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Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 3

Pam and Dan's Vegas Weekend Getaway Continues in The Pool

Thanks for the comments on Chapter 1 and the positive votes on Chapter 2. As promised, I am trying to deliver the remaining parts of this story a bit more quickly than late next year. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome, though I am disregard. Additionally, if you like the subject matter would welcome your friend request if you have some "existence" on, i.e., more than just a user name and generic avatar.


The Pool

Stepping out of the elevator and into the lobby, Pam proceeded down the hallway towards the pool area. She took Dan down a side hallway and to the end where there was a glass door and behind that a terra cotta wall that had a sign that simply read, “Adult Pool Area—You Must be 18 Years Old to Enter.” Pam smiled at Dan, took his hand and pushed the door open. They turned and walked down the short walk until it opened up to the adult pool area. The area was carefully screened with lush vegetation and palm trees so it was unlikely that anyone outside the area could see what happened in the adult pool area. The sign at the end of the walkway stated, “Clothing Optional.” Pam grabbed Dan’s hand and noticed as he started slowly looking around to see if anyone had already shed their clothing. She pulled him along but allowed him to glance about. She led him past the regular loungers and to the far back area of the adult pool section where the private cabanas were located.

Stopping a cabana attendant, Pam asked, “Hi there! We have a cabana reserved. Could you help us find it?”

“Madame. Do you know the cabana number or could I have your last name?” the cabana attendant asked.

“Well, they told me it is Cabana 11. I think it is supposed to be the most private?” Pam responded.

“Yes, it is. My name is Joe and I will be your attendant today. Please follow me. Can I help you with your things?” the attendant asked. Pam smiled and passed over the towels and beach bag she had been carrying. Dan just shook his head and held onto his things. The attendant guided them to the far part of the cabana section to one about twenty feet away from all the others.

“Yes, I see this should serve our purposes just fine,” Pam remarked as she made her way over to a lounger just outside the cabana.

The attendant put Pam’s things down on a bench in the back of the cabana and then helped Dan place his things there too. Walking back to the front of the cabana, he turned to Pam and asked, “Would you care for a drink to get your day started right? A Mimosa perhaps?”

“Ooh. I love those. That’s perfect. Please bring us each one!” Pam said smiling. She reached over to the lounger next to her and patted the seat while looking at Dan. He made his way over and settled in.

“Ahh. Isn’t this relaxing?” Pam asked, turning to look into Dan’s eyes.

“Yes, it is. Beautiful day. Sexy people. Interesting company. Drinks already. Yes, this is looking like a great day!” Dan responded, reaching forward to kiss Pam on the lips, “Thanks, Baby! You have outdone yourself with this place. Just don’t tell me what it costs until after we get home!”

“I won’t. But it isn’t as bad as you might expect. I negotiated a bit. But, I agree, today is looking great,” Pam replied as she then stood up and went to her bag to grab the book she was reading. Settling back into her lounger, she began to read a bit.

After a bit, the attendant came back carrying a tray with their two drinks. He put the drinks down on the small table between their loungers and then asked, “Do you need anything else right now?”

“No, we are fine for the moment. Thank you so much, Joe, is it?” Pam spoke looking at the attendant’s name badge.

“Yes, madame, my name is Joe. If you need anything, just hit this button,” he said placing a wireless hockey puck device with a button down on their table, “and I will come see to your needs. I will check back soon.” And then the attendant was gone, leaving Pam and Dan to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

After Pam and Dan finished their drinks, Pam looked down and saw she had received a text, “Coming.” Turning to Dan, Pam said, “Okay honey, you have been a good sport about all of this. How would you like another sexy adventure today?”

“Hmmm…can’t we just lay here and enjoy everything?” Dan replied watching Pam.

“Yes. That would be good, but wouldn’t you like to live out one of our fantasies? I won’t tell you which one. If you don’t want to then don’t put this hood on. But, if you would like to play, then you need to put this hood on in the next two minutes. Starting now.”

Dan took the hood that his wife offered to him and held it in his hands, thinking. He recalled how irritated she made him the first full day in Vegas, but also how she had surprised him so far. He also recalled last night when he donned this hood, so after a minute he took the hood and pulled it on down over his head.

“Okay honey, let’s see what you have planned!” Dan stated, lying back in his lounger.

