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Cabin A

A weekend away was just what she needed.
I have been driving for hours, and I can’t wait to get out of the car and unpack my bags. I am so glad Jack agreed to let me go away by myself for the weekend. Well, to be fair I didn’t really leave him much choice. I told him either he let me go away for the weekend or I would go away permanently. It’s not that I don’t love my husband and kids, it’s just that sometimes I wonder if there’s more. More for me than being a forgotten wife and taxi driver to my children.

The lady at the rental agency assures me that I will have a quiet weekend. She tells me that there is one other cabin within walking distance to mine. When I ask how close, she says there are enough trees separating us that I won’t be bothered by her. I am really worried that it will be some young girl looking for a place to party, but the agent tells me she is forty-four so I won’t have to worry about that. That helps me relax a little.

I pass Cabin A and see a SUV sitting out front. I guess that means my neighbor is already here.

An hour after arriving to my one room (two if you count the fully functioning bathroom) cabin, I am completely unpacked. Now I am ready to settle in a bath with a good book and glass of wine. It has been so long since I’ve had a good long bath alone without all the interruptions that come from having a family. I pull my hair into a bun and slip out of my clothes.

I stop in front of the mirror to look at myself. I’m thirty-seven with two kids. My body isn’t what it was in high school, but I don’t think it’s bad either. I’m 5’7 with curly shoulder length auburn hair. I choose to ignore the two strands of gray I found yesterday. My eyes are big and hazel and my lips are full. My breasts are a 44 D and have lost their battle with gravity, but I think they are fabulous anyway. I have a little tummy and my hips have a little more curve then I’m comfortable with. Although I never had much of an ass growing up, I have one now and I absolutely love it.

I turn the water on, adjust the temperature, and there is a loud grinding sound. The water starts sputtering so I lean in to turn it off and black water sprays out of the spout. As I try to turn it off, the pipes start banging and the thick black liquid sprays out of the shower head, covering me with the foul smelling stuff.

In my panic to get out of the stream, I slip and land naked in the tub that is quickly filling with it. I scream in disgust and turn the knobs, but nothing happens.

“I have to find the shut off valve,” I say to myself. “And unfortunately they are usually located under the house.”

I grab a towel and run out the cabin. It is starting to get dark and the chill in the air makes my nearly naked body shiver. I run around to the back and thankfully the shut off valve is not under the house.

“This is just great,” I grumble to myself. “One weekend, one freaking weekend just for me. That’s all I wanted.”

I don’t know what else to do. I am covered in this awful smelling black liquid with no way to get it off. I go back in grab my bag of toiletries, my robe, another towel and head to Cabin A.

Oh, I hope she is nice enough to let me shower, I think as I make my way down the path leading to her cabin.

Knocking on the door, I call out because I don’t want her to be scared and not answer the door. “Hello, my name is Mary and I am renting Cabin B. There is a problem with my pipes and I was wondering if I could please use your shower?”

At first I don’t think she is going to answer the door. Then it slowly opens to reveal a petite woman a few inches shorter than me. Her hair is short, curly and light brown. She also has the most amazing green eyes.

She looks cautious, but as soon as she takes in my embarrassing state she relaxes and laughs. “What happened?”

“My pipes decided to spray all this…this...oh I don’t even know what this is, but it smells and feels awful. May I please use your shower?” It is getting chilly standing on her front porch in only a towel and a robe.

“Yes of course you can. It’s off the kitchen. I have shampoo and stuff in there if you need it,” she says, standing back to let me in.

“Thank you,” I say and made my way to the bathroom.

Cabin A is exactly like Cabin B, down to the Indian style tapestry hanging on the wall. Mine has more orange hues where this one is more of a blue. I can’t help but pray that the plumbing isn’t the same.

“Please work right,” I chant as I turn the knobs. I am greeted with beautiful clear water. I waste no more time and quickly jump in the shower. It feels amazing. I use her shampoo because I love the smell of it, it smells like honeysuckles. After two shampoos and two thorough scrubbings, I decide that I am clean enough to get out.

“Shit,” I say, wrapping in my clean towel around myself. My robe and my other towel are covered in that stuff there is no way I am going to be able to put that back on to walk back to my cabin.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I say again.

I jump at the knock on the door. “Hey, um, I wasn’t sure if you needed something to put on,” the woman calls through the door.

