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From Beach Buds to Bed

Two married guys meet at beach and end up in bed.
I guess I have always enjoyed being naked. I took every opportunity when home alone to be nude. I also loved going to nude beaches whenever I could. My wife enjoyed it also, but not as much as I did. On various vacations in the Caribbean, we would venture to nude beaches. Most times she would just go topless, but once I stepped foot on beach the suit was off. I think most nudists are both voyeuristic as well as exhibitionistic.

About ten years ago, a woman I was seeing at the time took me to the local nude beach. I was in nirvana. Over the years I tried to get my wife to go with me, but she always said, "What if someone we know sees us?" Silliest argument ever - if they are there and see us, we also see them, right?

Anyway, I began just going on my own when I could. A few years ago, my job changed and I was able to start going more often during the week. Weekdays of course were not as crowded on weekends. Unlike Saturdays and Sundays, during the week there were less families and couples and more single men and women, although the men usually outnumbered the women.

I got to go at least two times during the weeks in summer. You usually see the same people all the time. You get to be nodding acquaintances with some.

Let me tell you about this beach. It was out on Long Island. There were really two ways of access. One was from the parking field of one of the regular beaches. There was a little walk down a trail to the nude section. The other access was from Fire Island, which was a known gay beach. Never a big deal for me, as most people keep to themselves.

Toward the back section of the beach there were some dunes. When I first started going there, I would often notice people, mostly men, walk up towards the dunes and behind them. One day, my curiosity got the better of me, so I casually took a stroll over the sands. Now I knew why these guys always seemed to be over there for a while before coming back to the beach. That day I witnessed two guys getting their cocks sucked by two different guys. And I also watched as one guy bent over a large rock and got fucked in the ass while a group of other men stood around and jerked off watching. I will admit it was quite a turn on and I joined the others and jacked off until I shot my load all over the sands.

Now, I don't consider myself bisexual. Okay, I did have a few experiences with a married couple a few years prior, but I was mostly with the wife. The husband and I did touch and suck a little. I guess he was what we now call a cuckold. As a matter of fact, after those experiences. I guess I became more and more curious. I would sometimes chat with other like minded married guys on line and even cybered with them now and then.

Let me describe myself. I am now fifty-six. I am 5'10, about 185 lbs. I keep in shape with golf, swimming and working out a few days a week. I have a lightly hairy chest and keep smooth below and have a seven inch cock.

A couple years ago, I had been going to the beach usually every Tuesday and Thursday. Like I said, you get to see the same faces (and bodies, too, of course). There was one guy, in particular. He looked to be my age and was also married, as I could tell by the wedding band on his finger. He had similar build to me and had a nice body. He was smooth all over and sported a nice 7 seven inch cock, although slightly less thick as mine.

I had seen him more than a few times, and we would always greet each other with the usual banalities. Nod hello. Good morning, How ya doing, Great weather, eh?

One day I got to the beach about 10 am. It was a hot day, but the beach was not very crowded. I set up my sand chair and towel and stripped down. I was sitting back, listening to music, enjoying the amazing day. I looked up and noticed this guy arriving. I watched through my dark sunglasses. He was walking past me now, and I looked up.

"Hey, how's it going," I said.

"Great, man, thanks. Looks like another great day at the beach."

"For sure."

Ugh...smooth line there, Mike. I casually watched as he set up his chair a few feet away. He stood and slid his T shirt up and off. Then he slid down his board shorts, standing stark nude as he placed them in his bag. He reached inside and took out a pack of cigarettes. I watched as he was still searching in the beach bag for something.

"Shit," he moaned.

"Everything okay?" I asked.

"Oh, just forgot my lighter in my car. No way am I walking all the way back for it."

I laughed. "No worries, man. Here ya go."

I stood and walked over to him and handed him my lighter. 

"Thanks. I am Steve, by the way. I have seen you here often, also."

"I am Mike. Yeah, I try and come when I can manage time away from work. And the family," I said laughing, lighting a cigarette.

"Yeah, me too. I know exactly what ya mean."

We stood talking for a while. Just chatting about nothing in particular. We discovered we had a lot in common. I found out he was also married and had three kids. He, too, enjoyed the nudist lifestyle a lot more than his wife. He came to the beach when he could. He also told me he had a big back yard that was pretty secluded and a swimming pool that he also used almost every day.

There we were. Two middle aged, married guys just talking away and getting acquainted. Except we both happen to be naked. And it did not feel weird at all. Actually felt great - very freeing and normal.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out together. Catching the rays and taking dips in the ocean and just getting to know each other. I found out he owned his own business and had a home on the north shore. He and his wife also had been to the same resort in St Marten that my wife and I went to often.

