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I am whoever your want me to be but in the main I am a writer of erotic stories and write under a few pseudonyms. I write in many genre's but my particular favourites are Cuckold; Interracial Sex, and BDSM. Those that know me know that as well as having a passion for writing I also have a passion for encouraging new writers. I believe that there is at least one story in everyone be it erotic or not and I know that we all have thoughts that turn erotic. As someone here once told me 'Nothing, in writing, is achieved without passion.'

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So many to list.
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Too many to list but if I were to choose three books that stand out then they would be Nevil Shute - A Town Like Alice; Tropic of Capricorn - Henry Miller and of course The Bible.

Recent reads include
My Journey - Tony Blair.
The Third Man - Peter Mandelson.
The End of The Party - Michael Rawnsley.
Flash Boys - Michael Lewis.
The Lewis Trilogy - Peter May.
Favorite Authors:
So many to choose from but Robert Ludlum; John Grisham and Jeffrey Archer are particular good story tellers.
Favorite Movies:
Some favourite oldies include:

Gone Girl
The Woman in Black
Catch Me If You Can
Groundhog Day
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

Not a great cinema goer but recents were Captain Philips and Blue Ruin
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Anything but Jazz!
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24 Aug 2011
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Topic: Moderator of the Month for August
Posted: 07 Sep 2016 00:58

Well done Sprite. Thoroughly deserved.

Topic: What Would Happen If?
Posted: 05 Sep 2016 04:31

They would have a skeleton for president.

What would happen if politicians became truthful?

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 05 Sep 2016 03:58

I was reading in one of the Sunday papers here this weekend that Hilary Clinton has begun sounding out people for her Cabinet when she takes office in January and Bill's name has been suggested for Secretary of State. I just wonder what the consensus of opinion is here. I always considered him a good President - casting aside Monica's dress issue. It would make sense wouldn't it?

Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 26 Aug 2016 07:49

France has had to endure all these major terrorist attacks in the last year-and-a-half where people were brutaly slaughtered in the name of Allah (literally), but their only real and very serious problem is their wine export? RLY? I hope this is a rather misplaced joke, because then it's just a one-time off remark. But if this is a demonstration of the kind of denial we're dealing with here then it shows just how bad the situation is.

Obviously you're missing the parody here!

Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 26 Aug 2016 05:22

You think discussions about what is happening in the world today and exchanging information is stupid? I don't judge. I am starting a dialogue. I also feel telling someone they may not wear their religious attire is wrong. There are many religions that require certain ways of dressing.
Personally, I think it's better to talk about this than bury our heads in the sand. France is the perfect example. I don't think it's "islamophobia" to simply point out that we may be ignoring a larger problem. But, hey, if the many terrorist attacks in France isn't enough, try looking at the news.
My opinion is inconsequential. I want to know what others think. I certainly don't agree that it's stupid. Burying our heads in the sand at the risk of not being politically correct is. Just my opinion, and it's just one of many

What has been happening in France and other European countries in regard to terrorism is nothing to do with Islam. ISIS does not follow Islam, they use it as an excuse to perpetrate their evil. The vast majority of Muslims are peace loving, decent people and they hate what is being done in their name. Exaggerating facts about Sharia Law and insinuating that our way of life is under threat is not just an attempt to stir up "islamophobia' but also an attempt to create a problem where there isn't one.

The only real problem that I see in France, and it is a very serious one, is their wine industry. They are producing too much of it and they can't sell it because wines from places like Australia, USA and Argentina is far superior! I think we should help them out this bank holiday weekend and buy a case or two and get some steaks and shrimps on the Barbie. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/pourwine.gif" alt="Pour Wine"> <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/pourwine.gif" alt="Pour Wine">

Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 25 Aug 2016 04:08

As far as I am aware, no.

As far as the UK is concerned there are Sharia Councils and Tribunals which are allowed to deal with Sharia principles but they are not courts of law. Take a look at this fact sheet please.


As TheAngrishLoverr has already said 'There was nothing extremist about any video, and yet your title is 'Is Sharia Law already in....'.

