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Together Again

I step into the bedroom after a nice long shower. Only wrapped in a big towel I look down to my feet and decide that I could do with a little girly pampering. Maybe some polish for my toes. I start to lift my head and catch sight of the bag that I put on the bed before my shower. It now lies on the floor as well as the boxes of it content. My gaze moves over to the bed and I see you sitting there, your back against the wall. I feel myself blush as I look into your lust-filled eyes. I haven’t seen you for days and that’s why I bought the toys. You’re holding the dildo in one hand in the other the anal wand. You consider the wand for a moment before shifting your gaze to me. ‘‘ Do you really think this is going to do it”? you ask. “That when you slip it up your tight little ass that it’s going to give you what I would”?

You pick up the tube of lubrication that still lies on the bed as you toss the dildo on the chair in the corner of the bedroom. “You won’t need that, darling. My cock is plenty good enough to still the fires in that sweet pussy. But this," you indicate the wand, “we can play with this a little.“

I’m shaking, I want you so badly. God have I missed you. I crave the feeling, the pleasure only you can give me. You lie the wand and the lube down on the bedside table before getting up from the bed and stepping forwards me. Whipping off your shirt you get undressed. Pulling it over your head and tossing it onto the floor. Your gaze never leaving mine as I watch you. Bending to take of your shoes and socks before your hands go to the snap of your jeans.

“Drop the towel. Let me see that pretty body of yours, baby.” My mouth waters as I watch the snap being released and your fingers go to the zipper. How many times have I dreamed about it, dreamed of feeling you between my lips, hearing your hard, explicit words as I suck you dry.

The zipper is open, your fingers hook into the waistband before you shuck the jeans and briefs, leaving your body gloriously naked. Your cock arrows back from your abdomen, flushed with angry lust, the head glistening with pre-come. “Come here, baby. Come on let me go crazy fucking your sweet mouth."

I’m shaking as I move up to you. I want you so bad. I have missed being with you. I step up to you just as a small whimper leaves my throat. You kiss me slowly, your hands gripping the towel. Loosening it and letting it fall to the floor. Your hands move up my arms as you continue to cherish my mouth. You rest your hands on my shoulders for a minute before you gentle push me down to my knees.

You curse as my tongue licks over the dark head of your cock. Drawing in the taste of your pre-come, moaning at the intoxication of your passion. My lips open, wide, feeling your cock sink in as my hands grip your powerful thighs. “God, baby girl." Your hands thread in my hair as your hips buck against my lips, driving the crest deeper. "There you go. Love me, Kay."

I relax my throat, taking you deeper then I ever have, swallowing against the thickness before I pull back and repeat the process. My tongue strokes against the underside of your cock as my hands move, the fingers of the first cupping and stroking your taut testicles while the other moves to the cleft of your ass. You jerk, forcing your cock deeper. I swallow, moan, my fingers finding the forbidden little entrance that brings such pleasure, and massaging it. “God, fuck. Your killing me."

I let my throat stroke your crest as I massage the anal entrance, my fingers cupping and tightening on your balls while my mouth tightens around your shuttling cock. I can taste your pre-come. Mmmm, I love the taste of you. Your fingers tighten in my hair, trying to get me closer to you. A tortured sound of male pleasure leaves your mouth as my fingers torment you. “ Tease, baby. Let me fuck that pretty mouth while you tease. Because you’re going to scream..."

You tighten to the breaking point as the tip of my finger presses against the anal entrance. I massage, tease; my throat swallows against the head of your cock before it retreats, only to shuttle back. I pull my fingers back from your ass, swipe it through the moisture that coats your cock before returning and entering the barest bit, pushing inside as you buck against me. A shattered cry leaves your lips as hot, furious blasts of your cum shoots to my throat. “Fuck. You little minx!" Your voice is strangled as you flex, a short little stroke that pushes your cock into the back of my mouth for each pulse of your semen before you jerk back from me.

Before I can gasp, you push me to the bed and jerk the tapered anal wand from the table. You coat it with lubrication before gripping my hand and wrapping my fingers around the hilt of it. “Use it," you growl, staring at me like a man possessed by lust. “Spread your legs and fuck yourself with it.”

I must have looked a little confused because you take my wrist, lowering it until the tip of the fake cock is nudged at the folds of my pussy. “Push it in. Let me watch you fuck yourself with it, Kay. Let’s see how hot you can get before I turn you over and fill your hot little ass with it. Play with me, baby."