“Yes please,” I say, opening the door.

She is standing there holding a nightshirt. “It’s the longest one I have. You are taller than I am, but I thought maybe it would cover you.”

Smiling, I say, “Thank you,” and take it from her.

Once I am dry and dressed, I step out of the bathroom. The shirt is a little short and barely covers my bottom. I feel a little self-conscious standing in front of this very pretty woman in nothing, but my borrowed shirt. I do feel a little better knowing that she is wearing a nightgown too, although hers is a little more modest.

“Thank you so much for the use of your shower, and your shirt, and while I was being a mooch I used your brush.”

The other woman walks towards me laughing and extends her hand, “That’s okay, you looked and smelled awful. I’m Trina by the way.”

When our hands touch I feel a current go through me. Our eyes lock and I know she feels it too.

I slowly pull my hand back. “Well thank you again for the use of your shower and supplies. I will return this back to you tomorrow.”

That’s when I see the streak of lightning and then hear the thunder boom. Trina jumps and looks nervously towards the window. Opening the door I realize it is pouring down rain. The lightning flashes again and Trina squeals.

“Well, shit,” I mumble.

Trina touches my arm with her long fingers and says, “You don’t have to leave yet. Why don’t you stay with me and have some dinner and wine?” Her eyes are big with fear and I feel her trembling.

She is afraid of the thunder and lightning, and I am not enjoying the idea of running through the woods in the storm.

“Sure if you don’t mind me mooching a little more,” I say into her now relieved face.

She smiles big and pulls me away from the door closing it quickly, muffling the sound of the rain.

Trina makes the soup and I start a fire. While we eat we talk about our reasons for being in the middle of the woods alone for the weekend. It turns out that her life is very similar to mine; we are both mothers of two and in a strained marriage. Her husband ignores her too, and she is left a lot to raise their children alone.

It is getting chilly in the cabin so we decide to throw a couple pillows on the floor and grab a blanket to sit in front of the fire place.

We are on our second bottle of wine when the giggles start. We are sharing stories about our families. Trina can barely finish telling her story she is laughing so hard.

“Then he got a leg cramp in the middle of sex and stumbled out of bed. He slipped on my bra, fell and caught his head on the nightstand. He got seven stitches out of that.”

We are both laughing and lean forward at the same time. Bad idea because our heads connect, which of course make us giggle even harder.

“Are you all right?” I ask leaning forward to look at the red mark on her forehead. We are so close and the current between us was back. Looking into her beautiful green eyes I lean into her pressing my lips gently on hers.

I pull back quickly, and I’m embarrassed by my actions so I say, “Oh Trina I’m so sorry.”

Trina gives me a little smile and cups my cheek. “Don’t apologize, it was nice,” she says, before pulling me into her and kissing me this time.

It feels amazing, and I feel it throughout my whole body. I have a moment of panic and pull back.

"I…I…I've never……" I stutter.

"Shh. It's all right," she whispers as our lips touch again.

I feel her tongue nudging my lips apart so I open them for her. It is the first time I have ever been kissed by a woman, and it us the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. From the taste of the wine on her tongue to the smell of honeysuckles in the air my senses are on overload.

Trina stops long enough to ask, “Do you want to stop?”

Kissing her more aggressively this time I tell her, "No."

I feel her hand touch my side; I have never felt anything like this before. All I know is I don’t want her to stop. She is moving slowly up my side until her hand brushes the side of my breast. I feel my nipples harden as they press into my nightshirt. Trina moves her hand until she cups my breast making me moan into her mouth.

I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer to me. Trina’s body is so soft, so small. It is the exact opposite of my husband. I want to feel more, I need to feel more. There is such a longing between my thighs. I am confused because I know this is wrong, but it feels so good there is no stopping now.

She is now on her knees using her body to push me to the floor. My legs part allowing her to move in between them. As she squeezes my breast with one hand I feel her other hand on my thigh. It slowly moves up and she slips it under my night shirt. Her hand reaches the top of my thigh and I feel her fingers barely brush against my pussy.

Trina doesn’t move her fingers instead she pulls back to look at me giving me a chance to say no. I don’t want to say no, but as I look into her eyes the fire glints off my wedding ring. It might seem odd, but don’t want to do this with my ring on.