“Ooh! I’m so happy you decided to try it. I hope you like it. But, if not, your safe word is ‘car.’ If you say that, everything stops and we will just enjoy the rest of the day together. All right?”

Dan nodded his head and said, “All right, let’s do this.”

He didn’t know how long he sat there waiting. Nothing happened and he could enjoy the relaxing sounds of the pool area. Finally, it sounded like a few people were walking over towards their cabana.

Suddenly, a sultry voice broke the silence, “Well, what do we have here? Two sluts that want to play? Do you want to play?”

Pam answered in a rush, her voice pitching slightly higher, “Yes, Ma’am, we both would like to play!”

“Is that true, Dan?” the sultry voice asked.

Startled, Dan wanted to look at Pam to gauge her reaction, but with the hood on, he couldn’t. So, after a brief pause, he responded, “Yes, we would like to play, so long as it is as it is within our boundaries and hurts neither of us.”

“Hmm. Very good.  A man that thinks. You may address me as Mistress May or Mistress. I’m here because your wife engaged my services to fulfill several of your fantasies. That may involve some pain and discomfort. So, since we have not met before, I do not otherwise know your boundaries or what you would view as ‘hurting’ you. I believe your wife gave you a safe word, correct?”

“Yes, she told me my safe word for today is ‘car.’” Dan responded tensely.

“That is correct. So, if we do anything that you or your wife believes is hurting you or outside your boundaries, you can say that word and I will immediately stop. Since you are both new at this, I will then stop the scene and discuss the situation with you and whether there are things that we could do that would be along the same lines as what I had just done. If we cannot settle on any, then our session will be complete and I and my helpers will leave. Do you understand?”

‘Helpers?’ Dan thought as he pondered her response. “Okay, that seems okay to me. So let’s get started when everyone is ready.”

“I am ready now. So, Pam, strip!” Mistress May commanded.

Pam quickly removed her bikini top and then slid out of her thong bottoms, lifting her ass up off the lounger so she could pull them away.

“Mmm. Very nice!” Mistress May cooed in Dan’s ear. “You are a very lucky man. But, what will I do with your wife today? What can I do that might make you cum even though you cannot see her? You have a hood on and I think it best to leave that in place for now. So just listen.”

Dan sat and tried to focus on what happened near them. He heard a slight footfall over near Pam and then Pam moaned a bit.

“Hmmm. What was that? Why did your wife moan? Are her nipples getting erect? Would you like to know?” Mistress May whispered again near Dan’s ear, while a hand slowly stroked Dan’s chest. With that much stimulation, Dan’s cock quickly hardened even more than by just wearing the cock ring and the sultry voice noticed, “Oh, you like what I see!”

Dan listened more closely and could hear Pam shift on the lounger. Then he heard the cushion shift more. ‘What is going on?’ he wondered, focused on trying to hear what would happen next.

Softly, a wet sound punctuated the air and was followed by more moans from Pam. Dan recognized that moan. It was the one Pam reserved for when he went down on her and licked her pussy. Listening more closely, he could faintly make out a licking type sound, followed by humming and then deeper moans from Pam.

“Ahh. I think you know what is happening to Pam. I bet it is killing you not to see who is helping her. But just keep listening,” Mistress May exclaimed.

Dan then heard what had to be another person walk up softly and the lounger shifted a bit again. The licking noise continued, but now there was a new sound. It almost sounded like, could it be? Yes, it was definitely a sucking sound. Once he realized that, Dan then heard a more masculine moan of delight.

“Damn, baby, suck that cock!” Dan called out softly to Pam, urging her to continue.

“Oh, naughty boy! You figured it out. I think I need to keep you better occupied,” Mistress May said as he felt the woman shift near him.

Suddenly, Dan felt a wet pussy being pushed into his face and being rubbed up and down.

“Well, get to it!” Mistress May commanded.

Dan let go and started licking the pussy in front of him and teasing the clit on his upstrokes. Mistress May moaned in approval and then urged Dan on, “Is that the best you can do? I give your wife a cock to suck and someone to lick her pussy and this is how you thank me? I hope you can do better!”

Dan dug deep into his repertoire and started a new licking pattern coupled with humming to tease her clit. He kept this up at a fast pace for the first minute and then started alternating his pace between fast and slow, trying to get her on the edge and keep her there.

