohhhh fuckkkkk’ I moan as my balls empty into your mouth.

You stand, your lips covered in my cum. Your smile. You lean towards me, our lips touch, your lips part, your tongue slides into my mouth, the transference of my cum from yours to mine. The taste, salty and warm.

‘I love you darling’ I whispered as I kissed your cheek, as you smiled and slipped out of my grasp. Standing back from me, you slipped off the shoulder straps, slipping the white cotton dress off of your body. Your hands cupped your full breasts, fingers pinched your nipples, twisting them, rolling them. Hardened nipples, damp pussy. You showed me the dampness, inserting two fingers deep inside yourself, taking them out, bringing them to my lips. My tongue licked, my mouth sucked your fingers, tasting your wetness.

How I loved the way you finger fucked your pussy, the way you squeezed your nipples as your orgasm built up inside you.

Laying on the bed, your legs opened wide, your fingers peeled your pussy open, exposing the inner to my gaze. I felt my cock stiffen again as I watch your fingers working your clitoris, rubbing harder, faster. I watched as three fingers slipped deep into your pussy. I watched as your head moved from side to side, as your fingers plunged in and out of your pussy. I listened to your moans, your groans as your orgasm came. Not just the one, but two in quick succession. The way you brought your fingers to your mouth, cleaned them. I became hard, again, my cock solid. I wanted to fuck you, I needed to slide my hard cock into your gorgeous trimmed pussy. ‘Stroke it for me, squat over my body, cum over my tits baby, stroke it and shoot your cum all over my tits’.

I did as you said, kneeling either side of you, my balls resting on your stomach, my cock in my hand, the tip touching your nipples. I looked into your eyes, your eyes were locked onto my hand, you watched as I stroked my cock, squeezing the shaft. Moving my hand faster, increasing the pace, increasing the pressure on my shaft, so close, oh so close.

‘Yes baby, cum over my tits’ you moaned. Your hands pushed your tits together, sliding my cock inside the valley, I came, hard. My cum shooting over those breasts, those wonderful orbs, hitting your chin, your lips.

You finished your shower, shaved your pussy lips, leaving the inch wide strip above those lips, the lips I loved to have my lips next to.

I was already downstairs, just making sure all was prepared. It was, why was I worrying? Had you not told me not to worry? Had you not told me that you would ensure the night would be an excellent night? Did you not tell me that all would be well? Yes, you did. Then why was I fussing? Checking? Nerves? Yes, that was it, I was nervous, I wanted this alliance. The Alliance.

Alan arrived on time as I expected him to do so. I invited him in, offered him the cocktail you made. I wondered where you were, I looked at the stairs as I heard your high heels clicking on the wooden floor.

We both turned. My jaw almost dropped. I am sure that Alan’s did.

You looked stunning. The black leather dress hugged your body so tight; the hemline high upon your thighs. As you approached, I knew that the dress was one I had seen you wearing before, the one that zipped from the front, the one that would allow you to show as much, or as little as you wanted to show. The one that you wore when you needed sex, wanted sex, wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. The one you loved to wear upon our nights out, when you wanted to expose your breasts and nipples. The one you wore to tease and please.

The sight of you approaching was breathtaking. Your hair shone, your eyes sparkled, your lips glossed, the nails, the same color. The expanse of thigh, the dress so revealing, as you walked over to us.

Introductions complete. The looks, the gaze. His eyes dropping to your cleavage as if willing the zip to move downwards, willing it down to expose your naked breasts, your hard nipples.

Why did I ever worry about The Alliance?

The meal, a simple affair but absolutely delicious, steaks (medium rare) and salad was followed by a large bowl of strawberries and fresh cream, to be followed by cheese and biscuits. All washed down by copious amounts of fine wine, both red and white available, both consumed. Mirth and laughter also plentiful. Flashes of your breasts, plentiful too. More than plentiful as the night wore on, as the dinner wore on. One occasion, a total exposure of your right nipple as you leant over my shoulder, directly pointing at Alan across the table. The visit to the kitchen allowed you, out of my sight, our sight, to release a little more, tugging the zipper down a little further. How I loved the sight of your cleavage, the sight of your nipples. The deep cleavage, the dark skin, the silken skin, like velvet to the touch.

