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Alex and Vicki: Ridin’ The Storm Out

With Tara’s pink panties in hand, I went to the bathroom and put them on.

It was about eleven p.m. when I returned home from a meeting. Since Vicki and Tara were shopping and had not returned yet, I decided to take a shower, get comfortable and relax.

When I walked into my bedroom I saw a note on my side of the bed. It read, “Hi Hon’, I hope your meeting went well. And Hon’, please don’t wear any undies tonight, just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt… I love you, Sex Goddess.”

“Okay,” I thought… “Now what does my wife have planned?” Although it was against my better judgment to comply with her wishes, and tease Tara with my cock bulge, I decided to play along because Tara does tease me in her panties.

> > > > >

Once I got in the shower, I began to think about my wife’s note, and Tara. Was she a closeted slut like my wife was? She does dress pretty scantily around the house: usually a midriff t-shirt, no bra and a skimpy pair of panties. And she does slip her tongue in my mouth every time she kisses me. A shy woman simply doesn’t do that, does she?”

Now I was totally enjoying my vertical showerheads. I closed my eyes as one of the jets forcefully shot a steady stream of hot water onto my cock. That’s when I began to I pump it. As the water hit my cock, I was in fantasyland over Tara’s hot ass and panties. The more I pumped my cock, the more I wanted to feel her ass in her panties and fuck her. Finally, I fantasized Tara saying, “Oh fuck yes Alex, just fuck me, just fuck my ass.” That’s when I blew my load.

After I shot my load into the hot stream of water, I stood in the shower in re-coup mode for a few minutes. Once I came down to earth, I actually took my shower. Then I got to thinking about my wife, and how much our lives had changed. I also felt pretty good about the fact that we haven’t had any serious repercussions from our new life as swingers; just a few bumps here and there but we’d resolve them.

It was about four p.m. when I went downstairs. I didn’t expect to see the ladies for another hour or so. I grabbed the newspaper, poured myself an iced-tea, and then went out into the sunroom to relax and read the paper. After a bit, I decided to lie down on the sofa and take a brief nap until the ladies arrived home.

> > > > >

“Alex, Alex, wake up Hon’…”

As I opened my eyes, Vicki knelt before me. I must have been totally zonked out. Once I sat up, Vicki pointed to my shorts and said, “Hon’, another hot dream?”

After she said that, I looked down to see if my shorts were wet or stained.

“Ha-ha, made you look…” Vicki said.

I love my wife. She then informed me that she bought a bunch of marinated lamb chops that would only take five-minutes to grill, some twice-baked potatoes and a pre-made salad. And then she said, “Hon’, Tara and I are hungry.”

With that being the case, I went out and fired up the grill, and then Vicki and I had dinner ready within a half-hour. Although it was warm out, it looked like it could storm so we ate in the dining room.

While we ate and talked, Tara opened up a little more, about how she lost her parents, and about how she moved to our area. While we talked I informed Tara that she could live with us for as long as she wanted, and Vicki agreed. Actually, it didn’t take long for Tara to feel like she was part of the family. Truth is: she is a sweetheart and both Vicki and I enjoyed her company.

After dinner Tara helped us clean up even though there wasn’t much to do. When we were done Tara excused herself. She went upstairs to shower, change and to update her Facebook status.

While Tara was upstairs, Vicki and I went into the living room to talk and watch TV. She informed me that she saw Ginny and Amber today at the mall and they can’t wait to get together with us again. After a bit, Vicki went upstairs to change into something comfortable.

A few minutes later Vicki returned wearing a sexy midriff t-shirt and a pair of sexy black panties. Tara started this trend, so now I have two hotties running around the house in short t-shirts and panties. And no, I am not complaining.

It’s been a few days now since Vicki and I made love, so we were both horny. When she cuddled up to me on the sofa, she immediately laid some pretty hot kisses on me. Within seconds, the two of us were making out like it was our first time.

As we made out, I had a hold of Vicki’s big boobs from under her t-shirt. She got me so hot so fast that I popped a hard on. After I gave her nipples a few good pinches, she pulled my shorts down to suck my cock. Not long after she began to suck me, we heard Tara’s bedroom door open so we cooled it.

When Tara came downstairs, she was wearing a shorty black t-shirt and a skimpy pair of pink panties. Needless to say her hot ass in her skimpy panties caught my attention. Even Vicki said ‘down boy’ to me.

Since my wife and I were cuddled up on the sofa, as Tara approached us, she said, “May I join you, or would you two lovebirds like some alone time?”