“Very good! You are a fast learner. There is hope for you yet!” Mistress May commented. “Now, make me cum before your wife does or I will punish you!”

Dan went even faster trying to get the sultry-voiced woman off, but he soon heard the unmistakable sounds of Pam climaxing as her pussy was being eaten.

“Oh dear! It appears your wife just came. That means I now owe you a punishment. But, first things first, you need to make me cum. Use your fingers, man!” Mistress May commanded.

Dan reached out and grabbed the woman’s ass and pulled her pussy into his face hard, digging his tongue in deep and worked on her clit. His hands caressed her firm ass and squeezed a time or time and then he began gently guiding one hand deep into her ass crack to play with her rosebud. The woman responded positively and began moaning. Dan attacked her clit and pushed his fingers deep into her ass. The combination had the desired effect and the woman soon grabbed Dan’s head and pulled it to her pussy hard, keeping him there while her body spasmed with her orgasm and flooded Dan’s mouth with her cum.

“Very good! You can follow instructions. Now, for the next part, I think we should enter your cabana and close it so your punishment remains private, don’t you?” Mistress May asked.

Hesitantly, Dan replied, “Yes, that is likely for the best.” As he stood up. The woman took his hand and guided him back into the depths of the cabana. She sat him down on one of the regular chairs and then turned and said, “Pets, please close the cabana flaps for this.

“Okay, Dan. I promised you a punishment. So, you will need to keep your hood on longer and do as I say. Now, I want you to lick the pussy right in front of your face. Give my pet an orgasm too!”

Dan pushed his tongue out and reached out, soon finding a wet pussy to lick.  He did and kept doing so until the sultry voice cried out, “Stop!” Dan immediately sat back in the chair and waited.

“Okay, now lick this pussy.” Mistress May said.

This time, Dan recognized the pussy he was licking. It was Pam’s. He licked and sucked, but noticed a flavor he wasn’t used to. His face must have reflected his puzzlement because Mistress May cooed in his ear, “Do you like the taste? That is your wife’s pussy, but my other pet came in it while you licked me and then that other pussy. So clean it out good.”

Dan dove in with his tongue deep into Pam’s pussy, digging for the creamy cum that the other pet had left there.

“Ooh. You like that, don’t you?” Mistress May asked as her hands cupped Dan’s face.

“Hmmm. Okay, clean this slut’s pussy out good. You never know what might have to go in there and I want it to be clean.”

Dan continued licking and cleaning his wife’s pussy until the woman pulled his face away, traces of his wife’s pussy juices and the other pet’s cum glistening on his chin.

“Very good, slut. Now for your punishment,” Mistress May said as she grabbed his arm and stood him up. “Follow me slowly. Good. Now reach forward and grab the arms of this chair,” the woman said, placing Dan’s hands onto the arms.

Feeling silly and exposed, Dan slowly bent over the chair.

“Now what?” Dan asked


Something smacked across Dan’s ass hard.

“I did not tell you to speak! Now bend over and count out these swats,” Mistress May commanded.

Dan gritted his teeth and grabbed the arms of the chair tightly.











Dan wondered how long she would smack his ass. But that was it. No more blows struck his bruised ass. The next thing Dan felt was slippery fingers probing his ass. Hands pulled his ass cheeks apart and the slippery finger pushed into his ass.

“Don’t worry, slut, I’m just having your ass lubed up for this next part. Pam, do you have a good view?”

“Yes, thank you, Mistress,” Pam responded from off to the side.

“Okay, Dan, I want you to turn around and sit down slowly on the chair,” Mistress May commanded.

Dan did as instructed and slowly turned around and began to sit. He felt hands holding his torso and guiding him towards the chair. Suddenly Dan felt something hard poking at his ass and he stopped.

“Dan, keep going. It won’t hurt you much and is for your own good. Just sit down.”

Sighing, Dan continued sitting and felt his ass being guided onto the hard object. Once it was fully lodged in his asshole, his cock started growing. The feeling was one of both pain and pleasure.

Dan felt Mistress May bend down next to his ear and then whisper, “Don’t worry, Dan, you are just sitting on a butt plug. Your wife asked me to use that for you before we have more fun. Do you like it?”

