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The night we will never forget

I love my fiance, I also have a crush on our friend who's staying for a while...
My fiancé Aidan and I have this friend, his name is Jake and I have a pretty bad crush on him. He's just moved over here from another country and he's staying with us for a while until he gets on his feet. He's been here three to four weeks now and each day my urge to have him is growing stronger by the day. I make my mind up and decide that tonight will be the night.

I'm having a long hot shower and a shave, in all of the right places. I finish up, straighten my hair and put a little make-up on to give my pale face a bit of color.

'Hmm,' I wonder, 'since I'm in a cock teasing mood, what would be the best thing to wear tonight?'

Whilst I'm busy pondering about this, Aidan and Jake are downstairs in their computer rooms playing on their games, having a laugh and chatting to each other over Team-Speak. Both men are completely unaware of what I have planned for tonight.

I choose a short skin tight dress which has a zip up front with black flowers on a white background, almost camouflage looking. I put on some black fishnet stockings over my silky smooth legs and some black lace panties to match.

'Right, this is it,' I think to myself.

I love my fiancé and I know he loves naughty wives, he's watched so many pornographic videos and read loads of stories about them. So tonight should be fun, for all of us.

I put on my black heeled shoes, walk downstairs and in to the computer room.

The computer room has plain cream walls, light brown laminate flooring and a set of French doors leading through to the garden. His desk is large and 'L' shaped, made of black hard wood, just like high-up business men and women use. It's placed along the middle of the back wall, with plenty of room either side to walk around. His room was cleaned this morning and I can still smell the fresh scent of citrus polish in the air.

I walk up to Aidan. I kiss him gently on the back of his neck to get his attention. He looks at me, his eyes scanning my body, taking every detail in.

"Wow babe," he says, "you look fucking sexy."

I smile at him, "Thank you. The bathroom is free if you need it."

Then I leave his room, before he could reply and walk into the kitchen, which is between Aidan's room and the guest room.

The kitchen is small, with orange tiled walls. The flooring is a deep brown laminate, similar to mahogany and the cupboards are cream, with half moon silver handles. A very odd looking kitchen, but this is a privately rented house and the Landlord has a very peculiar taste in decor.

"The bathroom is free," I shout through Jake's door.

He pops his head out of the doorway, eyeing me up, he replies, "OK, thanks."

I feel a very firm grope on my ass, making me jump. Aidan kisses me gently on the back of my neck and boy it's got my attention. Instant goosebumps all over my body, he does know exactly how to turn me on. I turn around, grab the base of his neck and pull him towards me, kissing him, feeling every inch of his mouth with my tongue.

Standing there kissing my fiancé in the middle of the kitchen has got to be driving Jake wild. Wishing it was him I was kissing instead.

Aidan leads me in to his computer room, holding my hand. I shut the door as we walk in. He moves his monitor and keyboard a little to the right, then clears some paperwork so I can sit on his desk.

I set myself down on the cleared area, unzipping my dress just enough to reveal my breasts and lifting my right leg and placing it on to the side desk exposing my lace panties. Aidan's eyes light up.

I look him up and down, 'god he's so sexy,' I think to myself. 'Hmm, what's going to happen next,' I wonder.

He puts one hand on my left thigh and the other smoothly runs up my right leg to the rim of my stocking, not taking his eyes off mine. He slips a finger in the hem and moves it side to side a couple of times, then heads north and very gently brushes against my pussy.

I squirm with anticipation, I can already feel myself getting wet. He rubs a bit harder, putting his index finger inside the rim of my panties. His eyes focus on my breasts and he gently sucks on them, kissing each one. He lifts his left hand off my thigh and squeezes the breast he has his mouth to. He's licking and sucking on my nipples, they are very erect.

I can't hold back no longer. I grab him once again and explore his mouth with mine, relieving some of my sexual tension. He quickly slips his middle finger inside me and presses his palm hard against my clit. My knickers are wet and I'm in dire need of cock.

I see his bulging erection straining against his jeans. I sit up and as I shift, he takes his finger out. I grab and undo his jeans, carefully pulling them down over his hardened cock.

I shuffle towards the front of the desk and take hold of him, licking the end with my tongue and whirling it around and around all over his length, wanking as I go. I swallow his cock, as deep as it can go. Gagging a few times and my eyes are watering like crazy.

