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Why Green is My Favorite Color

"Thanks for a friendly escort, I discover sex clubs and a love of "performing" publicly."

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Author's Notes

"This is the fifth chapter in my ongoing series chronicling my sexual sojourn."

I have loved Las Vegas since my first business trip there in the early eighties. I love it because of its “open-all-night” vibe, one even stronger than New York City’s (another metropolis on my love list). In addition, it was the first place where the concept of an escort crossed my mind.

As I reminisced about the incident in an earlier installment, I was walking through the packed Flamingo Hilton casino (now just the Flamingo) on Las Vegas Boulevard when a pretty, young woman in a trench coat bumped into me and briefly spoke.

“Want to party?” she asked, and when I didn’t react quickly enough, she kept walking. By the time I realized what had just happened, that I’d been propositioned by a professional, by an escort, she had disappeared into the crowd. It made me think, and even though I did nothing about it on that trip (except harbor a regret for what might have been; she was beautiful), the thought of seeing a pro was now in my head.

And, again, as described in earlier chapters, I would eventually begin a long, (physically, sexually) rewarding, and enjoyable association with professionals from coast to coast.

It was not until the 21st Century that I ventured into the professional market in the perfectly nick-named Sin City. Delving into my go-to Internet source for escort excellence, I came up with someone who sounded perfect – middle-aged, with large tits, and a willingness/love of being pleased (by me) orally (always a must for me).

A bit of serendipity surrounded this initial meeting with Honey (as usual, her professional name has been changed to protect her) as I was staying at the Flamingo (in the Hilton Vacations portion of the resort).

Honey showed up promptly at 11 p.m. for a two-hour appointment, as we had arranged. She was breathtaking – short, auburn hair framing a lovely face; long legs, smooth, round ass, and a glorious pair of breasts (maybe a bit too large, but still wonderful) sitting high on her thin frame. She greeted me with an open-mouthed French kiss and a playful grab of my crotch.

We broke the lip lock and spent a moment talking. It was just a moment as we quickly jumped onto the bed, our clothes came off, and Honey squirmed down my body, taking my hardening cock between her lips. I had received a preview of her tongue’s ability during our initial kiss, but the sensations she produced on my cock, along with her suction action, had me spurting very quickly.

Euphoric rather than spent, I moved down Honey’s body, spreading her thighs to give me access to the bald mound between them. I began licking the lips, spreading them with my tongue as I would intermittently lick her clit.

Her moans indicated I was doing something right, and as I spent more time licking, nibbling, and sucking on her clit, the moans got louder, and more intense as her thighs began tightening around my head. A sharp intake of breath, a squeeze on my skull, and Honey came with a shudder and a sweet moan.

I rolled out from between those thighs, taking a moment to breathe in our scents, the wonderful, pungent smell of satisfying sex. I offered her a glass of wine as we came down from our mutual orgasms, but she declined. She did accept a drink of water, though, as her breathing returned to normal. We sat together on the bed and got to know each other a bit better.

I preferred escort sessions, which included some interpersonal conversations. I really liked getting to know the individual woman a bit (realizing I might get a contrived story). I was not looking for anything in particular, just a more comfortable atmosphere. Sometimes, these conversations occurred prior to sexual activity, sometimes after.

It was shortly after midnight when Honey asked me a very simple, leading question: “Have you ever been to a sex club?”

“No; never thought of it.”

“How’d you like to go to one?”

A moment’s pause.

“Sure; why not?”

Off we went in a taxi, headed to the Green Door, just off East Sahara in an old, somewhat rundown, large strip mall. We walked up a short entrance hall to a small, movie-theater-like “ticket” booth.

I bought a membership, using Honey’s address, to secure a local couple's weekly pass for $85. I received a – what else – green membership card (credit card like plastic, which I still have even though it has been more than ten years since I last visited the Green Door), and we went through a small hallway into a large room with a small stage on the opposite wall.