The coup de grace, the cocktail, the homemade cocktail with your own ‘special ingredient’ was spooned out into the glass tumblers. It bit, powerful mix, potent mix on top of the wine.

The table, still adorned by food, empty plates, empty wine bottles. The chat, a mixture of double meanings, sexual content, laughter. I looked at you, your eyes were shining, shining so bright. A danger sign, a fun danger sign.

Your return from the bathroom was met with smiles. You weren’t aware (so I thought) of Alan’s comments as you were in the bathroom.

‘Man, you have a mighty fine lady there’ he said to me. I, naturally, agreed and thanked him for the comment. As I did for the next one too. The mixture of the wine and the cocktails affecting us both. ‘Hey, she has a mighty fine pair of tits too’ he said. We both laughed out loud. ‘Yes, she sure does Alan’ I replied to him, joining in with his loud laugh.

‘My wife is so fucking boring, she would never wear anything like Miranda wears’ he commented as he took another large gulp of his drink. I made a comment that you wore very raunchy outfits, never wore panties, not even in the shortest of dresses.

His eyes lit up at that comment. ‘You mean she isn’t wearing anything under that leather dress?’

‘No Sir, she isn’t’ I told him as I filled his glass up again.

‘’Fuck’ was all he said to my answer as he took another gulp of his drink.

Unbeknown to me, you had overheard every word. It excited you to know that we were discussing you, that Alan now knew that underneath that black leather that you were totally naked, free, unhindered.

As you walked back down the stairs, our eyes turned to you. You smiled as you approached. The zipper to the leather dress appeared to have been moved down a little more. Certainly the fresh scent was evident, as was the new application of your lipstick. As you leaned over to pick up your glass, the top parted. Both Alan and I saw that indeed the zipper had been lowered, certainly more cleavage and certainly both nipples were showing to us. Lingering, you allowed us both sight of your hard nipples.

‘How is it going guys?’ you asked as you reached over for a strawberry. So seductively, sexually you ate the strawberry your tongue licking the red fruit before, teasingly, sucking it into your mouth.

‘Darling, Alan says his wife is boring and would never wear anything like that’ I say to you with a smile. You smile back. You know that I want you to fuck him, that I want you to ride his cock; you know that I need this alliance, this deal, badly. Not just for my future, but for ours.

I followed you to the kitchen. ‘Darling, I need you to help me’. You looked at me, a quizzical look. ‘More tit?’ you asked tugging the zipper down further stopping as the zip passed your breasts, opening the top. ‘More than that honey’ I say to you, my face showing my nerves at what I was about to ask you to do for me. You looked. ‘More?’ the zipper reached your navel. You were misunderstanding me. I wasn’t quite explaining it very well was I? ‘I want you to fuck him’ I said to you as I saw the zipper stopping at your navel, exposing your dark skin.

‘You want me to do what?’ you said in a surprised voice. ‘You want me to fuck him?’ you asked. I nodded, weakly nodded. You looked at me, seeing the pain at my request, the courage that it took me to ask you to do such a thing. Exposure was one thing, but to ask you to open your body for his pleasure, to allow him to slide his cock into your pussy, for his pleasure and my ultimate conquest in securing the alliance. Was it too much? I thought to myself. Had I pushed the boundary too far? I thought to myself. You hand reached out, touched mine. I raised my face, looking into your eyes. Eyes that smiled, lips that smiled. You kissed me, a gentle kiss.

‘Darling, for you, I will fuck him. I will fuck him good and hard, I will ride his cock, but let me decide when and how’ you said to me.

Stepping back, you parted the leather dress, exposing your breasts to me, exposing your nipples to me. I saw that they were hard and erect. Yes, you were excited at the thought of having his cock inside your pussy, inside your mouth. Yes, you were excited.

I smiled at you, kissed your lips. My fingers touched your nipples. You stepped back. That smile, wicked smile.

You zipped up the dress a little to cover your breasts and nipples, but not much. I smiled as I saw the end result. ‘Go back in darling’ you tell me. ‘I will be in soon’ you continued.

I obeyed and rejoined Alan at the table. We chatted, albeit full of alcohol, about the potential alliance, the partnership, the business. He drank more, talked more.

