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traffic stop

just another traffic stop....I dont think so

It was late. I was tired. All I could think of was getting back home, getting out of the clothes I was in and into something more comfortable, cracking a beer and relaxing on my own couch. I guess I was thinking about it a bit too much because the next thing I noticed was the red and blue lights behind me. I looked down and uttered a choice word as I noticed I was going well over the speed limit. Pulling over to the side of the road I was wondering what this was going to be like. I was driving through a small little town in the back woods of nowhere. I am sure this sheriff or deputy or whoever was pulling me over was probably beaming with a great big smile as he pulled over my Lexus.


            As I dug out my license and registration I happened to look into the mirror and couldn’t help but smile as I saw this nice shape walking up to my car. I paused and looked harder. A nice 5’4” perfectly figured, short-cropped red hair beauty of a woman was approaching my car. I studied her as she paused and shined the flashlight onto my license plate. I could see she was easily a nice 36c and with the tightness of the uniform I could tell she had to have one sweet ass. This might be a nice traffic stop after all.


            It was dark out. A little past 1 A.M. as she tapped on my window and asked me to roll it down. “Was I speeding?” I asked, giving her a smile and hoping I could not only get out of this but also maybe pick up a number to see this beauty again on some return trip. With out any facial expression at all she replied with “License, registration and proof of insurance please” Hmm, things didn’t seem to be going quiet as I had hope so far. I handed over my paperwork and tried again “Must be tough being so beautiful and having to deal with all these bad speeders” A glair. Not looking good. I decided to switch tactics and go for just getting out of the ticket. “Look” I said “I admit I was going a bit fast, but the road is empty, and I was just trying to get home. I haven’t been drinking or anything like that, just got caught up in the open road. Could you see it in your heart to give a guy a break?”   Followed with a smile. “Please stay seated in the vehicle until I return” was the reply. Damn.


            I watched as she went back to her car and got inside and on the radio. I couldn’t help but stare are her sweet ass as it walked back. “Damn” I thought to myself I’d love to tap that. I closed my eyes to drift off into a mini daydream about this hot beautiful officer in her nice uniform. Thinking about all of the things I would do with her, cuffing her hands and slowly undoing the buttons on her uniform. I didn’t know my hand was between my legs rubbing my hardening cock until I was shocked back to reality with a rapping on the window. Opening my eyes in a bit of embarrassment I saw her standing outside my car door looking in. “Please step out of the vehicle” Great, now what.


            I opened the door and stepped out. “Is there a problem officer?” “Turn around and place your hands on the car please Sir” was the reply I got. “Excuse me, I didn’t do anything but break the speed limit a bit on a deserted road, I wouldn’t think that’s a huge offense” She grabbed my arm and spun me around, pushing me up against the car. Kicking my legs apart and telling me to be quiet. She started patting me down, being very professional and not missing a spot. She went down the out side of my legs and came back up between them. I felt her hand firmly grasp my cock through my pants and feel me harden. At this point I wasn’t sure if I was turned on or pissed, but I went with pissed. I spun around and started to protest. “Just what the hell do you think…..” was all I got out before she had my arm twisted behind my back and a cuff on one hand. My body was pushed hard onto the hood of my car as she grabbed my other hand and had me totally handcuffed before I had a chance to mumble another word. “You just had to do this the hard way didn’t you” she said.


            She took my hands behind my back and pulled me off the car, walking me around to the other side that was off the roadway, only to again push me hard onto the hood. She kept one hand on my wrist as I head hey key her mike and tell dispatch that all was ok, she had the situation under control. Situation? What situation, I was going 63 in a 55mph zone. That’s a situation?


            I felt her hand come around my waist and start to undo my belt. “Just keep quiet and we will get through this with as little problem as possible” she said. I don’t think I could of came up with anything to say at that point if I wanted to. She undid my belt and pants, pulling my zipped down and then pulling my pants down from my hips. She slid them down my legs and lifted on of my feet out of one leg. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt her reach up, her fingertips running the length of my leg until she reached to top of my boxer briefs. Just as the pants before them did, they were pulled down and slid off of my leg. Now here I am, leaning over the hood of my car, pants down on the ground, handcuffed, with a beautiful woman standing behind me. My mind was swimming with thoughts about what was happening.