Honey took me on a tour, past a bar (selling soft drinks; no liquor), then past a variety of rooms, including the couples-only area. The Green Door is divided into theme rooms, alcoves with banquets, and hidden nooks.

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When I visited (in the first decade of the 21st Century), there was a locker room (to secure your stuff), a hot tub room, an upstairs bar (like the one on the first floor), a stripper pole with surrounding seating, and even a dungeon.

We stopped our tour upstairs in the front corner room. This was a large area, a couple of tiered rows of benches dropping to a section with a round bed on the left and another large, padded couch/bed/surface on the right.

Honey and I sat on the round bed and began kissing, touching, and enjoying each other’s company. We broke apart long enough to get our clothes off (amazing to me, in retrospect, how easily I disrobed in this public space without any hesitancy or reluctance), then resumed the kissing, the touching, and REALLY enjoying each other’s bodies.

I lay down, and Honey climbed on, dropping her gorgeous pussy onto my face, leaning forward, and taking my stiff cock into her mouth. We really were into the sixty-nine, not paying attention to anything but the pleasure of our partner, so we did not notice a bit of an audience forming.

The steps of the tiered area featured raised, padded cushions arranged in an “L” around the round bed upon which Honey and I were lost in each other’s genitals. My face and beard were drenched with her juices, my cock with her saliva. She came with a shudder and squeal, caught her breath, and squeaked out, “I want you to fuck me.”

While so occupied, we did not notice the gathering of a small audience. On the benches on the long side four single guys were playing with themselves, three trying to be discreet, the third openly pumping away.

On the other side of the tiers, the bottom of the “L,” sat a beautiful blond in a skin-tight white micro dress painted on her large tits; the dress hiked up, revealing a panty-less bald pussy to any and all, attracting male attention.

As Honey got on her hands and knees facing the blond, I moved behind her, enclosed my cock in a condom, and slid into the still-soaking pussy. She felt divine! Meanwhile, a brave soul had walked up to the blond who, apparently without a word spoken, reached over, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and began blowing him.

I did not know where to focus my eyes – on Honey’s beautiful ass as my cock slid in and out of her or on the blond taking the guy’s prick down her throat. Wow! I was so turned on, living a scene I had never envisioned, so it never entered into my fantasies. I was fucking this incredible woman while watching another gorgeous, half-naked woman blow another lucky guy – all while being watched in a public place.

Mind-blowing does not begin to describe the sensation. Aroused, turned on, just didn’t seem to capture how I felt. I kept fucking Honey. The blonde’s initial guy had filled her mouth with cum, and she was now sucking on her second cock, or maybe her third; I did not care; I just loved the show.

I came in an earth-shattering (sorry for the hyperbole, but it was amazing) orgasm and somewhat collapsed on top of Honey. After a moment for me to recuperate (Honey was in much better shape), we rolled off the bed, gathered our clothes, and (still naked) walked around the second floor, observing others in various sexual acts.

We settled into another viewing area, watching three women pleasure a fourth stretched out on a padded table. The woman on the table was long-legged and naked with small breasts sporting long, rigid nipples and dark areolas. The other three were in various states of undress.

The scene was a jumble of tongues licking nipples; tongues licking pussies; fingers pinching nipples as the three not on the table spent as much time touching, licking, and teasing each other as they did the prone woman. Soon, the woman on the table was moaning, then arching her back, then screaming in a long orgasm, a sound which helped, along with Honey’s skilled fingers, get my cock to full attention.

Honey dropped to her knees and took my now rigid member between her lips, and began a long, slow blowjob while I watched one of the standing women take her place on the padded table. The women continued their intimacy with each other, which helped bring me to my third cum of the night – and really wiped me out.

My introduction to sex clubs, and the Green Door, opened my eyes to a whole new sexual world and I was eager to learn and explore it further – which I would do, both at the Green Door as well as other Las Vegas area clubs and another in suburban Seattle. In a subsequent chapter, I will go into other sex club adventures.

Written by googster
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