“Yes, Mistress. It is a little painful but also pleasurable. Odd.”

“Good. Because this isn’t your punishment. It is just the beginning. You sit there and listen while I turn to Pamela for a bit, okay? Not a word though unless I ask you to talk!” Mistress May cooed.

“Pamela! Come over here. No, not walking. I want you to crawl over here! Yes, that’s right!” Mistress May continued.

“You know what to do, you little slut. Get started!” Mistress May continued.

Dan listened intently to try to figure out what was going on. Soon he heard some light licking sounds, and the sultry-voiced woman began moaning. ‘Is Pam licking her pussy?’ Dan wondered as he kept sitting on the butt plug.

“That’s it, dear, put your tongue into it! You need to get me off and then we can continue,” Mistress May stated.

Dan heard Pam moan. ‘What is happening to her?’ he wondered as he kept listening.

“That’s it, pet, fuck this pretty slut’s ass while my other pet licks her pussy and she herself makes me cum. You all better hurry, I need to come!” Mistress May stated.

Dan heard the sounds of licking and flesh slapping against bare flesh. Not being able to see was driving him crazy. He wanted to see Pam licking a pussy while having her pussy licked and being fucked in the ass, but the hood he still wore did not afford him a view.

Suddenly, Mistress May began to moan and Dan figured she was just about ready to climax.

“Stop licking her pussy, go lick the pet’s ass,” Mistress May commanded her pet.

“Pam, you are doing a marvelous job, I am about to cum. When I do, I want you to lick my pussy clean. Ready? Here I go,” Mistress May said as her orgasm hit, flooding Pam’s mouth. Pam covered the woman’s pussy and began sucking for all she was worth.

Dan heard the noises and thought how sexy it all was. 

Mistress May’s male slave that was fucking Pam’s ass, started panting and moaning. Dan figured he was about to cum. The slave gasped and moaned even harder and Dan figured he had cum in Pam’s ass.

“Very good, pets! That felt wonderful. I hope it was good for all of you. Now, let’s get back to Dan!” Mistress May said as she turned her attention back to Dan.

“Okay, naughty boy, it is time for your punishment. Stand up!”

Dan slowly began to stand up and felt the butt plug slowly being pulled out of his ass.

“Very good. Now, I want you to get down on the rug on all fours,” Mistress May commanded.

Dan slowly got down on all fours, realizing that everyone else was probably standing up and looking at him.

“Hmmm. You obey well. Now, I want you to clean this off,” Mistress May said as she moved her male slave up in front of Dan’s face and had him push his cock into Dan’s mouth.

Dan opened his mouth and engulfed the cock that had just fucked his wife’s ass. ‘While musty, it isn’t too bad,’ Dan thought.

Suddenly, Dan felt a tongue slowly lick up and down his cock and then lick one of his balls.

He squirmed a bit at that, but otherwise stayed still.  Soon another tongue licked his cock from the other side and then began licking his other ball. The two tongues alternated between licking his cock and balls and his cock quickly responded to the attention, growing even harder.

Then Dan felt a hand on his ass and Mistress May spoke, “Dan, just keep sucking that cock and think about all the pleasure those two tongues are giving you. I will fuck your ass now and there is nothing you can do. So you may as well just give in to it and enjoy it.”

With that, Dan felt a hard item push into his ass-crack and then get slowly pushed into his ass.  The woman was careful and only added a little at a time.  Finally, it seemed she had her strap-on dildo fully buried in Dan’s ass. Dan felt full, but kept concentrating on sucking the cock in his mouth and the delightful feeling of the two tongues on his cock and balls.

Slowly, Mistress May began to fuck Dan’s ass. She picked up speed and was soon power fucking his ass, hard. Dan felt it and the motion was being transferred to the cock he was sucking. It also caused his cock and balls to sway back and forth and the tongues desperately sought to keep pace.

“Ohhh, you feel good, darling. I would be happy to fuck your ass anytime,” Mistress May cooed as she continued fucking Dan’s ass. “Now, I want you to work hard on making that cock in your mouth cum. When it cums, then you can cum and we will find something else more pleasurable to do. Sound good?”

Dan moaned “Yes” as he continued to suck the cock in his mouth. He turned on the suction and really gave the cock a good workout. He felt it hardening and so stuck out his tongue and started to tickle the guy’s balls, hoping that would finally send him over the edge.