He moves back slipping his cock out of my mouth, lays me back on the desk. Spreads my legs and gets a firm grip of my now soaking wet panties, pulls them very tight on my pussy making me moan out loud. Rubbing me a little and then tears them off me. He throws them to the floor and teases his bell end on the entrance to my pussy.

Easing it in and out very slowly, driving my completely over the edge. I've never got so wet from foreplay before. He's teasing me too much, I can't take no more.

Pulling him close, I moaned, "Fuck me hard...NOW!"

He shook his head, making me wait is unbearable. I'm begging him for a good hard ramming. He gives in, thrusting me 2 or 3 times and back slow again.

I can't stand it, this is torture. 'It's supposed to be me who's doing the teasing not him!' I shout at myself in my head.

Looking in to Aidan's eyes, I commanded, "Tell Jake to come here, now, to fuck me hard."

Aidan's face is blooming with excitement. He pulls away tucking his cock in to his jeans, rushes over and opens the door.

"Yo, Jake?" He shouts.

"Yes mate?" Jake replies.

"Here buddy," Aidan shouts again.

Aidan hurries back over to where I'm laying.

I hear Jake's footsteps as he walks through the kitchen and into our room.

"She wants a good hard shagging off you," Aidan says. He then moves to the opposite side of the desk to let Jake stand in his place.

Jake's face lights up and with no hesitation he walks round to me and strips off his clothes. I'm lying there, panting, so wet and horny. I need cock but my fiancé won't give it to me the way I need it.

Jake sees my exposed pussy and tits. Kneeling down he strides his cold, wet, beyond needed tongue along my smooth, bare pussy. All around and inside me, tongue fucking me, sucking on my clit.

I'm moaning loudly, thinking 'God, this feels amazing.' Jake pulls out suddenly, 'what?! he's stopped! Why won't he won't let me come?!'

He stands up and I catch a glimpse of his bulging erection as he slams in to me, again and again. I can't help but moan louder. I'm in heaven, getting what I badly need to satisfy my hunger for a hard cock ramming me.

He's fucking me hard and as I'm laying on the desk, Aidan pulls his still hardened cock in front of my face and brushes it against my lips.

Knowing it has got my pussy juices all over it, I take it into my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue around and around. I can taste my sweet come over his cock, I moan louder, suck harder and I'm loving every second of it!

Thinking to myself, "can it get any better than this?!"

Jake pulls out, so I stop sucking and look up at him, then back to Aidan.

Aidan mimes the words 'ride him,' to me.

I get up off the desk, following Jake to the center of the room, he sits on the floor and I ease myself on to his hardened cock. I catch a glimpse of Aidan who's standing by the desk watching us intensively, wanking hard and fast.

Jake holds my waist with one hand while the other is balancing him on the floor. I start to move slowly, getting a rhythm, back and forth, faster and faster. Rubbing my clit along his pubic hair.

The smell of sex is overwhelming and the squelching of my soaking wet pussy is echoing loudly around the room.

I'm riding him hard and fast, my come is dripping down his length, off his balls and on to the floor. Grabbing him by the back of his neck and by the hair at the top of his head I kiss him, pushing my tongue as far as it can go, feeling his mouth.

I quickly tire, slow down and get off. I lay on the floor and spread my legs as wide as I can get them. Stretching a little, I reach around and grab either side of my pussy revealing the glistening come covered entrance.

Jake slides his cock in to me once more and rams me again, his balls bouncing off me, he's ready to come.

"Inside me," I moan.

He exploded, deep inside my pussy, we're laying there for a second or two and Aidan walks up to us.

"My turn," he says.

Jake exits the room to recover.

Aidan has been wanking so hard, he's unbelievably sensitive. He gets on top of me, lifts my legs over and above my head and inserts his hard throbbing cock inside me.

I'm lost, in heaven once more. I scream out his name as I come all around him, squirting everywhere, soaking me, his cock and the floor.

I put my legs down a little, panting heavily. He starts to move, smacking his balls against my ass, faster and faster. He can't hold on for much longer, he needs his release, he shoots his load inside me.

Both of us are hot and sweaty. Laying there, catching our breath. I look at Aidan and smile widely.

"You like?" I ask.

Aidan nods his head vigorously and replies, "Oh yes, this is what you get for your cock teasing you sexy bitch."

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