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Extra Credit

Tags: anal, m/m, gay
He turned to look at me then, a glint in his eye. I think what you need... is a good fucking.

"So, Mr. Killigan, I assume you know why you are here?"

I looked up at the headmaster, Professor Dawes, unsure of what to say.  Maybe I could get off easy.  I really didn't want to leave the university; I'd worked hard to get in for a long time.

"Don't play dumb with me, Mr. Killigan.  You know exactly why you are here."  He pushed a piece of paper across his desk.  I looked down at it and gulped.  CARTER KILLIGAN was written across the top, and below it, my grades were listed, clear as day.  I was failing at least two classes and was borderline failing in a third.

I looked back up at Professor Dawes, wondering in the back of my mind exactly what he was thinking.  Everyone said he was a weird headmaster, known for his strange ways.  Sure, he seemed a little kooky, but so far nothing too far out of the ordinary had happened to me at his school.

"Yes, Mr. Killigan," said Professor Dawes.  "You are nineteen, barely on your way into the world, and you are failing out of college.  Now why is that?"

I didn't know what to say, so I looked away, ashamed.  My parents would be furious if they knew.   They had, after all, paid half of my tuition.

Professor Dawes continued.   “These grades, to be quite frank, are atrocious.”   He stood and began walking around me, his hands clasped behind his back.   “Nothing seems to be getting through to you.   You are an adult, so we cannot hold you in detention.   I am not your father, so I cannot take away your basic privileges.”   He turned to look at me then, a glint in his eye.   “I think what you need... is a good fucking.”

“A-a fucking, sir?” I asked, unsure I had heard correctly.

He nodded.   “Yes, Killigan.   It would teach you to submit, and it could increase those grades a bit.”   He winked.

I stared.   “You... you’re going to...?”

“Oh of course I can’t without your consent, and you know it would have to remain between us.   After all, I could lose my job for having such a relationship with a student.   But... you really do need the points.”

He had me there: I did need the points.   I thought about his offer.   Maybe he was crazy after all.  But then what did that make me?  The idea of letting my headmaster screw me was one of the wildest, but when I looked at my lap again I realized I was getting an erection from the thought.

Apparently Professor Dawes noticed this as well.   “Splendid, that answers that,” he said.

I was about to protest, but he said, “Oh no, my boy, you are in no position to argue.”

So I didn’t.   In fact, I think I almost smiled.

“So,” he said, clapping his hands together twice, “let’s get to it, boy.”

Normally I would have protested, but as my member grew harder, I could do nothing to stop myself.   I stood and turned to him, waiting for instruction.

He nodded once, and I knew what he wanted.   I began to undress.

“Make sure to leave nothing, Killigan,” he added in a nonchalant manner, as if this were as common as someone taking out the trash.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, followed by my undershirt, leaving me clothes only from the waist down.   Next I kicked off my shoes and stripped away my socks.   I stood up straight to look him in the eyes once more, but he said nothing.   So I unzipped my jeans and removed them as well.   Finally my boxers.   Without them I would be completely at his mercy.   The thought made me happy yet terrified.   I pulled them away slowly, first over my enlarged member, then over my rear.   At last all my clothes lay in a heap on the floor.

He nodded again, and the grin returned.   “Very handsome erection you’ve got there, Killigan,” he noted.   I blushed.

He turned and began to walk into another room, and I realized I was meant to follow him.   He led me into a room off his office, one I had never noticed before.

Professor Dawes closed the door behind us.   The room was small and dimly lit.   It then occurred to me to wonder how many other young men—or even young women—had gained “extra credit” this way.

A strange-looking contraption was in the little room; it came up to about my waist.

Professor Dawes turned to me.   “This is for you,” he said with a smirk.   “Over you go.”

I realized I was meant to lean over the thing, so I did.   It could have been a table, I supposed, but it was built oddly, with another flat square plank across the bottom, and round arches in the middle of the legs at the bottom.

“Place your feet through the arches, against the legs,” he instructed.   I did, and found that the arches were the perfect size.   Was that on purpose?