“Wait,” I say and remove my ring.

Trina looks at me and takes her wedding set off, too. She places it next to mine on the table before asking, “Where were we?”

I grab her hand and place it back on my dripping wet pussy. She grins and rubs her hand up and down me before sliding one finger inside me.

I close my eyes and moan. It feels so amazing. Trina slides another finger inside me moving them slowly in circles around my opening. With her other hand she places her thumb on my clit sliding it slowly back and forth. The friction of her thumb and the feel of her inside is too much.

“Oh shit, Trina!” I cry out cumming on her fingers.

As my shaking slows down I pull her down and kiss her. “Thank you. Now I want to touch you.”

I pull her shirt over her head revealing her big beautiful breasts. Before I can kiss them she grabs my shirt and pulls it off. We take a moment to look at each other. I start to feel a little shy because I’m not as firm as I once was.

Sensing it Trina lifts my chin, “You’re beautiful Mary, and I want you.”

With that we fall into each other’s arms touching and rubbing, fully exploring each other’s bodies. Rubbing my hands along Trina’s body I marvel at how different it feels compared to Jack’s. She is soft and delicate, with perfect curves. Sitting up to adjust myself better my breath catches.

Trina’s body is lit by the soft glow of the fire and it shows her smooth pale skin. Her eyes are partially closed and her head is laid back on the pillow. She pulls her knees up and grins at me. I am stunned at how beautiful she is and how much I want her.

I run my hands on either side of knees, down her outer thighs and back up. Kissing her knees, I use my hands to spread her legs. I kiss my way down her thigh to her underwear where I plant a kiss on them. They are already wet, and I can taste how sweet she is on my lips.

She lifts her butt so I can pull her underwear off. This time I kiss my way down her other thigh until her pussy is right in front of my face. I hesitate not sure of how to begin.

She touches my hair and runs her hand down my face. “Mary you don’t have to.”

Looking into her understanding eyes, I know I am not stopping. “No, I want to I’m afraid of not doing it right.”

“Do what feels right.”

And I do. I kiss her lips and with a moan she lays back down. I kiss her again, lower this time. This time when my lips touch hers I slide my tongue into her warm wet folds and lick up. She is so wet and sweet that I want to get more of her. I push my tongue in further and slowly lick up taking her sweet juices to the top and suck them into my mouth.

Trina is moaning and her hips start gently rocking towards my mouth. Using one hand, I open her lips to expose her wet swollen clit. I lick up it and take it in my mouth.

“Oh God Mary, that’s it baby.”

As I suck and lick her clit I slide two fingers inside her moving them slowly in and out. She is so wet there is no resistance. Trina starts grinding herself onto my fingers encouraging me to go faster.

I lick her harder and faster lapping up her juices, but I can’t keep up.

She is moaning louder as I pump my fingers faster inside her. “Oh Mary, that’s it, harder, harder.”

I suck her clit back into my mouth and flick it over and over again with my tongue. I feel her body tense and pulse around my fingers, soaking my hand seconds before she cries out. I slow my fingers and my tongue helping her ride her orgasm out without overwhelming her.

As her shaking slows, I kiss my way up her body. Trina licks my mouth and pulls me down for a kiss. We kiss and hold each other for a while longer before snuggling together and falling asleep.

Saturday is perfect. We spend the whole day in her bed learning and worshiping each other’s bodies. It is amazing to have someone to cuddle with and hold; someone to make you feel beautiful and important. We both had lost that in our marriages, but found it here with each other.

Sadly, Sunday has arrived and we need to leave. Standing by the door I touch Trina’s face and kiss her goodbye. I know it is time to return to the real world. It is time to go back to our own lives and families.

“Goodbye Trina, thank you,” I say, and as I am stepping off the porch I hear her call my name.

“Mary, your wedding ring.” She is standing in the doorway holding my ring in her palm.

My wedding ring, how could I have forgotten it? I think to myself. It is the final affirmation that my weekend with this beautiful woman is over.

“Thank you,” I say taking my ring from her.

I want to kiss her again to taste her and lose myself in her sweet honeysuckle smell one more time. But here outside the cabin in the light of the day I can’t. Instead, I slide my reality back onto my finger and wave goodbye.

Thank you Katrina44 for inspiring this story. I hope you find your own Cabin A one day soon.

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