You entered again, the lights you dimmed. ‘Too bright for this time of the night’ you said as you walked over to the table. You had, once again, adjusted your zipper. It was down, down to the navel. Your breasts barely covered by the black leather, hugging your nipples, even in the darkened room, the outline, fully showing.

Okay, you had agreed, you had said that you would, but just how? How were you going to fuck him? How were you going to start? Surely not blatant as ‘Alan, I want to fuck you’? No, surely not. But how? Did you in fact like him? Did he turn you on? Something did, your nipples were testament to that, yes, they were hard and you were turned on, sexually excited. Was it the thought of having his cock in your pussy? His cock in your mouth? Maybe, even in your ass? Maybe the two of us? Would I even in fact be there to witness it? Did you want me there to see you? I don’t know, I didn’t ask did I? I began to wonder now. Should I depart for a while? Should I just go upstairs? Should I pretend to feel a little ill? Feign the fact that I needed to lay down? Should I? Maybe that would turn me on, to watch you fucking him, to watch his cock slamming into your pussy, ass and mouth. See his hands on your tits; see his mouth sucking your hard nipples. Would it? I know damn well it would, but what did you want? How I wished I knew. Shall I just make my own mind up? Yes, I think I will do just that, I will decide and the decision? I will leave you to it. I will excuse myself for a while, but I will be watching. My mind raced, how? Where? I would feign sleep; feign a drunken sleep, right at the table.

More drinks, more of the ‘special’ cocktail, more laughter, more flashing of your breasts and nipples. His eyes, slightly red, looking tired, transfixed upon your nipple slipping out of the top. You laughed, apologized as you covered back up. A glance and a smile to me. It was time, for if I waited much longer, he would be too drunk to do anything. Not that I was doubting your talents or expertise of course. I knew just how good you were at making sure that I remained hard and erect after one or three too many drinks.

Slowly, I allowed my eyes to droop, allowed my speech to become slurred. Your concern was touching. I was okay I kept saying as my eyes closed, as I lay my head upon my arms that rested on the table. Did you know I was feigning?

My eyes closed as you talked to Alan. Very nice, asking him all sorts of questions about the alliance, the partnership. Deftly opening an eye, I could see you two sat on the couch. I could see the way your dress was high upon your thighs, your legs crossed, Alan sitting on your left, your body directly in line of my view. I watched as you uncrossed your legs, crossing them again. I watched as you, out of his sight, pulled the hemline up slightly, revealing even more of those dark skinned thighs. I also watched as you leant forward; pick up your glass from the large coffee table in front of you two. I also saw how the top of the dress opened, exposing your right nipple. I watched and heard Alan. ‘I need the bathroom’ he said to you. He got to his feet, shakily. You looked in my direction. I didn’t acknowledge your look, merely closed my eyes again. I didn’t want you to feel any pressure of me looking, any guilt of what you were going to do. This was for us; I kept telling myself as I watched you unzipping the dress even more. Yes, this was it; you are going to do it. My cock hardened.

Alan returned. You smiled as you watched him sit down. His eyes immediately fell to your open dress to your barely covered your nipples. Leaning for his glass, the dress parted. You stood, walked in my direction, refilled his glass with the ‘special’ cocktail. Walked back. Leaning forward over the table, out of my eye line. I could only surmise, guess that your dress opened wide. Alan’s look told me it did.

I watched as you sat back down; sitting a little closer to him. You crossed your legs, your knees touching his.

‘You have a nice body Miranda’ he said as he looked at you. ‘Why, thank you Alan’ you replied as you picked up your glass, taking a small sip. ‘I like those tits’ he said, his voice quavering slightly. ‘You do huh?’ you replied as you replaced your glass and looked down at your breasts. This was to be the start.

I watched as you pulled the dress open, exposing your 34D breasts to his eyes. I watched Alan watching as your hands lifted your breasts up, squeezed them together, and creating the perfect valley, the perfect cleavage.

‘Yes I do’ he answered reaching over. His fingers touched your breasts, stroked your nipples. I watched your eyes dropping to his fingers. ‘Mmmm, that’s nice Alan’ you moaned as his fingers pinched a nipple. ‘You like that huh?’ he asked as his fingers pulled on your nipples. ‘Mmmm, yes I do’ was your low response as you stood up. You stood facing him. I saw you glancing in my direction. I quickly closed my eyes and wondering if I quick enough?

