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Your Weekly Massage

A substitude masseur strokes your fantasies
Laying on your tummy, naked, you wait for your weekly massage. Much to your chagrin, in walks a substitute for your normal masseur. You quickly try to cover up with a towel but fail as it is caught under you. Totally embarrassed, you give up, as he greets you with a smile. He is tall and dark, broad shouldered, with intelligent blue eyes, strong looking arms and hands.

He asks, "What will it be today? Shoulders? Full body or something special?" Again he looks at your naked bum with a smile.

You stammer, "The usual," in your embarrassment.

"Yes ma'am, just relax."

He starts by warming his hands and then touching the skin of your shoulders gently as you lay your head on the bed close your eyes trying to relax. As he kneads your shoulder muscles gently, you start to release and a small smile forms on your lips. He sees this and smiles too. His relaxing kneading continues along your shoulder blades to your upper arms and biceps. Then back slowly to your shoulders and then to your spin. He runs his thumbs gently down your spine, stopping each inch to rub your back muscles on either side. You are starting to enjoy yourself. His touch makes your mind wander to intimate fantasies as you picture his face, his body, and you drift off.

You noticed that he has stopped and wonder, wanting him to continue. Then you feel the oil on your skin as he rubs it in. It feels so good almost erotic. Intently you listen and wait, naked, vulnerable.

You hear the clink of his buckle and the sound of clothing pulled off. You think to yourself did he just get undressed? I really should leave. But something deep inside makes you stay. You feel his warm hands again on your shoulders, kneading the oil into your soft skin. So relaxing, so sensual. You wonder at his naked body, curious to see, to touch.

Then quite unexpected he lifts himself onto the table, kneeling over the small of your back, hands still working their sensual magic. Unsure, you say nothing, and surrender to his commanding touch. You realize he is excited as much as you are by the skin on skin contact, as you feel him harden against your back. He lowers himself and you feel his full length rub slowly back and forth along your oiled skin. A moan escapes your lips as you close your eyes, enjoying the sensation.

He slowly inches down toward your feet until straddling your bum resting his shaft in the valley between your cheeks. You feel wetness drip from him as he slowly slides his shaft between the skin of your cheeks and across the puckered bud of your anus. Squeezing the meat of your bum, he presses your cheeks together surrounding his cock. Lost in the pleasure of it, you part your thighs willing him further. He senses your desire, lifting his cock on a back stroke, and sliding it downward along your now soaked pussy lips.

His cock pushes forward, the head parting your lips, sliding over your engorged clit. Your excitement builds until you can't wait. You reach down with one hand, fingers spread, through your mound of hair, searching. You feel your clit, so firm now, and then his cock as it slides under your fingers, and along your tingling clit. Feeling him you press his cock firmly against you and groan with pleasure at the sensation.

You hear him moan as he bends to kiss your neck so tenderly, while now massaging your pussy with his cock. You can stand no more as you feel the waves of orgasm build inside. On his next stroke you press his cock into your waiting pussy. Feeling the head penetrate, you gasp. He waits driving you mad.

You cry out, "Oh fuck! please! Deeper!"

As he ever so slowly slides in, you tremble with pleasure. You tingle knowing there is no stopping your orgasm now. He thrusts slowly outward and back, his full length. You feel his balls with your fingers, his hard shaft covered in your love as it emerges only to return to its depths. You rub your clit and clench him with your body as it starts to shake uncontrollably in pleasure. You try to talk and say fuckkk but only groan unintelligible like an animal.

As the waves subside he emerges, still hard and erect. You breath deep smiling wondering if he came inside you while you were oblivious. He lifts himself slightly. You think it over and what a wonderful massage when he sits up and puts his hand on your back. Still smiling, and relaxed, you wait and wonder what the tip should be.

Then in a panic you feel the head of his cock against your anus, pressing gently but firmly. You think nooo, but your relaxed body offers little resistance. The head of his cock parts you as it pushes in slowly. You try and rise to escape the embarrassment. No not there! it will hurt! But he holds you down as the head slides past your sphincter muscle. He waits as you adjust. And then to your surprise you feel the lust in him. And in you, your desire to please.

He pushes slowly deeper, his shaft parting your ass cheeks. You can't believe your doing this. You feel so naughty but so turned on. You start to feel the tingling again as he pushes ever deeper with each slow stroke. But its different, deeper, a combination of sensations between your clit and vagina. Primal. You reach down, sliding your fingers over your clit and into your pussy. You can feel the movement of his cock as he plunges repetitively into you.

Again the waves build in you, while at the same time his body tenses. Your pussy is so wet as your fingers slide in and out in unison with his cock. You feel him thrust deep and hold it there as you start to cum. Your body spasms clenching and releasing him uncontrollably. He rocks side to side and shakes as his cock erupts inside of you, pumping semen deep inside of you. As your body shakes, orgasm upon orgasm, your body totally out of control, you feel the flood of wetness over your fingers as it squeeze with each spasm.

After the pleasure passes, and you become aware, you realize he is lying on you kissing your neck, still deep inside. You stay like that for some time. Drifting in and out of your dreams with a smile.

You feel him stir and slowly withdraw from you, climbing off and down.

You wake still smiling, wondering if it was a dream. You look over and realise he is dressed and gathering his massage oils and towels. Disappointed it was only a dream you wonder if he noticed the wetness between your legs. How embarrassed you become, turning red. You wonder if you came while dreaming. You look up and see him smile.

Then he asks if you enjoyed the massage an you mumble yes in response. He asks same time next week then. You nod wanting to crawl under the table. He smiles as he waves and walks out. You can't help but admire his ass.

Then as you sit up and then stand to dress you feel the dampness on the table, and the stickiness of his cum on your ass. Omg it wasn't a dream!
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