Vicki said, “C’mon Tara, there’s always room for one more lovebird.”

Tara came over and cuddled up with me on the sofa. Not long after she sat down, a severe weather alert scrolled across the TV screen. As it did, Tara said, “I love storms but they scare the hell out me.”

Vicki said, “Tara, me too. I just cuddle up with my hubby and then I’m fine.”

The three of us quietly sat cuddled up together and watched TV for a while. As we watched, another severe weather alert scrolled across the bottom of the TV.

“Alex, Vicki, if it gets bad tonight, you might have a scaredy-cat in your bed,” Tara said as she laughed.

Vicki laughed, and then she said, “Tara, just don’t be shocked when you find two naked lovebirds in our bed.”

“Well then, I’ll make it three naked lovebirds in your bed,” Tara said.

“Tara, and you’d be okay with that?” Vicki asked.

Tara replied, “I am if you are. It’s been years since I’ve slept with a naked person.”

“Tara, you’re way too pretty not to have a special someone to cuddle up with,” I said.

Tara was a little slow to respond, but then she said, “After I divorced I was pretty upset and didn’t want to date. I’d go out a few times a year to a bar just to find someone to have sex with - a man, a woman, a couple…”

After a pause, Tara continued, “Then one night I met this really cute guy in a bar. We actually had a great time talking, and since he seemed like a real nice guy, I took him home. That’s when Mr. Nice-Guy turned into Mr. Asshole. He roughed me up pretty hard; I thought I was a goner. I haven’t had sex since that night.”

About the same time Tara finished her lovelorn story, the news came on. They immediately cut to the weather segment and it wasn’t looking good. There was a strong line of storms heading our way.

When Tara saw the latest radar images, she said, “Vicki, Alex, you better leave your door open tonight – I have a feeling you’ll have a visitor.”

“Tara, no problem – we can wear pajamas tonight if you’d like,” I said.

“Au natural is fine with me, Alex - in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big girl now.”

“Tara, I’ll guarantee you I’ve noticed, and that’s why I suggested pajamas. I can’t guarantee I’ll behave,” I said with a laugh and a smile.

After I said that, Tara squeezed my arm, kissed me and then she said, “Alex, at this point in my life I’ll be disappointed if you did - I’m years past horny,” Tara said with a laugh.

Vicki immediately said, “C’mon Sweetie, sleep with us tonight – Nobody as pretty and kindhearted as you deserves to be years past horny.”

At this point, I couldn’t wait to get in bed with Tara and my wife. While I went to turn off the lights and lock the doors, Vicki and Tara went up to our bedroom.

> > > > >

When I walked into our bedroom, Tara and my wife were cuddled up on our bed. They had taken their t-shirts off, but not their panties. After I peeled off my clothes, I couldn’t resist worshiping their hot asses in their sexy panties.

Funny, before Tara came to live with us I was not a panty lover. Sure, I’d admire my wife’s hot ass in a sexy pair, but I was never obsessed with them like I was now. Just looking at their panties made me as hard as a rock, and touching them made my cock ooze. After a few minutes I backed off to watch Vicki and Tara as they began to make out.

After a few minutes Vicki moved down and stripped Tara’s panties off. She then handed them to me and playfully said, “Here Hun’, if you want to get in Tara’s pants tonight; go put ‘em on.”

I held Tara’s panties in my hand for a few seconds. I thought she was kidding me. And then Tara playfully said, “Yeah Hon’, put ‘em on…”

With Tara’s pink panties in hand, I went into the bathroom and put them on. As I stood in front of the mirror, I checked myself out. Although they were pretty tight, I managed to adjust my cock so it wrapped around to the left just below the waistband. Fuck, as crazy as this was, I loved how my cock looked and felt in her panties. Just after I began to rub it, I heard Tara say, “C’mon Hon’, lets see…”

When I walked back into the bedroom, Vicki and Tara got off the bed and knelt down in front of me. Tara then put her mouth over my cock and sucked it while it was still in her panties. After a minute or so, she shared it with Vicki. Tara’s pretty pink panties were now wet and getting wetter from their mouths and my oozing cock. The last time Vicki handed my cock back to Tara, she said, “C’mon Tara, make my hubby cum in your panties…”

Tara again put my cock in her mouth, and as she sucked it, Vicki knelt behind her and played with her boobs. As I looked down it was almost surreal to see Tara suck my cock in her panties. That vision quickly took me to the edge, and then I said, “Tara, I’m gonna cum for you, Baby-Girl - just let it shoot...”

