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The drive Home

The drive home after a work party
  This is my first attempt at posting a story online. At the time of this story my wife Lynne was 35 years old. She is 5'4" Brown hair with Hazel eyes. She has a fit body from playing sports. 36D breasts with sensitive nipples. She has a strong sexual appetite that needs to be fed at all times of the day or night. 
  My name is Charles and I was 33 at the time. 5'10" and 190 pounds with a tone body. I have brown hair and brown eyes.  I love to please my wife with my 7" cock when ever I can get the chance.

 This story takes place after one of her company work parties in Seattle.

 We were attending one of your work parties in Seattle. It was a dress up kind of gig. You were wearing a stunning Black cocktail dress. Your dress fit your body like a glove. I liked how it showed off your beautiful figure. The hem line came up to about mid thigh level and it show cased your incredible legs clad in a sheer black stockings and garter set. The neck line plunged in a deep V which accented your perfect breasts with a more than modest view of your cleavage. You wore a Sapphire pendant necklace which enhanced the view of your cleavage. Your hair was pulled back exposing your neck line and featuring a set of dazzling Diamond earrings. Many of the men at the party were envious of me having you as my date, the women were jealous of you and the looks you were receiving from their dates. I was wearing a nicely tailored suit. White button up shirt and Black tie completed my look for the evening. There was a live band and we danced well into the evening and morning.

   When we left the party and started driving home down I-5 around 1 am. I was driving and you were in the passenger seat next to me. I had my had resting on your left leg , lightly caressing your thigh through your stockings. You were enjoying the touch of my hand and had slightly reclined your seat back so that you could stretch out more comfortably. Your legs were slightly parted open and I let my right hand travel between your knee and the hem line of your dress.  As I caressed and massage your leg as I inched your dress further and further up your thigh exposing more and more of your stocking covered legs.

   I started to caress the inside of your thigh with my warm hand and you responded by parting your legs even wider to allow me better access to you. My hand passed your garter belt and I could feel your heat on my fingers as I inched up your thigh getting closer and closer to your pussy. As I reached the top of your inner thigh it was no surprise to me to find that you were not wearing any panties tonight. With as form fitting as your dress was you did not want to show off any unnecessary panty lines. My fingers could feel your recently shaven pussy. Feeling the velvety folds of your soft lips, I could tell you were wet with excitement as my fingers slipped between your pussy. I work my fingers up and down the length of your silky smooth slit as I stirred your wetness with my hand. I could hear you began to moan softly in your seat as you begin to rock your hips into my fingers.

   My fingers find your swollen clit and I begin to tease you with by rolling your sensitive clit between my thumb and fore finger. I can hear your breath getting more ragged as I continued to play with your wet pussy. I was enjoying playing with you while I was driving, but I wanted more of you. I told you to slip the top of your dress down over your shoulders to free your breasts for me. You managed to turn your back to me in your seat so I could help get the zipper started on the dress and you pulled the dress down off of your shoulders teasingly. You made it like a strip tease in the car. I could see in the low light of the car that your 36D breasts were encased in a sheer lace bra. With my right hand I helped with the front clasp of your bra. I could feel your hard nipples against my arm as I worked on the clasp. I finally was able to free up your spectacular breasts and began to play with your nipples with my fingers.

  We continued down I-5 south with your dress covering only your waist and your exposed chest for any passing cars to see.  I moved my hand back down between your legs and found my way back to your wet pussy and easily slipped two fingers into your shaved wetness. I pumped my fingers deep inside you while I was watching the road as I drove. I thrust my fingers in and out of your tight pussy, I could feel your muscles clamping around my fingers. The palm of my hand rubbed your sensitive clit as I continued my finger assault on you. Your hips were gyrating on my hand and you were gasping and moaning much louder now. With one hand you were caressing and kneading your breasts, you would pinch and twist your hard and sensitive nipples. On occasion you would lift a breast to your mouth and suck on your nipple between moans. Your other hand found its way into my lap and was working at opening up my pants to stroke my now very hard cock. Your hand felt like silk as it freed my cock. You expertly stroked my manhood and managed to encourage more growth in my size. This fore play continued over the next 20 minutes until we reached the driveway of our destination.

