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Over 90 days ago
Straight Female
0 miles · Tennessee


Just a girl. I am not one that needs to rack up the friends but would rather have just a few that I can talk and relate to. So, please, have a Mind. I may taste it and not be able to forget its flavor of intellect. Personal details are on a one to one basis and not discussed in public chat rooms. I enjoy adventure and have a deep soulful need of the great outdoors. Simple, yet complicated. A true cotton and denim kind of girl at heart.

During my time here, I have begun writing, something I have never done before. I think my pen has produced a few decent thoughts. Some are contemplative, others just meandering thoughts. I have found I enjoy this form of self-expression. But, please, know these are works of fiction. They are not meant to be based on myself or any one person but rather random wonders, collective ideas of life experiences, observed circumstances, and rumored situations from all spectra of life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support.

Other than my own writings, I co-authored a story with Tiepinkraider and a poem with Adagio_Sabadicus.

"Field of Desire"

"On Occasions"

Do not "friend" me without having a conversation with me, so no random friend requests. Do not "private" or "whisper" me, that is reserved for my friends. Do not expect me to cyber or role play with you; if that is all you are after, I am not your girl.

Posts to my wall are always welcome, but if you choose to post something, please be tasteful.

Lastly, one can meet some incredible people here, lasting forever relationships. I consider a few from here amazing lifelong friends, the bestest of friends. There is no status to recognize such a beautiful gift as friendship so I do that here with these words.

A poem that holds great meaning to me. I hope you admire and respect what you see.

Dogs, Outdoors, Books, Exercising, Cooking

Favorite Books
There are so many and, really, it depends on the day and my mood.

Favorite Authors
Sarah Allen Addison, J. R. Ward, Karen Marie Moning, there are many others but these are the stars of the moment.

Favorite Movies
Comedies, Drama, Action, and pretty much anything that captures the mind.

Favorite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, Outlander

Favorite Music
I prefer 90's Alternative, but listen to most anything. Often times though, it depends on the mood...again.
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Making Friends


Age: 18 - 100
Distance: 500 miles