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Uniform Ass Play

Clara's old field hockey kilt tantalizes Mark into a night of ass play.

I rang the doorbell again. What was taking him so long? I was desperate to get inside - I couldn’t stand the embarrassment of being caught by a stranger, standing at Mark’s door in my old field hockey uniform.

Mark had texted me an hour earlier. His message was straight to the point:

Mark: Come over at 7:00 pm. Wear that old uniform you were talking about and a pair of white panties. Put your hair in a ponytail. Don’t be late, slut.

I blushed when I read it. Mark and I had only been screwing for a few short weeks, but he already knew that I was a depraved little slut, eager for his cock. I got ready quickly and booked it over to his place, flushed with anticipation.

Finally, he opened the door.

It was obvious he had just gotten out of the shower. His dark hair was dripping wet and hastily combed back. Before rushing to the door he had managed to put on a pair of faded jeans and a black t-shirt that expertly hugged his toned muscles. He grinned at me as he took in the scene.

Just as I was about to say something that would break the spell, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside and slapped my ass in one swift motion. I let out a quick yelp.

He laughed and led me to his living room. When I reached the center of the room, he placed both of his hands on my shoulders and he whispered in my ear, “stay,” before softly biting me on the lobe. He sat down in a chair that gave him a full view of me and my outfit.

“You look smoking, Carla. Every boy’s fantasy. God, I cannot wait to make you cum.”

I blushed again and bit my lip, already fantasizing about what was going to come next.

“Do a little spin for me, I want to take you all in before I dirty you up.”

I obliged - even flipping up my plaid kilt and giving him a view of my ass.

Mark let out a whimper of a groan.

“Come over here and bend your gorgeous body across my lap”.

I felt a gush of cum spill into my panties as I walked over to him sitting in the chair. Mark looked so handsome and he spoke to me with an unwavering authority and eagerness. I was all in. I lowered myself over his knees. I positioned myself so my ass was slightly sticking in the air and I made sure my pussy would be easily accessed.

Mark used his right hand to caress my from the back of my knees and thighs, up to my ass. He lightly tickled and stroked my thighs, before flipping my field hockey kilt up over my waist, so he could have a full view of the white panties he requested.

He traced his hands over my bum and his fingers teasingly played with the hem. He lightly tickled my vulva through the fabric before pushing them aside and exploring further, probing me with his big hands. After he had explored every inch of my bottom, he gave me a quick smack on the cheeks.

“I am going to spank you five times, Clara. One for each time we’ve fucked so far.”

One, two, three.

They got harder each time. I could feel my cheeks welting under his hand.

Four, five.

I let out a soft scream. I secretly wished he would continue, I loved being bent over his knee. I wiggled my ass up into the air.

“Oh, you want more then?”


He pulled down my underwear this time, leaving them around my thighs and he started to rub his fingers all over my wet pussy, up to my star, before smacking my ass again. I let out another scream before his open hand came down once more.

“You’ll get greedy”, he said. “Let’s move this to the bedroom”.

I eased off of him and pulled up my panties before walking to the bedroom. I went first so he could check me out in my little uniform. Before long, I found myself laying in the center of his bed, with my legs bent and open for his viewing pleasure.

Mark stood at the edge of the bed and pulled off his shirt, exposing his strong stomach and muscular chest which were both coated in dark curls of hair. Something to grab onto, I thought to myself.

He slipped off his jeans and kicked them to the side so he was just in his boxer-briefs.

“Yummy,” I winked.

He crawled onto the bed. His face went straight to my pussy.

Licking me, he probed the fabric that separated my most sensitive area and his tongue. I put my hands in his hair and with my agreeing and eager body, I wordlessly begged him to continue. He finally quit teasing me and pulled off my undies, using his tongue and entering me with two of his fingers.

His tongue moved on, finding my clit, back down my lips, and then to my surprise, he started giving me a rim job. I was intoxicated by the sensation and I let out a moan when he entered me there with his finger.

“Fuck, Mark. Fuck. I need you to come fuck me this instant.” I begged.

The smart man didn’t need to be asked twice. He quickly removed his underwear. I started to remove my shirt but he stopped me.

“No. Leave on the uniform, Clara.”

Suddenly, I felt the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of my cunt. Holding it steady with his hand, he moved it across my vulva, teasing me some more. Sometimes he would put in just the tip, other times he would just rub up and down. It felt so good, especially as his rubbing was stimulating my clit. He plunged into me finally and I moaned at the impact.

“Oh god, you feel so good, Mark.”

My hands explored his back, his thighs, and his shoulders as he pumped into me, over and over. I tightened my pussy muscles around his shaft at random, capturing his cock with my practiced technique. Not to be outdone, he slammed harder and deeper into me. I bit as his ear and neck. The smell of his sweat was heady. I wrapped my legs around his back and brought his body closer. Needing more of him, closer... deeper.

Being so closely entangled made it easy for him to flip me around, which he did so expertly I was surprised I was suddenly on top. I sat up straight and started to ride him cowgirl with my hands grabbing onto his chest hair for support. He started to tweak my nipples through my uniform before he moved onto groping my ass. He lightly smacked it a few times with both hands. Then, I felt another finger slip into my ass and I picked up the pace. I was so wild with anticipation.

“Yeah, Clara, ride my dick. Ride it like my little cum slut.”

I stopped (somehow) and pulled my body off of him, turning around and then sliding his hard member back into me from my new position. Reverse cowgirl was my absolute favorite. As I fucked him and rode his steady cock, Mark took his hands and flipped up my field hockey kilt... giving him a full view of my ass. He entered me there again and I started to play with my clit. As I gyrated my hips against him, I found myself closer and closer to orgasm.

“I’m going to fuck your little ass tonight,” He said, matter of factly.

I exploded. My orgasm came like a wave, lasting long enough for me to scream and curl my toes before I collapsed forwarding. Panting. I didn’t say anything, I just moved my body in between his legs and went on my knees, my ass in perfect view.

From behind, Mark used my juices to lube up my star. I was still so sensitive but I wanted him to fuck my ass more. He stuck a finger in my ass and probed me further. It tightened around him in anticipation of the assault that was about to happen. He rubbed his thick cock in my wetness some more and before long the head was pushing inside of me.

“Oh, yes. Ohhh, sweet Jesus,” I moaned.

“Fuck yes. I am going to fill your ass”.

After he slowly entered inside of me completely I could feel his balls on my lips. He started to hump me, steady and with purpose. As his balls kept smacking on my pussy, stimulating my clit and mixing with the wetness... I couldn’t help but start to cum again. Plus, his thick throbbing dick was hammering into my ass. I felt like such a dirty little slut.

“Yes, you feel so tight,” Mark cried, “I love fucking your ass!”

He grabbed onto my hips and pulled me closer and closer to him. He started to quicken his pace. I was losing myself in all of the sensations. His balls whacking my slick, tingling lips, his hands digging into my wide hips, his massive hard on drilling into me. I started to cum and orgasm, pushing my head into the pillow... I screamed with pleasure.

“I’m cumming, I am going to fill your ass with my cum.”

“Yes, fill me. Fill my dirty little hole!" I instructed.

I could feel him emptying himself into me before he pulled out and more of his cum slid down my leg. We both collapsed onto the bed, spent and happy.

“Five me, gimme five minutes and I’m gonna fuck you again.”


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