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Bi-curious Male, 69
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Been exploring my sexuality for four decades and still enjoy the adventure. I have begun posting chapters of my sexual adventure here in a series entitled "My Sexual Odyssey."

Spending a lot of time online, visiting chatrooms, masturbating with others, enjoying phone chatlines and some text sessions. I came to Lush Stories on the suggestion of an author whose works I loved on Literotica (she also posts here) and discovered the LS community went well beyond stories. I love the diversity of thought, experiences, age, etc., which has allowed me to further expand my sexual awareness. I probably spend too much time in the chatrooms, but the interaction has been terrific.

Love "meeting" new folks to discuss our sexual desires, experiences, fantasies, etc.

Very open minded and non-judgmental.

I have begun writing some stories for publication here, initially incest-fantasy pieces and the aforementioned autobiographical ones.

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Why Green is My Favorite Color

Thanks for a friendly escort, I discover sex clubs and a love of "performing" publicly.

I have loved Las Vegas since my first business trip there in the early eighties. I love it because of its “open-all-night” vibe, one even stronger than New York City’s (another metropolis on my love list). In addition, it was the first place where the con...

Going Pro

I turned to escorts to broaden my sexual experiences without relationship entanglements.

I saw an uptick in my business travel during the mid-nineties, which meant more time (forced) away from home. It peaked as the decade drew to a close at about 135-plus days annually. I spent as much time at home as possible but had little choice about my...

Taking Things Into My Own Hand

My ongoing love of masturbation provides a pleasurable, "always there" outlet for my sexual needs

My affair over, my sex life returned to normal: a few times per month a quick fuck (split-level house put the bedrooms close together, my son would be up late, and my wife was “intimidated” by the kids’ presence). Jerking off became a much more common occ...


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Trans Female
Age: 50 - 75
Distance: 2000 miles