You are shaking with lust, with love, with all the pent-up hungers and desires that have haunted you for the last couple off days. And there is only one reason for you to stay sane. Me. My legs spread, my eyes staring up at you, you see the innocence reflecting in the depths of my blue eyes as you watch me press the tapered end of the anal wand into my tight little pussy. I work it in, gasping, filling your ears with the sweet sound of my greedy need as you watch the knobby length disappear up my pussy. The muscles of my thighs are tight, tense as my knees bent and my hips jerk against the intrusion. My head thrash on the bed as I whimper your name.

“God, that’s pretty,” you crooned, sitting on the bed below me, your hands settling on my knees to open my legs further. “Pull it back, baby, let me see you take your pretty pussy.” You watch the flushed, bare folds convulse at your words as my syrup bubbles from around the wand. You lean forward, your tongue licks slowly around the shaft buried inside me, slurping the excess sweetness from the intimate lips. “Go on.” Your hand at my wrist urges me on, your head pulling back, watching the toy sink inside me again. “Good girl. You keep doing that, baby, and I‘ll do this.”

Picking up the lube, you spread a generous amount on your fingers. Lowering your head once again to the juice laden curves, you tuck your fingers at the opening to my ass. “Oh God. Alex..." My hips lift as you begin to press two fingers into the tight entrance. You want me to burn, want me to scream with the pleasure/pain you knew I carve.

“Did you miss me, baby”? Thick, wide, you work your fingers inside me, feeling my tissue spam around them as my broken breaths fill the room. “Did you miss me in your sweet pussy?"

“Yes." The feminine growl has your cock jerking in it‘s own demand. “Oh God, Alex, I missed you. I missed you bad.” My hips arch, forcing more of your fingers inside me as whimpering cries leave my lips.

“Here, baby.” You brush my still hand from the anal wand, knowing I passed the point where I can fuck myself to completion with it. “Let’s try this.” You pull the toy from my pussy, despite my cry of protest you ease your fingers from my ass. “Let me watch it fill your little ass.” You watch. Tucking it against the flexing entrance, you are consumed by the sight of me struggling to take each progressively larger knob until it is anchored in, no more than half the length disappearing up the little hole.

My pussy is red, open, the tender entrance flutters with hunger. You shove your tongue inside it, licking, suckling, consuming the sweetness flowing from it. I arch to you, a strangled scream leaves my throat as I begin to orgasm from the hard thrusts of your tongue up the tight little portal. You are a man possessed. You rise between my thighs, before the tremors ease from me, lifting me to you as you pull the wand from my ass. You press my knees back to my chest and position your cock to take what will be yours alone.

This is the final test of intimacy. Of giving. You know you have the trust it takes to accept the intrusion here, as you look into my lust-filled eyes. The head pops in as I scream beneath you, tensing at the sensation as you stretch me further than you had allowed the wand to do. You spread my leg against your shoulders, your gaze going from my face to the implement of my ass. “I wish I hadn’t thrown the dildo on the chair,”,you growl. “I could push it inside your tight little pussy as I fill your ass. Would you like that, baby? Would you like me fuck you like that?”

My head tossing, my eyes dark slits beneath my lowered lids as I pant for air. “It hurts," I whimper, my ass flexes around you.

“Should I stop”? You move to pull back, suddenly afraid you pressed to far, too fast. God, sometimes you forget how tender I am, I take everything you give me so willingly.

“No,” I cry out hoarsely. “Please don’t stop, please."

My head moves back and forth as you feel my struggle to accept you in the spasming of my ass around the head of your erection. “Do you like the pain, baby”? You know I like the edge of pain. Nothing severe, nothing extreme, just enough to make the pleasure sweeter.

“Yes,” I gasp, finally easing around you enough to allow you to press forward.

“More”? You give me another inch, hearing my cries as they shatter around you.

“More.” I fight to breathe, my tummy tense, my clit flaring to full life between the folds of my slit as I arch closer. “Oh God, Alex. I dreamed....“ A tear trickles from my eye. “I have dreamed of this. I dreamed and dreamed...please. Please make me burn."

Your control is screwed. You jerk back, flipping me to my stomach, before lifting me to my knees and returning to me. You work your cock in, holding back, forcing yourself to take me easier than your body demands, working your shaft inside me until you fill me, stretching me, burning us both. My back arches and my whimpered cries for more nearly shatter your control.

It isn’t easy. You’re too hungry. Too deprived of the pleasure of my body. You fuck me like a man demented, digging into my ass with your cock with each thrust, growling, snarling, thrusting harder and deeper until you reach your hand beneath me, pinching my hard little clit and feel me shudder and pulse around you. Your own release shoots from your cock in blinding streams of hot cum that has a shout erupting from your throat. You fill me, mark me, claiming me as yours in each pulse of your orgasm as you collapse over me.

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