I think we should be careful about creating fear and friction. These are delicate times and there is a danger in creating greater enmity in the cultures that make up much of Europe. Religious people have a right to practice their faith and they should be left to it. There are laws in place to deal with the extremists that inevitable pop up from time to time so let's leave them to it.

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 24 Aug 2016 04:33

Having seen the latest opinion polls I think it's now safe to assume that Trump has no chance of getting in the White House. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/happy8.gif" alt="happy8">

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 11 Aug 2016 08:12

He "suggested" that WE VOTE and BTW if you're going by THSAT standard why WASN'T IT "beyond the pale" when CVLINTON SAID THAT OBAMA SHOULD REMEMBER WHATHAPPENED TO BOBBY KENNEDY? OH WAIT, THAZT'S RIGHHT THAT WAS THE INFALLIBLE SWILLARY! She who can laugh about revictimizing a 12 year old rape victim and STLL BE CONSIDERED TO BE A WOMEN'S RIGHTS ADVOCATE!

Am I to take it that you won't be voting for Hillary then?

Topic: February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 11 Aug 2016 01:50

Trump has no couth and his diplomatic abilities are non-existent. Trump would be a foreign policy disaster. If anyone could trigger WWIII it would be him. He would turn allies into enemies. Well, we already know Trump has his nose several inches up Vladimir Putin's butt.

Quite frankly, Trump feels like a joke and he is playing America for a fool. The fact that he got this far, acting like a childish brat, is an embarrassment for the USA. And in reality, Trump has no real plan for doing anything. All he ever says is 'It will be GREAT!" Hell, Tony the Tiger says "GREAT!" a lot more convincingly.

If Trump can NEVER answer a question about how he will accomplish any of his goals, then he has not seriously thought anything out.

I think Trump never expected to get this far. His plan to run for president was probably a self-promoting publicity stunt for his business ventures, half of which have always failed. Why would we take a chance on an uncouth brat who has a 50-50 chance of leading the USA into economic chaos? And a 100% chance that he'd ostracise the rest of the world. Oh, I'm sorry, he'd have us kissing Russia's ass. So I guess we can say Trump might earn the approval of the big Russian Bear.

The closer it gets to November 8th the more concerned I get. Trump's rants and gaffe's are one thing but to suggest that someone assassinate Hilary Clinton (as some have interpreted his comments) is beyond the pale, as we say here. I believe there will be economic chaos and the thought of that man with his finger on the nuclear button is very, very frightening. Why the Republican Party has just stood back and let this man get this far I just don't know.

Topic: Is it possible to be a Christian and be on Lush?
Posted: 09 Aug 2016 03:07

Yes. In fact, the Bible has several instances of explicit sex. Being a Christian is really about how you treat other people and if you live your life in a way that is charitable and influences people in a loving and kind way. The Bible sternly warns about being a judgemental person.

There are way too many false Christians. You can spot them easily, always professing to be Christians, holding themselves out to be holier than thou, always seeing sin in everyone else. The type that don't do any charitable acts unless they get publicity and credit for it. They always judge other people. They are unforgiving and unloving. The Bible says that in the end there are many who will not be recognized.


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A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part V

Ginny was putting the finishing touches to making the bed when Charles emerged naked from the en-suite bathroom. She looked up at him, drying himself as he walked towards her. Her knees felt weak. His limp but huge manhood swung from side as he walked and his taut thigh muscles rippled with each step. His strapping arm and chest muscles also rippled with the movements of the towel across...

Added 13 Sep 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,560 | 27 Comments

A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part IV

Ginny was excited about Charles coming over to see her but as excited as she was, there was also doubt and apprehension. She just shouldn’t be doing this. She was a newly married woman and she was venturing out into a world of adultery and infidelity. She shouldn’t be having sex with anyone else. Even though Sean was going along with it, she still felt guilt in cuckolding him. She also...

