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My education continues Part 2

My education continues Part 2

My girlfriend contunues to tell me of her weekend away and what it means to me
We lay down naked and side by side, and I dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up to Madeline rubbing my chest and pinching my tiny, but erect, nipples. Raised up on her left arm, she looked down at me and smiled. “How was that for relief?”

“Oh my love, it was incredible! You never did that for me before, and you sure know how!” I exclaimed enthusiastically, smiling back.

“Well I don’t want reveal all my secrets at once,” she said smiling broadly. I loved it when her eyes smiled. “There has to be some mystery.”

“If that is the result, I am certainly game for that,” I said. “So is there more to your narrative?”

“Oh absolutely,” she said. “A lot more. Do you want to hear about it now or swim at the beach for a while and recuperate?”

“Actually, I am nice and warm lying here naked with you,” I said as I pulled her into a sensuous kiss. “I would rather recuperate hearing what happened and lying here with you. Besides, you haven’t cum yet, and I mean to make it as wonderful for you as it was for me.”

Madeline’s hard nipples were poking into my chest and my side. I rolled so we were both on our sides a few inches apart and started feeling her soft breasts and rubbing her nipples with my left hand while I propped myself with my right. Our legs were intertwined and her soft bush was on my half erect cock. It felt so good in my post-orgasmic glow.

She moved forward and kissed me again lightly, but with tongue. We fully embraced, arms around each other and kissed for a few, hot naked flesh to flesh, a feeling I always long for. Then she pulled away and we went back to facing each other as before, legs intertwined and feeling each other with our spare hand.

“Well, after Brad came in John’s ass and John came in my mouth, we all arranged each other so we could and did have a three way kiss, with John’s cum in my mouth being shared amongst us. What a sensual kiss it was, something I had never felt. John drew back and asked how I felt. I said I was all aglow but horny as hell. He said that was good, that it would set me up for the next part. John rolled onto his stomach and said Brad knew what to do.

"I was curious at the comment and asked what he meant by that. Brad said that it was time to clean and get ready for the next part. He then moved down parted John’s ass and started to lick his cum from John’s asshole. I was shocked and bit grossed out at first but John said he had cleaned up before I got there. Brad looked up, cum on his face lips and chin and pulled me into a kiss. I resisted briefly but gave into the sensuous thought and tongue kissed him sharing the slippery sweet saltiness. I was getting so horny I was ready for anything at this point.

"I had been kneeling, and leaning forward to kiss Brad, John’s resuscitated hard cock nudged my left hard nipple and streaked it with spare cum. While I kissed I felt something slippery rubbing my ass and then a finger slipped between my cheeks and grazed my asshole. I broke the kiss and asked what John thought he was doing. He said he wanted to share with me an incredible feeling and to relax and go with it. While we talked, Brad rubbed his whole hand between my legs and over my wet pussy rubbing back and focusing on my asshole. I was stunned with excitement.

"John entered my ass with two more fingers, one at a time, and stretched me while Brad entered my pussy. Both holes were going and I felt stuffed but really sexy. Then Brad sucked my right nipple. I moaned again as sexual fire hit my brain and I vibrated and involuntarily spasmed in orgasm.

[At this point, my hardness had returned and Madeline was masturbating my cock as she talked, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head and I was beginning to get pre-cum. I moved my hand down to her pussy and began to rub her as we remained facing each other while she continued.]

"Brad dove between my legs and licked the fluids while I protested for them to ease up. They moved back but asked me to get on all fours. Curious, I followed their direction and moved myself on the bed into position. Brad moved and scooted on his back under me and put a pillow under his head so he could begin to eat me again. His cock was right under my face, teasing me just outside of reach. John was fiddling with something out of my view and then moved around me. Brad’s eating me was having a great effect and I was rubbing my pussy back and forth on his tongue.

"Suddenly, there was something warm poking at my exposed asshole as John eased his cock into my ass. Oh my God, at first there was some pain and I cried out. But after the initial penetration, it felt so good to be stuffed with John’s large hard cock. My body was afire with sexiness, I was crying out and breathing hard at the same time while Brad’s tongue roamed inside my pussy and John fucked my ass. I wanted more and began to push back onto the cock invading me, dislodging Brad’s tongue and he moved up and started feeling my moving breasts and squeezing my nipples. “

[I was getting heated and ready with Madeline’s manipulation of my cock.]

[“Stop for wacking me a second. I don’t want to cum yet,” I said. “But don’t stop the story.” She stopped rubbing my cock but kept feeling me.]

“OH, I was so hot, and I felt a huge sexual feeling welling up and waiting a sec and then, as John fucked my ass rapidly and hard, he suddenly thrust all the way in, screamed, and held and I felt the heat of his huge load flooding my rectum while I screamed and simultaneously jerked, orgasmed, and shot fluid out my vagina all over the bed! It was a firm stream, but something I had never done before. It was as real surprise, but the release felt good. As we finished, I collapsed on the bed as John pulled out and Brad move aside.

"All I could say was wow. I felt totally wrung out and cum was seeping from my asshole over my pussy from John’s large load as I lay there exhausted. John asked if I was Ok. OK? I was in heaven.”

“I have other stories,” she said, “but I feel like being a bit more active.”

She leaned over and moved on top of me. I loved feeling her nakedness on me. We were both sexually hungry with anticipation. We kissed, my hard cock pushed to the side between our stomachs as we kissed. Then she broke the kiss and looked down at me with a smile.

“Okay, to have the rest, you must agree to two things.” She said.

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“First, we need to clean up fully. I get to run the bathroom activities. Then, anything I let you do to me, you have to let me do to you.”

“Such mysterious comments,” I said. “OK, I agree. So now what?

“Ever had an enema?”

The rest of this phase of my education in part 3

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