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Washing Day Procrastination - Part 3

Tags: affair, oral
Ruby's in over her head... or should that be 'his' !! ;)


Washing day had never been a great joy of mine. I had managed to do one load on this particular day, but had been waylaid by a most enjoyable procrastination. After a soak in my oily bubble bath, with some self-exploratory caressing, the event had been cruelly interrupted by a phone call advising that Mike the electrician (who I had not previously met in person, but flirted with on the phone) was indeed on his way to fix some faulty wiring for me. And faultily wired I WAS on this day, as my hormones had been running riot, making me horny as a devil with no apparent relief in site. But today was not just washing day. You see, today was turning out to be more of a... well, a COOKIE baking kind of day.

So it was that I found myself standing in the doorway of my bedroom, whilst Mike the electrician also stood no more than three metres away from me, totally naked, totally hard and totally fuckable. It was a surprise to me, as I worried that the phone call from my husband a few minutes earlier (telling me that he would be home in 40 minutes) would have a negative effect on the mounting sexual chemistry between us, that had been evident from the moment he stepped through my front door.

But a lovely surprise it certainly was, and now it was my turn to show Mike my appreciation for his candour. "Wow" I murmured, but my face expressed all of the lust that was entrenched in that one word.
"Mrs Wright....uhhhh Ruby ... I will gladly fix your lights and air conditioning, but first, there's something else that has... well, come up!" The smile, the glint in the eye.
"Yes, I can see that" I replied, as my gaze drifted down to his perfect cock and rested there. It grew even more (if that's possible!) and pulsed under my stare. The electricity re-entered the room in no minor way. I felt hot and dangerous beneath its power.

I walked towards Mike and put my hands on his chest, trailing my fingertips down his rippling torso. The whole time, our eyes were locked onto each other, whilst my fingers finally reached their destination. I wrapped my hand delicately around his shaft and lightly stroked from base to tip, his wetness dropping into my palm. Never losing eye contact, I leant forward and brushed my lips against his, tracing them with my tongue and groaning quietly into his open mouth. His hands slowly reached to the buttons on the front of my dress undoing one, then two... just enough to expose my cleavage and the delicate satin encapsulating my now aching breasts. I continued to stroke his shaft, using his own wetness to glide smoothly up and down its length, increasing the pressure and rhythm, One of his hands on my breast, rubbing my nipple firmly through the fabric, the other riding up my thigh to grasp my cheek and tug at it sharply. The whole time, we are kissing wildly, our tongues wrapping themselves around each other like mating snakes, our desire becoming more and more audible, moaning without self consciousness, melting into each others heat.

Mike' s cock was so hot and hard now, it was thrusting into my crotch. I pulled the skin on his balls, stretching it down and back toward his ass, making his dick thrust forward even more. He groped at my top like a maniac, using both hands to wrench open the rest of my dress, making the buttons pop off explosively. He pulled the satin chemise down off my shoulders roughly, causing my tits to fall into his hands in a bouncing heap.
"They're incredible!" he gushed appreciatively, lowering his face into my cleavage & disappearing into the void momentarily, sucking in the aroma of my sex. I grabbed his ass with both my hands, rolling my palms in circles over his taut cheeks. His knees bent, his cock was now moving urgently, jabbing under my dress and sliding along my smooth, slippery pussy lips. This elicited an excited shout from Mike as he suddenly realised I had no panties on!

Mike' s mouth lurched at my tits again, taking one into his mouth deeply, my stiff hot nipple hitting the back of his throat. His fingers twisted hard on my other nipple, making me yelp with surprise and delight. I opened my legs to make way for Mike's burning cock, sliding firmly between my pussy lips and over my swollen clit. The combined effect of the nipple twisting and the assault on my already volatile rosebud was electrifying, making me pant loudly into Mike's ear, licking and biting his lobe furiously. I could not wait any longer. I simply HAD to taste his sex.

I drop to my knees, his hands firmly pushing down on my head. He wanted me to do it so bad, he practically fucked my mouth as soon as I opened it. Mike's fat, pulsing cock filled the cavern to capacity. He was getting rowdy now, calling out obscenities and writhing with pleasure, but time was still on our side. So I drew his length out a little and expressed my desire for his dick by sucking the head, my tongue flitting in and out of his slit, which responded with delicious milky juice. Mike's hands were wrapped in my hair, pulling it off my face so he could watch my affection. I looked up to his eyes and grinned, pre-cum gleaning on my lips "Are you ready to give me some cream for my cookies baby?" I teased.
"Ready or not, here I cum!" he laughed back.
"Then fuck my mouth like you want to fuck my pussy Mike... we'll get to that later!" I proclaim. "Now, get on your knees" he quickly complied.

Still on mine, I spread my legs open wide and leant forward, my ass in the air, aware that the mirror on the wall behind me was giving Mike a perfect view up my dress to my very wet, open pussy. I filled my mouth with warm saliva and descended upon his cock like a mad woman, opening the back of my throat to receive his full length. But he was so fucking huge that his cock was banging the back of my throat making me grunt with the effort. He tried to pull out a bit, worried that I couldn't take it, but I held on to his ass cheeks firmly and rammed his pelvis into my face over and over again, showing him how much I loved it by nodding my head and giving a few words of encouragement in between thrusts.  So unbelievably horny by now, Mike started pumping my mouth violently, his dick getting hotter and hotter inside of me. Unable to resist the site of my peachy ass in the air, he reached over my back and grabbed my cheeks, pulling them apart and inserting a few fingers into my pussy and twirling them in circles inside of me.
 "Ohhhhhhhh!!!" the sound escaped me, through mouthfuls of cock. I used my fingers on one hand to brush his asshole whilst the others were busy tugging at his balls, and SUCKED on his dick as hard as I could, slowly and wantonly drawing out his juice. I felt his balls tighten under my hand, tensing like a spring about to unload.

My legs were collapsing, opening my pussy wider and wider, so dripping wet that Mike easily slid his whole hand in there, the overwhelming sensation making me growl and lurch forward into his crotch. I had to concentrate not to bite his dick off, even as his hand was giving me such exquisite pleasure and I could feel my juices running out over his wrist and down his arm. He slid it slowly back out, and massaged my pussy cream all over my clit, my ass cheeks and the top of my thighs. The site he now saw in the mirror, my hole open so incredibly wide and invitingly, caused Mike to shudder and groan so deeply and loudly that he lost control and fell out of my mouth.
"Oh Ruby!.. Ruby, I'm going to exPLODE!!" he shouted. My eyes danced with excitement, but I didn't miss a beat. I grabbed his magnificent throbbing cock with both hands and guided the head back into my mouth. Mikes hands were on my face, tenderly now, holding the cup which he wantonly spilt his copious seed into. I drank it greedily, sucking gently and licking up the after flow from my red, red lips... We heard the front door open.
"Ruby, I'm home!!"


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