   I turned the lights to the car off so I would not alert any nosy neighbors that we had arrived home. As soon as I had the car in park, you were in my lap taking my cock into your mouth. You sucked my cock deep into your mouth and your started bobbed up and down. I moved my seat back and reclined the chair to give you more space to continue your incredibly talented blow job. You were caressing my balls with one hand as you licked my shaft and the head of my swollen cock like a lolly pop. It took everything I had not to cum in your mouth too quick. I did not want you to stop with the pleasure your mouth was giving me.  I worked my hands to either side of your face and interlaced my fingers into your hair. Tightening my grip I began to control your head as it slid down my steel pole. I began to fuck your mouth with my pulsating cock. I could feel your saliva dripping down on my balls when I held your head deep down on my manhood. Finally I let you come up for air, you were begging me to fuck you. You told me how insanely horny you were and how you wanted my cock in your pussy now.

    So not wanting to wait any longer myself, I got out of the car and came around to your side of the car and opened your door. Taking you out of the car and in the dark driveway I lead you to the front of the car. I lifted you up and placed you on the hood then kissed you long and hard. Then I kissed my way down your neck and to your breasts. I was taking a little time to play and suck on each nipple before kissing my way down to your pussy. You know one of my more favorite passions is to eat pussy and how I enjoy every minute of bringing you to an orgasm with my mouth and tongue. I could eat your pussy 24/7. My hands spread your legs open and I dive straight for your wet pussy. I can see your swollen clit and puffy lips as my mouth lowers down and my tongue draws up the length of your slit. I roll my tongue over your clit before tracing it back down your slit. Tasting your sweet nectar on my tongue drove me wild with sexual lust. I draw your clit into my mouth and rapidly begin to flick my tongue over you. I can feel you squirming on the hood of the car. I wrap my arms under your legs and pull you into my face and hold you there. I begin to roll the full length on my tongue over your clit as I add suction from my mouth. to add a little more sensations to your clit I begin to hum softly. I did not take too much longer to bring you to a shattering climax. As you are catching your breath my tongue lashing you try to push my head away from your pussy, and again start to beg me to fuck you now.

   Lifting my head I kissed you fully on the lips , letting you taste how sweet you are on my lips before rolling you over on the hood of the car. Spreading your legs, I push your body forward, your breasts flattened on the warm hood with your arms spread out to help give you support. I slid my cock teasingly over slit and clit before finally thrusting my entire throbbing cock into your wet pussy.  Grabbing onto your hips, I push myself deep into you, filling you with my manhood and hold myself there for a few seconds before pulling back out until the tip of my cock was barely parting your velvet lips. I like to tease you some time to help build the anticipation.  After a pause I thrust myself deep inside you again.

   I playfully spanked your ass as I rotate my hips with each slow deep thrust into your love tunnel. I begin to feel an animalistic instinct take over in me and my pace begins to quicken. I could hear you trying to catch your breath with each hard thrust as my ram rod fills your tight pussy. I asked you to rub your clit as I jack hammer you into the hood of the car. I go into overdrive as I feel your fingers on my cock as you began to play with your clit.  This began to build a new orgasm for you.  I was at a feverish pace as I pounded myself against your spasming pussy. My hand continued to randomly spank your ass which caused you to yelp with pleasure and ask for more. Between slaps I would use one of my hands to massage your tight ass. A little pleasure with the pain. My other hand was holding on to your hip for dear life as I could feel the car rocking back and forth on its wheels from us screwing our horny brains out.

  Sliding my thumb from my free hand between your ass cheeks, I began to rub between your slit where my cock was sliding in and out of your pussy up to your ass. I was teasing you with my thumb, getting it all wet from your pussy juices and working it around your tight ass. I could feel my lubricated thumb slowly working its way into your ass when I could feel the walls of your pussy tighten around my cock as you reached another explosive orgasm. I began to feel the pressure building in my cock and my balls tightening. My hips were a blur as we fucked on the hood of the car. It did not take much longer before I could not hold back we exploded together with a earth shattering climax. I collapsed on the hood of the car beside you, we both were trying to catch our breath.  After a few minutes of breathing heavily and cooling off in the night air,  we managed to pull ourselves back together. You managed to slip your dress back on while I retrieved my pants.  After another long passionate lustful kiss, we went inside to clean up in the shower before retiring in bed for the night.
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