We ended up leaving together and walked back to the parking lot to our cars. We got to our cars and went our own ways.

"See ya."

"Yeah. See ya. Maybe I will see you here again."

When I got home, I could not resist the need to jerk off in the shower. Thinking of Steve and I standing nude together. Did I imagine it, or was there a vibe we had? He had a cock similar in shape and size to mine and he was also shaved.

A couple of days later I managed to free some time and headed to the beach. As I walked onto the sands, I noticed Steve already there, sitting in his chair. He waved me over.

"Hey, man. Glad to see you. Was hoping I would see you today."

"Yeah, me too. I enjoyed hanging out with you the other day," I said as I set up my chair next to his.
I stood and stripped and began to put some sun oil on. I noticed Steve was intently watching. It was kind of a turn on, knowing he was looking me over. I bent over to rub some oil on my legs, my ass facing him. I stood up and poured some oil on my hands and started to apply to my chest and stomach. Of course, I made sure not to forget the areas around my cock. I finished by grabbing my cock and stretching it out with my oily hands.

We had a nice day, further getting to know each other. I had brought some beer so we sat, drank and smoked while we talked. At one point he noticed me watching some guys walk back to the dunes.

"You do know what goes on back there, don't you?"

"Um, yeah," I said. "It's all good. To each his own, I guess."

"So? Have you ever ventured over the dunes?"

"Well, yeah. I have. Just really watched a few times. Kind of hot, I must admit."

Steve did not say anything. he just nodded, smiled and laid back.

When we left that day, we walked back to our cars. Steve asked if I wanted to grab a beer at the bar down the road.

We stayed about two hours and just shot the breeze. We got along great.

Before we left, he again told me about his house and pool and suggested maybe one day instead of the beach, I may want to come over. It sounded great so we made plans for the following Tuesday.

Tuesday could not come soon enough, and it turned out to be a very hot humid day.

I stopped on the way and picked up a bottle of vodka. His directions were great and I soon pulled up his driveway. Damn, what a house. Steve did very well, I imagined. I grabbed my bag and headed up to the front door. Just as I stepped close, the door opened and Steve was there to greet me. He was wearing just baggy board shorts and flip flops. I followed him in, handing him the vodka, and looked around.

"Have a look around if you like. I'll get some ice and glasses for this. The backyard is through the kitchen," he said, pointing the way. "Make yourself comfortable and I will be right out."

 I picked up my bag and headed the way he pointed. I slid open the sliding glass doors. Holy crap, I thought. The yard was huge. It had a basketball hoop set up, a built in wet bar with an amazing barbecue, and big fenced in pool. There was also a small pool house on the other end. I walked around and saw there was another wet bar and a shower as well.

"Hey, Mike. I said to make yourself comfortable."

I turned and saw Steve coming down the steps to the yard, nude. He was carrying a tray that had a big silver ice bucket and two glasses with the vodka.

"And I have two pieces of good news," he said as he placed the tray on the side table.

"Oh?" I asked as I walked back toward him, lifting my T shirt off.

"Yeah. Wife had to go see her parents and took the kids until the weekend."

I broke out laughing. "But did you go through the scene where you say how much you will miss her and wished she did not have to go for so long?"

"Of course," he said, laughing too. "Ya got to do that and never let them know you enjoy some alone time now and then."

Handing me a drink, we toasted. "To alone time."

"Oh, so? You said you had two bits of good news?"

"Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. I don't know if we ever talked about it before, but do you like to get high?" he asked as he pointed to the tray. There, next to the ice bucket, was a silver tray with three joints on it and a lighter.

"Cool, man. I always do enjoy smoking pot now and then. I got to admit, though, weed is like a natural viagra. Have gotten into some crazy times when wasted."

"I know what ya mean, man," he laughed. "We can talk about just how crazy later."

We sat around a while soaking up the sun, booze and heat. I watched as he got up and walked over to dive board. Steve had a nice body. Broad shoulders and long legs. His cock swayed in front of him as he steped onto the board and did a perfect dive into the pool.

"Nice form," I said. "And I don't necessarily mean the dive." I got up and walked to the board and did a perfect cannon ball, making a huge splash.

When I surfaced, he was laughing. "Nice form also and I definitly don't mean the dive."

We waded around the pool a while, enjoying the sun and water, still talking about not much in particular.

"I meant it when I said good form," he said. "We look good for our age, don't we?"

"Thanks. But takes a lot of work, as I am sure you know."

"For sure. I try and get to the gym at least four days a week. Have met some great guys there over the years who all are into same things," he said as he stepped up and out of pool and headed to the chairs next to the table. I waded in the water, checking him out.