Dan was soon rewarded with a low moan that slowly built until the male slave’s cock began twitching in Dan’s mouth and filling it with hot cum.

“Now, be a good slut and swallow that all down,” Mistress May said as she continued to fuck Dan’s ass.

The two tongues licking his cock and balls paused. Suddenly a warm, wet mouth engulfed his cock while another mouth sucked in both of his balls, giving them a warm bath. The sensations were too much and Dan could not stop the slowly building orgasm that quickly spread and overtook him, causing him to stop. Mistress May paused and watched as the two women milked Dan’s cock and licked up all the cum he released. Pam had sucked Dan’s cock into her mouth and she kept it clamped down on his cock and was rewarded with all his cum once he began to orgasm.

Mistress May then reached up and removed Dan’s hood.

“You have behaved well for a first-timer. Our session is almost up. But, before we are done, I want you to watch as my male slave fucks Pam. Follow me.”

Dan stood and followed the woman over to two loungers inside the cabana. She lay down on one and Pam did so on the other. The woman motioned for Dan to come to her and he slowly walked toward her. She embraced him and held him and pointed over at Pam.

“Okay, slave, fuck this man’s wife,” the woman directed.

The male slave walked over to Pam and slowly moved down on top of her body, his cock slowly rising again for the occasion. The female slave came up behind the male slave and bent down, digging into his ass crack with her tongue and started tonguing him. This caused his erection to harden and he slowly and deliberately fucked Pam.

Dan watched as the male slave fucked Pam, noting how she was enjoying it—the small smile at the edges of her mouth was a dead giveaway.

“Now, you can start!” Mistress May told Dan. Surprisingly, his cock had stirred watching Pam get fucked and so he bent down to push his cock into Mistress May’s moist pussy. Mistress May stopped him.

“No, you may fuck my feet. Get down to the end of the lounger and I will wrap my feet around your cock and you can fuck them!”

Somewhat deflated, Dan did as told and was soon getting a foot job from Mistress May while he watched the male slave continue to fuck Pam.

The female slave moved over behind Dan and started to do the same to him she had to the male slave. Dan found the sensation to be both odd and very sensual. The female slave's tongue caused Dan’s cock to harden and stand to attention and he put it to good use fucking Mistress May’s feet. Since he’d already cum a few times today, Dan figure it would be a bit before he would orgasm, so he was prepared for a longer fuck. However, the female slave pulled her tongue out and inserted a couple of fingers up Dan's ass. She was feeling around until finally she located Dan’s prostrate and began to knead it with her long fingertips. The feeling was very odd and almost reminded Dan of feeling like he had to take a piss. But suddenly, his balls felt warm and fuzzy and the next thing he knew, his cock was spewing cum over Mistress May’s feet.

Exhausted, Dan collapsed beside Mistress May on the lounger.

“Mmm. That was nice, my slut. I hoped you enjoyed it,” Mistress May murmured.

“Look at the time! It is almost 4 pm,” Mistress May said, sitting up. “Well, I have dinner reservations and have to go get ready in a bit, but first, I want both of you two pets to kneel in front of me.”

Pam and Dan slowly moved over in front of the woman and knelt down.

“Good, now both of you lick my feet clean,” Mistress May commanded as she grabbed the backs of their heads and pushed them down towards her feet. Pam took a lick and then Dan did the same. Soon they were both licking up all of Dan’s cum that covered Mistress May’s shins and feet.

While Pam and Dan were occupied, the two slaves moved behind them and cuffed their hands behind their backs and cuffed their feet together.

“Now, you two be good. I will get ready and then meet my dinner guest. Unless you tell me no, I will stop by your suite tonight for more. If you don’t want that, just text me. Pam, you have my number,” Mistress May stated while gathering up her things and putting on her bathing suit and cover-up. Her slaves also began covering up.

Dan watched them get ready and kept expecting Mistress May to come over and release them once she and her slaves were ready to leave. But the slaves walked out of the cabana and then Mistress May followed. At the tent flap, she paused, turned back to them, blew them a kiss and said, “Be good!” and then walked out.

Pam and Dan looked at one another, fully expecting Mistress May or one of her slaves to return shortly to release them. But after five minutes, they gave up hope of that happening and started discussing how they might free themselves.