Added 08 Sep 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,577 | 27 Comments

A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part III

Sean and his father-in-law sat in the conservatory enjoying a beer while Ginny and her Mum sat in the kitchen going through the holiday photographs as lunch cooked. Ginny thought she had taken out the ones of her with the three other men but she had missed the one with Charles. Her mum was quick to pick up on it. “And who’s this?” Ginny blushed. “He... he was just some guy we had met in...

Added 02 Sep 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,342 | 28 Comments

Recommended Read A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part II

Later that afternoon Sean and Ginny went into town. Ginny gave him the task of getting their holiday photographs printed off. They were going to her parents for Sunday lunch and her mum wanted to see their holiday snaps. Her mum had also received the wedding photos from the photographers so there would be lots to talk about over lunch. Sean went off for a coffee after printing them all...

Added 31 Aug 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 30 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,292 | 34 Comments

Recommended Read A Honeymoon Cuckolding - Part I

Sean came from the bathroom following his morning shower and saw her standing in front of the dressing table. Ginny was slowly drying herself as she looked into the mirror and as he drew nearer he caught her reflection. He could see from her facial expression that her mind was elsewhere. He knew exactly where it was as he rested his hands on her hips and pressed himself against her naked...

Added 26 Aug 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 48 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 10,885 | 53 Comments

Interracial Matters - Tamzin's Story

The engine was still running as she sat parked in her Ford Focus in the hotel car park staring ahead deep in thought. Tamzin was still unsure, still uncertain the she was doing the right thing. Most other women in her place would describe what she intended doing as sheer madness. It was, she had to admit that, but there was something inside driving her onwards. Most other women would...

Added 16 Aug 2016 | Category Interracial | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,382 | 30 Comments

The Cuckold's Reward - Eric's Story - Part IV

His parcel was lying on the hallway table when he arrived home from work, along with a couple of letters. He ignored the letters and picked up the small parcel just as Karen emerged from the kitchen. She was dressed similarly to the previous day but this time her t-shirt was pink. It was also shorter; resting half way over her bottom. Her sex was fully on view bringing him an instant...

Added 21 Jul 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,935 | 28 Comments

The Cuckold's Reward - Eric's Story - Part III

Leon rang him that next lunchtime as promised. Like the day before though he was tired when he rang; tired and emotionally drained. Leon had warned him that it was going to be a roller coaster ride; he was right. He arrived home from work that day to find Karen dressed in only a long white t-shirt. It had been a long time since she had dressed that way during the day. That was back in...

Added 14 Jul 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,795 | 29 Comments

The Cuckold's Reward - Eric's Story - Part II

Leon rang Eric direct at lunch time the next day. He was still reeling from the events of the night before. They arrived back home from their meeting with Leon and Eric had showered. Karen was waiting for him in their bedroom with a bath towel as he came from the en-suite bathroom. She had taken off her top and skirt and was wearing just her underwear minus her panties, of course. It was...

Added 07 Jul 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,341 | 30 Comments

Recommended Read Crystal's Cuckolding

Crystal turned around after closing the bedroom door and walked slowly towards the bed; she wore a tight fitting lemon top with a deep yellow frilly edging and nothing else. Sitting on the edge of her bed was a man forty years her senior and, apart from a look of wonderment, wore nothing else either. His eyes were focused on one thing and one thing only, Crystal’s naked mound. Her eyes were...

Added 05 Jul 2016 | Category Cuckold | Votes 36 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,280 | 41 Comments

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Thank you for the add, love.

Posted: 30 Jul 2016 10:12
For a "stimulating" read this weekend, (or anytime),
check out my story list: https://www.lushstories.com/traceekies/stories

Stay horny my friend!

Posted: 26 Jul 2016 05:16
Thanks for the add. Looking forward to reading more of your stories
Posted: 04 Jul 2016 15:05
Enjoy a ringside seat for the Independance Day fireworks extravaganza, live from the Firewords Capital of Texas, tonight, (July 4), 9:15 PM, Central (US) Daylight Time.

Use this link for a live streaming webcam from South Padre Island, Texas. (Good 24/7 all year long.)


Stay horny my friend!

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