I got out and followed him. I grabbed my towel and dried myself off a little and sat back on the chair.

Steve had poured us drinks and handed me one. He picked up one of the joints and held it up.

"Shall we?"

"Yes, we shall, my naked bud."

He lit it up and took a few hits and passed it over to me. I took some and we passed it back and forth until it was done.

I took a sip of my drink and sat back, already feeling the pot and getting a nice buzz on. I looked over and Steve was sitting with his head back and his hand resting on his cock, lightly stroking it.

He looked over and saw me looking. "You do know what I meant earlier when I said I had met some other guys also into same things?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm pretty sure. But I been wrong before," I slurred. "But it's all cool." 

"I was pretty sure you would," he laughed. "But just to be clear I meant being with other guys...sexually."

"Yeah, yeah. I got it. I am open to most things also. I have never really been with another guy," I told him and recounted my time with the couple.

"Very hot, Mike. I have also been with a few couples as well as other women and also men. Hey, when we get to our ages, we got to take the fun where it comes from, right?"

"Absolutley," I said as I looked over and saw Steve now rubing his balls. I look down and noticed I was also instinctivly touching my cock.

"So, how long have you been bi? What have ya done?" I had many questions and, I guess, being wasted, they all started coming out.

He turned and told me he had first gotten with a man about six years before. He said he mostly liked contact and oral. Had done more and liked it with the right person. I told him it all sounded hot and confessed I had been curious about doing more with a guy for a while now.

He stood and walked close to me.

"I am glad to hear that, Mike. I was kind of hoping you did. Why don't we move this party inside?" he said as he picked up his glass and bottle and walked toward the house.

I picked up my glass and followed. Once in the house, he locked the doors and I followed him upstairs to the master bedroom. Not surprisingly, the bedroom was huge. Big bed and a seperate sitting area with a small sofa and chairs. Off to the left was the door to the bathroom. There was a seperate room for this large shower that had four heads and two built in seats.

We were both covered in sun oil and sweat. I watched as he went to the shower and reached in and turned on the water. He tested the water and then stepped in. I followed and soon we were under the sprays of the shower. He handed me shampoo and I proceeded to lather up. I grabbed one of the sponges and used the shower gel and wiped myself down. I watched as he soaped up his body, seeming to pay a lot of attention to his cock and balls. I, of course, was doing the same. He looked up and seeing me watching, smiled.

As we stood under the sprays rinsing off, I felt him walk closer to me and rub my chest.

"Only if you are sure," he said as he stepped out of shower, brushing my cock as he walked past.

I stood still a few seconds. Of course I was sure. I had thought nothing but doing this for a week now.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbing a towel, proceeded to dry myself off as I walked back into the bedroom. Steve was standing next to the bed, waiting.

I walk over and we stood face to face. He reached up and started to feel and caress my chest. I did the same to him. I looked down and watched as he rubbed his hands down my belly over my hanging cock, which had started to come to life.

He took hold of my cock as he slid to his knees and kissed and licked the head. He licked up and down the sides, reaching underneath and taking hold of my hanging balls. I watched as he opened wide and sucked my hard cock into his hot wet mouth.

He reached around, grabbing hold of my ass cheeks as he sucked and I fucked his mouth. God, it felt amazing. He took me out of his mouth and while squeezing tight, bent lower and licked and sucked my balls.

I reached down and grabbed his shoulders and beckoned him up. When he stood, I maneuvered around. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I took hold of his now hard cock. I bent and licked the precum and then took it all into my mouth and started sucking it. I reached under and took hold of his balls and played with them as I sucked deeper.

I felt him pull away as he knelt on the bed. He reached out and took hold of my hard cock and positioned himself on his back as I straddled his head. I bent over him, and once again took his cock into my mouth as he bent his head back and sucked mine as well. We rolled over a bit, so now we were side by side, with each of our legs over the other's head. I alternated between sucking his cock and his balls. He was doing the same, and also was now playing with my ass with his wet fingers.

I was getting so close, and felt Steve was right there with me. I licked two fingers and pushed one into his ass as I continued sucking his cock. He moaned each time I slid my finger inside him. He tested my ass with a finger and when he did not feel resistance, he too pushed one into my ass.

That was it. I started bucking my cock into his mouth and he was doing same. We were both sucking harder and faster. I suddenly felt his gush of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed fast, not even thinking. Just then I came, shooting my load into his mouth. We drank each others juices, draining our cocks.

I fell over, laying on my back, catching my breath, and bearings. When I sat up, Steve did the same. We smiled.

"Phew, that was amazing man," he said.

"Oh yes. Never thought it would be so hot."

"And just wait. It can get so much better." be continued

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