Just then, Joe, their pool attendant, called out while approaching their cabana, “How are you doing? Can I get you anything else?” He smiled as he entered the cabana and looked down at the bound couple.

“Well, well, well. Your visitor said you were indisposed and might need some assistance, and she wasn’t kidding!” Joe cried out as he took in their beautiful naked bodies.

 “Can you untie us? Please?” Pam and Dan asked.

“She said you might ask for some assistance. But, she was very clear with me I had to charge you to do so. But that you could spend only twenty minutes paying me.”

“Well, we don’t have any money with us right now. Can we sign a slip?” Dan asked.

“Nope, I am not to take any money according to your friend.”

Catching on, Pam quickly asked, “Would a blow job from us be payment enough?”

Smiling, Joe responded, “Yes it would, if you can make me cum.”

“Okay, I think we can make that happen!” Pam responded.

Pam crawled over and started fumbling about with the pool attendant’s pants. She finally got them unbuttoned and pulled them down, leaving Joe standing there in a very nice thong, which barely contained his very hard cock, which jutted out through the flimsy material.

Pam started to work on removing his thong, but Joe said, “Stop, you took off my pants. Now it is your hubby’s turn to do some work. He gets to take off my thong and be the first one to suck my cock!”

Pam looked over to Dan, who nodded his head and crawled over on his knees. He reached up and slowly pulled back the thong and the pool attendant’s cock sprang free. His cock was a respectable six inches, with a slight bend to the right, and he had nice egg-sized balls hanging low underneath. Dan admired the cock and then reached in with his mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Joe encouraged Dan to continue, “That’s right, bitch, suck my cock. Make Daddy happy. Wifey, you suck my balls while your man sucks my cock and then you two can switch when I tell you.

“Mmmmm. That feels good.” Joe moaned. His hands were entwined in Pam and Dan’s hair as they continued to show his cock and balls some attention.


Dan sucked both of the low hanging balls into his mouth and swirled them around, alternating the strength with which he sucked from hard to soft. The pool attendant began moaning even more.

Pam engulfed the pool attendant’s entire cock down to the base and then began humming.

“Oh, yes. You two little sluts know how to give a blowjob!” Joe exclaimed as he grabbed each of their heads in excitement and pulled them harder into his crotch.

“Come on. I’m almost there. Make me cum!”

At that, Dan stopped sucking Joe’s balls and reached back with his tongue and began rimming his asshole.

Joe immediately began moaning even more loudly, and Pam started sucking hard on his cock.

Dan and Pam felt Joe’s body seize up and knew they were successful. A second later, the pool attendant began filling Pam’s mouth with his cum and he had an unusually large load. Seeing that some of his cum was leaking out of Pam’s mouth, Dan began licking up the stream that was coming out of Pam’s mouth.

“Damn! That is so hot! Thank you,” Joe said while trying to regain his composure. “Maybe I should take you back to my place tonight for more fun?”

Dan and Pam looked a bit nervously at one another, fearing this might turn into an abduction.

Seeing the glance they exchanged, Joe quickly said, “Relax. I only meant if you want to come along. I would also be happy to come up to your room once I get off work this evening, if you would be interested.”

Dan and Pam exchanged another long look. Dan then said, “Yes, I think we would like that, without being bound. When do you get off?”

“I’m off around 7 pm, then need to change and grab dinner,” the pool attendant replied smiling down at them.

“Okay, then stop by our suite, 1245, when you are ready. I know we’d both like to continue to play,” Dan said, looking at Pam for confirmation, who then nodded her head and smiled up at the pool attendant.

“Excellent! Now I will release you from your cuffs. I have one last instruction from your friend. You must take your hoods with you—they are over on the chair — read the note she left for you on your door and put your hoods on just before you enter your suite. Enjoy! And I will probably see you around a quarter of eight. If you need me to bring anything, here is my card, and I wrote my cell phone number on the back,” Joe said smiling as he handed them his card and undoing their cuffs.

Standing up, Dan and Pam looked around and found their swimsuits. They dressed, put on their cover-ups, put all their things in Pam’s beach bag, and headed out.

As they were leaving the pool area, they saw Joe walking by and both smiled and waved as they left.



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