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Wife enjoys doctor exam

A good exam goes a long way .
Let me give you a visual of my wife. 5'10" 135 with thick long nipples on a pair of C-cup breast. Long strong legs with a very curvy ass. Long hair and very shy.

My wife came home a little anxious after seeing her gynecologist. She started explaining to me what had happened in the exam.

"I was sitting on the examining table when he came in. He seemed in a really good mood. He walked up to me and took my hand to shake it and continued to hold it as we were talking. He had pointed out a new chart on the wall which had been behind me. When I turned to look at the chart I was almost sure he'd rubbed my hand against his, well, I think was a hard-on. But I wouldn't been able to see it through his doctors coat.It happened so quick. I wasn't really sure. So then he asked me to completely undress and put on the gown hanging on the wall. I walked over to the gown and noticed he was still in the room. Usually he leaves when I do that. I waited a little. Then I figured, he's seen the inside of my vagina, why would it be a problem for me to get undressed in the room with him. I had my back facing him as I undressed. I took off my pants with my panties. And when I was bent over I got a glimpse of the doctor peeking at my naked ass sticking out. I was a little upset at first. But then I felt a rush of excitement in my..."

My wife seemed a bit uncomfortable telling me she was getting wet in her pussy because the doctor checked her out. But let me tell you I was holding on to every word she said and getting hard as well.

"Now Adam don't get mad but I finished undressing as if I were undressing for you before we would have sex." "Mad?! Your my wife. I love picturing you being sexy." "Oh, Ok. Wow, I guess you do, I can see your cock through your pants." "Please continue."

"Anyway I had gotten the gown on and went over and sat up on the table. The doctor turned around hearing the crumble of the paper that they put on the table and looked at me like nothing happened. He pulled out the stirrups and usually when he does that I wait for him to tell me to put my legs up there, but for some reason I didn't hesitate. But I realized he would notice that I was wet down there. Considering the fact my pussy would be at his eye level.

I wasn't able to see his reaction because my gown blocked his head. But I know he noticed right away. He started asking all the routine questions as he inserted the forcipes. OOOHH. He did it so slow. I moaned a little. He kept going like nothing was happening. He started to open the forcipes very slow. OOOHHH. He was torturing me. I let out a whimper. Again, he kept going on like nothing's happening.

I noticed I had my hand on my boob and was squeezing my nipple. I stopped pinching them and moved my hand quickly before the doctor noticed. Knowing he's staring at my spread pussy while spreading it even wider, I knew he'd see me cumming. But I couldn't hold it in. I held my breath and hid my clinched fist and let my pussy cum. After I'd cum he said that he had finished the exam.

He slowly closed the forcipes easing it out of my vagina.

Then he did something that I'm sure wasn't an accident. The chair he was sitting in slipped out behind him and his face landed right on my pussy. Ahhhhh I yelped in pleasure. He got his balance and stood up. I could see he had my cum on his face. He licked his lips. Looked at me and apologized. He paused. Realizing I had seem him licking my cum off his lips he embarrassingly left the office.

Well, how do you feel about that?" my wife said while biting the bottom of her pouty lips.

I thought about it for a moment.

"How about I come to your next exam?"

"Oh don't do anything."

"How about this. We try to get him to have sex with you. We both can have sex with you."

My wife never answered me. But I know she had been thinking about it.

A few months. She finally admitted she had been excited about the whole situation the moment I asked her. She made an early appointment and we were on our way.

While driving to the doctor's office we got stuck in traffic because of an accident. My wife was growing very horny. I suggested that she masturbate. "NO! There's a trucker next to us that can see in the car." "Well, why not give him a show." I said as I lifted up her shirt exposing her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. And he did get a glimpse. I could see him gesturing for more. Looks like he got his passenger watching too. "I don't feel comfortable doing that in front of other people."

"Come on we'll never see them again." I still had her shirt up. She didn't seem to fight that.

She took a deep breath and said "Fuck it". She pulled off her pants and immediately started rubbing her pussy. She was really getting into it.

"I want them to see me cum." So she she got on all fours with one hand on my leg and the other on my seat. One leg bent on the seat and the other stretched out to her side. I grabbed her head and started kissing her. Her fingers fucking her pussy which was facing her audience. She moaned in ecstasy. She had been fingering herself so vigorously that our window had her juices on it. She turned around, looked up at the truckers and licked up the mess her pussy left on the window. They honked their horn. That was good timing because our lane opened up (like my wife's pussy) and we were able to head to the doctor's office...TO BE CONTINUED.
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