Looking back to Alan you stood there, breasts bare. Your fingers toyed with your nipples, pulling on them, twisting them.

‘Do you like this too?’ you asked as you pulled the zipper all the way down. The dress fell apart. Your pussy, all of you on total display now, to his eyes and to mine. He watched, as I did, your fingers trace downwards, down to your pussy. He saw you stroke your outer lips, open them wide, showing the inside to your pussy, showing him your hard little clitoris. You slipped off the black leather dress; standing there, save for your black heels, naked for his eyes to devour you. I saw you sit on the edge of the coffee table, I saw you part your legs, wide. I couldn’t see your fingers stroking your pussy, or how wide you had parted that sweet pussy. I couldn’t see, as Alan could see, watch you slipping two fingers inside you. ‘You like this too Alan?’ you asked in a low voice. ‘You like this pussy Alan?’ you asked again as your fingers slipped in and out of your pussy. ‘You want to fuck my pussy Alan; do you want to slide your hard cock into me? You teased him. ‘Is your cock hard Alan?’ you asked as your reached forward. I saw your hand coming to rest on his groin. ‘You bet its hard baby’ he said as he opened his trousers.

‘Show me that hard cock then Alan, show me how hard it is’ you said sitting back. I saw your right arm moving, I knew that your fingers were plunging in and out of your pussy, I knew that your left hand would be massaging your breasts, rolling your nipples. I guessed that you would be licking your lips as you watched Alan pulling his pants off, the bright blue boxer shorts showing evidence that his cock was indeed hard.

‘Yes Alan, that’s it, take them off, all of your clothes, show me that fucking hard cock baby, show me that cock, the cock that wants to be deep inside my wet hot pussy’

The words, so erotic, your actions, so erotic.

He stood; the bulge in his shorts told you, and me, that his cock was big and erect. He hurriedly undressed, his shirt virtually ripped off. He stood there, looking at you, watching, no doubt, your fingers pummeling into your pussy. He watched as your fingers moved in and out of you. I heard your gasps, your moans. I knew those sounds. They were the sounds of your orgasm building inside you. I knew that soon, very soon, you would have your first orgasm.

‘Ohhhh yess’ you moaned as you lay back on the coffee table, your legs wide. I could see your fingers plunging in and out of you. I watched Alan stroking his cock. I heard you. ‘Ohhhh fuckkkkk, yess, nowww’ you growled as your fingers moved so fast, sending them deep into you. You came, you came hard and long.

Sitting up. You reached out, moved Alan’s hand off of his cock, replacing it with yours. ‘Take them off Alan, let me see that fucking cock’ you said as you stood up, walked to the table. Picking up the small glass bowl that contained the cream. As you got close to me, I could see the cum on your pussy lips. How I wanted to lick that pussy, clean that cum off of you.

You turned and walked back. Sitting on the settee. You watched Alan taking down his shorts.

‘Mmmm, nice cock Alan’ you said as your reached over to touch it. Your fingers closed around his shaft. Your tongue licked your lips. I knew that he was going to have that cock in your mouth, very soon. Kneeling in front of him. Fingers dipped in the bowl. Fingers heavy with the cream. I watched as you spread it onto the tip of his cock. I watched as you lowered your mouth to that cream covered tip. I watched your tongue dart out, lick the tip, cleaning the cream off of his cock. I watched as you spread more on his cock, on his balls. I watched as you lifted his cock, lifting his balls. I watched your tongue licking each ball, cleaning him totally.

My cock was hard, my breathing deep. This was wonderful so erotic, so sexual. Jealousy? No, none at all, I knew that this was for my benefit.

I watched as your tongue licked him clean. I heard him moan as your mouth swallowed him, taking him deep into your throat. I heard your suction sounds, the slurping sounds as you sucked heavily on his cock. I watched him reach for your breasts, I watched his fingers on your nipples.

‘Yes baby, suck my cock, suck it’ he said as his fingers tugged on your nipples.

