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My First Anal Experience

Larry's wife and her friend have a surprise for Larry.

My name is Larry. I am happily married to Mindy. She and her friend Laurie are very good friends. They both have long black hair, which they are wearing up today. Their bodies are toned and tanned, with 34C cup breasts. Laurie surprised me in the shower yesterday. Mindy was happy to see that we were getting acquainted. This morning, the girls hatched their plan to give me my "First Shave."
After they were finished, Mindy took my hand, "It's time to clean you up, Larry." The three of us headed to the shower.

Both of them gave me a mischievous smile. I could tell that this was going to be a repeat of last night, with something special. Though what, I did not know.

We wasted no time in lathering up our bodies. My hands explored every inch of their bodies as they took turns kissing me passionately. Mindy told Laurie to go to the wall.

"Put your hands on the wall for support babe. Make sure to spread your feet apart." 

Mindy soaped up a bath sponge, then gave it to me as she went to the marble bench. She sat and watched as I held the sponge above the top of Laurie's crack. I squeezed the sponge, letting the soap run down Laurie's crack to her anus. Standing behind her, I placed my cock at her friend's opening.

"You fucked my virgin arse yesterday, now you are going to fuck Laurie's virgin arse today." 

"Larry, I have waited so long for this, shove that cock in me now!"

Slowly I pushed the circumcised head into her arse. I stopped with just the head in her. Giving her time to adjust to the feeling.

"God Damn it Larry, shove that cock in now!" With one thrust, I was all the way in.

Laurie was screaming to go faster as she reached down to her clit. As I pounded her, she rubbed her clit. I reached around to tease her nipples with one hand. We were so into this, I forgot Mindy was here. Looking over my shoulder, Mindy was sitting on the marble bench. She was sucking her nipple while fingering her pussy.

Laurie was now pushing against me as I stopped fucking her arse. Laurie was crying out for me to pound her even harder. I did just that while pulling her nipples. She reached down and rubbed her clit as her arse tightly gripped my cock as I fucked her.

Fuck Laurie's arse, she needs to cum." Mindy was now fucking her pussy with two fingers while rubbing her clit.

I started to fuck Laurie's arse as Mindy watched us while masturbating. Laurie screamed out that she was cumming. She told me to keep fucking her as she turned to her head to kiss me.

"Damn Larry, I am cumming again!" I felt my cock jerk in her arse.

"Give me your hot cream, Larry!"

With one last thrust, Mindy pushed her fingers deep into her pussy. They both screamed out as they came. That sent my cream spurting deep into Laurie's arse.

"Oh yes Larry, I feel your hot cream filling me up!"

"Keep pumping me, make me cum again Larry!" One final thrust and Laurie came as she screamed out.

I slid my cock from her as Mindy licked her sweet nectar from her fingers.. Some cum was flowing out of Laurie's arse as we both moved to the marble bench.

Mindy had us lay side by side on our stomachs. Taking a hand held showerhead she first covered me in a warm, gentle spray. Moving the spray down, she made circular motions over my arse cheeks. I sighed as the warm water soothed me.

When she finished, I stood and took the showerhead. I did the same to Laurie as Mindy had done to me. Mindy stood behind me with her arms around my waist. Her breasts pressing into my back.

"Laurie, you were amazing." I then kissed her gently on her soft lips.

"Larry, you were amazing, I am so happy it was you who took my anal virginity. I did not want anyone else." She then kissed me gently on the lips.

"It's now your turn Larry, come with me." Mindy took my hand, leading me to the wall where Laurie had been standing. Laurie sat on the marble bench watching us.

"Put your hands on the wall for support babe." Mindy then used her foot to spread my feet apart.

Mindy soaped up a bath sponge, then held it above the top of my crack. She squeezed the sponge, letting the soap run down my crack to my anus.

"You fucked my virgin arse yesterday, and Laurie's virgin arse today." Mindy took a soapy finger teasing my anal opening.

"Now it is your turn, Larry."

Instinctively I squeezed my arse cheeks together and tried to relax. Mindy just kept rubbing my opening gently, and I soon felt my sphinter muscles relax.

"Mindy, that feels good."

Laurie was already fingering her sopping wet pussy as Mindy pushed her finger in my arse. I tried to hold off Mindy's attempt to no avail.

"I will be gentle, this being your first time." Mindy's finger snaked its way in.

"Oh God, I never thought it would feel this good!" Mindy moved her finger slowly as my arse got use to it.

Laurie was sucking her nipples as she fingered her clit. Her moans grew louder as she watched us.

Mindy had loosened up my arse, and then slowly removed her finger.

"There is one more surprise honey." She held up a six-inch "Crustal Jellies Anal Starter Clear" dildo.

Mindy slid the dildo over my soapy cheeks, then down my crack. She placed the head at my opening, slowly pushing the tip in. She held it there until I was use to the feeling.

"Ok honey, I am going to push a little deeper the hold it there for a while."

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH." I gasped as Mindy pushed the dildo further in.

I was surprised at how good it felt. Then I understood why Mindy loved it so much. Mindy had now pushed almost half the dildo in my arse. She slowly worked the entire dildo in my arse.

"The little bit of pain will pass Larry, I promise." Mindy kissed my cheek, while holding the dildo in place.

Mindy slowly fucked my arse and the longer she did, the better it felt. Mindy pumped my arse faster. I screamed out that I was cumming. Mindy took her free hand and aimed my cock so my cream covered my stomach.

Laurie came with me, screaming out as she did. Mindy and I went to Laurie. Mindy told her that my cream was all for her. We watched as Laurie licked me clean. When she was done, Mindy had me lay on my stomach. Taking a hand held showerhead she covered me in a warm, gentle spray.

Moving the spray down, she made circular motions over my arse cheeks. Mindy took her other hand and gently traced her fingers over my cheeks at the same time. Laurie was doing the same to my back and shoulders with a gentle spray.

Mindy knelt next to me, "My dear sweet husband, I am so proud of you. Allowing yourself to experience something new. I love you with all my heart." She then kissed me passionately.

"My sweet wife, even though I was reluctant at first, I trust you completely and love you with all my heart." I kissed her passionately.

Moving next to Laurie, “My dear sweet friend, you are amazing, I am so proud of you. Giving yourself freely to Larry. Now knowing the sexual neglect you experienced with you last boyfriend was not because of you. I love you with all my heart." 

We then stood up; the three of us washed ourselves. Stepping out of the shower, I dried them off. I took their hands as we walked back to the bed. It was now time for me to give Laurie and Mindy a very sensual, erotic massage.

The End

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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