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I am whoever your want me to be but in the main I am a writer of erotic stories and write under a few pseudonyms. I write in many genre's but my particular favourites are Cuckold; Interracial Sex, and BDSM. Those that know me know that as well as having a passion for writing I also have a passion for encouraging new writers. I believe that there is at least one story in everyone be it erotic or not and I know that we all have thoughts that turn erotic. As someone here once told me 'Nothing, in writing, is achieved without passion.'

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So many to list.
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Too many to list but if I were to choose three books that stand out then they would be Nevil Shute - A Town Like Alice; Tropic of Capricorn - Henry Miller and of course The Bible.

Recent reads include
Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit - Craig Oliver
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The Third Man - Peter Mandelson.
The End of The Party - Michael Rawnsley.
Flash Boys - Michael Lewis.
The Lewis Trilogy - Peter May.
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So many to choose from but Ian Rankin, Peter May, Robert Ludlum; John Grisham and Jeffrey Archer are particular good story tellers.
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Some favourite oldies include:

Gone Girl
The Woman in Black
Catch Me If You Can
Groundhog Day
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

Not a great cinema goer but recents were Captain Philips and Blue Ruin
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Anything but Jazz!


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Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 29 Mar 2017 03:49

My understanding is that the British PM now puts it to Westminster for a vote, but exactly when she does that is more or less up to her?

It's a little more complicated than that.

As set out in the Scotland Act 1998 there are certain matters for which the UK Parliament remains sovereign and Holyrood cannot legislate on them. Certain matters known as 'Reserved Matters' include the Union of Scotland and England. To allow Scotland to legislate for an Independence Referendum, Schedule 5 of the Act, needs to be modified under Section 30(2) of the Act. Section 30(2) reads "Her Majesty may by Order in Council make any modifications of Schedule 4 or 5 which She considers necessary or expedient."

These Orders are issued in the name of the Queen by HM Privy Council, which advises the Queen, and are approved by the monarch in person. However both Houses in the UK Parliament and Scottish Parliament must approve the draft orders.

In essence a Section 30 Order means that the UK Government temporarily can devolve power to the Scottish Parliament giving Holyrood the ability to make a bill to legislate for an independence referendum. The last time a Section 30(2) Order in Council was used was in 2012 and on 15th October that year both the UK and Scottish governments signed an Agreement on a Referendum on the Independence of Scotland. The Refendum was held in 2014 and as we know, was a decisive 'No' vote.

Okay, it's a bit long-winded but it serves to explain that this is not a simple matter of Sturgeon v May or the SNP v Conservatives. There are processes and procedures to go through and it's not all down to two individuals or two parties.

It's easy to see why Sturgeon wants to rush this through before Brexit is complete - the last thing she wants is for the Scottish people to have clear and informed choices before going to the ballot box. As I mentioned before, I cannot see any legislation debated and enacted before the UK leaves the EU and given that it takes about two years to get a Referendum enacted we are looking at 2021. Which would also tie in nicely with the next elections to the Scottish Parliament.

Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 27 Mar 2017 05:35

Not quite sure I understand what a "bedroom tax" is. Is this referring to government subsidized housing? regular rental properties (not subsidized)? or actual owned housing? And might people not want to move due to their reasons like the cost involved in moving, or wanting children to remain within the same school district, or proximity to family or caregivers, or access to their jobs? I am sure some people wont move just because they don't want to, but couldn't there be other valid reasons? We have nothing here like that that I know of, but then I am also not familiar with public housing and what rules apply to them.

In a nutshell, the 'bedroom tax' means that working age people who get help towards their rent through Housing Benefit can have the amount they receive restricted if they are considered to have too many bedrooms. There have been cases brought before the Supreme Courts whereby the government are now having to amend regulations because the 'tax' discriminates against disabled children requiring overnights care and couples who cannot share a bedroom health reasons.

As I told my MP at the time, it's a pernicious and disgraceful tax. I can think of many other areas to collect tax from rather than attack the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 05:17

You paint an unfairly bleak picture of Scotland.

As someone working in the education system, I resent your assertion that it is "failing". There have been a lot of changes in the last 10-15 years, and that has created a number of issues. It's my view that the current system has never been given enough time to settle before another change is introduced to really see if it works or not.

Similarly with Police Scotland, there are obviously huge challenges and things that are going wrong, but to say our police force is "failing" is to sell them very short indeed. It's a relatively new system with a lot of positives, but it still has a lot of problems to sort out.

You and GoNE68 say that Scotland needs to be "rebuilt" as though the whole place fell apart after the referendum in 2014. It didn't, and there's no rebuilding required, in my opinion, only further development.

I can only speak as I find.

Having spent many years in residency and in business in Scotland and still a regular visitor there, I experience a different Scotland.

You mention education. I can appreciate your perspective from working in the system but it is still failing as the following link also says.


I don't for one minute place the blame on teachers but it is inept government tinkering about with it that is to blame. It is much the same south of the border.