He came over and pushed me down, so that I was leaning on the top of the table—or whatever it was.   I felt something moving around my ankles but did not dare to look.   Then he came over in front of me and moved the same something around my wrists.   I looked awkwardly and saw that I had been tied down, my arms to the sides of the front two legs, my feet to the back of the rear two legs.

I attempted feebly to pull away; this was more than I had bargained for.   As soon as I did so I felt a sharp pain in my left cheek, and I realized Professor Dawes had spanked me!

“Now, now, none of that, my boy.   You are here to learn to submit, after all.   You must totally and completely submit to me.   I am your master.”

I swallowed.   “Ye—”

“Quiet,” he snapped, punctuating this with a smack to my right cheek.   The place where he hit me burned like a tiny fire under my skin.

Professor Dawes leaned up against me then, the front of his legs against the back of mine.   The feeling of pure flesh on flesh told me he too was now naked, and I shivered slightly as I imagined this.   “So, Killigan, you are here to get what you deserve.   You will speak only when you are given permission.   You are here to please me and to please me only.   This is not for your own enjoyment.   You will not orgasm, unless I decide that you deserve it, and then you may only orgasm when I say, do you understand?”

I was about to respond, but then I thought better of it and nodded.

“Good boy,” he said.   “Now,” he continued.   There was a popping noise, and suddenly I felt something cool on my behind.   “Just a little baby oil,” he explained, “to lube us up nice.”   The oil was cold, but I kept silent.

Professor Dawes pressed closer and said, “Are you ready for your fucking, boy?”

I nodded again, almost vigorously.   My cock was throbbing now.   Oh god, I was so aroused...

A chuckle from behind me.   “Surrender your ass, Killigan,” he said.   I pushed against him, almost eager.

Then I felt it.   He was pushing slowly, ever so slowly, into my tiny asshole.

“Hmm, tight, Killigan.   I can tell you’ve never been penetrated before.”

I was about to remark that this was not a usual activity for me, but then I felt a tiny pain.   I gasped.

“Don’t worry, boy, your ass just has to get used to me,” he chuckled.   I knew he was right; I could feel the muscles in my ass opening up to accommodate his dick.

He sighed.   “and now, Killigan, prepare yourself.”

I felt a shove, and then pain and pleasure all in one.   He was completely inside me now.   I moaned at the same time he did.   It was something I had never felt before.

Then he began to move back and forth inside me, slowly at first.   His hips were beating against my ass with every thrust, almost as though he was spanking me again.   The fire in my cheeks and the feeling in my ass were almost heaven to me.   I moaned again.

“That’s it, boy, take your ass-fucking,” he moaned.

His rhythm began to speed up, and what had started as a gentle movement soon became hard, furious fucking.   His hips beat against my ass harder and harder, and his dick was so far inside of me I had no idea how it was still in my ass.

“Ohh,” I moaned suddenly.   “Oh, oh sir!”

“Don’t you dare cum, Killigan, not unless I have ridden you to my heart’s desire!”

“Oh sir—oh, it feels so—ohh—so good!”

He chuckled again, which turned into a moan.   “Yes, boy, oh yes!”

His hips made loud pops as they hit me, and I felt my nerves tingling all over my body with the sensations.   It was too much.   Oh, it was so wonderful!   I began struggling against the bonds again, wanting to break away into the immense pleasure!

“Ohh, Killigan, yes boy, you can cum now!”

I fell into it, feeling the tingling and the rush of the pleasure.   “Oh—ohh—mmm—ah—ohhhhhhhh!!”   I came loudly, yelling as the pleasure climaxed yet continued to grow.

After a few more hard thrusts, it was over.   He pulled out of me with a soft “pop.”

Panting, Professor Dawes said, “Well, Killigan, that was quite a ride.”

“Yes, sir,” I said breathlessly, still recovering from my orgasm.

“Now I’ll expect those grades to be better before the end of the semester.”

“Yes, sir.”

“and don’t forget—your extra credit work is just between us.”

“Yes, sir.”

A sharp smack.   “I said quiet.”   He chuckled, and I had to smile.   Oh god, what a fucking....

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