            Next thing I knew, her hand came around and grasped my cock. Holding it tight as her body pressed mine against the car. “You don’t seem to be to hard now do you big boy do ya? I saw you watching me as I walked back to my car. I bet you were thinking of how nice it would be to slide this, umm, limp dick into my tight ass. I hope it would be hard when you did that. This limp thing couldn’t slid into a whores wet open hole” OMG, I had no idea what was going on. Was she a psycho? Did I wind up coming across that cop you only see in the movies that are on at 3am?   Her hand pulling hard on my cock brought me back to reality. “Well, I think you should get a taste of what your dirty little mind was thinking.” She pushed my hard down onto the hood of my car. Her hand letting my cock go as it moved to my back and held me against the car. I felt her foot kick my legs apart and I fell harder onto my car. I could hear her hand on her belt, the jingling on keys or cuffs or something. Wondering what the hell she was doing. Then I felt it. The cold, hard, rounded head or her nightstick. She was running it up and down my ass. “Now just wait one minute” I started to protest. “Shut the fuck up!!” she yelled back. “You are in my control now and I will do what I want” She was right, there wasn’t much I could do. We were on a deserted road. I was cuffed and leaning over my car, not to mention ½ naked. I let out a breath and just shut up. I was helpless.


            I felt the stick run up and down my ass. Occasionally drifting down far enough to cross over my asshole and brush up on my balls, the head of it always seeming to end up on my ass, pressing slightly harder with each passing. At first I was horrified, wondering what was exactly going to happen. I have had girlfriends in the past, that have played with my ass, sliding in a fingertip and fucking it some while we were playing around. I did remember liking that. Just at that point I realized something. I was getting hard. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed.


            “Oh, you seem to be liking this some I see” she said. Reaching one hand between my legs, spreading them farther apart, she grabbed my hardening cock and pulled it down from the car. “Nice, it looks better hard” At that point she pressed me hard against the car again, my cock forced down onto the cold metal. I was never more turned on in my life than at that moment. What ever she wanted to do to me she could, and she knew it as much ads I did at it was hot. “I bet you wonder what it would feel like to fuck my ass don’t you?” she said. I laid there, not speaking a word, clueless on what to do. “I asked you a question and I expect an answer!! Were you thinking about fucking my ass earlier?” OMG She was turning me on more and more. “Yes” I said. “I was thinking about fucking you, in your ass, pussy, mouth” There, I just blurted it out. Waiting to see what she was going to do to me, my body begging for her touch. “I knew you were” she said. “That’s why I am going to fuck yours, so you can feel it”


            She pressed the baton hard onto my asshole, pushing me open as the tip slid slightly in. The feeling was incredible, pain, but yet it felt so good. She pushed harder into me, sliding it in an inch before she let up on the pressure. Pulling it back out slowly letting my ass adjust some. I caught a breath before I could feel her sliding it back in, this time it was cold, wet, as something was on it helping it slid in easier. “A good cop is always prepared” she said. I felt it slide deeper into my tight ass. Slowly, deeper until it was a good 6-8 inches inside me. “Hmm…I guess your about 8 inches, so that’s about how it would feel” She started sliding it in and out, fucking my ass with her night stick, slowly at first and then building up rhythm. In and out it went, faster and faster as did my breathing. It was incredible, feeling I have never had before, my cock pressed hard against the car as she fucked my ass hard and fast. Leaning her body against mine, she whispered into my ear “You like that, don’t you? You like being fucked hard don’t you?” “YES….oh my god yes!” I almost screamed. I could feel her back off me some, still ramming my ass in and out with her baton. She reached between my legs with her free hand and grabbed my rock hard cock. Stroking me now, pulling down on my shaft as she fucked my ass in perfect rhythm. I couldn’t take it any longer. I shot my load long and hard down the side of my car. It seemed like I came for hours, but I know it was only a few seconds. She stopped fucking me as my cum seemed to stop exiting my swollen cock. Pulling the nightstick out of my ass all I could do was collapse onto the hood of the car. I am not sure, but I think I blacked out.


            The next thing I knew she had the cuffs off of my hands and was walking around the other side of the car. “Get dressed and get on your way. You never know what kind of perverts might come along this road at this hour of the night” I looked up to see her slowly walking away. “Oh, I almost forgot, here’s your ticket” Tossing it onto the hood where I laid. WHAT? She still gave me a ticket? The fucking bitch!! I turned around, almost falling to the ground; my legs were so weak from all the fucking. I grabbed my briefs and slid them up my legs as I could hear her car start to pull away. Pulling up my pants I saw her drive by, never looking towards me, eyes on the road and then she was gone in the night. I took the ticket from the hood and got into my car. My ass was a bit sore but in an odd way felt good. I couldn’t help but smile, she still gave me a ticket. Damn what a bitch. I started my car and was getting ready to drive off when I looked down at the slip of paper, on it were a phone number and a note ‘I have better toys at my place’


            My smile broadened as I drove off into the night. I think I might have to take this route more often in the future.

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