As Vicki and Tara knelt before me, I shot my load in Tara’s panties as they watched. It was so fucking hot to see my cock pulsate again and again as I shot my seeds into her pink panties without being touched.

After I drained my load, Tara pulled the waistband down and sucked my cock clean. Next, she sucked as much cum out of her panties as she could. Once she had a mouthful, she shared it with Vicki. As the two of them kissed, my seed ran down their chins so I licked them off. Next, I ran to take a quick shower to get ready for round two.

> > > > >

When I climbed back in bed, the three of us shared a little conversation and foreplay. Before things got hot and heavy, Tara said, “Alex, Vicki, when I was in college my sorority house was known as Pi Beta Org, the Org stood for orgasm - I hope you have some towels close by because I might squirt,” and then she laughed.

My wife quickly chimed in, “Welcome, Sorority Sister!”

“You too, Vicki…” Tara said, in a very excited tone of voice.

With a grin on my face, I said, “Tara, we keep a stack of towels next to the bed.”

Once all the chitchat ended, Vicki began to make out with Tara. As they kissed, I scooted down to pamper Tara’s beautiful shaved pussy. Soon after I parted Tara’s wet pussy lips with my tongue, Tara had her first orgasm, albeit not a gusher. Since she came so fast I grabbed a couple of towels and set them under her. Vicki then got on top of Tara, and they each spread their legs wide open for me.

Since Tara’s clit had grown so big so quick, I licked and sucked the hell out of it. While I did I fingered my wife’s clit in a way that I knew drove her crazy. It didn’t take long before my wife said, “Oh fuck yeah Hon’, that’s it, that’s it, don’t stop, you’ve got it, I’m gonna cum…”

Seconds later, Tara’s body began to shake, and then she said, “Oh my god yes, Alex, back up, back up, you’re gonna get wet, you’re gonna get wet, Hon’,” and then bam! They both ejaculated their love juice with force.

Once they stopped squirting, and with their bodies still shaking, I went at right back at them. This time I tongued my wife’s insatiable pussy while I fingered Tara’s erect clit. I worked and worked to get them to squirt again. Once again it didn’t take very long, and this time it was Tara who squirted first. Seconds later, my wife had a huge gusher and soaked Tara’s pussy.

After their gushers, Vicki moved to Tara’s side. I immediately lifted Tara’s legs in the air, and then stuffed my horny cock into her pussy and pumped. Within a minute, Tara had another gusher, and another, and then another. As I looked at Tara, her eyes were closed and her body was in fucking rhythm with every thrust. I just kept pumping and pumping her super-tight pussy with all the force I had.

As my wife lay next to us, Tara opened her eyes, and then she said, “Vicki, feed me your pussy.” Vicki quickly moved up to squat over Tara’s face, and then buried her pussy onto Tara’s tongue.

I continued to pump and pump Tara with all I had. Then I thought about how she’s teased me in her skimpy panties ever since she’s moved in, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined it up to her dainty ass. When my wife saw what was about to happen, she grabbed a hold of Tara’s legs, and then she said, “Hon’, fuck her ass.”

Since my cock was soaked with Tara’s love juice, inch by inch, I began to push my way into her ass. As I went deeper and deeper, Tara worked her tongue faster and faster in Vicki’s pussy. By now, Tara and I had a steady rhythm as my cock slid in and out of her ass. As I watched my wife’s face, I knew she was about to gush, so I warned Tara. I said, “Baby-Girl, Vicki’s gonna squirt, she’s gonna squirt…”

When Vicki attempted to get off of Tara’s face so she wouldn’t soak her, Tara grabbed a hold of her waist. Tara’s actions made it clear that she wanted my wife’s love juice. Then, within seconds Vicki screamed out and squirted all over Tara’s face, neck, and chest. Seeing my wife squirt all over Tara did it for me; I buried my cock in Tara’s ass and shot my load. As I did, Tara squirted her biggest gusher of the night all over me.

> > > > >

Needless to say we were spent and the bed was a mess. Once Vicki stood up I pulled my cock out of Tara’s ass. Then when I got out of bed, Tara smiled at us and said, “Now that’s how you ride a storm out.”

We all had a pretty good laugh at Tara’s comment, and then I said, “C’mon ladies, lets take a shower and then re-make the bed… And Tara, you are sleeping with us for the rest of the night.”

More to cum…

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Copyright © This story was written by Alex Foremen and shall not be copied or re-produced

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