You also mention Policing. As the link below also says, it is failing. I mean, what on earth made the Scottish government amalgamate eight well run forces into one. It was always going to be an administrative nightmare with ensuing chaos.


As for its bleak future well, perhaps a few more links will help clarify my opinions




Finally, as if to illustrate my take on the SNP's Independence malarkey the link below puts it all in a nutshell for me.


Scotland needs to rebuild and repair some of its foundations first before attempting to put up a new structure, as any good builder will tell you.

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 08:26

Indeed, the party I voted for didn't get the required amount of votes for a seat in last week's parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. Not sure what you mean by "geld moet kort" though. It's Dutch for sure, but makes no sense (to me at least, in this context).

Money must be short - was my comment on their being nowhere to sit in Parliament <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="icon_smile">

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 07:00

Crap, no seats in parliament once again <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/crybaby2.gif" alt="crybaby"> #ppnl

Geen zetels in het Nederlands parlement? - geld moet kort

Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 06:49

The first one brought such animosity. A real bad feeling of division. Us and yous cunts.

What we should be doing is trying to rebuild Scotland, not fucking tear it apart again. It's just fucking sour grapes.

My sentiments exactly.

Having a large extended family in Scotland, I saw the divisions and it still remains with many. We were also among the crowds outside Holyrood on the evening of the 19th. It quite grieved me to see grown adults sobbing because of the result.

When you actually look at the results, only 4 regions out of 32 - Dundee, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dumbartonshire actually voted Yes. The vast majority of the country, by regions, voted No. The Yes vote of 44.7% was only made respectable because these 4 regions are the most heavily populated. I would suggest that it is hardly representative of the Scottish Nation. Orkney and Shetland voted in the high 60's No and Alex Salmond's own region voted No by 60%. I can't see the results of a second referendum making any difference to the Yes vote. All it will do is create more division and widen the divide between the Central Belt and the rest of Scotland.

As you say, what they should be doing is rebuilding Scotland. The Education system is failing; Social Care is failing, Policing Scotland is failing and the economy is quickly becoming close to that of a Third World country. Alex Salmond's 'Wee Blue Book' or his economic argument for Yes fell apart within months of the last referendum when the price of a barrel of oil fell by $100 overnight. The price is still around $50 a barrel and is likely to remain like that for the foreseeable future. It is also becoming more costly to extract. Scotland gets £600 more per Capita than the rest of the UK from the UK economy and still cannot manage its economy.

What surprises me more than anything in all this is that the SNP are getting away with pulling this smokescreen over the nation's eyes. I heard Sturgeon saying the other night 'The Scottish People will not be denied a referendum." Well, they are being denied a better economy, a better health service, better housing, better education, better social care and more efficient policing. So how will a referendum improve things?

Topic: Awesome Award 3/16/17: Dirty Martini
Posted: 17 Mar 2017 02:01

Yes, a very beautiful tribute Rachel.

Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 07:26

Looks like Theresa May has made her position known and with reasons not entirely unlike my own. Now is not the right time.

I hope that when consent is finally given it will be to hold one some time after the Scottish Parliamentary in 2021 - perhaps Autumn time. This would also give both the Labour and Tory Party in Scotland to get their act together and provide the Scottish people with a viable alternative opposition. A strong opposition is always very healthy in a democracy and essential in curtailing the ambitions of the extremists.

Topic: DirtyMartini.. Alan... Did he pass away?
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 06:32

Very, very sad news.

Topic: Scottish Independence, Take 2
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 03:11

If the Scottish Parliament vote to hold one (and there is a pro-independence majority in the parliament), do you think it would be right for Westminster to block it?

I think Westminster would be duty bound to grant a referendum on Independence but.. it should not be held in the timescale that Sturgeon wants. It should be held in 2021. (This is when the next Scottish Parliamentary elections take place) This would be after the next UK General Election (May 2020) and also after the UK has left the EU. The main reason for this is that Government ministers are going to be busy not only negotiating Brexit terms with the EU but also forging trading links through WTO (World Trade Organisation) and the Commonwealth.

The other reason is that Scotland will have a clearer view of what life is like outside Brexit. It is very remiss of Sturgeon to try and push a referendum vote not only in the midst of Brexit but also when there will be lack of clarity of the options available. But of course, this is typical of Sturgeon and her ilk, trying to divert attention from the real issues of government. An economy that underperforms the rest of the UK (Fraser Allander Insititute); an education system that desperately needs reforming; the failure of Police Scotland reform and Scotland's Social Care service on the brink of collapse, to name but a few. If Sturgeon can't sort this mess out while being part of the UK then I just can't see an independent Scotland improving things. They will have to negotiate membership of the EU - that will take many years and they will also have to negotiate membership of NATO. They will also have to sort out an alternative currency. This is clearly not the time for even thinking about independence.

Personally, I think that when they get the go ahead to hold a referendum it will be soundly defeated again and I hope that this time they mean it when they say that "It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity." Salmond said this in 2014 with Sturgeon at his side and nodding in agreement.

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