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Over 90 days ago
Straight Female


Apparently some people find me annoying. I like that. ? Don’t send me dick pics. I don’t hate dicks, just don’t want to look at yours. Don’t send me kitty pics either. I don’t want to look at those at all. I prefer to write poetry rather than stories but I do like the flash erotica. My avatar is rarely a pic of me. Please don’t bring me your gossip or tales of woe, I can find enough trouble on my own already. I’m also too busy to be your counsellor. Do not ask me to be your mother, sister, niece, or grandmother or I’ll block you. Obviously not into incest category nor scat or anything illegal. Thanks for understanding.  Some friends call me squirrel, the reason for that will become evident soon enough, and it’s got nothing to do with eating nuts!

I’m not fond of the chat rooms, you’ll more likely find me in the forums annoying people. Not sure how I do that but it’s a famous skill I have.

writing poetry, reading, outdoors, hiking, camping, unicorns, bling, the colour pink, ribbons, glitter and red lipstick. Internet cats and real dogs, faeries, parties, trying to bake.

Favorite Books
For the Term of His Natural Life, The Invisible Cord, Poetry and short stories by various writers.

Favorite Authors
Bryce Courtenay, Henry Lawson, Banjo Patterson, Catherine Cookson, Sarah Sheilds

Favorite Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Batman, comedies

Favorite TV Shows
Don’t watch TV.

Favorite Music
Anything except rap.

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Extraordinary Orgasm

I could cum right now…

If I touched my clit right now I’d cum. I’ve been thinking about how you will use me when you get home. How much of a mess you would make of me after you take what you want from me. Everything I have is yours. Mid-afternoon and my throbbing little cunt ne...

  The death of passion, cruel and sharp.  Back into my memories,  it’s terrifying.  The bitterness brings too much sorrow.  All my soul within me, punished.  The aching want within me, looking, Retreats to my memories, craving.  On that day my soul grew h...



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