‘Give me your pussy Miranda, I want to taste you’ he said. You stopped your sucking.

‘Lay down’ you said to him. He did. You moved to the side of him, you placed your legs either side of his head, as you lay on top of him. Your fingers grasping his cock again. Your mouth lowered, taking his cock. His tongue plunged deep into your pussy. Your groans, so audible as his tongue sent a shiver through you. Your mouth worked busily, your fingers massaging his balls. A finger stroked his ass. He bucked. He liked it. He liked your finger as it slid into his ass. He followed. His finger slipped into your ass.

‘Yesss’ you growled as his finger slammed in tight.

‘Oh my God, Miranda, that’s so good, finger my ass’ he groaned as your finger, like his, sank in deep.

Control, you had total control. He was in your control.

His tongue worked, licked and lapped at your pussy, his finger working in your and at your ass. “Yes Alan, now baby, lick me, I am cumming, now, lick my pussy Alan, now, now.’ your deep moans came. Your cum ran from your pussy into his mouth. Your finger, cruelly, rammed deep into his ass as your mouth sucked hard on him. ‘Fuckkkkk, yessss’ you screamed as your orgasm ran through your body. Your body shook at the power of it.

Subsiding, the orgasm subsiding. You needed his cock now, you wanted to feel his cock in your pussy.

Moving away, you pulled him up. No words. You turned your back to him, sat astride his lap. Your hand grasped his cock. You lowered yourself on to him. I watched as you took his cock deep, deep.

I watched as you rode up and down on his cock, watched as your fingers and nails dug into your breasts, watched your face as you enjoyed having his cock in your pussy. Enjoying the feeling of his cock, enjoying riding up and down on him. Squealing, moaning, groaning. You came again, I watched as your cum ran down his balls. I heard him moaning, deep voice. He told you he was close, close to cumming into you.

‘Yes, cum into me, cum deep inside my pussy Alan, fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck my slut pussy.’ He came deep inside you. His moaning, so loud. Your cry. ‘Yesss, fuck me lover, fuck me harder, nowwwwwwwww’

You came again, joining his orgasm, cumming together.

You sat on his cock, your body trembling. Your breasts heaving as you took in large gulps of air. The perspiration running down your breasts.

Getting off of him, you turned, knelt in front of him. Took his cock, his softening cock, taking it in your hand, squeezing, extracting all of his cum. Lowering your mouth to it, taking it deep inside your mouth. Your tongue, licking up and down his shaft, licking his balls. You loved the taste, his taste, your taste.

You showed Alan the guest room. Taking him by the hand, leading him upstairs. I heard you kiss him, heard him say that he enjoyed and wanted to fuck you again. I heard your response. Ever the tease.

‘Maybe, it depends Alan." You say. Out of my sight, your hand cups his balls, your fingers stroke his flaccid cock.

‘Depends on what?’ he answers, his fingers finding your wet pussy. I hear you sigh. I cannot see his fingers slip inside you. I cannot see his fingers moving deep into you. I cannot see you gripping his shoulders as you part your legs. I cannot see him pushing you back to the wall as he plunged his fingers in deep. I hear your orgasm. I hear you say. ‘Ohhhh, yes, harder, finger fuck me harder, cumming nowww, now, yessss’.

‘It depends if you and Martin are partners’ you tell him as you stroke his cock, as you cup his balls.

I didn’t see his smile, his drunken smile. I did hear his voice telling you that we would be, most definitely would be partners.

‘Then I may just fuck you again Alan’ you say. Again, I cannot see you dropping to your knees, taking his cock in your mouth again. I cannot see that you work his cock to another erection. I cannot see him grasping your head as he fucks your mouth. I cannot see you taking his cock out of your mouth. Your hand moving rapidly on his cock, aiming the tip at your breasts. I did hear you say to him ‘Cum over my tits. Give me that cum on my tits’.

I did hear his groans.

I did hear his door closing.

I did hear you coming back down the stairs.

I saw you wipe his cum from your breasts.

I saw you clean your fingers, cleaning his cum off of your fingers.

I saw you dress again.

I felt you nudging me, your hand upon my shoulder, waking me from my feigned sleep.

Did you know? I wonder if you did?

The Alliance. Why was I ever worried about the result?

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